Sony Xperia 1 III vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Speed Test

the xperia 1 mark iii is a substantial step in the best instructions for sony as well as is perhaps their fantastic smartphone to date yet can it complete versus the best android flagship tool of the year until now the samsung galaxy s21 ultra in the rate examination well it’s gon na be pretty near to core considering they have really comparable specifications theoretically they both residence qualcomm’s latest and biggest 5 nanometer processed node run snapdragon 888 chipset they both have 12 gigs of lpddr5 ram and they both have ufs 3.1 storage they’ve both been upgraded to their newest readily available software that being android 11 on both devices with close to supply experience on the sony and the sony has a 4k display screen while the samsung has a wqhd plus display screen and also they both have 120hz revitalize rate panels something that is a initial for sony this time around around i have actually ensured to disable all forms of battery optimizations on both gadgets and keep the computer animation ranges locked at 1x on both phones round 1 will be everything about boot finger prints and also face unlock around 2 will be all regarding first opening app speed and round 3 will certainly be everything about ram monitoring using my fingers obs let’s keep things exact we’re standing out gopro footage at the bottom left hand edge this is method and also without additional ado let’s go we’re mosting likely to kick kickstart round one off right here with a basic boot to see which one can power on quicker than the various other it is undoubtedly the xperia one mark 3 with 19 secs in contrast to 24.5 seconds on the samsung obtaining the xperia its first point right here entering into the phone for the very first time refreshing the app symbols as well as mosting likely to the house screen the xperia one mark iii did it a heck of a great deal quicker than that of the samsung picking up its second point as well as testing

out the finger print sensing unit here we have an ultrasonic one under the display of the samsung as well as a physical one side installed on the appropriate hand side of the sony the samsung was quicker every time around there and also sadly there is no choice for face recognition on the sony so i could not examine that one out blocking round one with 2 factors on the sony as opposed to one point on the s21 ultra going into round 2 over below examining out all the apps see which one can open it up quicker the sony was quicker in opening up the settings application quicker than that of the s21 ultra getting its initial factors in round two while the samsung and sony were neck and neck when opening up the calculator app and also i should just state that i did make certain that the illuminations were readied to max at the beginning of round 2 in addition to addicted to the very same wi-fi network as well as all the applications enclosed the background entering into our 3rd system app right here which is the electronic camera application the xperia one mark iii opens up it up quicker and flipping to the selfie video camera was as well close to call taking the snap the sony took it quicker and also waited a gallery quicker being up its 3rd factors instead of the absolutely no points on the s21 ultra entering into gallery the sony actually opened the application up quicker yet the samsung loaded the web page faster so no factor was designated over there yet the sony did undoubtedly open the picture that we just took slightly quicker than that of the samsung getting its fourth factors in contrast to the no on the samsung entering into adobe photoshop express over below the sony was quicker in entering into the application and it was quicker in opening the picture however the samsung in fact filled the entire page quicker so as soon as again no factor alloted that time around but the sony did undoubtedly save the image to gallery exporting slightly quicker than that of the s21 ultra entering into

adobe best thrill a video editing program over below an application undoubtedly entering into the sony was quicker in entering into the app and also right into the project grabbing its 7th as well as 8 factor over right here currently we’re mosting likely to press a 4k 25 fps video clip down to 1080p match the framework rate of 25 frames per 2nd i’m going to leave it at live below i’m not mosting likely to speed it up bottom right-hand man corner as you can see it claims 100 as well as the sony is going a little quicker than that of the s21 ultra getting its nine point over right here doing it in simply 7.5 secs two secs quicker than that of the s21 ultra’s 9.5 seconds the following app that we’ll be jumping into today is spotify as well as entering into this one the samsung determines to take its very first point right here one factor on the samsung rather than nine on the sony which is absolutely dominating over here going into astral vpn because we require a vpn right here in china so as to get into the rest of the apps in this test the sony opens it up quicker currently obtaining into that double number point phase with 10 factors as opposed to one on the samsung as well as allowing the vpn was as well close to call on both gadgets going into our very first application that calls for a vpn right here in china is google chrome and also going into that a person the sony not a surprise opens up that one up somewhat quicker as well now the samsung has actually been around a great deal longer than the sony so you would certainly anticipate it to be somewhat a lot more enhanced however that’s where you’re incorrect since the sony is in fact extra optimized with android given that it’s so darn near stock where samsung has a pretty hefty skin on top of it going right into facebook it was also close to call because they open up different things at different times with the very same outcome yet the samsung did without a doubt open up instagram somewhat quicker than that of sony entering into twitter once more also close to call right here so no factor was allocated thus far so great for the sony 11 factors instead of 2 not so good for the samsung two factors over there going into youtube over right here a little quicker on the sony choosing up its 12 points as well as going right into my account if we can ever before locate it considering that there’s a.

