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so one of the latest nokia branded smartphones to punch the uk is this bad boy right here the nokia x10 it expenses you 249 quid you’ve got a lovely best broth android 11 with the guaranteed updates of course as well because there is a lot of conflict at this sort of price point in the smartphone realm right now so i’m going to whip it on out of the box stick you’re going to fall onto the hardware in the software to see if it really is worth that cash and i’m also going to compare it side by side with the nokia x20 which is a similar sort of price to see which one is likely to be best for you and for more than the latest greatest tech satisfy do plug agree ceasing that notifications bell applauds alright so what you get wrap in here is of course one nokia x-rated smartphone you’ve got your type-c usb cable and you’ve also got a compostable occurrence wrap in there not a condom speciman as you can see there it’s got a lovely speckled aftermath glitter like fresh saturday morning puking and hmd globally producers the nokia handsets now is doing away with wall chargers in its boxes so you won’t were identified of those wrap in now but what you can do to feel good about yourself is inspect this website enter the phone’s imei and as “youre seeing” there tree activity is likely to be embed on your behalf probably better already because there’s about trees worth of random manuals and pamphlet activity bundled with the nokia x10

all right so that’s the contents of the box now let’s check out the nokia x10 and all of its stately fresh naked immortality so stick the nokia x10 side by side with the nokia x20 and good freaking fluke telling them apart mostly they’re pretty much indistinguishable in every single respect this is the forest light-green framework of the nokia x10 it is of course a plastic back here on the nokia x10 as with the x20 nice simple classic nokia finish i really do like the esthetics actually precisely appears to be very neatly and tidally put together including the sloping circular camera chassis up top it’s not a seamless chassis as you can see they do have a separate engine as well but it does uh mingle delicately and the nokia x10 screen is called the gorilla glass three rows it’s griller glass five somewhat improved for the x20 but the x10 should still hopefully prove nice and scraping resistant especially as you get a pre-installed screen protector on both these blowers anyway and the nokia x10 like the x20 before it is ip5 2 splash resistant as well so upset you find if it gets a bit moist it should be fine in the uh specific frequent downpours we’re experiencing here in the uk right now uh but obviously don’t go drop it in the drop the soak anything like that and both sets of telephones are properly hefty as well at 210 grams apiece you’ll certainly feel them when they’re stashed in your shorts yeah

the nokia x1 0 despite being fairly wide does feel good in the mitts not much of note around the rest of the design you’ve got an edge organized fingerprint sensor exactly below that volume rocker on the right margin over on the left edge you’ve got the dedicated google aide button of course precisely below the sim tray and then down below now papers are a good bit of headphone jack activity nice let’s just give the nokia x1 0 cheeky we protrude as well and check out what is inside that sim tray and what you have here is ps4 two sim cards at the same time side by side otherwise that second sim slot can be used to expand the storage via microsd instead all right so it’s time to get the nokia x1 0 all set up and let’s take a proper full-on tour of the rest of the specs all right it’s got the nokia x1 0 all set up identically to the nokia x2 0 and the application experience is mostly the same what you’ve got is the latest freshest android 11 os in a pleasingly inventory chassis nor heavy launcher or anything like that shoved on top and that symbolizes mostly no drivel where shoved on now either the likes of netflix uh was pre-installed but apart from that’s basically all precisely your standard google apps and one of the main reasons to grab yourself a nokia branded smartphone in 2021 is definitely not just the stock android event but the fact that you’ve got the guaranteed three years of os and security modernizes as well which very few competitives offer even oneplus with this fresh brand-new nord smartphones merely guarantees 2 years of os informs and three of security and you’ve got all

the features you’d hope for and expect on here including nfc with a good fleck of google peer expressed support for your contactless payments and on the security side know the difference between the nokia x10 and the nokia x20 again it’s an boundary prepared fingerprint sensor which still further stroke grove seems delightful and responsive just like on the x20 and to back that up if you haven’t have sticky mitts you’ve got face open backing as well and it’s nowhere near as fast as that fingerprint sensor as you can see makes its experience just sussing out whether it really is you but it does seem to get there in the end and the nokia x10 again just like the nokia x20 also has a dedicated google assistant button now on the two sides and merely push that at any point and up it pops and yeah i still don’t really know what the point of that is because you can call up the google auxiliary in so many other ways such as just tapping this little microphone down here for instance you can swipe up from the brutal tush recess as well like there are so many ways of do it why do the work requires a button and if you do dive into the gestures slouse in the arranges menu on the nokia x10 you will see there’ s a google assistant button option there in order to be allowed to disable it if you like but it’s just a shim you

can’t remap it to another app or aspect that you actually use quite a bit and you’ve got a lot of other gesture reinforcement in here as well including the likes of elevate to check phone or raise to wake as it’s more commonly known and this is quite slow to work but when it does work it can be combined with that face open hello here you got it there we go as for the storage where you got 128 gigs as standard now on the nokia x 20 was on the nokia x10 it comes with 64 gigs as standard there is supposedly a 128 gig sit but it seems to be out of stock on the uk nokia website and thankfully both phones also support minecrafty memory placards of up to 512 gig scenarios there when it comes to the screens again no difference between the nokia x10 and the nokia x20 it’ s got the same 6.67 inch ips panel with a full hd plus resolution to keep your visuals reasonably crisp despite the fact it’s a falsehood of a spectacle your restriction customization but those hues are reasonably poppy for an ips the brightness levels are pretty decent as well you won’t struggle outdoors examining directions are nice and wide but of course you do get that selfie orifice cam substance right in the central slot just like on those samsung blowers so it kind of gets to the way a little bit when “theres going” full screen and it is kind of a pity that the opposite intent to the selfie cam

