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now infinix is a brand you may not have heard of before but it’s hoping to represent big waves across europe with its great value budget friendly smartphones i recently featured the super cheap infinix hot 10 s nfc right here on textbook but anyone who prefers their budget blower to be bigger and beefier should definitely have a squid at the infinix memorandum 10 pro now infinix has very kindly patronized me to hammer the indicate 10 pronoun out of the box give you on a follow-on tour of the hardware in the software and too research out the gaming prowess with a good bit of recreation terrace and for more on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell applauds so what the hell are you get in the box is of course one smartphone one dangerously hulking adapter a type c usb cable and you even get a pair of headphones bundled in there and yes they are 3.5 mil because you do actually have a headphone jack on the infinix record 10 pro the infinix has also kindly bundled a rubber johnny put-on as well to keep your freshdue note tempo nice and safe and i thought that was all but i too exactly noticed there’s also a screen protection chucked in there as well bonza plus what looks like a free dollar one dollar bill y’all but it’s actually precisely one x amber a uh an invitation to join the x team bangs saucy and there you go that actually is

everything you get crammed in the box now quite an action-packed extravaganza now the memorandum 10 pro itself is an absolute unit there’s no other statements for it at least seven inches in immensity this is definitely one for those who want their smartphone to be as big as humanly possible while still just about squeezing into their pocket or their handbag this representation right here is the purple version which is a color that has been suddenly disseminated by a particular american located smartphone make of course but i prefer the violet color of the memo 10 pro to be perfectly honest it’s not in your face it’s a nice insidiou hue and i like the divide two-tone design and that back end as well they’ve actually done what oneplus didn’t on their most recent flagships and frosted the part at the bottom that you’re actually going to be clutching so that doesn’t get all fingerprinty and greasy and apparently the infinix indicate 10 pro actually prevailed an iaf international gathering scheme allotment in the telecoms category so it is officially a proper full-on hottie as i mentioned before you do get a headphone jack on the observe temporal trendy hip huzzah you’ve also got an edge organized fingerprint sensor and a very massive camera chassis as well thankfully it doesn’t jutting as far from the surface of the smartphone as some recent adversaries and good information on the sim figurehead as well because you do have a room in there for two sim posters at once plus a separate micro sd remembrance card slit all right so it’s time to get this absolute godzilla of a smartphone all set up and ready for action and then we will take a tour of the hardware the software and of course test out that gaming accomplishment as well so as with other infinix smartphones what you get here is of course the latest freshest android 11.

But the gaze and feel has been changed up considerably with the addition of the xos launcher 7.6 and this adds a lot of bonus customization on top of the standard android substance so for example dive on into the home locates and you’ll see you’ve got a backside onu of gesture creates which you can set right there on your desktops you can play around with the image get your desktop set up precisely the practice you want them if you dive on into the deep-seateds menu as well you’ll find loadings of other bonus flecks in here that you don’t get with standard android frankly there’s too much to even begin to cover in a single unboxing video but i will hit on some of them such as the video helper tools and that gaming mode later on for its own security shenanigans you’ve got that perimeter prepared fingerprint sensor and so on seems perfectly responsive merely a light tap of your digit and there you go straight in and you do a face and fastening buoy on the infinix mention 10 pro as well although this is obviously less useful in a core video nature where we’re all face masked up half the time as you can see just as fast as for your storage well infix furnishes you a preference of either 120 or 256 gigs of internal storage with the memorandum 10 pro as you can see this is the higher model and you do have that micro sd support to expand it if you need to now if you’re

after a plan smartphone to take in lots of netflix disney plus youtube all that good substance on the flight well the infinix document tempo will certainly satisfy with its absolute fib of a 6.95 inch ips display the full hd plus settlement 2460 by 1080 means you’ll do nice crispy lucidity when watching supported material you can play around with the likes of the colouring output in the showing adjusts as well if you like the dyes are reasonably punchy as well for an ips panel nice wide contemplating directions and on top brightness no problems with that outdoor visibility and when you are enjoying a delightful fleck of youtube netflix or whatever you can drag out that video toolbox from the edge of the expose and this offers up all kinds of enormous peculiarities as you read there you can use this to block notifications so your sizzling textbook period isn’t interrupted you’ve also came screenshot and screen record features and the ability to play the audio in the background while the screen is hibernating that’s particularly good if you want to just listen to a podcast or something on youtube while you’ve got the phone folded in your pocket the infinix greenback 10 pro boss a stereo speaker yield as well which is becoming increasingly common on fund smartphones it’s always enormous to see and of course you’ve got that 3.5 mil headphone jack hallelujah if you require a bit more privacy want to block out irritating family members for

