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what’s excellent men my name is alex nikita as well as you’re seeing no restrictions on network from russia with love and today i have a big review extensive testimonial of moza sly covering pro which i’m making use of today and you possibly can not see the slight motion in the fired so allow’s go so people let’s begin with the construct high quality it’s really well constructed it’s a costs product and made out of carbon fiber however to me it’s a bit on the heavier side of points it’s 1.5 kgs which not that hefty but you definitely can really feel the added weight comparing to for example the manfrotto’s monopods also it has quite great padding for reduced temperature operation and two solid and also sturdy placing factors with both quarter inch and 3 8 of an inch strings likewise this mono part slider is water immune and also you can definitely utilize it in the rainfall so the minimum length or the marginal elevation is 65 centimeters and also 120 centimeters optimal height and additionally it has 54 centimeters of telescopic motion as you can see right here and occasionally it’s a little as well much to my tiny room the maximum rate is 4 centimeters a second as well as it goes like so as well as it’s rather loud also i’ll speak about the sound soon and the minimum speed is 0.5 millimeter a 2nd which is extremely slow moses but pro features a very versatile and also well constructed round head

with arca swiss plate as well as you can generally do whatever you want with this sphere head you can angle it you can rotate it so it’s a respectable addition to your kit you can charge this gadget by means of usb type-c and it takes four hours to completely charge from absolutely no and also you can also bill it with your power financial institution which is excellent the battery life is 19 mins on rapid rates of constant usage so if it’s going back and forth like right here with optimal speed you will certainly have around 90 mins however in standby setting you’ll have a lots of time for certain i did not also drain pipes the battery throughout all of my tests i simply charged it as soon as as well as it never ever died and also it has 26 milliamp hours battery by the method it has 6 kilograms of vertical haul and 3.5 kilos of straight haul we have 3 switches on the body of slidepod pro we have a plus and also the minus switch and after that the power button which can additionally be utilized as a quit button and to pull back as well as switch off the slide switch itself and likewise we have actually an led light it’s a colorful light and also you can discover more regarding the shades of this light through the handbook you can affix moza gimbal to this slide sheathing and have a lot a lot more versatile control you can have your tail taxes your pan accessibility and combine it with your moving movement which is a fantastic enhancement so if you do have a moza gimbal you’ll have some possibilities guys chance yet very first check the compatibility of your

gimbal as well as this slide shuck on the moses internet site it additionally includes a very good as well as durable lugging situation made out of excellent product it has a shoulder band and additional velcro bands for far better carrying by the means men mentioning tripods allow me show you my arrangement i utilized my very heavy as well as strong tripod to have a different evaluation on it however additionally i made use of the siroi sh05t tripod as well as you’ll be completely great using a much lighter tripod such as this one it weighs just 3.2 kilograms yet can deal with a payload of 6 kilos it has a fluid head round leveling adjustment sturdy feet and fairly tiny weight and also it makes this survey tripod a fantastic choice for videographers on the move i’ll leave a link to this tripod in the summary listed below you can also make use of moza’s slidepod pro with one tripod and also just setting the middle component the middle plate on the tripod but beware with it as well as i ‘d prefer utilizing 2 tripods for much better stability it likewise includes the feet they can secure or open turning by tightening up the ball underneath it has great legs with folding mechanism however they can be damaged easily so take care the securing system is type of lightweight and also not really comfortable to utilize you need to connect down part to secure or unlock the ball under component as well as basically have the ability to turn your design pot while using it as a normal motobot but total it’s a quite nice feed extremely strong and you can

attach those from both ends which is also a really nice enhancement and now let’s overcome the switches control and the application long press power switch to transform it on or off one tab power switch is shot function dual faucet power switch stop triple faucet go back to beginning placement and also shut off plus as well as minus switches hold to start the activity as well as then tap to speed up or reduce the rate moza master application regulate the connection is instead weak at the very least on my unit as well as you need to maintain the phone near to the slide husk at the very least 1 or 2 meters very first remote section normal mode among my preferred modes is infinity loophole which i’m using right now as well as will prolong and pull back unrestricted times you can tap and also hold or dual faucet the backwards and forwards arrowheads and also set the rate with guidebook control or you can just pull the red dot between likewise you can toggle sluggish start feature and also absorption mode i have to state that in the application the actual 100 rate is slower than when you use it with physical switches on the slide board itself when using silent setting it essentially restricts the slide pod to around 40 to 50 optimum rate for much quieter operate in gear shift mode it’ll begin slower increasing in the direction of the center and after that slowing down back towards completion i’m unsure who actually needs this however this feature does exist acceleration mode begins slowly and after that accelerates gradually in the direction of completion in innovative video clip mode you can establish the in and out points and set the time and make it as an unlimited loophole as well quite awesome mode to have fun with additionally we have segmentation choice progressive extension and retraction helpful for video the

step mode great for image time lapses as well as the gradient step which is sort of in the middle you can also upgrade slide vessel via the application calibrate it if required and also even change the color of the light indicator for one reason or another you can’t make use of physical buttons on the slide crawler itself while you’re linked through the app overall the application is fine and it does what it’s intended to yet i want to see some additional attributes in it in the future as well as now people let’s speak concerning the real life use and some subtleties of work of moses slidepod pro with larger arrangements like sony a7s iii with a hefty lens and also adams ninja 5 on top on max expansion at first as well as ultimately of the motion we can see some wobbling also you can not just place it on a table or floor and use it as it is because it’ll be too front heavy however of course you can hold the back component with your hand which is not extremely convenient general arrangement and breakdown takes rather some time so it’s not the fastest piece of gear to make use of particularly in straight setting and also to tripods using it as a routine monopod is also fairly limiting the full elevation is not that large the round on the feet is not that smooth because it has no liquid and also to repair it in location you have to connect down part and by hand readjust the lock and currently let’s discuss the cost the moza slipod professional set costs 600 which is not affordable by any type of methods so people now let’s reach the final ideas regarding the moses lipoid pro it’s a very interesting item of filmmaking package

terrific construct top quality good adaptability terrific bring bag big payloads and a lot more benefits but it’s rather hefty and not that quick to utilize the app performance is not that broad as well as i ‘d enjoy to see some additional modes and generally extra clear application experience it’s absolutely not the very best monopod on the market manfrotto prominent series of monopods is certainly better as a monopod as a slider moses slipod pro is additionally not wonderful and also the expansion of 52 centimeters is not the biggest on the marketplaces too but if you currently have actually a supported moza gimbal you’ll have a lot more alternatives and also ways to manage the movement total guys i do suggest to check out this slidepad pro due to the fact that it’s an extremely innovative piece of kit and i’m really grateful that moza is trying something brand-new with their monopods and also sliders and also type of incorporating both worlds but it’s certainly on the costly side of things as well as you do need to taste it and also attempt it out on your regional store or rent it someplace before you acquire so individuals i wish you did obtain a great deal of beneficial information from this video and also if you appreciated it hit the like as well as subscribe containers as i said in my video clips and the notifications bell as well my name is alekney kitchen area from russia with love you have actually been enjoying no limits on network below is my instagram as well as a couple of video clips for you to watch next thanks quite for seeing and i see you guys in my next video clip take care bye

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