Sony Xperia 1 III Detailed REVIEW: One of a Kind!

the sony xperia 1 mark iii is the world’s first smartphone to pair a 4k hdr led display with a  120hz refresh rate which is possible thanks to a dedicated x1 display chipset it is also the first  to make use of a variable telephoto lens a dual phase detection sensor and of course the first  to embed a 360 degree reality audio experience through its front-facing stereo speakers now while  all that sounds insanely impressive it certainly increased the premium price up even more with all  that said it’s time to deep dive into my extremely detailed full review of the sony xperia 1 mach 3. I have the frosted gray color variants of the device you can also pick it up in frosted black or  frosted purple but if you want the gray variants it only comes in the 256 gig version of the phone  so if you opt for the 512 gig version you’re not going to be able to get the grey in your hands  we have gorilla glass victus on the front and gorilla glass 6 on the back with an aluminum

frame  sandwiching them together and the back is a matte finish though they are a slight tad of fingerprint  smudges that are apparent so you can purchase this stand cover case which looks fantastic  i actually got it for free when i purchased the sony xperia one mark iii it does have a kicker at  the back which makes it pretty simple and easy to use when watching movies or playing games in that  wonderful 21 by nine aspect ratio display mode of course the back looks absolutely phenomenal and  underneath the hood with a 4500mah battery which has increased as well as the increased 30 watt pdy  charging which comes in the box wireless charging as well ip68 certification and of course 5g  on the right hand side we have a volume rocker as well as a power button that doubles up as a  fingerprint sensor a voice assistant button which is something new and the old school  shutter button we’ve seen on sony xperia devices also have a dual sim 5g tray which can also  support microsdxc expansion as well as a 3.1 usb type-c ports and two microphones one at the bottom  one at the top and a 3.5 millimeter high res audio jack as well as dual stereo

speakers which support  360 degree audio dolby atmos and dse the camera bump is pretty minimal and pretty similar to other  flagships around though the very photo enhanced devices have a much larger camera module meaning  that the xperia 1 mark 3 doesn’t make much of a surface wobble when on a flat surface that is when  it comes to the designs actually did a poll on my channel most people absolutely adore the xperia 1  mark 3’s design and i have to admit it is so darn clean but it looks so similar to its predecessor  it is a lot lighter than other smartphones around but it is a lot narrower with the banana shape  that has come across from generation to generation from the mark 1 to the mark 2 to the mark 3  though it’s lighter and honestly it’s not that much taller than others but it is a hell of a lot  narrower making it easy to grip the back looks gorgeous like we’ve mentioned so many times but  what about the front well we are welcomed to a 6.5 inch 21 by 9 cinema wide display it is 4k hdr  early d 120 hertz refresh rate 240 hertz touch sampling rate 240 hertz motion blur reduction and  of course powering all of this is the wonderful x1 mobile display chipset comparing to other devices  around the 1 billion colors does make a difference it is the smallest screen out of the bunch over  here because of the top and bottom bezel that you see there some people actually still prefer this  weirdly enough i have asked a couple people a lot of people aren’t the biggest fans of the punch  hole notch nevertheless thousand three hundred nits is the unofficial statement of the brightness  of the xperia one mark iii which actually puts it on par with many other flagship devices around and  testing it in my studio over here it’s actually brighter with auto brightness off compared to  the s21 ultra which is a good thing and taking it outside wondering what that could do on

automatic  brightness because it can get high with peak using a lux you need to times it by 10 to get  to the nits of brightness and we’re getting well over 1 300 nits of brightness outdoors which is  a huge step up for sony especially for people that have used the predecessors when it comes to screen  to body ratio of course it’s not as impressive as other devices around due to the bezel at the  top and the bottom let me know what you guys think of this old-school design in terms of the screen  i don’t know it doesn’t really bother me too much since we have a 4k display over here with a 120  hertz refresh rates meaning that it’s finally matching the refresh rates of the four devices  on the left and out doing the apple iphone 12 pro max which is still stuck to 60hz hopefully that  changes near the end of the year it is just as smooth as all other devices here the xperia 1.