instance and you’ve got full support for a bit of dts audio as well which will fine-tune the yield depending on what you’re actually up to and you have an equalizer name in there too so if entertainment is one of your priorities in your new budget smartphone while the infinix memorandum 10 pro looks like it’s up to the task now powering the infinix memorandum 10 pro is one of mediatek’s helio g9 5 chipsets backed by the six or eight gigs of ram this is the 8 gig prototype there’s a bit of standard activity for any addicts out there and just as that absolute behemoth of a flaunt is perfectly well suited it’s a good fleck of media streaming on netflix and the rest it should also give you a nice clear view of the action when you’re gaming now the game zone is your one stop shop for all of your set android claims you are eligible to fast load them and you can also call up the dot link engine which basically ticks away in the background and make sure that you’re not disrupted again by any meanings or incoming calls and it can also provide cpu lift gpu raises make sure you’ve got all the resources you need to blast through those recent claims so let’s come some gaming on the go with a bit of game bench as well to see how well the record 10 pro treats the heat you can actually configure these chips mid tournament as well precisely by lag out the menu which as you can see there allows you again to block notifications you can actually make screenshots record the action all that good stuff more so the first activity i measured was call of duty portable one of my own personal favorite online crap-shooters

although admittedly i am still a bit cack at it but with the infinix document 10 pro i actually managed to blaze through pretty well murdering morphs left right and center that freaking big showing emphatically does help you can clearly distinguished any cowardly little buggers hiding away in the distance so you can plug them before they blow your butt off with the maxed out enclose frequency and the top detail sets as well as you can see there i’ve got a median formulate rate of 59 makes per second on the periodic little plunges below at 50 fps for the most part it nursed very steadily around that 60 fps maximum enclose rate and like a good deal of plan smartphones these days you’ve got fast touching sampling as well which is absolutely critical for fast-paced claims like label of duty mobile 180 hertz now on the infinix document 10 pro aids swipes what have you instantaneously registered in game as for the battery well unsurprisingly infinix has managed to pack in a massive 5000 m faculty artillery inside of the document 10 pro so hopefully that should be enough to keep you going all day long and should you need to give it a immediate top up at any point it patronizes 33 watt fast billing as for that mighty camera setup around back well it’s a quadruplet lens setup pate up by a 64 megapixel primary sensor this comes back on the usual ai smart so it can determine exactly what you’re

trying to take a photo of and nip the camera lays to suit and you can shoot at that maximum 64 megapixel solution if you like otherwise it shoots at 16 meg by default abusing pixel bucket time to help brighten up the sound temporarily strong illuminate and such forth you’ve also got an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens now on the infinix observe 10 pro which can also be used to shoot your super macro crackings if you so like and you’ve got all the usual bonus shenanigans including the obligatory beauty modes you’ve got your ever dependable description mode you do have a dedicated 2 megapixel biography lens around back as well as a 2 megapixel monochrome lens fairly standard fund carnival and if you think that’s all of the bonus camera shenanigans boy have you got another thing coming you’ve got tons of extra bonus trash crammed in there as well including a little of pro activity so you can tweak the likes the iso ranks the grey equilibrium get a very precise kind of shot and if you want to be shooting a bit of home movie act well that’s perfectly possible as well it shoots at 1080 p by default but as “youre seeing” there you can bump it up to 4k at 30 fps otherwise full hd at 60 fps as for the selfie cam well that’s a 16 meg attempt for all of your instagram needs you’ve got full support for the usual beauty mode shenanigans which i’ll probably need because it is lasting on a friday a bit of biography action as well and as ever frankly “i know i m” the selfie king so that in a nutshell right there me lovelies is the infinix note 10 pro now large-hearted thanks again to infinix for sponsor this unboxing and tour video and delight do let me know what you think down in the comments below have yourselves a fantastic residual of the week satisfy do protrude subscribe during that notifications as well yadda yadda all that youtube jazz as ever love you

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