Review Blitzwolf BW-VP1 720p Mini Movie Projector

the blitzwolf bw vp1 lcd movie projector it is an affordable 720p mini movie projector that has a price tag of just 70 pounds whoa that’s about 92 in u.s dollars the bookshelf is like most of the blitzwolf products that we have previously reviewed on our channel with a simple minimalistic design so yeah this is actually a full review today no not an overview and well let’s get to it and let’s delve right in inside the box everything comes very well protected there is an accessory box to the left which consists of a meter long european power cable so yes you will definitely need a conversion adapter for your country just like this one there is an av audio cable a very detailed user manual a simple but slim remote control that takes two aaa batteries there also is a little tripod screw to attach to the bottom of the projector in order for it to tilt up on flat surfaces and lastly we have the

blitzwolf bw vp1 projector itself and may i say it’s looking real nice it’s quite modern looking with that fantastic pattern to the top the color coordinating dark and light gray color tones and that function button chrome surround it does feel really solid in that abs plastic and you know what this projector’s got a bit of weight to it okay it’s not completely compact measuring 15.2 centimeters in width 19.78 centimeters in length and 7.45 centimeters in height let’s blow perfuder specifications on the screen just now and it is specified that you can get between a 50 to 200 inch screen size as mentioned yes you get 720p native resolution which can convert 1080p playback to 720p with a 2 000 to 1 contrast ratio a 4.3 by 16.9 aspect ratio and a lamp lifetime of 50 000 hours oh that’s a long time to the front behind that’s removable lens cap we have an led lamp there is a manual focus

adjustment just to the top and the keystone correction up to 20 degrees as well as that we do have the blitzwolf logo and an ir receiver just above to the right we have a vgm port for pc connection there’s a hdmi port for those games consoles laptops and even amazon fire sticks with a usb port right next to it for those usb memory sticks to playback radio image files as well as supply power for that mentioned amazon fire stick next to it there is a 3.5 millimeter headphone port yes for headphones or even mobile speakers there is an av port for that av adapter and to the way we have an ir receiver so yes you shouldn’t have any problems with a remote control signal pickup there is a little speaker just behind the screen just below and we’ve got the power port to the right hand side which we’re just going to connect the power cable just now now certainly there is very good ventilation all around with plenty of air vents oh okay we seem to have a dual mount sockets

that’s great so to enable use on mini all tall projector tripod stands like for example roof mounts because after all this projector has a front rear inverted projection so yes you can indeed place this projector at any angle within your desired room simply by choosing the preferred setting on the actual projector menu yes the projector is good on any surface and even without a tripod it should have great grip on any flat surface thanks to those four sturdy rubber feet now as well as the remote control we do have physical function buttons at the top unfortunately no those buttons are not backlit there is however the power indication light usual buttons like menu backup the power button and the direction buttons first let’s turn it on within daylight and with the curtains open and there must have been on a plane wall the image is certainly not as bold yes you could close those curtains just like so and have respectable image quality but for better

overall image quality this projector today sits best in not only a dark room with blackouts curtains but also with a throw up projector screen just like this one they are relatively cheap around about 10 to 15 pounds and i will certainly leave a link for one in the video description down below after switching off the lights we are greeted with a very simple yet colorful main menu it consists of the movie music photo and text tabs now one thing i will add is as you can tell this projector has no sd card reader but you can however connect a usb flash drive or even a hard drive giving you access to your stored video and image files within the options there are basic picture sound and time settings to which i would advise setting your own preferred picture settings just to get the best possible picture yes those standard settings are not too bad don’t get me wrong but i personally like to set the brightness and color tone settings myself once i did choose my preferred image options well image quality was surprisingly really clear and bright and that is with that projector being placed between two to three meters away from the wall projecting yes a 200 inch image while watching a few movies again that picture was quite crisp and clear and i must admit it’s very vivid for the 720p projector we did connect a laptop today and i’ve got to say playing music videos they played fantastically too with no sound issues whatsoever for example lip sync and although the built-in speaker on the projector isn’t super loud it is however crystal clear now fan noise is to

be expected when it comes to a projector but the noise wasn’t certainly over the top and well that speaker somewhat drowned the noise out anyway we did try connecting that android tv box where that hdmi cable and again there was no sound or picture issues playing netflix was perfectly fine but if you do want a sharper image simply move that projector closer to the screen of a wall and you will still get around about a 120 to 150 inch picture we was excited to test this projector out today on a ps4 let me tell you guys i was really impressed by the quality of image i mean you know what less than 80 pounds this portable projector provided a great cinematic gaming experience which did immerse me within the gameplay i will note though your system is projectile to make sure that you take time to place the projector on a really leveled surface even though we do have that supplied small tabletop tripod screw you may notice that you do get a bit of screen wash out towards the bottom and top that will affect on-screen text for example subtitles etc other than that this projector today has surpassed what i thought we was going to get i think for a 720p movie projector this

may be my favorite by far yes blitzwolf keep banging out wherever you need products and with this edition i think that this projector today would definitely suit being placed anywhere within your home like your living room or bedroom or even an office or maybe a school bottle screen shows etc simply gotta say fantastic quality for the price with the only grumble being that the black color tones have a tad bit lighter than i’d prefer nevertheless i’m gonna give this blitzball projector today a 9 out of 10 and that’s based on this projector today within that affordable category i will definitely leave a link for this unit within the video description down below go and check it out and if this video helped you today and you like what you’re seeing why not go get yours while you’re in that video description why not smash that like button very much appreciate it i would also appreciate it if you subscribe to this channel today and while you’re there guys make sure you click that bell notification option so you guys stay updated on all my new uploads now i hope to see you guys on my next view coming real soon within the next few days maybe so stick around and as usual stay safe and thanks for watching peace you

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