you’ve got this big fat bottom lip with a bit of nokia brandon on there not really sure what that’s doing and yes sadly these are only 60 hertz committees you don’t get that lovely silky smooth result that you do on some other smartphones when you’re flicking around on the desktops and the like but thankfully the absence of a ponderous launcher does keep things reasonably smooth anyway that’s for the speaker well “its just” a mono yield unfortunately no stereo talker war despite the fact it’s quite a sizeable handset but let’s jolt up the publication see if it’s actually any good but for now to keep our liquors well and truly flown hmd world has whipped open its tech trench coat and fascinated brand-new nokia labelled smartphones well that talker is certainly proper murderou roaring on that top work ear poppingly so but unfortunately purity does take a hit once you get up to those uh exceed of capacity levels and of course as you heard there if you do accidentally cover the speaker then the din is very badly damped at least like the x20 you got that part of headphone jack activity if you want to get plugged in otherwise good flake bluetooth assist as well as well as performance goes

again bugger all difference between these two nokia handsets as well they’re both running the snapdragon 480 chipset quite a basic uh programme certainly for phone calls around this premium top you can certainly get much better grant from some challengers like xiaomi for example uh but that’s backed by six gigs of ram again on both the x10 and the x20 and as “youre seeing” they’re very similar upshots in geekbench plus one of the advantages of 480 chipset comes from the fact you’ve got built-in 5g assistance as well so if you do want that 5g future go hand in hand with the guaranteed os and safety revises then you are sorted and yeah i’ve seen got a couple of little jettas here and there when i’ve been skipping through the desktops loading ups and such forth but touchwood nothing severe still further peculiarly facilitated along by the fact that it’s stock android’s a touchwood should be fine for everyday shenanigans and as i say if you’re into gaming i would suggest looking elsewhere check out my roundup of the best budget 5g telephones right now for alternatives with a bit more grunt not to mention dedicated gaming modes as well but i’d expect the likes of pubg and request of duty portable to play absolutely fine on the x10 just as they did on the x20 and yeah as

expected call of duty mobile on that maxed out chassis frequency positioning with the high-pitched item statu give as well utterly flawless accomplishment not single judder whatsoever screen delightful and accept as well so i certainly had a bit of a competitive advantage despite being nonsense in recreations precisely clearly don’t test the nokia x1 0 with a bit against an impact or anything like that as for the battery tech well once again a glitch wheel difference between the nokia x10 and that nokia x20 it’ s a 4470 milliamp artillery very precise there on these capabilities readily last year the full epoch thanks to that neat reorganized furnish android know-how the fact you got that vitality efficient 40 chipset and when you do need to recharge it’s 18 watts fast accusing not really fast charging at all 18 watts slow as a sloth with one leg charging but yeah whatever it’s fine as for that camera tech well once again the nokia x10 cliffs a quad lens camera setup just like the x20 although it is slightly different hardware it’s a 48 megapixel primary sensor now on the nokia x10 whereas that was upgraded to a 64 megapixel effect for the nokia x20 nonetheless it’s a very similar shooting experience on both the nokia x10 and the nokia x20 as “youre seeing” the ui is basically analogous you’ve got those ai smart-aleckies on board that do recommend uh swapping to an alternative mode uh

so for instance i got recommendation to switch to portrait for shooting good age-old veronica here as for the difference in primary sensor between the x10 and the x20 well put tests ting from both phones side by side you’ll struggle to notice the difference sometimes the x20 seems to capture slightly more detail and slightly more natural looking shades but you do have to really fasten these photos side by side and analyse them relatively closely to see what the difference is you do have the same selection of bonus mods on here of course including the aforementioned portrait mode which uses the 2 megapixel magnitude sensor found on both these handsets exactly to help specified your theme apart from the background and add a delightful bokeh form upshot which you can actually perfectly customize by tapping this little icon here it’s got the zeiss swirl for instance otherwise nice but smooth act you can even turn the background into suns or souls we’ve also got a night mode on both of these nokia handsets for your low-grade flare shots and then if you tap more a selection of other bonus chips as well including the full-on pro modes and time computes proper manual restrains for the modification of up the likes of the iso stages the lily-white equilibrium and in the pro procedure you are eligible to even shoot in raw both telephones likewise boast a 5 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter which is

fairly basic but it does the number of jobs if you crave it just slightly more drew back notion times you’ve also got a basic two megapixel macro shooter on both these and nokians but the lesson about that the better and if you do want to be shooting a little of video war as well well bad news there’s no full key alternative on either of these handsets it’s full hd it’s either 30 or 60 makes per second and of course flip around to the front facing cams the nokia x10 acquires two with a very basic 8 megapixel selfie crap-shooter but you’ll probably notice there the x20 is jam-pack a bit more detail only though that’s because it refurbishes it to a 32 megapixel selfie crap-shooter although frankly both of them draw me look like i’m dosed up on happy juice so there you have it there is my full unboxing and in a nutshell what you can expect from the nokia x10 smartphone 249 quid right here in the uk now it loads up that slightly more expensive nokia x2 0 as you can see not really that much difference between them at all certainly in terms of battery life performance the general software smarts so be ruddy wonderful to hear your own personal plans on the nokia x10 and x20 down in specific comments below you’re persuasion by either of them if grasp which one certainly moves your ship and satisfy for more on the most recent and greatest tech do thrusting subscribe ding that notifications bell have yourselves a fantastic remain of the week cheers

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