Siri Remote Comparison – Old vs New

hi my name’s tom and also this appertains sincere tech earlier this year apple upgraded their apple tv 4k box releasing a brand name brand-new version of the prominent streaming device i used the term upgraded a little freely below because the upgrades to the box itself were pretty marginal say for a specifications bump under the hood points like a brand-new cpu much better bluetooth and also boosted wifi yet where apple did make sweeping enhancements remained in the push-button control as a matter of fact apple really did not just make enhancements they essentially destroyed the layout of the previous model and began once more from square one which is good as the remote that featured the 4th gen apple television the initial apple tv 4k was universally disliked as a matter of fact even before individuals got their hands on the brand-new remote it was clear that it was mosting likely to be far better than the previous one so this is clearly good information for people that don’t currently own an apple tv 4k yet suppose you do ought to you update to the brand-new box or must you simply head out as well as get the brand-new remote control which you can do apple are selling it on its own and also it works with the original apple television 4k as well as hd or should you just stick to what you currently have in this video clip that’s what i aim to discover i’m going to reveal you the new remote control and compare it with the previous one show you where it’s similar to the old one where it’s various and also offer you an idea of whether i believe it’s worth the expense of an upgrade or not so first off allow’s order the two remotes and also simply have a quick look at them alongside one point that truly shocked me was that in images as well as advertising shots the brand-new push-button control looks considerably taller than the old one but actually that’s not the situation the new remote is essentially a portion taller than the old one it’s additionally a portion smaller sized in terms of the size as you can see below if i rest the new one in addition to the old one they’re both exceptionally similar the old remote evaluates around 45 grams while the new one evaluates around 64. it’s still substantially lighter than a lot of modern day push-button controls however that’s a rise of 42 percent so it does really feel significantly heavier than the old one when you’re holding it this refers personal taste certainly i in fact prefer it as i find that the added weight gives the remote a slightly a lot more superior feeling when compared to the old one and the new remote is a fair bit thicker than the old one shown right here if we hold the remotes and also check out them from all-time low you can see that both remotes attach for charging via lightning port with the brand-new one having actually a panel attached by means of screws near the bottom just how very non-apple you ‘d expect this to be one piece of chiseled aluminium truly yet there you go the distinctions continue the remote itself in terms of the feature buttons on the old remote the siri switch got on the left hand side in between the play pause button as well as the menu switch whereas this time around apple have placed it on the right-hand man side of the gadget in maintaining with the power button on a modern iphone so from a muscular tissue memory perspective this makes a whole lot of sense i discovered that in usefulness i much like having the switch below as a common problem with the old remote was that i ‘d inadvertently engage siri by tapping the button when i implied to hit play pause so putting it out the method works actually well for me after that in terms of various other feature buttons you have actually got the exact same play pause switch as prior to the exact same tv or house button as prior to the same quantity button as before apple have included a button in regards to the mute switch which i guess is as helpful as any mute button on a push-button control truly and also they’ve exchanged the food selection button out for a back switch which i assume is more in maintaining with the manner in which a lot of individuals utilize the old menu button on the previous model anyhow similar to on the old screen you can program the television button to either take you to the apple television app or to the residence screen one various other button that you might have noticed is the power

button in the top right corner of the remote which i’m actually pleased that they chose to include i understand it’s not really apple to switch over devices off and i’m likewise conscious that a lot of apple tools never ever actually go off anyhow unless you kill the power most of the time you’re just putting a tool to rest but it did used to bug me that i ‘d essentially leave the old apple tv box to place itself to sleep and after that have to manually power my tv off independently no much more with the power button when you’re done seeing merely hold the power switch for a minute and both the apple television and also any type of linked television or av tool will also turn off the part of the remote that caused people the most concerns last time about is luckily the part of the remote that has had one of the most interest this moment around the touchpad on the previous remote whatever over the food selection and house button was essentially touchpad and also it was designed around touchpads from mac computer systems although nowhere close to as excellent swipe up or down left or right with your thumb and also click the touchpad to choose all extremely simple the problem was that it was either under receptive if you turned the level of sensitivity down approximately over-responsive that you ‘d find yourself battling to do anything with any kind of type of precision i would constantly locate myself over-running on the

residence display when zooming via different apps having the ability to navigate to a certain factor while viewing a tv show was borderline difficult you might additionally relocate forwards or in reverse 10 seconds in whatever you were enjoying by clicking the left or best upper side of the trackpad but once again this was so trial and error i ‘d discover that i ‘d have the ability to do it as soon as or two times and after that specifically the very same action would not work a minute or 2 later on all of it added up to making the old siri remote exceptionally irritating to make use of fortunately the touchpad is considerably enhanced this time around about with apple drawing ideas from their older ipods instead of the brand-new max on the exterior is a touch sensitive ring which can either be clicked like a typical click pad to rise or down left or right or delicately swiped upwards or under from entrusted to right appropriate or entrusted to scrub with whatever you’re enjoying with an unexpected amount of precision the center is both a click switch and also a touchpad and you can pick this capability in the settings so you can pick the technique of working that matches you and your requirements in

terms of siri functionality nothing has transformed it all works as you would certainly expect i discovered that the old remote seems to have a microphone both on the front and also the back whereas this one just has one on the front but it doesn’t seem to influence the siri performance whatsoever if you have an interest in discovering a few of the different ways you can utilize siri to interact with your apple tv check out the video clips that i’ve made sharing some tips as well as methods for obtaining the most out of your apple tv i’ll link them in the summaries box to make sure that’s the comparison done what do i consider it and do i believe you should get one my truthful answer is that it’s going to rely on your personal scenario and use case if you have actually not bought an apple tv 4k before and are currently in the marketplace for one then you’re in the most convenient group to suggest this to apple no more used the previous version so any type of new apple television 4k that you acquisition is gon na come with this brand-new remote not the old one if on the various other hand you’re assuming of paying cash to upgrade to this i believe you need to explore your alternatives the brand-new remote is excellent there’s absolutely no rejecting that as well as if you’re an apple tv power user that’s.

grown irritated with the existing remote yet is or else pleased with the efficiency from your fourth gen box it can be worth the expense of updating nonetheless that cost isn’t cheap the remote by itself expenses 55 extra pounds below in the uk or 60 bucks in the us which is rather honestly an eye-watering quantity of money for a remote control although i did observe when researching for this video clip that apple still markets the remote for the gen 3 box for 20 so make of that what you will certainly due to the fact that the other alternative that you do have which apple are greater than pleased to advise you of is to utilize your various other apple products like your iphone your watch even your ipad as a push-button control rather as well as of training course if you obtain proficient at using siri to navigate your way around your apple television a lack of touch control unexpectedly isn’t quite such a big concern any longer so there you go my ideas on the new apple television 4k siri remote what do you think are you considering purchasing one would certainly you take into consideration updating to the new apple tv box or is the entire thing a little bit of a disadvantage by apple drop me a comment and allow me understand what you believe and as ever if you found this video clip helpful do please take into consideration leaving me a like and also subscribing to the network for even more material such as this in the future see you on the following.

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