Best Studio COB LED Light Comparison | Amaran 60D vs Amaran 100D vs Godox VL150

what’s excellent men my name is alekite as well as you’re seeing no restrictions on channel from russia with love and today i’m mosting likely to discover which light is the very best for your workshop as well as likewise for the scenarios when you’re on the go so today we have the aperture 100d is a pretty prominent light among youtubers as well as you know material creators as well as today right here we have a quite brand name new light aperture 60d which is primarily 2 times smaller sized look just how small that is compared to the aperture amaran 100d as well as also my big old godox vl 150 and also i’m using it with the softbox as well as the light dome with the grid at 50 power so let’s get to the kids to the pros and to the cons of each light and also later in the video i’ ma switch to this light to use as an essential light and after that to this light likewise to make use of as a key so you can see the difference and also the electronic camera is established to 5600 kelvin and this is the color temperature all the lights are including as a stock they are all daylight stabilized so individuals i have decided to make sort of a system so there will be various categories and also for the starting point the light will take three points for the 2nd place 2 points as well as for the 3rd area one factor and also allow’s begin with the illumination as you might have presumed 60d gets one point 100d gets two points and the vl 150 obtains three factors [Songs] the 2nd classification is mobility due to the fact that i often take the lights to these shoots to different areas and also in this term the vl150 obtains one point it’s a rather cumbersome instance and also a quite hefty bag we’ll discuss the weight in a 2nd 100d gets 2 points for portability and after that 60d obtains 3 points due to the fact that it’s that small as well as currently allow’s discuss the weight the weight of vl 150 the head itself the cob is 1.8 kilos and the entire bundle the whole situation is 7 kgs with all the power bricks cords and so on and also it gets one factor

aperture 100d obtains two factors as well as it’s one and also a fifty percent kilos the head itself the cob and also 3.5 kilograms of package itself with all the accessories and also the starting point as well as 3 points gets aperture 60d with 675 grams of weight the cob itself as well as two kgs of weight of package the 4th group is package or the carrying instance 3 factors guess godox bl 150 because this carrying case is simply outstanding very nice construct quality and total it’s extremely welcome edition and also you have some extra space within the back for your audio tools for instance so 3 factors for codex on the 2nd area we have aputure 60d with a styrofoam instance it’s a really nice case but you have no space for extra equipment as well as likewise it’s pretty hard to get the cables as they were when you bought this as well as it’s kind of a puzzle every time as well as additionally you can not bring this situation on the band on your shoulder so the 60 obtains two points and also the third area as well as one factor obtains aperture 100d that comes in a cardboard box no remarks here the next classification is the yoke itself when we affix a light to a light stand this factor codex vl-150 gets three points to begin with because it’s constructed out of steel as well as it’s an extremely tough connection the 2nd area mosts likely to aperture 60d because it has quarter inch so you can mount it straight to a light stand at first and likewise it has a special mechanism for turning it’s constructed out of plastic however it’s a very sturdy plastic and you can fix your tilt angle with this

device and to my eye it looks extra tough than the yoke on the aperture 100d that takes the 3rd area it’s constructed of plastic as well as the tightening up mechanism is additionally made out of plastic as well as i think you can damage it when one more important element is that we can deal with a battery feel 150 includes a v-mount as well as we can make use of v-mount batteries to power this on and also it gets the 2nd place because the starting point goes to aperture 60d due to the fact that we can make use of v-mount with a d-tap connection to power this on as well as also sony npf double batteries it will not collaborate with one battery and also the light itself will certainly operate at one hundred percent illumination and additionally we have an unique adapter right in the set which is terrific so it obtains 3 factors and the very first location aperture 100d however is just dealing with the electrical outlet no battery choices in any way so one point after that comes the bowens place they all have the bones install so it’s a fantastic thing to have specifically on the 60d which is a really little light as well as it could have had the exclusive place however the vl-150 includes a steel mount and also the 60d and 100d they include plastic installs and also you need to take care as well as do not put some heavy and also enormously large light domes on it to my eye the bowens mount is much more durable on the 100d and the 60d comes only with 3 items of plastic that hold your light area for example i do not suggest using something

