Review Redmi K50 Pro: Dimensity 9000 Powerhouse!

just over a month earlier xiaomi launched the redmi k50 pc gaming edition which was a little odd considering that the routine k50 series schedule had yet to be announced that being stated the rest of the series has finally arrived and also i have with me right here today the new redmi k50 pro the k50 pro is just one of the first smartphones in the globe to feature the four nanometer run mediatek dimensi t9000 chipset which is the main reason the k50 professional launched behind its brother or sister the k50 pc gaming version since that gadget is powered by the snapdragon 801 cpu we’ll need to see exactly how the brand-new measurement 9000 chip performs however the smart device itself comes in at the specific same price as its precursor the k40 pro it’s less costly than the k50 gaming version and also a heck of a lot more cost effective than the front runner xiaomi 12 professional the new redmi king might be effectively valued yet does that mean edges have actually been reduced allow’s discover in my unboxing and also review of the redmi k50 professional [Music] the redmi k50 pro is available in four various shade variations you can choose it up in dream blue which has a glossy back dim light eco-friendly which has a matte back as well as silver track which likewise has a matte back or the

version that i have with me today which is additionally a glossy glass back called ink plume black i think it’s quite apparent why it’s called ink feather black that is as a result of the nano micro crystalline back and also inside that we have sparkling ice crystals it’s really subtle however looks extremely special inside the gadget we have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and insane rapid 120 watt charging in addition to the all new mediatek ruby c9000 chipset we have a 7 layer vapor chamber liquid air conditioning system lpddr5x ram ufs 3.1 storage and also bluetooth 5.3 the display is shielded by gorilla glass victus we have a gorilla glass back yet however twisting around is a plastic frame whereas the k50 gaming version has an aluminum structure the k50 pc gaming edition does not have an ip certification yet the k50 pro over right here does that being an ip53 dirt as well as dash resistance accreditation the major camera right here is a fair bit much better than the k50 video gaming and also much better than in 2014’s k40 professional lineup that being a 108 megapixel isoscell hm2 sensor yet the ultrawide and also macro are the same at 8 megapixels as well as 2 megapixels specifically the ultra broad shot looks alright it is just 8 megapixels 108 megapixel primary appearances respectable loaded with detail placing it down 9 to 1

wagering to 12 looks even better you can do two times digital zoom over here with the 108 megapixel shot as well as bending down nine to one which looks better many thanks to ai 5 times digital zoom over right here can increase to a max of ten times digital zoom still kind of looks fine i presume you could say and of program we can get up close and individual to a subject thanks to that 2 megapixel macro sensor which does an average work as well as indeed we can fire picture choices as well we do have 1080p 60fps major video recording over right here i have actually seen much better but it looks alright it’s nice and smooth thanks to ois we additionally have 4k 30fps yet get this there is no 60fps choice when taping video at 4k and also there’s no ak video at all which is a little a disappointment and also while we can tape ultra large we’re capped to 1080p as well as 30fps no 60fps option over below and also no 4k either recording ultrawide in the evening looks as negative as many xiaomi devices do when using this 8 megapixel ultra vast cam and also tape-recording 4k 30fps at night does not look regrettable still a little bit of a glare impact over there a bit of pixelization it looks okay though it behaves as well as brilliant as well as of training course 1080p 60 at evening is a great deal darker however it looks a whole lot even more natural and the shades are a lot more reasonable yet we do have an evening setting choice

The night setting pretty a lot simply goes down the frame rates which unavoidably simply raises up the illumination however as soon as again information are dumbed down ultrawide at evening looks fine with evening off night on appearances fine as well going to the major sensor taking evening mode off looks fine evening setting on does look a heck of a lot better than night mode off as well as digitally zooming in by 2 times looks ordinary evening mode on does make it look a bit better but as soon as again dumbs down the detail exact same point can be claimed with five times digital zoom with evening setting off and night setting on and also of course max zoom is 10 times no matter of whether you’re utilizing night mode off or night setting on the back cams are all right i presume you might claim at this rate bracket they’re even more than good on the best side of the tool we do have a power button blended up with a physical finger print sensing unit over that we have the volume rocker at the bottom of the tool we have a dual sim 5g tray over right here no expanding storage space sadly though we do have that water immune seal we have a usb 2.0 kind c port and alongside that is the initial double stereo audio speaker over below which is matched up with dolby atmos 2nd one at the top and we additionally have an ir gun at the top of the

display in a punch opening it establishes a 20 megapixel imx 596 sensor which is the same one that we saw in the k50 pc gaming version these selfie images look alright there’s a little information over there however it strikes out the shot quite a little bit picture looks quite good as well with rather much perfect side detection the redmi k50 pro is sadly covered at 1080p as well as 30 fps when making use of the selfie cam to tape-record video clip nonetheless let me understand what you people consider the video and also audio top quality when videotaping with the selfie camera on the new k50 pro the gaming edition of the k50 lineup can record 1080p 60fps selfie video clip where this is covered to 30fps which is once more a little a drag as well as taking selfies in the evening you can switch on the night mode on choice as well as it truly does not look the very best and there is no evening mode alternative for the portrait setting and also utilizing the flash once again is very extremely typical the selfie video camera is a little bit of a combined bag once more like i mentioned with the k50 video gaming edition though a minimum of that had far better recording as well as certainly we have that constantly on screen which can be maintained always on as was the side placed physical fingerprint sensing unit despite the fact that it’s an amoled screen there is no fingerprint below the display as well as we can customize our screen with a new wallpaper collection called crystallization

