Review and comparison DJI Ronin S VS DJI RSC2 Pro Combo Kit | Shall you upgrade?

await you await me what’s good guys today i have an evaluation of the dji rsc2 yeah it’s a pretty complicated name but an extremely great gimbal so let’s go my name is electrical and also you’re watching no limitations on as well as you rate to my technology kitchen area so this is the a little smaller design of the new dji series of gimbals i have a different testimonial for the dji rs2 with all of its professional kit and today we have a pro package for the rsrc rsc2 yeah i did use this gimbal for a while and also i have a pretty nice and full point of view regarding it so right here it is and also today i’m gon na be comparing the rc2 to the ronin s the initial one such a large gimbal individuals this one is a lot smaller and also lighter let me show you so guys this is the sony a7c and as you can see i have my focusing equipment right here and photosmoker motor right below and i can zoom in like so and zoom out like so so i have all the controls right below at my pointer or just how do you claim this index finger as well as i can utilize it thus as well as it will certainly autofocus immediately for me respectable autofocus of the sony a7c i will have a different review so remain tuned people so guys currently let’s open this box it’s a rather strong instance i like it right here we have a different zipper bag right here likewise when you unzip this upper component you can see that it has plenty of little pockets below we have our raveneye system i had a separate test regarding it so i’ll show you soon rather wonderful system it sends the signal to your

smartphone likewise below we have a separate bag for your additional placing plate there are two type of a system of 2 place in position this is the button arc if i’m not mistaken as well as the normal manfrotto so you can primarily mount both and interchange in between your tripods that’s a wonderful addition one is the common and also the second one is the for your follow focusing motor and also it’s tailored a little bit in a various way likewise here we have a great deal of cables the hdmi cable televisions kind c cables for different video cameras push-button control cable televisions some pouches for your picture emphasis system for your phone holder system very great made they have some rubbers in below so rubber strings in there so it’s a pretty good package and in the primary division area we have right here the place for the ronin itself which behaves since it’s folding i will reveal you in a min just how it folds as well as additionally we have here one more unique pocket for all of your wires all of your placing plates whatever so it’s a rather great case which comes only in a pro combination package without a pro combo set it will not have any kind of case so you could need to purchase a pro combo package if you require the raven eye system the image concentrating motor and also the instance itself it’s a respectable offer men so men i have my application open right below as well as i have changed the settings since out of the box i didn’t like the smoothness setups of this gimbal it was a little bit also you recognize also quick for me and also i desired this one to be a little bit smoother so below is our profile and also right here you can see that we have actually right here every little thing readied to 15 and also the dead band is set to zero it remains in russian but you get it the dead band no every little thing else the pen tilt and the roll 15. it works rather perfectly with the wide angle lenses a little bit tougher with telephoto lenses so for telephoto lenses you can establish it to around 10 or perhaps 8 factors at your pan till and also roll axis yet all in all if you establish it to reduced out of package it’s okay but to me it’s a little too fast so i like it smoother so i set it thus so guys my perceptions out of package it functions quite well it has really great responsive feel to it it’s very comfortable in the hands as you can see it’s rather smooth after the settings being transformed also the handles the securing systems every little thing is you recognize exceptional superior top quality also you have here the joystick you have your menu knob it’s pretty uncomplicated as well as straightforward to utilize you have your back button your m button the 2nd mode for me is the fpv mode when it complies with all of my activities right below and the 3rd one is the infinity roll so you can do it like so and also you recognize copulate like this allow’s return to the mode one so my impacts are extremely great especially hereafter beast due to the fact that it’s much lighter much less complicated to use you have your screen on here you can see the battery degree you can see the setting you remain in you can see the rate of this mode as well as every little thing is just much more straightforward and also much more kind of you recognize user-friendly to utilize than with the roading as the initial model now allow’s.

