Sony a7IV vs Nikon d780 Camera Comparison

sony a74 wants to be a new king of steals full-frame cameras under 2500 yet is it that far better than the two-year-old dslr nikon d780 allow’s learn nikon in american it has actually currently been prominent nikon since i choose american english let me say nikon what’s good guys my name is alek nikitin and also you’re watching no limits on network two years ago i provided nikon d780 to my spouse katusha she’s a wedding event digital photographer as well as she had the ability to get some outstanding shots with this cam but i have actually been a sony shooter for greater than 6 years now and also i wanted to pull her to the dark side and i made a decision to contrast 24 megapixel nikon d780 with the new 33 megapixel sony a74 nikon d780 is a hybrid in between a dslr with a regular optical pentaprism viewfinder and a mirrorless cam with eye autofocus by means of online view primarily having the very best of both worlds as well as actually two autofocus systems so initially allow’s chat concerning ergonomics both cameras have touch screen however on nikon you can transform the setups with a touch screen which is extremely practical and also i truly do miss this attribute on sony electronic cameras both cameras are made from magnesium alloy as well as the develop top quality is very solid however the rubberized hold on the nikon is a weak point and also it starts to become loosened as time goes on check out this regrettably it’s a big pain for all nikon shooters a few words regarding the screen as well as the viewfinder nikon d780 has a mix of a conventional dslr type pentaprism viewfinder as well as i can state it’s a little bit traditional yet it’s a good choice and likewise a 3.2 inch display with 2.4 million dots compared to only 1 million dots and also 3 inch display in addition to an electronic viewfinder with 3.6 million dots on the a74 both suffice choices and it’s a matter of personal preference whether you like even more of a standard optical viewfinder or a digital one both having its advantages and disadvantages as you understand in regards to flash memory card on nikon we do have double sd uh hs2 cards and also on sony we have a cf share kind a card reduce uh s2 plus an sd uh s2 card yet the reduced one is significantly slower as you can see in this example and it truly bugs me the battery life on nikon is promoted to be much longer when you utilize the viewfinder obviously but it’s nearly the same if you use the rear lcd display and also you

would not observe a dramatic distinction with a sony camera however nikon can be charged through usbc only while being off but on the other hand sony can also be charged while working which is far more practical in my opinion so taking into consideration those distinctions i would claim it’s a draw below the dimension and also weight including lenses nikon d780 is 840 grams versus 650 grams in a74 yet most nikon lenses are quite large since they are the dslr lenses particularly if we compare this 24 to 70 f 2.8 lens which is 900 grams and also my sony size 24 to 70 f4 oss lens which is only 430 grams so in total amount we obtain one kg cam lens mix versus nearly 2 kg on nikon side as well as men you do notice this distinction i understand it’s not specifically apples to apples comparison but at least currently you do see the potential difference the food selection system both are fairly untidy and also have lots and also tons of setups and also features however i located sony’s menu to be a bit much more structured and also much easier to navigate a few words about video clip functions i was happily shocked by the 4k video on the nikon d780 and i used it a ton as my 2nd camera with sony a7s iii for shooting interviews yet altogether the functionality is quite limited we do not have a log account no hlg no ass scenic tone just 8 little bit recording internally as well as the good news is we do have 10-bit recording to an external recorder we have no 4k60 the iaf is great sufficient but it’s not that practical as an a7s iii we have video record limits approximately thirty minutes as well as you have to restart the recording after it which is not that cool for interviews naturally nikon d780 has very weak preamps and also if you use the very same level of microphone on the 780 for instance and afterwards you try it on the a7s 3 it will certainly be much better on the a7s 3. Likewise nikon doesn’t have ibis system you can tweak the video setups less and also overall it’s not meant to be a great video clip electronic camera however if you wish to you can most definitely get some impressive shots with this camera allowed’s talk autofocus nikon as i claimed has twin autofocus system which is quite cool in routine dslr kind viewfinder setting you get 51 stage discovery factors as well as 15 of those are cross kind and also while using the back lcd display you get 273 phase detection points on the various other hand sony a74 has 759 face discovery points and also 425 contrast discoveries no issue what you are using the viewfinder or the back lcd and also to be truthful the nikon is doing excellent while sony is being just one of the most effective af systems on the market today duration as well as likewise lenses play a significant duty in it so the more contemporary and also much more exceptional lens you make use of the faster and also more accurate autofocus you get both have iota focus by the way but the nikon is only in live view setting so as soon as again i would give a win to sony in this term so currently allow’s discuss raw photos shade and dynamic array you’ll most likely be surprised but edited raw images can be matched so close that you’ll never be able to presume which cam is which i asked my associate her name is maria who’s capturing on a74 to match those raw photos and as you can see the results are virtually the same the only thing that stuck out to me was a little bit much more detail on the a74 however thinking about the added megapixels of it it should have been sharper anyhow yet to be sincere i could notice the distinction only while amplifying the images by 4 times the dynamic variety is additionally outstanding on both cameras as you can see from this instance as well as general adaptability of raw files is fantastic on both it additionally relates to tint so you would not be dissatisfied with either of those cams a couple of words regarding constant shooting a74 has 10 frameworks per second regardless of if you’re making use of a physical shutter or a digital one nikon d780 on the other hand has two different rates when you use the viewfinder as well as when you utilize the online view 7 as well as 12 structures per 2nd so it’s sort of a draw right here once more yet considering a bit much more modern as well as reputable autofocus i’ll provide a small side to sony and also below what my close friend maria who uses sony a74 for weddings on a normal basis needs to

