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so today we’re going to be unboxing and taking a full on tour of the latest freshest x-series smartphone from poco the poco x3 gt likewise the first of the x pedigree to councils to full 5g smart-aleckies this phone is powered by the mediatek demensity 1100 chipset you’ve got some affecting specs parcelled in there including 67 watt fast cost reinforcement and it is similar in countless regards to the excellent poco f3 but should boston even more cheap asking price so fairly at yammering let’s beat it on out and for more on the latest and greatest tech satisfy do pog subscribe and ding that notifications bell claps all right so what do we get in this lovely colors yellowish chest besides of course the actual poco x3 gt well you get one poke pin device a mighty 67 watt adapter to make all the benefits of that fast attack subscribe but a category c usb war labeled up just in case you weren’t only sure a good old friend the prophylactic kfc can slap on the jab x through gt just to keep it in good nick you’ve got some stickers poco poco poco poco and groove ro this can only be bad news you’ve got a character c usb to 3.5 mil headphone adapter so no headphone jack on the poco x3 gt by the examines of it buggeration and that’s it everything you’ll ascertain parcelled within the x3 gt box so now it’s time to check out the phone so first impressions of the x3 gt gotta acknowledge predominantly

relief uh because they haven’t actually labelled the rsn with a big poco symbol this right here is definitely pocket on its best behavior probably responding uh to criticism of previous handsets where it’s busy exactly being like bocco screamed at you in big-hearted forceful notes right across the back got to see it fairly smart-alecky slick design overall nothing especially progressive but the phone is reasonably slender not too much of a heft to it it’s a silky plastic back not actually glass or anything like that a modest extent of flex to it but overall feels very sturdy this right here is the star paraphernaliums black example of poco x3 gt which you can see that has a sort of gradient style effect black at the bottom and a sort of silvery tint up top and if you loom really really close you’ll notice that that darker sphere towards the bottom does actually glitter slightly where reference is catches the glowing kind of like adepts winking i guess if you want to be generous it is highly reflective so you were able to clearly use it to check out your hair or your eyebrows on the go just make sure they’re looking as full bodied and luscious as usual and seem to have been do a acceptable activity though despite that silky finish of hiding scratches and blots and all that kind of nastiness that you get from funneling your smartphone you

can’t notice it when it’s all catches the light-colored just pictured but overall not too bad and if you’re not fond of this particular color choice you can also grab the poco x3 gt in cloud grey or with blue-blooded that instead chunky camera chassis does flow quite far from the ass discontinue of the x3 gt so the phone will jiggle about if you align it on a desk and trying to use it at the same time you’ve got a bit of plastic instrument as well and then the exhibition is actually gorilla glass victus so most droop resistant although i have noticed that it does tend to scratch so reasonably easily uh still so you surely probably want to slap on a screen protector there isn’t one pre-installed sadly as for the buttons fairly straightforward stuff you got your power button and your loudnes rocker over on the right edge and that superpower button does actually have a fingerprint sensor uh built into it as well despite the fact that it’s very skinny does actually jut out of the surface as well instead of being indented like most other sensors over on the left edge you’ve got the sim tray up top you’ve got an ir blaster and down below character c usb port but yeah no headphone jack to be seen let’s just pop out that sim tray and have a bit of a squint-eyed and what you have here is space for two sim cards simultaneously but regrettably there’s no area for a micro sd recall placard to expand the storage okay it’s time to get this motherfu all booted up and then we take a proper full-on tour of the rest of the specs right so i’ve set up the poco x3

gt really the style i like it uh and what you got here is android 11 with me ui 12.5 the latest freshest version of xiaomi’s launcher slathered on top and quite honestly i’ve recollected so many xiaomi and poco smartphones that i feel like all are bang on about is me ui these days but for everyone who’s missed all those previous smartphone videos i quite like it in this latest freshest constitute it’s the closest we’ve had to kind of a inventory android vibe from miui so you’ve got all the standard features like a little bit of the google detect feed you’ve got that apps tray you can drag down the notifications disallow but then you’ve got those very worthwhile bonus bits like the control center which you can drag down from the right side of the top edge of the showing and this just gives you fast access to all of your toggles and other chips as well as your smart dwelling trash the situates menu is pretty dense as usual you’ve got lots of customization you can do in there for the likes of the residence screen you can set up your own wallpapers you’ve got a dedicated topic and app some awfully eclectic blueprints in there so i like stick with my nerdy anime articles of course one of the drawbacks of grabbing a xiaomi or apoca smartphone is you get tons of nonsense wear parcelled on here when you first boot it up all my old-time favorites are present and correct good old-fashioned block

