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what’s good my name is alex nikitian and also you are watching no limitations on the channel about a benefit of being a freelancer tips and also pieces of guidance about motivation personal growth tech elements and a lot more welcome to my technology kitchen area so today sony has actually released the brand-new video camera sony a7c this is the sony a6300 but the dimension and also the form aspect is mosting likely to be exactly the exact same a little bigger than the sony a600 and this is the sony a7s ii but it’s kind of the very same dimension as sony a7 3 which is the main comparison companion to the a7c the brand-new one so allow’s learn every little thing we need to understand about brand-new sony a7c video camera as well as yeah guys don’t forget to hit the like button and to subscribe if you similar to this video clip due to the fact that it truly assists to the formulas of the youtube so i’m very valuing this so let’s go [Music] all right people so now allow’s relocate on to the specs and to the old functions of this camera initially of all it has the exact same as sony a7 324 megapixel bsi sensor it’s precisely the same sensor but in a very little and also compact body it really shoots the very same stills and also the same 4k up to 30 frameworks per 2nd eight bit video footage uh 40 oh chromosome sampling yes it does not have 10 little bit so um in 2020 possibly all of us want 10-bit footage yet you recognize in regards to the size of this body it’s all right for me it has the exact same rolling shutter efficiency which is not so

fantastic but all of us know how to deal with rolling shutter you know on 6300 on a7 3 most of us understand exactly how it works and also we will not you recognize pan the cam completely around additionally the body size is a little bit larger than sony a6300 and the weight is only 509 grams contrasted to sony a7 3 650 grams so we’re getting concerning 150 grams much less which is incredible in terms of in body image stabilization has the same ibis as in sony a7 iii which works a little even worse than in sony a7 iii however if we think of the dimension of this cam and also the quantity of room for the sensing unit to relocate to stabilize the footage well it’s you know rather great so next the set lens is 28 to 60 f4 to f 5.6 so it’s variable aperture and it’s not a terrific option in my viewpoint because 28 millimeters it’s not actually large sufficient for vlogging or you know overall and 60 millimeter it’s not you know a telephoto variety that i like so probably it’s not the best selection i’ll tell you concerning the lenses i favor to make use of on this cam to keep the portable dimension of it yet still to take advantage of terrific autofocus features so the following absence of customized buttons yeah it lacks the custom-made switches since the body is much smaller sized so you will need to count on the feature button at the back of your video camera so it’s not that comfortable to use in comparing to sony a7 iii but still i presume it’s rather sufficient at the very least for me it’s a little bit slower in terms of uh you understand running this cam but still the dimension matters a little extra for me also it has no eyepiece for the viewfinder it’s simply you recognize like right here since i relocated my viewfinder eyepiece away as well as lost it in fact so i’m not really using this much the viewfinder i’m actually using the back display a lot of

the time or the exterior screen so for me it’s likewise not a bargain also we have the same quality viewfinder as in 6600 and the exact same quality display as in sony a7 iii it’s not the finest top quality display screen as well as also the touch features are additionally from sony a uh not seven three but from sony a3 mark iii if you want so it has the flip out display which is wonderful but we only use the touch display to do tap to concentrate as well as concerning autofocus it’s now came from sony a7s 3 so currently it’s tracking the eyes and it’s much better and quicker likewise we have the scale from one to seven in regards to autofocus speed as well as the range from one to five in regards to sensitivity of autofocus so it came from a7s 3 which is wonderful and yeah the autofocus has unique ramps in the start and also in the end of transition like in sony a7s 3 so it’s looking more natural and a few even more words about the body of this camera so currently it has the better you know doors and you know crack up things currently it has the mic jack and also the audio jack the micro hdmi in which doesn’t um you know make you ill when you turn your display out it simply stays perfectly integrated in all-time low of the electronic camera and in fact the mic jack also does not disturb your use the flip-out screen which is wonderful and also all in all the doors are a lot far better than in the a7 3. Sony a7c has the z battery and permits us to tape-record as much as 3 hrs in 4k without the document limit which is amazing as well as currently regarding overheating it doesn’t overheat in 4k 25 or 30p gerald reversed did the contrast when making use of the power bank and also billing the electronic camera via the special port and he was able to videotape 6 hrs of 4k video footage directly as well as i desire to you know mention that it is a 6k footage reduced to 4k internally so the cpu is functioning working it’s functioning really hard currently about the sd cards in fact it’s one so the just one sd card which is the uh s2 card slot so we have no back-up alternatives however i’ll be using this electronic camera if i acquire this one as a b cam so one card is one card as well as in fact i’ve been using sony a7s note ii and the sony a6300 for more than 5 years as well as i’ve been using it with one card because it has just one card inside and i had no issues with those electronic cameras in any way but i’ll be using the 2 card slots and also the repetitive setting in the sony a7s iii when i purchase this one as well as currently let’s talk regarding the iso efficiency so iso 500 is currently the base iso for a 7c the base iso of a7 3 is 800 yet exactly the exact same direct exposure so it’s currently a bit different reading for the iso efficiency as well as it means that this cam a7c is a little

