Review TTArtisan 21mm f1.5 and comparison with Tamron 17-28mm f2.8

very broad angle very rapid lens tt craftsmen 21 millimeter f 1.5 review allowed’s go what’s heros my name is chosen cooking area from russia with love as well as below we have a really interesting lens from tt craftsmen i have made a decision to contrast this lens to my tamron 17 to 28 f 2.8 which i have a huge testimonial right here and also yeah it’s not a reasonable comparison due to the fact that this is a fixed lens the prime lens this is the zoom lens likewise this is the f 2.8 just as well as this is f 1.5 by the means yet it can concentrate at not really focus the focal distance can be 21 millimeter the like this so allow’s compare those two as well as review this tt artisan lens so in regards to size as well as weight as you can see the distinction is substantial and the tt artisan is a lot smaller however in fact it evaluates 412 grams whereas the tamarind considers 420 grams so in regards to weight they equal essentially due to the fact that this is constructed out of steel and also this does virtually every little thing in plastic as you might have presumed this lens is a totally hands-on lens it has a really smooth concentrating wind with a throw of around 120 degrees i ‘d claim and the aperture of f 1.5 to f 16 with it with pretty good clicks as well as in terms of hand-operated concentrating it has an extremely smooth concentrating ring however it’s a little difficult to relocate it with one finger so i suggest using two fingers when you’re concentrating this lens the build top quality is actually nice it’s made out of metal right here we have our plastic rear mug the metal lens mount which is great with no weather condition securing gasket naturally as well as on the front we have our aspherical aspect which is difficult to utilize with various filters yet tt craftsmens made a fantastic choice and they have created i assumption this nice uh lens hood it screws on like so also we have a screw right here which is the front cap which screws on and will never ever fall off basically and also right here we have our 72 millimeter string and also we can make use of the filters the pl theaters the md filters whatever and it’s simply a wonderful choice of design great engineering individuals since currently we can absolutely use any type of filter we intend to without having issues with utilizing various you recognize map boxes and all that stuff the important things we have with lenses with spherical components regularly in regards to picture quality intensity and likewise vignettes i have compared those two lenses the tt craftsmen 21 f15 as well as the tamron 17-28 at 21 millimeter at f 2.8 beginning with f 2.8 as well as i ‘d say that tt

craftsmen is great from f 2.8 whatever which is prior to it’s type of so so as you can see on the example right here but the tt craftsmen produces far better image quality than 7 artisans 35 f14 which was in the past on my network right below there is the testimonial it’s sort of in the same rates range as well as also the tt artisan as well as 7 artisans i hunch sort of the exact same company perhaps various divisions fix me if i’m incorrect in the comment section below and yeah you can see the difference the vignette is likewise right here at faster apertures as well as total contrast with the tamron shows that the tamron is superior obviously it’s price below naturally you recognize it’s larger and all that however you know tt artisan has revealed typical efficiency and for the cash it’s rather [Songs] alright and currently the bokeh tt artisan lens has 10 bladed aperture whereas the tamron has 9 bladed aperture and also as you can see the bokeh is rather nice at broad open however there is one issue as well as it’s as a result of the very little focus as well as distance it’s difficult as well as challenging to get pretty out of focus histories with the tt artisan lens and the minimal focusing range is 70 centimeters which is a great deal for this white of the lens since tamron is just damaging this lens in regards to close emphasis and also range at 21 millimeter as you can see right now as well as i desire this lens could concentrate a little closer at the very least 50 centimeters however 70 is not really usable for me because i do delight in having the broad angle lens the fast lens better to the

topic like right here with my child you can see that she almost drops out of emphasis when i’m trying to shoot her sort of a picture as well as that is why it’s not proper for me and also i would not use this lens a lot sadly and also currently the focus breathing examination is when the photo is transforming the scale while you’re concentrating and you can see the outcomes on the screen as well as now concerning the flares this lens is quite flarey as well as from time to time we get flares in the corners of the picture every so often we obtain it like all over the picture now if we fold the aperture we can get some quite wonderful sunlight celebrities as you can see right here however in comparison with tamron the tamron is revealed simply much better efficiency in regards to flares as well as if you like a great deal of flares the tt craftsmen 21 f15 is a great choice but if you do not the tamron is much remarkable lens and also currently the cost the td craftsmen 21 millimeter f15 costs only 240 dollars contrasting to the tamron which is around 900 which is a pretty substantial distinction as well as now individuals let’s conclude tt artisan 21 millimeter f15 is a quite great hand-operated lens if you’re starting to deal with it with f 2.8 essentially it’s a really portable one it has a filter thread no issue this is the round lens on the front round aspects on the front and also it has a very smooth concentrating rain pretty nice and also clicky aperture as well as all right photo top quality a great deal of flares yet truly to me uh the downer was that it can not focus closer than 70 centimeters which is it’s not appropriate for me individuals so guys please let me recognize in the remark section listed below what do you think of this lens and likewise shatter the like and subscribe bottles as i state in my videos and hit the notices bell if you did enjoy this web content as well as here is my instagram as well as a number of video clips for you to watch following thanks really much quite very much for enjoying thanks and also i see you in the following people take care bye such a dumb person bye take treatment

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