Review CREATIVE Outlier Gold Bluetooth Earphones – Simply Amazing! Wireless Earbuds!

today we have these creative outlet gold super x5 Bluetooth earphones now if you remember these means if ever be to desktop speakers that we’ve reviewed earlier on this channel you would know that’s not only were they fabulous but they had a unique bold and stylish design so the question is can these gold earphones really live up to the same standard let’s find out let’s take a look at the box and I must say based upon the image on the front of the box they certainly look different they come with that award winning Super X Phi technology they have 14 hours playback time per charge and they have some helpful links to the side to help you download the XX Phi and be free face mapping app to the rear of the box you can see that we have 39 hours total playback time whoo I’m guessing that is by added charge case though the earphones are described as having a graphene diaphragm which is set to consume minimal energy while providing superior audio we have Joe come aptX AAC audio codecs the our IP x5 sweats proof and have Siri and Google assistant alluded inside the box we have the xsf software guide which has an excess of I app QR code inside you just simply have to scan using your device and then download the app once the app is downloaded it will give you access to its own music player you can also perform ahead and aim false s using the same app but

for more information on this app i’ll leave a link in the video description down below back to the package and yes presentation looks quite good Oh chill out Irving’s on these earphones illuminates that’s nice taking out the clips it’s a cool window we have a matching which we called chat in case it has the creative logo to the top what we’re gonna have a closer look at the functions in a moment let’s first see if anything is underneath yep we have a micro USB see Chad keyboard which is great to see fast-charging is always a bonus we have three sets of half and Gables nope did not the standard size able that you would usually see at these airports are designed and given your ears once inserted we have a usual woman sir a detailed how to use user manual under the hair bones themselves which come with these medium-sized airboats already fitted both earphones come in a 2 color tone combination of champagne gold and black with a multi-function button to the outside they are fuel charged pins dual microphones and again they’ve got those cool-looking notification VIN blinds which I must admit looks like something out of the game it right become human not only all those lights don’t stay on once they’re paired to your device someone’s

living your is the charge case well to the left hand side we have the if bone lift them rights charge indicators there is a battery level indicator a charging indicator and a type C charge port there is that super excersice software written on the opposite end of the charge case portion get spreads the earphone compartments out here you can see both embedded earphone Chad sockets which when the earphones have inserted they softly glow in red to indicate charging that charge case plus way 54 runs the earphones way 10 plums both Athens as mentioned have them 5.6 millimeter graphene drivers and a connected via bluetooth five points a volt the connection is easy simply take both earphones out of the case they should go into pairing mode turn bluetooth on ur your device and then select Alta lay gold you should then have a paving request pop up on your screen select ok and you should be all set all let’s choose a tune and give them a try alright so first of all I was quite surprised how good the bass was put these outlay Gold’s not only with the mids and highs not compromised by overpowering bass which a lot of companies like to do but they really actually sits quite well balanced the highs are fantastic ok mid levels may be a bit slow with some dramas or

music yeah eversource like the overpowering at times but in truth that’s only ever noticeable while listening to music over long periods of time low tones are simply spot on a while listening to some new dick could it find that these if bones did pick up certain instruments and beats I would not usually here with other types of earphones or speakers they have a superb high audio level they are not too over-the-top just perfectly balanced oh yes and the silencing well that’s outside noise is completely blocked out when the F wants a correctly inserted they ankle comfortably within the ears thanks to those anchor style earbuds which not only look good but they are certainly different and I would say that they would suit anyone that wants to dress bold and stand out which is cooled they certainly do have that unique design and after all he wants the gold for something normal not me no no it’s just boring overall I really like these creative gold earphones savanna sound was good they have an excellent private sit between both drivers and I can confirm that they did last 12 hours 30 minutes out of the 14 I was specified but that is with a hundred percent volume being used I definitely think that you can get south 14 hour mark by reducing the volume I personally think that the cravat is almost almost flawless and with the

comforts after long use while my ears didn’t feel that much sweater with all those push points listed and those great features I would certainly put these creative golds on the very top shelf I mean if I was to rate these out of my usual rating out of 10 I simply gotta give these heated counseling called earphones today I’m waiting off now in our 10 I’ve got to say right now that these are most probably in my top three best airport type earphones that have actually tested out on my channel I would highly suggest them and that’s only will I leave a link for these in the video description down below but if you also want to go and check out these over the top rated creative free to desktop speakers which I previously reviewed my channel then the link should pop up right now in the top right hand corner do yet go and check out yours so guys I hope this video helped today and if it did please smash that like one subscribe making sure you hit that Bell notification option so you guys stay updated on all my new look please share this video where possible very much appreciate it and well I’ll see you in the next thanks and peace

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