better in reduced light for regarding one third of a stop and also it’s also not having the magenta concerns in high isos it’s now even more of a kind of an environment-friendly tint but it’s truly negligible the vibrant variety is exactly the like in sony a73 perhaps 0.1 you recognize quit much better perhaps however it’s not really visible so specifically the exact same vibrant array sony asserts 15 stops of vibrant array in stills setting and also in video clip setting i think it’s around 12 12 and a half perhaps 13 but i’m unsure i presume it’s more of a 12 quits of dynamic array and currently regarding the shade the color in sony a7c is a bit a lot more accurate uh comparing to sony a7iii the blues are red the blues are the analyses of cries is a little much better and the complexion is a little bit more exact if you’re taking a look at the vector extent regrettably it does not have the new food selection system so it’s an old menu system as in sony a7 iii and the touch display capabilities are restricted to tap to concentrate as i have actually stated prior to however what is from sony a7s 3 is the file management so say goodbye to c001s whenever you style the cards and now you have the ability to relabel your documents as well as they will certainly remain in continuous

order so 5658 59 60 and more which is actually nice because all of us messed around the documents from sony’s the same names from different electronic cameras as well as currently about the white balance now we have the audio white equilibrium lock function and additionally we have the exact same attribute as in sony a7s 3 which is package for custom white balances now can be relocated to any location so you can relocate to your quality card whatever it is in the frame as well as set your white balance properly additionally the sony a7c features the mi shoe so it fits and gets the information from the sony microphone with no wires so it’s the the digital signal right into the cam the exact same as in sony a7s iii as well as the sony a7r mark iv as well as yeah i need to state that it is available in two various body colors the black one and also the silver leading one so you hipsters around i say hooray because you’ll be appearing like a true you understand slr uh possibly film using digital photographer as well as currently regarding the price the rate is in fact 2 hundred dollars less than the sony a7 3 at launch as well as it will be 1 800 which is alright for a complete framework camera i guess it’s a really good cost for the complete frame cam of this size as well as this abilities sony claims that it’s now the most budget-friendly and small mirrorless cam the full frame video camera on the market as well as uh i presume it’s a little much less great for images as well as for stills as the a73 however it’s a bit a lot more you recognize sort of featured towards video

as a result of the auto focus and you recognize generally better size for making use of on a gimbal and also currently about the usage though so who’s this camera for i presume it’s an excellent b camera for example for sony a7 s3 really the most effective uh second video camera for sony a7s3 is another sony a7s3 however i hunch this is a terrific choice if you are on a spending plan also this electronic camera is a fantastic to update from the aps-c sony system so if you possess as an example sony a6300 it’s a terrific option to type of dive into the complete frame globe also it is wonderful for stills due to the fact that a7 iii is understood for being a terrific stills video camera so now it’s additionally a wonderful choice as an example if you have sony a7s 3 for video a lot of the time so now you’ll be having a great picture cam as well and also it’s an excellent gimbal electronic camera because it’s extremely small very portable as well as if you place on a little lens you’ll be making use of a smaller gimbal like ronin sc for example or like the g usage smaller sized designs so currently let’s talk regarding the lens selection i presume the most effective lenses for this tiny video camera will certainly be sony 28 millimeters f2 which is kind of the very same size and a little less weight than this 10 to 18 lens after that 35 f 1.8 additionally an extremely good lens very sharp really quickly and also pretty little and also portable after that the sony 55 millimeter f 1.8 i assumption that’s the very best lens that’s just created in regards to the dimension and the image top quality it is just one of the most sharp lenses available and additionally 85 1.8 is also a great selection since it’s additionally really small as well as compact and also light-weight as well as additionally tamron 17 to 28 f 2.8 it’s a little

larger but i think it will be sitting rather wonderful on your cam when you’re using a gimbal and the last topic i desire to talk concerning for today’s video clip is should we wait for a7c mark ii and also will it have 10 little bit 42 colors i hunch yes it can have 10 to 42 in 4k 30 for circumstances possibly will not have it for 4k 60 but that recognizes of training course it will not have 4k 120 since sony a7s note 3 won’t be you understand a concern for this video camera so we won’t have it this in the 2nd generation yet i guess if you can not wait on one more year or a year and a fifty percent when sony launches the second version of sony a7c probably will be having the inner 10-bit recording so that’s been it men for today’s video i hope you appreciated it i wish you discovered everything you require to learn about this new electronic camera if you did please hit the like button and register for the network additionally you can hit the bell for the notices it would certainly be extremely appreciated this was electric kitchen area and also no restrictions on as well as i neglected to tell you concerning the concern of the episode please people document in the comment area below what do you consider the new video camera from sony sony a7c let’s talk about whatever about this brand-new video camera just how does it compare to sony a7iii or which one needs to you buy in the comment area below so today this was electrical cooking area tech kitchen and also no restrictions on see you in the following people bye take care

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