bigger than 90 centimeters like dome with a 60d so one factor four 6 td 2 points for 100d and also three points for vl150 the following classification is cable television size due to the fact that from time to time we do not have an alternative of being actually close to the outlet aperture 100d comes with one and also a half meter maybe two meters length of the cord which is quite restricting aperture 60d comes with four meters length of cable television which is really wonderful as well as the vl 150 includes five meters plus perhaps also closer to six meters and also it gets three points to begin with for me the next classification is the modifier that is available in package or the reflector all 3 reflectors are not really terrific and have some cautions but the most effective one in my point of view is the godox vl150s reflector due to the fact that it has type of also spread as well as much less artifacts on the second place we have aperture 100d and it has an extremely noticable location between which i do not like and also i would certainly advise making use of something like a frost structure to function with this reflector or to merely bounce the light off the wall or of the ceiling and the worst hot area is with the aperture 60d take a look at that it’s it’s really warm so it gets one point in the 3rd place the following classification is the remote control as well as the application both aperture lights include status web link application and up to 8 different effects such as lightning paparazzi and so on and also the app is excellent as well as you can combine the lights into groups etc so it’s an excellent thing to have two factors for each aperture light gorax vl 150 includes a remote control as well as you can regulate teams of lights as well as select the channel to manage the lights but it’s a little limiting as well as it has no effects so it obtains just one factor shade accuracy cri and tlci index primarily every one of the lights that come out from aputure and godox like two years before that and also today currently are having excellent cri as well as tlci scores so here are the numbers on the screen and i give one point to each light

all right we saw the numbers they are rather the same and what if we take into account the real life examination the skin test right here as you can see with different lights with a modifier with a soft box as well as likewise just aiming the cob straight at the wall surface i can claim that i do prefer exactly how my skin looks with this 60d as well as additionally it has a mild magenta color the 100d is kind of in the direction of environment-friendly and i don’t truly such as this greenish look as well as the vl 150 is sort of in the center it’s pretty neutral as well as i provide it the starting point in 3 points the 60d obtains 2 factors and also the 100d obtains one point i need to state that when you set your camera to white balance at 5600 kelvin as it marketed of all the lights we have below 5600 kelvin we do get a little warmer picture and also i would recommend making use of something like 52 or 5300 kelvin when utilizing these lights one even more actually important factor is the cooling system as well as the sound of the follower allowed’s have a listen you’ve listened to everything the 3rd area is going to godoxville 150 one point but it truly does not aggravate me while i’m.

shooting as well as does not create this much noise to my demands the second location as well as 2 points mosts likely to aperture 60d and also the top place mosts likely to 100d additionally i have to mention that you can connect an umbrella to both the aperture 60 as well as 100d and you can not do this with a vl 150 as well as an umbrella is an extremely fast and quite cheap way to obtain type of soft lights in your shot so one point mosts likely to aperture lights both of them so the last classification for today is the price aputure amaran 60d comes at 169 dollars at b h and also it gets the initial place and 3 factors 100d prices 200 but now in b h we have a sort of last minute conserving and it sets you back 170 essentially identical to the 60d and also it obtains the 2nd place at two points as well as gold xpl 150 is 400 and now on b h you can acquire for 319 so you can purchase 60 plus 100d as well as some snacks as well as you’ll have the price of the vl-150 so it gets the third area so men we have the results the 3rd area mosts likely to aperture 100d and also the overall number of factors is 24. The 2nd place mosts likely to vl 150 as well as the complete quantity of points is 29 and also we additionally have 29 points for the 60 but it sets you back greater than two times less so it obtains the crown so individuals you saw the outcomes and i hope you did appreciate this video clip and if you did wreck the like and also subscribe containers as i say in my video clips and hit the notices bell happy xmases and happy new year to all of you guys 2022 is going to be an impressive year i make sure as well as i desire you all the finest guys my name is still alec nikitin still from russia with love as well as i see you people in the following video next year thanks so much for seeing take treatment bye.

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