Galaxy Fold vs Huawei Mate X?

good what’s up individuals mkbhd right here as well as welcome back to an additional ask mkbhd video this is number 35. it’s been a little while because i did one we did one each month of the past two years approximately we obtained an entire number of ask mkbhd episodes in and now took a little break from it but i’m determining to bring it back and also we’re doing a something various this time i asked on twitter what you guys needed to know however i likewise asked if you might submit video inquiries i figured we would certainly try that out and it ended up to work out rather well actually it was really trending on twitter for a short time period which i don’t believe i have actually ever seen prior to for a q a but it occurred as well as now there’s plenty of inquiries so let’s get right into answering them [Music] hey marquez my question for you is what do you perform with all those phones once you get done reviewing them due to the fact that you recognize they all go on the infamous drawer never ever to be seen from i spoken with once more and

you understand when you put your evaluation out your great video clips which are gold common i don’t understand what do you finish with those phones do you ever provide to close friends do you ever market them do you simply leave them in there do you ever before pull one out as well as use it every once in a while simply would like to know you understand what you make with them after they’re done yeah i generally keep a great deal of phones around most likely more than you would expect so the cabinet you have actually seen in probably studio excursions and also video clips in the previous i usually maintain one as well as then an additional generation of each phone that i testimonial so now we have the galaxy s10 i still have galaxy s9s as well as s9 ands also we have iphone 10s max as well as apple iphone 10s i still have actually iphone 10s i do not truly usually go back too far before that so they’ll either wind up being recycled given away distributed sold etc i purchase a great deal of phones we don’t have to maintain all of them hey marquez this is stetson landscape in your smart device honors video clip 2018 you gave the very best spending plan phone award to the poco phone f1 makes sense excellent phone packaging a whole lot for 300 yet you can presently get a pixel 2 for around 256 dollars unlocked on swappa my question for you would you go with a brand-new budget plan phone like a poco f1 or would you go with a made use of front runner phone like the google pixel 2 interested to hear your thoughts yes terrific concern i rejoice you asked this as well as this is a pretty made complex one due to the fact that it in fact changes based upon the phone you’re talking regarding but

this is an old-time inquiry do you buy a brand-new budget phone for you know allow’s state the buck amounts 300 bucks or do you buy a 2 or three year old front runner that has actually come down in rate to that budget phone’s rate and also i ‘d claim the solution actually depends upon what you want in a phone you was familiar with what you desire that’s normally the solution if you want software program updates for the following couple years your best bet is purchasing a new spending plan phone since that older phone is much less likely to get even more software updates if you’re trying to get an excellent camera you’re probably going to get that out of a high-end flagship that’s come down in rate as opposed to purchasing a brand-new budget phone i think normally for most individuals you can obtain even more bang for your buck out of a former flagship that’s boiled down in price since after that you’re not sacrificing as much and what you typically see is an even worse camera as well as worse build quality in budget plan phones that’s simply where they save their money um but a great deal of individuals have simply a blast on either so it depends on what you want hey i’m kpsg my name is shahid as well as i’m from pakistan my inquiry is which phone would certainly you pick between the galaxy fold and

huawei matrix for your individual use program thanks now the concern inquiry of the hour galaxy fold which folds up internal and safeguards the large folding screen or huawei friend x which folds out yet has a means cooler looking outdoors i’ll claim this with a disclaimer that i have not actually played with a companion x yet some people have actually i have actually seen video clips of it however i’ve only really made use of the galaxy layer therefore from my experience when i see a huawei mate x it looks way colder and also so i seem like i would certainly biased in the direction of that yet then naturally we had all the the toughness issues with the galaxy layer so it’s sort of tough to say i feel in one’s bones i’m really excited to obtain my hands on the huawei mate x that’s gon na be one that i believe changes a great deal of people’s minds about foldable phones if it turns out well hi i’m kbhd so i’m interested how do you sort of handle in between your life as an expert facebook gamer and a youtube customer i’m simply interested firstly wonderful tee shirt so for those who are brand-new or may not know i have actually been playing best frisbee for a very long time and i have actually been betting the professional group in new york called new

york realm for the last 2 years so our period just started a pair weeks ago so basically every weekend as well as during techniques throughout the week i have that and for me the timing really has type of exercised in this manner ever before since i started playing frisbee is mainly on weekends like competitions are on weekend breaks for the professional team games are on weekend breaks we have a technique throughout the week in the evening so that desires work so as for overlap there isn’t an entire great deal of that i’ve always said the toughest decision i ‘d need to make would certainly be between like a big technology event and also a big best event or a game or something like that fortunately that doesn’t overlap quite much ever before hey mkbhd we’re the oneplus us team coming to you live from a very special gadget and we’re questioning what your expectations are for the oneplus 7 professional i do not think i can say that all best serious concern for you would certainly you instead your first born kid’s very first words be hey what’s up guys or remember to like and subscribe if you intend to see even more videos similar to this one wow i ‘d be very pleased if those are the very first words that is a really severe inquiry though i think i would state i would rather them i ‘d rather the very first words be hey what is up guys that’s fine right that’s a pair practical words to string together straight i ‘d be cool keeping that hey mkbhd who was your favored youtuber back when you began and also that’s your preferred now