and also it rather much matches the mini crystals located at the back of the ink plume version that i have more than right here quite nifty if you ask me we likewise have 2d face unlock that utilizes the selfie cam as well as the display itself is a 6.67 inch led level dot display it has dolby vision hdr 10 plus dci p3 shade gamut rating and 1200 nits of max brightness which is 100 much less than the k50 gaming edition the phone nevertheless does bump things up when contrasted to the video gaming edition it currently has a wqhd plus screen with 526 ppi and it has a fixed 120 hertz refresh price no ltpo tech over below so it can not rejuvenate as low as 1 or 10 hertz it’s adhering to 120 hertz most the moment and we do have 480hz touch tasting price no pulse width modulation score here either we do have miui 13 skinned over android 12 which is less concerning functions as well as even more about optimizations like i’ve stated in many current xiaomi review videos that i have actually done it’s practically the usual xiaomi software as well as of course they are google services as well as obviously the play store functions also on the redmi k50 pro we do have 12 gigs of lpddr5x ram and you can include an extra three jobs to that with ram expansion and also yes we have the brand-new four nanometer
run mediatek dimension 9000 octa-core cpu it has one ultracore resting at 3.05 gigahertz three super cores at 2.85 gigahertz and also 4 efficiency cores at 1.8 ghz as well as when incorporating that brand-new chipset with the brand-new included performance mode over right here yields an antutu rating of 1 million twenty thousand 3 hundred as well as fourteen factors as well as when it pertains to geekbench it obtained a much higher solitary core and multi-core rating when contrasted to snapdragon 8gen one powered mobile phones with a single core rating of 1307 as well as a multi-core score of 4612. Yet when running a 3dmark wild animals it got a quite horrible rating of 8394 with an average fps of 50.3 and also i did test it over 20 times due to the fact that it simply didn’t appear appropriate however at least it’s still a fair bit better than in 2014’s front runners but obviously we can use this chipset for more than just running benchmarks we can in fact play video games on it and also making it possible for the fps content in designer alternatives as well as hopping into our first game which is gentian influence we do have a game area over right here where we can allow efficiency mode which we’re mosting likely to be doing on the following 2 games we’ll be playing running highest feasible graphics over here with limit offered frames per 2nd since there is a cap being 60 fps and also the redmi k50 pro handled to get somewhere between 30 as well as 58 frameworks per second min and also high with an average of around 55 which is quite similar to the min and also max snapdragon 801 powered mobile phone on my channel which rests in between 34 as well as 58 fps i assumed it would do a little better than that a minimum of a bit much more secure yet nevertheless it’s on par with the most up to date that qualcomm

has to supply and also running bullet pressure over right here with ultra graphics and also max fps this video game does not have a structures per 2nd cap it is endless as well as we procured between 111 and also 122 which is a little much less stable than the ordinary snapdragon 8gen one powered smart device on my channel which standards between 113 and 122 fps and also while the k50 pc gaming edition had quad stereo audio speakers this only has double stereo speakers nonetheless let’s go on as well as provide a pay attention while playing a video game [Music] as well as currently it’s time to give those speakers a pay attention while playing some songs [Songs] the redmi k50 pro is a major giant many thanks to its brand-new dimension 9000 chipsets extremely fast lp ddr5x ram gorilla glass victus safeguarded wqhd plus oled screen dolby atmos improved dual stereo speakers and also a huge 7-layer vapor chamber cooling down system it has a brand-new design which is rather subtle however makes sure to transform some heads many thanks to its brand-new nano mini crystalline backplate that shines with ice crystals and while its recently created video camera component houses an excellent 108 megapixel isoscell hm2 primary sensing unit it still has a below average ultra large as well as macro camera and also 4k

video clip is kept at 30fps the milliamp hr battery capability is bigger than the pc gaming edition’s 4 700 milliamp hour cell it has the very same 120 watt large billing as the video gaming edition as well as while the k50 video gaming edition might cost a little much more it’s better than the k50 pro in many methods it has light weight aluminum frameworks a brighter display screen 1920hz pulse size modulation 4k 60fps back recording a 1080p 60fps selfie taping a quad audio speaker system a bigger cooling system and also also has physical pop-up gaming activates however at the same time the k50 pro has the pc gaming version beat with bluetooth 5.
3 an ip53 certification a far better major cam as well as a higher resolution wqhd plus display screen making the redmi k50 professional simple to recommend over the k50 pc gaming edition for those that aren’t necessarily players don’t have the money to splurge on the xiaomi 12 professional and also most significantly for those who aspire to test out mediatek’s most recent dimension 9000 chipsets run on 4 nanometer refined node innovation this is technology neck and also i’ll catch you in the following one you

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