say i fired on a7 3 a7r2 and a7r3 and also even a7 r4 and also now i’m using the a74 and i can state that a74 has nearly ideal autofocus with 95 of sharp structures also in the most difficult conditions it is necessary to me that the raw and the shade is being pushed in an excellent way and comparing it to sony a7iii the a74 is given better area for blog post manufacturing as well as also you do really feel the distinction in between 24 megapixels as well as 33 megapixels when i was utilizing the a7r 3 i had a huge discomfort with exactly how large the documents were i mean the raw data from the r series cams and it’s not a concern any longer with the a74 for wedding digital photographers a74 is a perfect equilibrium between the ongoing shooting rate and data sizes and also crisp photo and also raw capabilities i highly suggest it finish of quote less stock lenses and also different lens options due to the fact that it does matter so guys we do have 288 indigenous nikon f lenses on b h website and 235 of those are complete structure on the various other hand we have 423 indigenous sony e-mount lenses as well as 290 of those are complete structure plus a lots of lenses that you can take on 300 plus lenses for example i do embrace this nikon 90 millimeter f 2.8 macro lens to my sony video camera without any problems so let’s stroll through prices ahead 5 most helpful af lenses in my point of view so nikah 16 to 35 f4 virtual reality lens for eleven hundred bucks versus 16-35 f4 power zoom for 1200 also we do have some less costly alternatives from tokina as well as tamron as well for around 8 hundred dollars and more premium lenses such as 16 to 35 f28 gm for 2200.

24 to 70 f 2.8 premium nikon virtual reality lens as well as sony g master lens for around 2 thousand bucks each as well as also we have interesting alternatives from sigma as well as tamron 24 to 70 f to 8 lenses for eleven hundred bucks and also twelve hundred dollars specifically thirty 5 millimeter f one factor four lenses we have 9 auto for one thousand 5 hundred as well as fifty bucks as well as sony g master for thirteen hundred dollars however additionally there is sigma 35 f14 for around 900 bucks for both systems and 85 millimeter f 1.4 lenses nycar for 1600 and also sony g master for 1800 additionally we have a great deal of affordable 85 millimeter f 1.
8 lenses such as nike 85 millimeter f1 8 for 430 bucks or sony 85 millimeter f18 for 600 or perhaps an extremely decent shroud trucks 85 millimeter f1 8 mark ii on which i have an in-depth evaluation on the channel by the method i’ll leave a web link down listed below for just 4 hundred dollars so we see that we have rather similar prices that change a bit depending on certain needs yet total

nikon lenses are a little bit older thus having potentially weak autofocus performance and they are simply literally bulkier the majority of the time one more essential element is the resell rate sony e is a lot more popular and also it’s less complicated to market those lenses i’m not a sony kid we just attempted to market sony lenses as well as nikon lenses in our family members and sony lenses are much faster and also less complicated to sell so ought to you switch over from nikon to sony if you already possess d780 as well as nikon f lenses i assume no let me claim if you are satisfied with the
results you’re getting you’re okay with the system you like your lenses and you don’t need to purchase anything else i would certainly state adhere to the nikon system since you can produce some lovely and outstanding pictures with this camera and my wife just likes this video camera as you can see however if you intend on capturing more video clip if you plan on switching over to mirrorless a74 is a fantastic option and if you do not have a stills electronic camera or some lenses now and you are just on the marketplace seeking a camera today i would certainly go for a 74 because of better longevity of mirrorless systems and also regrettably the dslrs are not that prominent as well as you recognize most likely they will be stopped soon so people what’s your viewpoint about those 2 video cameras which one would you choose share your ideas in the comment section listed below i hope you did enjoy this video as well as if you did wreck the like and subscribe bottles as i state in my video clips and hit the notifications bell my name is alekney kitchen area no restrictions on channel below are a number of videos for you to enjoy following and i see you guys in the following take treatment bye

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