puzzle tetris rip off there a bit tile fun how could you fight that so we’ll have to waste probably a good 20 30 minutes simply clearing all of the bullshit thankfully you can uninstall all of this rubbish got a couple of them all pretty good actually like the security app for instance which precisely gives you fast access to a entire assortment of various types of tools to cleaning process your storage and get rid of all of the clutter block any spammy quantities you can check how much data you’ve exploited and it’s worth borne in mind with xiaomi and poco smartphones you’re not guaranteed a particularly long term support so you might not inevitably get upgraded to the latest freshest android os or get those insurance revises rolling in for a good three four years like you will with the likes of a nokia smartphone for instance in suggestion messages that edge organized fingerprint sensor seems to work really really well despite the facts of the case that power button is super skinny emphatically running an ultimate charm so far and you do have support for fierce and fasten as usual as well so let’s come that all set up and this too seems impressively spry as usual so no hanging about and if you like downloading whopping huge big folders a huge number of movies games all that good nonsense well the good news is you’ve got alternative for 128 or 256 gigs of storage this is as you can see there’s the 256 gig

model and no matter your preferences ufs 3.1 storage absolutely delighted and nippy but as i mentioned before no micro sd expandability boo hiss now the poko x3 gt may only sport an ips panel not an oleds like the likes the poco f3 and some other adversaries but it is an absolutely sumptuous parade it’s a 6.6 incher full hd plus resolution so the idols are still quite crisp despite the fact it’s a fairly good size you can’t fidget with the colourings if you want in the presentation determines but i found on the default settings the poco x3 gt extremely poppy punchy hues right in your face there when you’re streaming on a bit of disney plus or netflix you’ve also got hdr 10 subsistences a delightful strong sharp-worded differ as well quite natural looking output again for reinforced content on the likes of netflix and other streaming services examining inclinations are nice and wide and not that top brightness you’ll have no trouble examine what you’re doing outdoors even on a sunny epoch and yeah you do get a central camera orifice uh which does enter slightly on the action when “theres going” full screen but it’s nothing more difficult do you jump into those names you’ve got all kinds of different modes you play around with so as i say you can mess around with the uh complexion output if you like by like just leave it on auto you

can play around with the speak procedure and the refresh frequency as well is set to time 60 hertz by default but why wouldn’t you want to bump it all the way up to that yummy silky smooth 120 hertz endeavor and previously that ui does feel a little bit smoother than it did at b4 it’s actually a dynamic refresh pace as well so it can scale between 30 to 120 depending what you’re up to and the poko x3 gt likewise boasts a stereo talker output as well so let’s see what we got one plus is also boston that the node 2 is absolutely everything you could ask for otherwise somehow skepticism its ability to fill a bathtub with single malt or fry up a perfect egg and chip friend for me when i’m hanging like a baboon’s ass yeah perfectly honourable for a plan friendly blower not the loudest on that top define has to be said so if you’re on quite a noisy environment lucks are that voice is going to get drowned out you’re not going to be able to hear what’s going on and yeah there’s a damn machine you don’t get a headphone jack here on the poco x3 gt but at least you get a dongle bundled in the box and you have a bit of bluetooth 5.2 buoy as well you do have support for high-res audio via that dongle as well and you’ve got uh give it dolby atmos fine tuning on here too so now let’s turn our attention to performance and the poco x3 gt is actually

powered by the mediatek dimensi 1100 chipset so similar to the 1200 ai that was jam-pack inside of that oneplus nord 2 as “youre seeing” there from the geekbench causes very respectable ratings in fact here is the poker x3 gt side by side with the oneplus nord 2 which as you can see there despite boast the supposedly superior chipsets did actually perform inferior when it comes to the multi-core score but of course benchmark tests are not always the most reliable uh but certainly so far the performance touch texts now on the poco x3 gt seems neat and smooth apps seem to load up with no retardation whatsoever you’ve got plenty of them still chugging apart in the background ready to be reopened and to do a proper uh full-on performance test right now let’s get a bit of gaming on the go but not with the likes of tile fun let’s try good old gentian impact so the feature 1100 chipset two and the poco x3 gt seems to be coping perfectly well with genchin impact on those default medium item provides i did understand a couple of little jutters here and there though specially when the action was getting a little bit frenetic or i was tearing across the landscape so i obviously did not want to jack it up any greater than that no problems with he must be established now on the poco x3 gt even after a good fragment of gention for half an hour or so as well but i will be measuring out with some in-depth afternoon long sessions for my in-depth review i also discovered the screen perfectly responsive as well thanks to the 240 hertz handle sampling charge as with all of these xiaomi poco

