Review Mirfak Audio WE10 Pro | Rode Wireless Go II killer for 150$

rode wireless go to killer for half of the price with an interesting name mere let’s review this unit what’s good guys my name is alek nikiti and you’re watching no limits on channel from russia with love and today i’m on kind of a vacation that is why this is a different location and let’s go to the review the first and the most interesting part is the quality of sound and let’s compare the mirefuck microphones with rode wireless go one the first generation and as you can see right here and pretty nice location here is the mixture and we have on the left channel the mirror and on the right channel the rode wireless go to and as you can see right here the audio levels are pretty equal one two three mic check so let’s make a test and as a tradition a little park from eminem his palms are sweaty knees weak comes heavy he’s vomit on a sweater already mom’s spaghetti he’s nervous his palms are sweaty knees weak calms the heavy his vomit on a sweater already mom’s spaghetti he’s nervous to me the quality of sound is really good and it sounds okay more than okay and really comparable to the rode wireless go which is very very famous solution for sound and wireless sound especially so let’s get to the kit because the kit is also an awesome part it comes in this little pouch with golden letters on it saying mir audio and the best part about the kit aside from two transmitters and one receiver is this little cable i really adore this cable one usb type a to three usb type c it

means that you can charge simultaneously you simultaneously your receiver and two transmitters just plug those in and in a couple of hours you got the whole kit charged which is much better than the with the rode wireless go where you have separate cables and you need separate chargers i mean the bricks also we get two dead cats with proper strings and they do not fall off during recording as on the road wireless go one the mounting system is much more sturdy and it works perfectly and it’s great that we have those two dead cats in the kit also we get two wired level layer microphones with decent sound i will compare it with my airy mic lavalier mic which i bought for rode wireless go one in a little bit and really it’s a great addition we have pop filters here and really nice clamps that do not fall off and pretty big bonus guys for this kit and aside from the cable to your camera we have a cable for your smartphone here we have a little adapter for my iphone and we’ll test it in a little bit so guys right now i’m using my iphone with the mirrorfuck microphone as you can hear right now and i have my receiver just on the iphone just clipped to the iphone and let’s go further a little bit like so and as you can hear everything is working this is the wireless solution for your phone as well and it’s working straight away and the chicken is doing the sound right there it’s getting a little windy that is why i put my deck

count on it so let’s talk about the build quality and the size comparison so in terms of the build quality those microphones are a little cheap and not as premium as the wireless go system but for me it’s much more important that it works properly now that it kind of looks more premium we have a little led display which displays the battery life the indicators of the audio and all that stuff here we have a little button for a low cut filter different modes also the mute button the charging port and the decibel button we can get up to minus 18 decibels which is great because in world wireless go i really think that three steps is not enough in the first generation the second generation is better in this term but to me it’s really important that i can get the lower signal when the environment is much more noisy and on the other side we have a power button the headphone jack so if your camera doesn’t have a headphone jack you can monitor your audio through this headphone jack and the little cable to connect to your camera i mean the port to connect to your camera camera with the cable yeah that’s right and also this little clamp that holds the transmitter and receiver in place on your shirt or on your camera culture or hot shoe and by the way the full name of the product is mir we10 pro yeah i forgot to mention it so let’s get to the transmitter the transmitter has the port for the microphone three leds for

your charging for your line this is the connection with the transmitter and the receiver if it’s just like a blue light all the time disconnected and the record button if we get to the other side except for the power button right here we get the stop and record function kind of a flip you flip it to this side and we will record a wav file to the small micro sd card up to 32 gigs 64 gigs wasn’t properly working with this system at least in my case they say that 64 is working but 32 is definitely more than ok and the charging port and also this little clamp it’s a great solution because we have the backup audio all the time even if your receiver dies basically runs out of battery you will have the additional recording backup which is great in terms of size this is a little bit bigger than the rode wireless go first generation and second i guess like 30 percent bigger but to me it’s not an issue because most of the time i use lavalier microphones with those systems and just simply put those into a pocket of my clients or my pockets so to me the size is not a difference in terms of weight they are kind of identical the work time of mirefox system is really great it’s up to five hours i’ve tested it up to five hours of working time in the transmitter and up to eight hours in the receiver the world wireless goal first generation is kind of one hour less in both units maybe even one and a half hours less so to me it’s more than

