REVIEW HONOR 60 Pro – Shining Bright.

the honor 60 pro is not only the world’s first smartphone to has qualcomm’s latest premium mid-range chipsets the snapdragon 778 g plus but on his first phone to use a 50 megapixel ultrawide selfie camera and quad curved led display the device recently released here in china with a starting price of just under 600 us dollars but unfortunately there is no word on whether or not honours new 60 series devices will make their way to the global market but if they do release them globally you can expect full supports of google services you get pretty much everything you would need inside the box but now it’s time to unwrap the star of the show [Music] the honor 60 pro comes in four different colors namely jade green juliet white bright black or the color that i have here a special edition color called starry sky blue it looks absolutely phenomenal and it pretty much shimmers in any lighting condition and changes color with the respect respective light that is reflecting off of it looks absolutely phenomenal and i really do like the

rose gold goldy accented colors around the camera which match the frame of the phone it looks alright with the silicon case bundled in the box but peel that case off and it looks absolutely fantastic inside the phone we are treated to a 4 800 milliamp hour battery cell 66 watt fast wired charging a snapdragon 778 g plus chipset run on six nanometer process node technology lp ddr4x ram ufs 2.1 storage 5g wi-fi 6 bluetooth 5.2 and nfc the device has a glass front and back and is just 8.19 millimeters thick and 192 grams in weight inside that rose gold camera module sits a 15 megapixel ultra wide sensor with a field of view of 122 degrees a main 108 megapixel iso cell hm2 sensor and completing the trio is a 2 megapixel depth sensor the ultra wide camera has a 50 megapixel mode which looks pretty decent probably better to use it outdoors bringing it down 4 to 1 to 12.5 looks even better 108 megapixel main looks great but bending it down to 12 megapixel using nine to one pixel building looks even better two times digital zoom over here five times digital zoom doesn’t look too bad ten times i’m actually pretty impressed since it’s just digitally zooming with that 108 megapixel sensor thanks to the megapixel current does a pretty decent job and there is a macro mode within the ultrawide sensor which does a great job too we have a portrait bokeh effect here thanks to that 2

megapixel depth assisting the main camera and turning night mode on from an off situation is pitch black here in my studio and it doesn’t do a bad job moving on to video we do have 4k at 30fps no 60fps option unfortunately though there is 60fps option when you switch over to 1080p recording and we do have ultrawide recording at 4k 30fps which is great you don’t really see this often on a mid-range smartphone and yes we do have gyro eis electronic image stabilization within all cameras for video recording we also have 1080p at 30fps unfortunately no 60fps option when it comes to ultrawide but when you get close and personal to a subject the ultrawide camera works pretty much as a macro sensor we have a power button on the right hand side as well as a volume rocker at the bottom we have a dual sim 5g tray unfortunately no space for an sd card over here there is a water resistant seal usb 2.0 type c port and we have a dual stereo speakers over here one at the bottom one at the top and we have an ultra wide selfie camera which has a field of view of 100 degrees and is a 50 megapixel snapper now looking at the 50 megapixel snapper it takes at 50 megapixel mode at 0.6 x and then you can bend it down and it only uses the bend down shots to go to 0.8 and 1x all of them look fantastic and bokeh portrait mode looks pretty darn good with almost no edge detection what’s up guys this is technic recording a selfie video on the new honor 60 pro but get this it can actually record selfie video at 4k at 30 fps which is fantastic and you can switch between ultra wide wide and then one x as well on the selfie cam since it utilizes an ultra wide selfie cam let me know what you guys think of the

audio and video quality when taking a selfie video at 4k 30fps that is on the honor 60 pro and for those of you wondering yes there is 1080p selfie video recording and yes it does record at buttery smooth 60fps and whilst it’s a 60fps option you can also switch between the different zoom levels one of the biggest new features of the new honor 60 series devices is the gestures that you can use when in multi-cam mode you can use your hand and pop it up to start the recording flip your hands and flip the cameras swipe your hand to switch between dual and single lens though i didn’t try that this time around close your hand to get picture in picture and of course give that little okay hand gesture in order to end the recording nice and nifty i’m not sure how often i’d use it but nevertheless it’s still pretty decent and the selfie camera is absolutely phenomenal for a phone at this price range powering on the device we do have an always on display thanks to that led panel as well as an under display fingerprint sensor we have a bunch of different options for the always on display and we also have facial recognition though it is 2d facial recognition and not to be mistaken for the 3d face id that we’ve seen on many huawei devices we are kitted with magic ui 5.0 skinned over android 11.

There are no google services on the chinese variants and like i mentioned at the side of the video there is no say on whether this device will actually make it to the global market but if it does you can expect full google services the haptics are great but what about the audio [Music] the audio sounds very deep and rich coming from the dual stereo speakers right now i’m busy playing real racing 3 unfortunately i could not get the fps counter to work i’m not sure if it’s just because of my software not being compatible with the new chipset nevertheless it feels nice and smooth it should be sitting at around 120 fps we are kitted with that six nanometer run snapdragon 778 g plus chipset which has a max clock speed of 2.

5 gigahertz and the beefed up adreno 642l integrated gpu is said to be 20 faster at graphics rendering and 10 more efficient and when paired with that snapdragon 778 g plus a yields an antutu benchmark score of 548 409 putting it above its predecessor the honor 50 pro running the vanilla

snapdragon 778g the display itself sits somewhere between qhd and full hd plus with a pixels per inch of 429 and there is an option for smart resolution we also have a smart refresh rate that being a dynamic refresh rate which can adjust automatically between a set of mods all the way up to 120 hertz we also have 300 hertz touch sampling so it makes things nice and smooth

to scroll around on what you’re scrolling around on however is that brand new 6.78 inch led quad curve dot display we have 1.07 billion colors it is 10 bits with 100 dc ip3 color gamut rating hdr 10 plus support i have tested myself it reaches a max brightness of a thousand 100 nits and get this it is apparently smaller in terms of its bezels at the top and sides by eighteen point six percent when compared to its predecessor and its bottom chin has reduced by eleven point two percent as well bringing its screen to body ratio all the way up to ninety point nine percent the honor 60 pro has a more than impressive selfie camera that sits at the top of its breathtaking quad curved led display not to mention it has one of the most stunning head turning back designs i have ever seen on a smartphone to date it’s kit with a more than capable chipset a large battery very fast wired charging and a camera system that performs better than most devices at this price point making it easy for me to recommend the honor 60 pro to anyone looking for one of the most premium mid-range smartphones on the planet

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