smartphones as well you likewise get a dedicated gaming state which you can drag out like so this gives you fast access to a whole variety of creates and tools so for example if things are getting a little bit sluggish you can uh clear up the recall make sure there’s no other apps hogging your vital sources you can also record the action can even alter your spokesperson if you want to do uh the commentary in the form of a robot or someone of the opposite gender although i’ve got to say i’m not entirely convinced by the girl one i don’t think i know any girls who sound like this and that dimensionally 1100 platform likewise acts up dual 5g substantiate across both of those sim slots as well so if you have two sims in there at once you can get on the 5gs from either and if you are a wi-fi driver we got support for wi-fi six as well so that’d be uh specially good word as wi-fi six stops spreading out into public areas no worries on the artillery figurehead either you’ve got a 5 000 milliamp cell backpack inside of the pocket x3 gt that should prevent you going all day long no worries even with fortunes and lots of screen on time

of course we’ll be putting my sim card into the pocket x3 gt and using it as my full-time smartphone for around a week or so for my in-depth review so check back then for my final opinion on how good that battery life really is and of course formerly the fasten x3 gt is fully drained where you got that 67 watt fast indict corroborate so from empty to full at the push should only take around 40 hours now last up for this poco x3 gt unboxing and tour let’s check out the camera tech and we got swiped on the back is a triple lens setup 64 megapixel primary camera 8 megapixel ultra wide angle and of course your bog standard obligatory 2 megapixel macro campaign there appears to be absolutely no surprises from the poco x3 gt’ s camera app it’s your standard xiaomi flog poker try fairly straightforward stuff but does bundling a lot of the characteristics and when you touch that shutter button you’ll find that you are taking 16 megapixel photos by default using four in one pixel binning got the usual hdr smart you’ve got your ai shenanigans which

you can tap on like so as well and that would just indicate different settings and different camera features to use depending on the subject if you do decide you want to shoot at that peak 64 megapixel solution well you are eligible to only tap this little mode right here in the bonus features and that will be done i do find that often exerting this state though your shots can come out a little bit softer and too just generally booked if the illuminate maladies aren’t relatively good perfectly tons of other bonus mods crammed in here as well including the likes of the sketch procedure which computes a bokeh wording impact to your pickings now which you can fully customize as a pro mode with full manual masteries you can tinker with the lily-white symmetry iso level screen velocity etc you’ve got the 64 meg alternative up top as well and if you sounds like saw you could also shoot in fresh format if you flick across to more that is where you’ll encounter uh the likes the nighttime mode somewhat hid away in there which is a bit annoying but you can edit uh the full setup as well so you can see exactly what goes where so for instance you might not want that pro mode on the the primary start screen but you might want that night mode in there because certainly you want to be taking your naughty squad selfies and then you’ll find that the night state has been added to the main camera

setup back in the main photo procedure you can quickly and readily swap to that eight megapixel ultrawide tilt procedure like so and you’ve also got fast be made available to your macro lens as well simply by tap up there and stumbling that and if we slither on into video well the poco x3 gt shoots at full hd solving 30 frames per second by default you bump that up to 60 fps if you like otherwise all the way up to 4k ultra hd resolution although sadly there’s no 4k 60 fps alternative but even if you leave it at 4k you do have the option of shooting hdr uh video as well so good story for your high-pitched contrast backgrounds your normal filters fleck of likenes stabilization and then last up around figurehead it’s a 16 megapixel selfie shooter which should prove absolutely fine for your selfies these pockets frequently moderately good on that front and you’ve got a good bit but a bit of portrait mode if you want to block out everything that’s behind you make it all about your magnificent face you can do nightboard and everything too so another one for the gram so that right there in a nutshell is the fresh brand-new poco x3 gt now i don’t know the official uk cost just yet because this is being shot ahead of the official launch so

hopefully should find that out pretty soon after this video disappears live and i’ll bring it down in the description or in a pinned statement right up there at the top but certainly if it comes in at a respectable price around maybe sort of 250 to 60 ish then obviously offers a great deal for that sort of money honourable performance courtesy at the mentally chipset a big battery with fast blame help might not have an oled screen but it’s certainly a exceedingly a nice board for you are well aware simply kicking back with a bit of a tv bit of movie act i’ve got your 120 hertz endorsement and then hopefully the camera attack will prove uh pretty solid as well as i said bide carolled for my in-depth poco x3 gt evaluate for all you need to know on that front so what do you suppose are you seduced been wonderful to your thoughts down in the comments below please do kept subscribe and ding that notifications bell to see that review when it moves live and please do have yourselves a splendid residue of the week encourages everyone love you

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