compare a little the original ronin s and the rsc2 the rst2 is a little lighter and you know clearly it’s smaller however in regards to weight ability it has much less potential since i was using my ronin s along with the sony a7s iii the sigma 24 f 1.4 for sony place which is a hefty lens around 650 grams i have an evaluation right here you can examine this out as well as i was utilizing my atomos ninja 5 in addition to this building and also it was handling this pretty alright so i was able to shoot from the steadicam from the gimbal then i removed the entire building and construction i can fire with my hands with a monopod whatever then throw it back on on the gimbal so it’s just working fine on this gimbal on the rsc2 it’s not feasible when i connect to my sony a7s iii on leading to the phone call to the atomos ninja 5 it’s just not working when i turn down or upwards it’s just dropping the motors are not fine with this much weight so you need to shoot without a monitor or use the double manages thus or this component right here to connect your display and also by the method the dual deals with from the original ronin s are okay with this gimbal they fit perfectly so i’ll leave a link down in the description below for the double manages and the for the cold shoe install for the take care of so you can use your screen right here on the.

deals with have 2 manages for much better as well as smoother shots as well as additionally you can connect it to your electronic camera and see the picture better so i choose utilizing double manages when i have a great deal of consistent webcam work however for the benefit i like to place my screen onto the cam and onto the gimbal so i’m considering purchasing this but this just this issue is kind of stopping me from acquiring this gimbal rather than this set i’m so exhausted of lugging around this much weight it’s equally as hefty alone without a cam as this with the sony a7c and the concentrating motor and the phone holder so it’s just a larger beefier thing and currently concerning the connectivity with the video camera you can link your sony a7s 3 using the easy usb type c2 multi-interface connector to your multi-port on the sony a7s sony a7s3 however in this situation you will certainly have only the capability to stop and begin tape-recording from the handle of your ronin rsc also and additionally you’ll have the ability to regulate your clear photo zoom from this wheel before your gimbal and this is it however if you connect it with the usb type-c to usb type-c wire and you go to let me review this aloud you most likely to network establishing after that transfer remote after that you establish control with smartphone off after that computer remote on after that pc remote technique usb as well as you establish your cam to hands-on focus and also you’ll have the ability to use this wheel as the focusing for your autofocus lenses yet you need to set this as a setup right here in the gimbal so you go functions of the front wheel you have this emphasis motor which is this then focus as well as zoom this will be the one you need additionally you can manage your iso your aperture aperture shutter roll pan.

and also tilt axis so if you don’t know just how to establish your electronic camera correctly as well as all of those setups you won’t be able to utilize it as you wish to so right here’s the idea for you individuals you can in fact utilize it in much broader method than it’s used to be with a basic multi cord i have actually turned off the gimbal as well as i’ll reveal you some securing devices there are three locking mechanisms for all the axes as well as they are extremely wonderful rather clicky as you can listen to and likewise it enables you to stabilize your gimbal properly to you know balance only this axis then most likely to the following axis and also so on also the knobs themselves are very nice better than on the initial ronin-s i like those constructions much better and general it feels a lot more solid and also extra exceptional at the very least to me compared to the ronin-s original in regards to weight this one evaluates 1 300 grams compared to 1 800 grams with the initial ronin-s which is half a kilo difference it’s a quite large difference and when you fold this construction yes incidentally it folds as well as you can really use it in this setting to get your you know tabletop shots or under slung setting or whatever and also has enough area for the you recognize for the cable to not be you know obstructed inside of this building so it’s a quite nice construction so when it’s folded it takes the same quantity of space as this only get rid of the electric motors of the original ronin-s the total build top quality is additionally on the same level as you can see everything is extremely well built everything is smooth every little thing is rather tight very good little.

legs they are constructed out of plastic however it’s still a great building and construction the only disadvantage is that it has only the basic danger so there are just 2 reasons why i’m not still changing my initial ronin s the hazard in all-time low so i can utilize it with my monopod as a crane and also the second is that i can not use my atomos ninja 5 on top of the cam with this gimbal the motors are simply not strong sufficient if this gimbal could do those points i would certainly switch to it and incidentally this gimbal itself without the professional combination package is still 50 dollars less than the original ronin-s on b h so it’s a quite substantial distinction for a much more recent and extra technically innovative gimbal from dji and also currently regarding the menu system it’s a pretty straightforward you just struck the dial you press it and also you can select the front dial options right currently it’s for the comply with concentrating system you can select your innovative setups you can pick the mode you know the pan comply with setting the lock setting as well as all that stuff then you can auto tune this gimbal you can establish the joystick speed as well as again the front dial which is below so it’s a pretty uncomplicated and you really don’t need to utilize the dji application a lot i nearly didn’t use it throughout the entire testing duration of this gimbal as well as i really enjoy using this menu and also i do not care that this led lcd display this little display is not touch display screen so i’m quite alright with making use of the dial it’s quite clicky extremely responsive so it’s a large benefit for this gimbal comparing to the original ronin-s additionally and also now guys allow’s speak about the raven eye system it’s a quite good transmitter of video clip signal to your.