brand-new incognito mode delving into that one the sony once again grabs an additional point making 13 points on the sony instead of just 2 points on the samsung entering into one of my video clips on youtube the sony opened it up quicker played it quicker and loaded the entire web page quick in contrast to the samsung grabbing its 14th point going right into our next video streaming service which is of program netflix i’m pretty sure you guys have actually heard of it jumping right into that the sony was quick and open ended up but the samsung went into my account somewhat quicker over there making it 15 points on the sony and also three points currently on the s21 ultra going right into our initial criteria of 2 right here geekbench 5 version 5.4.1 running the benchmark i’ve sped it up lower right-hand man corner and after that slowed it down after the sony gets the point 16 points now 236 seconds as opposed to 3 mins and also 37 seconds on the samsung generally samsung gets a solitary core of over a thousand as well as a multicore close to 3 thousand but this moment it was pretty much half that in terms of solitary core which is pretty weird and sony did much better than what the samsung usually does anyhow so the factor was absolutely alloted and granted to the sony xperia one mark iii going right into our second criteria over below which focuses a lot more on graphics and also not a lot on cpu like we saw in the previous standard which was geekbench this is 3dmark.

wild animals this is simply a one minute little cardiovascular test absolutely nothing also laborious on the tool one min 10 secs for the sony rather than one minute 14 seconds on the samsung with 34 fps on the sony in contrast to 30.7 frameworks per second on the samsung once more sony taking the crown over right here with 17 points as opposed to simply four factors on the samsung galaxy s21 ultra going right into our initial game of 4 below which is subway surfers delving into this set it usually loads pretty similarly on android devices not this moment around it is indeed alloted toward the sony currently grabbing its 18th factor with just a 2nd or 2 behind that the samsung opening the same game going right into our 2nd video game over below third last game of the 23rd last game of the 4 games as well as 20 applications over here holy place run 2 established it up sluggish it back down sony xperia one mark iii grabs its 19th point can it make it to 20 sorry to say samsung there is no chance of coming back even if you get eight factors in the last 2 games second last video game over below is among us really excellent video game i make certain you guys have actually played it prior to going right into this oddly sufficient the samsung galaxy s21 ultra opens it up quicker yet simply a smidge of a 2nd quicker than that of the sony making it five points on the samsung rather than 19 points on the sony xperia 1 mark iii going into our last game over below which is pubg mobile a bit longer to load than previous games that we have actually just been opening it does crop the boundaries on the sony when completely display motion setting that is taken care of when in three switch setting but obviously the sony grabs its 20th factor here in contrast to the 5 points on the s21 ultra securing up round two with four times the rate as.

opposed to the s21 ultra good on you sony going into ram monitoring over below i only allocated factors if one phone keeps an application open and also the other one kills it or vice versa if both of them kill it no factors is designated if both of them keep it open no factor is assigned the sony maintained photoshop express open where the samsung eliminated it so it obtained assigned a factor previously when we opened the video camera app the sony didn’t have it turned dealing with ahead yet it doesn’t have the choice to maintain the setting that was last made use of where the samsung does so it maintained that dealing with forward yet they actually both maintained the application open in the background going into facebook over below that has to reload points on the page both of them however they did both keep them open exact same thing with instagram and twitter as well as with youtube it still remained on my account on both devices so no point was assigned over right here and also entering into netflix leaping right into that once more no factor alloted because they both maintained them open exact same point with geekbench 5 and 3dmark wild animals subway surfers was eliminated on both gadgets so once again no point assigned over there both devices maintained holy place run too open both of them kept among us open as well as certainly both of them have actually likewise maintained pubg mobile open meaning that they rather a lot did neck and neck in terms of ram management no surprise over here since they both flagship phones so to rack up 23 for the sony as opposed to just six factors on the s21 ultra and if we simply concentrate on raw rate raw performance that is around 220 factors on the sony four times that of the samsung’s 5 factors and also this moment i did something a bit different i included battery drain over here it took 21 mins to do the test both of them drained pipes by 7 percent battery however since the samsung has a somewhat larger battery it actually had an even worse milliamp per min reading this is technic as well as i’ll catch you in the next one you.

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