Review Honor Magicbook 14 Best Student Laptop Upgraded!

now honor who used to be part of the huawei category until they separate apart earlier this year is well known for offering excellent value for fund not least in its laptops which are ideal for students who are on a tighten plan but who don’t want to make do with any age-old tat and the existing honor magic book 14 laptop with the amd ryzen smart-aleckies has only just upgraded for 2021 now with some red-hot 11 th gen intel war and double the remember for much beefier performance i’ve been using the on a sorcery diary 14 20 21 publication as my laptop for the last week or so and here’s my in-depth review and for the latest greatest tech delight do plug subscribe ceasing that notifications bell merriments so as with other honor laptops the occult journal 14 boasts a very simple design you won’t note any flounces or flare on that space gray aluminium frame but it does at least seem quite rocky it can handle a carnival few smacks and doesn’t scratch up when you pile other bits on top of it or just chuck it in a backpack are talking here about which the reputation wizard diary 14 20 21 is reasonably skinny and relatively light-headed as well at 1.38 kilos so you should be able to slip it into most reasonable sized backpacks without a struggle

connectivity ain’t too bad you’ve got a single type-c usb 3.2 port you’ve got dual usb 2.0 ports on opposite borders plus an hdmi port as well i definitely would have wished two different types c usb port to be swiped somewhere on this thing so i could charge the laptop up and also have a type c peripheral attached simultaneously and you know an sd poster reader wouldn’t have gonna miss as well but you know as for reputations chiclet keyboard well that’s ideal for smash out emails papers dialogues and werewolf fiction novels with well spaced keys and comfy typing activity despite the shallow jaunt it doesn’t get spongy towards the center it’s a nice house activity throughout so to speak and likewise you’ve got two stages of backlighting for working well into the wee hours it’s great to see a fingerprint sensor built into that influence button as well which simply compiles opening the laptop delightful and quick and easy and it cultivates really well i haven’t had it fail on me more as for the touch pad while proprietor has certainly procreated the best possible use of that palm rest gap now on the occult bible 14 20 21 extending that touch pad about as far as it possibly could it’s a nice wide one as well so it clothings the wide position rate of the presentation and it’s nice and sensitive multi-touch gestures wield a allure and even those integrated mouse buttons aren’t perfectly horrible now that 14 -inch ips screen is surrounded by highly skinny bezels which is definitely helped by the lack of

webcam action up top and that’s because like on a great deal of huawei and reputation laptops that cam is actually exuded away inside the keyboard and wireless design is undeniably a very clever way of saving a bit of opening and unfolding that body the full diameter of the chassis it does too mean that when you’re doing a bit of zooming or idol forbid microsoft teaming all of your online sidekicks are going to get a really good view of your nostril mane or your double chin or your fissure unless that is you squat all the way down so your chin is practically resting on that touch pad so if you’re going to be doing a lot of online chat shenanigans for you you know your lectures your work whatever uh then maybe consider an alternative i find it’s all right as long as you take a step back and you crave actually typing on the laptop at the same time but the actual camera quality is absolutely fine as “youre seeing” there you can do normal basic face tracking and everything restrain you in focus i’ve had no real problems with hdr as long as they’re not sat liberty in front of a space spurting sunlight into the room and the microphones are built into the honor magic book 14 are fine as well but i would recommend wearing a headset if you are going to be doing some online chatting now

back to that 14 inch presentation and it is a bit of a luminary you’ve got a 16 by nine unfolded appearance ratio which is quite well suited to watching a bit of netflix and so on and i saw it was perfectly fine for browsing the web revises and photos and all that good trash you got a 1920 by 1080 pixel settlement so visuals are nice and crisp and you get impressively natural idol reproduction too this bad boy can flood off a full 100 of the srgb scale and 74 of that adobe rgb as well now the default settings the color temperature is quite cold but you can easily tweak that by going into the display manager and having to play around with the sets on here compile them warmer colder or actually determined it to accurately the kind of output that you like plus you’ve got the usual nose coverage shenanigans as well which is great news if you want to work well into the wee hours and i’ve got no beef with the brightness levels either if you max out the honor trickery record 14 20 21′ s expose you’ll find that it can hit 370 nits and working in partnership with that anti-glare coating on the display i found that working outdoors absolutely no issues whatsoever even on god forbid those days where the sunbathe managed to break through that thick-witted mantle of british vapours you should have no problems encountering a decent goal tilt as well as that hinge bendings the whole way back a full 180 units the magic diary 14 2021 stereo orators are

hidden away underneath the chassis but i still found that the audio came through loud and clear on those higher publications and this proves absolutely fine actually for bombing a bit of music exactly in the background while you’re working apart on whatever but i did prefer to use proper pair of plugged in headphones otherwise the bluetooth connectivity is absolutely fine extremely i generally protrude to using the speakers on the sorcery journal 14 20 21 only when i was enjoying a bit netflix or disney plus or whatever in my down occasion and then i noticed they were absolutely fit for purpose that everything came through loud and clear even in a really noisy kitchen if you’d like to download a lot of media or apps you’ve got a 512 gigabyte nvme ssd carried inside the honor magic book 14 and this is blazingly fast for a skinny plan friendly laptop my measures depicted read hastens routinely over 3 gigabits per second and write speedings not more far behind oof concert comes courtesy of one of intel’s core i7 1165 g7m processors backed by 16 gigs of ddr4 recollection and this was well up to the task of running windows 10 and all manner of software simultaneously not a judder in sight even the usual memory sappers like chrome moved perfectly alongside deezer and innovative software like and for any benchmark and devotees out there pc mark 10 spaffed out a value of 488. 4 while geekbench 5 churned out a 1569 single core tally and a 5121 multi-core score that’s for any

gamers out there well it’s just iris xc integrated graphics so don’t go expecting to blaze through the most recent titles with a super smooth make frequency but all the fare passes absolutely fine as do tournaments that skill to suit all systems and if you do ascertain a invest the afternoon covering more fours online or whatever the spell work 14′ s dual hot and tubes and dedicated coolant fan do help to keep the laptop from getting toasty and throttling that action despite the slender build you could also happily gratify your imaginative side with a good flake of photo revising and even some light video editing but don’t lean too hard on the supernatural volume 14 20 21 or it will transgress you’ve got for wi-fi 6 funding as well which is now becoming increasingly uh the standard so that’s great news if you’ve got lots of smart home goodies all connected to the internet will obstruct things nice and spry give you’ve got a supported router of course as for the battery life that’s certainly another highlighting of the reputation spell notebook 14 20 21 laptop i pointed out that i easily got eight straight hours of use from a single indict and that’s even when working in chrome playing music in the background get a little on the go all that good substance nonetheless of course the most intensive duty do tend to take a toll on the magical book 14 so if you’re going to be you know non-stop gaming or something you can expect the laptop to die within about three to four hours so there you have it that’s my review of the reputation trickery work 14 2021 modernized to those used latest intel core smarts and i gotta say the performance the battery life everything else about it i absolutely admired if you’re on a really tight budget but you basically demand a laptop that can cope with pretty much anything you thought it then it will do the job it’s not quite excellent little issues like the difficult slotting of that webcam which does on the other hand have its benefits and you’ve got that lovely full scene display so obviously one of my top pickings for very good student laptop of 2021 thus far but what do you guys mull be gritty your thoughts down in specific comments below as well please do jab agree during that notifications bell for more on the latest greatest deck and have yourselves a penalize residue of the week praises everyone love you

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