enough to get it to a shoot like an interview five hours is a great great time to shoot an interview a big one and uh yeah big thumbs up a little disadvantage of this system when you use two transmitters and one receiver you cannot set different volume levels or gain settings for two transmitters separately you just set the game for both of those and if the guys in the interview talk with a different loudness you’ll get kind of a different uh loudness in your edits but you can record two sd cards on both transmitters and later in post just rise up or lower down the loudspeaker whoa guys editor lag is here kind of a little beauty right now if you can call it a beard so i found some interesting things about those microphones while editing so the first thing is that the mirrorfox system has some kind of a delay uh there is a fragment that you can hear that it’s kind of laggy a little bit and has a delay of one or two frames also you have this delay while monitoring the audio so it’s a little frustrating and not really comfortable to hear basically so keep that in mind also the recorded to the sd card file has 44.1 kilohertz uh rate but uh almost all the cameras and recorders recorded 48 kilohertz of rate and i had some issues with this file in my editing software it was kind of trying to compress the file and i was having some different it you know the sound was not really clean and i had to convert it to 48 kilohertz in my

software and then the issue was gone so just keep that in mind and also you can totally use this unit independently you just turn it on flip a switch to record and basically record as it was a little uh you know voice memos app uh ticked the phone in the russian it’s uh how do you small audio recorder yeah so guys the range test and here in the mirror mirror i have my dead cat on and no dead cat on the road while let’s go it’s a little windy here so you’ll see the difference you’ll hear the difference and also i am recording right now to mir internal sd card so if we lose the signal we’ll be able to recover the sound from it so now it’s around one and a half meters i turn towards the receivers and go like 10 meters away one two three mic check one two three mike so let’s turn back on it’s around 10 to 12 meters one two three one two three and let’s go further how do you like the location guys by the way it’s a little guest house so right now i’m around 25 meters away it’s more like 25 to 30 one two three might check one two three mic check and with my back okay and let’s go further now i’m going away behind the building we’ll see if the road and mirfak are capable of doing this one two three mic check and if we lost the signal on the mirefuck i will be recovering it with the sd so right now i’m behind the building and more than i guess 70 to 80 meters away from it one two three mic check one two three mic check so probably they both lost the signal towards this point but i’m gonna recover the data with my built-in internal recording on the

mirepoix microphone which is great and you’ll have an extra protection for your shots and now it’s windy and you can totally hear the work of the deck cat so this was my range test and how did you like you didn’t like you how did you like it guys and one more thing the distance test was kind of a surprise for me i didn’t expect that short distance so basically those microphones are only for the interview setup when you have the camera and the receiver and transmitter in the line of sight kind of closer than 10 meters to each other and please monitor your audio while recording that’s important one more thing i’ve messed up my test with lavalier mics so that is why there is the test of lavalier mics right now so right now you’re hearing the lav mic from mir um kids one two three mic check and right now you’re hearing the sound from rode wireless go plus every mic lavalier mic the reviews are right here in the description as well one two three mic check one two three mic check one two three mic check so guys finally the price the mirefox pro combo with two transmitters and one receiver costs around 150 to 160 dollars depending on where you buy this and the rogue wireless go to system without level ear mics included into the package is three hundred dollars the air road is a little more advanced than premium product but for almost half of the price murderfuck is doing really well you know in russian mir means the world and is so the world cup doesn’t matter so guys if you did enjoy this video please smash the like and subscribe bottles as i say in my videos and the notifications bell to see more of my videos and here is my instagram and a couple of videos for you to watch next this was electric kitchen from russia with love and no limits on channel guys see you in the next take care bye

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