my favorite youtuber when i started would need to be kind of the i think the big like the large three of tech og tech youtube as well as those were john rettinger john four lakers soldier understands best mark watson as well as chris pirillo all of whom are still making tech videos to now i need to offer my inspiration or my credit report in the direction of them since they literally paved the way of giving the concept that you might even make tech video clips on youtube a point so thanks to them for that my favorite youtuber now in fact is possibly i’m gon na guess none of you are gon na understand this is uh he does illustrations caleb city i’ll link his channel right below he just actually does all these sketches with like himself and his good friend one or 2 people however they are definitely hilarious so go look into his network subscribe i’ll place a link listed below hi there marquez below’s a concern for you what would you do if youtube suddenly disappeared if it just stopped existing tomorrow what would you directly be doing well whoa what’s the uh it’s the olden inquiry if you weren’t a youtuber what would you be well in fact it’s a bit various youtube does exist however after that it simply suddenly quits existing that’s a bit extra dramatic i don’t really understand what i would certainly do i guess this is the part where i ‘d need to fall back on my university education and use my service level and my advertising and marketing

experience to discover a way to do a job with that said related i think fun reality is prior to i entered into actually doing a great deal of youtube or it was really as i was doing a great deal of youtube but i was researching business and advertising due to the fact that i kind of envisioned my future occupation path to be that guy who operates at a business that collaborates with youtubers like i ‘d be that the marketing supervisor of a technology company that would certainly be dealing with youtubers to send them products and make items much better so i hunch to address your question i could still probably do that somewhere today um but yes if youtube simply quit existing pretty dramatically i likewise assume some various other video solution would simply bubble up to change youtube and fill in the footprints that left behind hey marcus you claimed so it’s been two years given that google residence and also various other smart speakers have actually been released what’s your opinion about them 2 years later on and also do you still utilize them that’s well done well done so of course i do have a google home i have a google home max below in the workshop as well as i have a google residence max at residence it’s not my alarm system clock it’s also loud to do that yet i do utilize it to ask questions quite consistently i set timers with it i ask what the weather condition’s mosting likely to be quite typically with it i ask it like the random trivia inquiries like the amount of legs does an equine have attempt it yourself it’s excellent i.

assume the following type of evolution of that that we’re mosting likely to start seeing even more is screens on them we have actually seen this with alexa things and also we’re probably going to see this rumored google residence max with a screen on it um just having a ui for it to be able to show you things is quite great however yeah home things residence aides are certainly active as well as well what uh what do you assume would be the following biggest piece of tech for the next years you recognize 2000’s had mp3 players 2010s and cellphones um what do you assume is going to be for the 2020s hmm i hope he’s not entering problem for doing this video clip on the task at best buy to ensure that’s a large concern so this 2 decades ago we had mp3 gamers they blew up then this last past decade we got cellphones if i’m being truthful i think the next decade’s most likely going to be cellphones as well and after that wearable tech will start to be even more of a big point in the future however i have actually i’ve been pretty firm that i think cellphones this thing that we get as well as utilize and then took down resembles the kind element that we’re gon na have for the future that’s simply me maybe i’m not future believing enough yet that’s the means i see it hello.

marcus it’s john uh with this question you could be getting it a great deal i do not understand but being that the galaxy fold has been released when do you believe apple will start producing and even launch a collapsible iphone i’m a massive apple fan i’m not exactly sure if i want to see that but it would be really interesting what do you think yeah collapsible iphone or collapsible ipad that’s the question so i presume the means i see it apple’s always had a not always i’ll take that back they have not always had this but lately they have actually had what you call a late moving company benefit in a lot of technologies they do not need to be initial to the bleeding edge of stuff yet when they do pick to upgrade something or hop on board the brand-new technology they recognize it’s shown the blunders have actually been made by the very first movers and they can get it right so this is truly an excellent instance of that with folding phones the samsungs and also huawei’s of the world are the initial moving companies they’re the you understand they’ll call themselves the pioneers and also the innovators but that’s what they’re doing they’re using their first moving company benefit as well as their supply chain to try to make a sprinkle as well as they’ll make their blunders and also plainly some errors have actually been made currently with them yet in the near future or the much future if apple sees that it deserves its prospective they’ll swoop in as well as they’ll obtain it right theoretically so for how long into the future are folding phones like truly mosting likely to be a thing prior to apple makes a decision to make a folding apple iphone definitely not iphone 11 most likely not iphone 12. um i could begin to see in like the following three to five years that perhaps starting to get tidied up and also perhaps there’s a foldable version of the phone but i don’t believe it’s going to be anytime quickly hey marquez simply desiring to recognize just how you began in utmost frisbee and also exactly how that even ended up being a rate of interest for you great concern i assume my beginning story for ultimate may not be the same as lots of others so i mosted likely to columbia high institution in new jacket and if you know a great deal about the background of best that name could sound familiar since if you most likely to the wikipedia web page for utmost frisbee as well as seek out where the sport was developed the solution remains in 1968 best frisbee was invented by pupils at columbia secondary school in brand-new jacket so the sports kind of had a rich custom in at that high school as well as it’s there’s a jv team and a varsity group so when i was in middle college i knew that that high college had a frisbee team as well as i knew i desired to play so i instantaneously.

when i very first arrived checked out for it used the jv team for a little bit and also then graduated to the varsity group there were constantly tournaments they were constantly traveling it seemed like a genuine university sporting activity although practically at that time it wasn’t really one so yeah for me it began because uh there’s an abundant background of it in brand-new jacket i believe for a lot of individuals they you recognize they pick it up in college or they discover it in their neighborhood or at a park or something like that however that’s my og utmost tale it’s quite loud in the corridor but that’s where i’m mosting likely to finish it thanks for your concerns i think this was enjoyable to do the video clip style i think we’ll most likely do that more in the future keep tuned on twitter for when i request for when we do these and you can submit your questions there and certainly as always the web links to anything i discuss that are essential or that were in the video are listed below yet that’s generally it thanks for enjoying catch you individuals the following one tranquility.

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