mobile phone or tablet computer so you can use it as a referral monitor as well as offer it to your director so she or he can see what you’re firing in fact additionally this permits you to use it along with the gimbal and to have the full control of your camera using the app the app is quite straightforward we have a review of the application in our previous video clips so you can set our luts you can see the focus coming to a head there as well as all that stuff all right men currently we’re evaluating out the monitoring feature as you can see it’s currently tracking me as i move right below also you’ll be able to use the monitoring function which is functioning pretty perfectly i have a separate test right below the range is like so allow’s try similar to this like this fine still tracks me and we move like so and also it still tracks me allow’s try to run around try to track me you foolish device well it still tracks me oh very cold outside additionally i did the distance test as well as it works rather nicely in for around 50 meters possibly even much more then i transformed to the edge of the structure and also the signal was lost but also for you understand pretty open spaces or if you establish your gimbal to a vehicle or somewhere and you manage it with your mobile phone you can transform your mobile phone it will certainly follow your motions by the means as well as it’s an excellent option fantastic addition to your kids right here and this thing independently costs a lot of cash however if you get the professional combo it’s practically you understand half the cost of the separate buy as well as you’ll get a lot of advanced things in the packages so it’s a wonderful worth for this package as well as now individuals i’m gon na reveal you the big examination and also contrast of this little thing and also the.

original dji ronin-s so i was making use of two different cams as well as holding 2 various gimbals in both of my hands and trying to sync up my movements as possible and i switched over off all of the ibis systems in the cameras themselves no article stablizing so just the genuine job of both gimbals so right here it is and you can definitely see the outcomes on your own as well as determine whether it’s a much better alternative or an even worse choice so appreciate seeing now i’m going to solution to the major inquiries must you buy the regular one or the professional combo set and also should you buy the rs2 the bigger model or the rsc2 first points first do you require to buy a professional combination package if you don’t have a consistent cam or gimbal right now and also it’s your first gimbal and you’re simply starting out perhaps it suffices to purchase the normal set without all of this you know attractive things in this box however if you’re a bit sophisticated videographer or cinematographer as well as you need to be able to utilize the raveneye system you know how to use it and why you require this additionally if you need the comply with focusing motor and also follow concentrating system this will be a terrific investment since separately those parts the bag the cables the comply with focus motor the raven eye separately it sets you back a lot a lot more so it’s more of a financial investment right into your future than for now as well as it’s not a considerable difference in cash money if you discover 500 bucks for this set you will absolutely 5 a bit a lot more for the professional combo kids and now let’s speak about the primary.

difference between this one and also the bigger one the rs2 the review is still there as well as in the description listed below you can check this out so the rs2 is fantastic when you acquire the pro combination package which is much more expensive it’s sort of 30 to 35 percent more than this pro kit however it has the lighter system and if you have a great deal of classic lenses all glass without the vehicle focusing systems this will offer you with autofocus for your vintage glass as well as it’s wonderful and actually working so my option is to type of make it through your technology as well as understand whether you do need your lidar system whether you do require to place something heavier like blackmagic pocket cinema electronic camera 6k to the larger ronin rs2 or if you make use of the smaller sized electronic cameras such as this a7c you’ll be certainly fine with this gimbal it’s really versatile it’s just working penalty the stabilization is on par and i simply appreciate using this gimbal so people that’s been it for me the decision is still up to you i told you every little thing i recognize regarding this my impressions what’s in the set and also all that stuff so if you like the material right here on my channel please strike the like and subscribe bottles as i claim in my videos also you can strike the alerts bell to be able to see more of my video clips as they move along as they head out likewise i can make some live streaming if you’re interested you can additionally hit the bell when i online stream because currently i have the ada mini and also i can stream from various electronic cameras incidentally many thanks so much for viewing this was alec nikitian my technology kitchen area as well as no limitations on and i see you people in the following take care bye you.

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