3  that is not the iphone and it looks even better thanks to it being 4k with extra clarity so i’m  not too sure how many pixels you can actually see on such a tiny screen 4k is enabled using the  creator mode and while we usually could disable the motion blur reduction there is no option for  it it’s just 240 hertz motion blur reduction all the time the creator mode looks slightly dimmer  than the standard mode but it does pop out the colors and make it look pretty nice meaning that  you can actually auto create the creator mode within individual apps instead of having it on  all the time which is great you also use the x1 chipset for mobile based on bravia tv over here  to enhance video as well which is great and taking a screenshot when in an app that is utilizing 120  hertz and the 4k you could see that it is at 4k and 120 fps after taking the screenshots same  thing with antutu and the same thing with youtube that youtube is kept at 60fps when you do decide  to pinch to zoom on youtube you lose a lot of the video because of the strange 21 by 9 aspect ratio  display but we can adjust quite a bit i’m

talking white balance of course over here and we do have  dark mode too but when you do decide to enable dark mode it’s not truly dark it’s kind of gray  with some things being very black most of the time it just looks washed out in all apps which is not  a big deal breaker i kind of think it looks snazzy but it’s not going to save your battery as much  as if it were to paint all the leds completely black of course we also have an always on display  though not too many options and you can’t really customize it that much it is a nice and bright a  lot brighter than other ones around now it is going to chomp some of your battery thankfully  it has increased to 4 500 milliamps we do have a physical fingerprint sensor this time around the  same as the xperia one mark ii of last year though it is improved quite a bit it is a lot faster than  that i can’t say it’s faster than other flagships using an in-display fingerprint sensor or even the  iphone 12 pro max’s 3d face id since it lacks a fingerprint sensor but it is a hell of a lot  quicker compared to last year and unfortunately there is still no option for face unlock that is  probably because when you touch the power button it just uses the fingerprint sensor anyway with  the selfie cam we have a 24 millimeter lens over here it is unfortunately only 8 megapixels photos  come out pretty clear but as soon as you go into half or even full bokeh the edge detection is  horrendous and when enabling every single mode that you can use within the portrait option of  the camera user interface you kind of land up looking like a bit of a bobby doll what’s up guys  this is technic recording a 1080p at 30 fps video using the brand new sony xperia 1 mark iii yes it  is a flagship and yes it cost a hell of a lot of money but no the selfie cam cannot exceed 1080p  or 30 frames per second there is also a feature that you can use across the board with all cameras  including the selfie and all of the back cams as well which is called wind filter intelligent wind  filter right now it’s currently off i’m going to go ahead and turn it on right now and now  intelligent wind filter has been enabled let me know if you guys can hear a difference there’s  not too much wind it’s a nice sunny day here in shanghai nevertheless let me know if you guys can  actually tell the difference recording video at night using the selfie cam is not really a go-to  for any device so just as other competitors around doesn’t look too fresh taking a pic using the  selfie camera knight doesn’t look terrible

there’s no night mode option but turning the flash on  makes it look great the biggest selling point of this phone is arguably the display but also  the cameras of course and this time around we get welcomed by a similar 12 megapixel trio of cameras  compared to the predecessor though the telephoto is now variable that can adjust between 70 to 105  millimeters lens in focal length that is this time around we also have a 3d itaf lens and of  course we have zeiss optics to cover them all up before we jump into the actual photo samples it’s  worth jumping into the camera user interface we have basic mode over here which is pretty much  a common user interface that you’d see on many other devices you have your zoom functions you can  switch well we also have ar zoom resolution zoom over here that’s something new for all  phones but you can change the bokeh over here and unlike other phones you can change your  continuous shooting or single shot shooting to high or low or just a single shot and  unlike other phones you can do it at 20 frames per second and unlike other phones you have  a two-phase shutter button but otherwise the camera ui in the basic settings mode is pretty  common compared to others but the thing that changes is when you flick from basic to auto or  go to program auto or any other camera mode that you’ve come to know and love within dslrs that is  very different on this phone compared to any other phone around this is a fully fledged  dslr software within the xperia one mark iii which has been inspired by sony’s own alpha team  and yes there are a ton of things you can tweak pretty much everything you can tweak within a  dslr camera you can tweak here and focusing is not too shabby i wouldn’t say it’s on par with sony’s  alpha cameras but the ultra wide cam looks great with regular look i’m not a pro photographer over  here so whenever i show the pro app that i’m using and i’m adjusting my own iso

and shutter speed  so on and so forth i’m not going to do as good of a job as a pro would but i can say that the  optical zoom looks fantastic as well as the main cameras even when using the basic mode  4.4 times optical zoom looks great even on the pro and 12.5 times you can enable the ai zoom it makes  a world of a difference moving to the pro mode i kind of got my white balance off a bit there  as well as my exposure but i’ll get used to you know it’s actually kind of exciting to be able to  use something so small on the go all the time and you can also take raw pics but unfortunately  my phone heated up within the first 20 minutes of taking these incredible photos  which kind of sucks of course we can use the 20 fps shutter button to get a crazy amount of  snaps in a short amount of time using burst and it looked pretty great though it wasn’t the clearest  and there is a macro mode which only automatically turns on though it doesn’t look the best  there is no bokeh in this shot of buzz i put on half bokeh over here using the basic camera app  and going into the pro mode using background blur and foreground blur you can really start to have  some fun with it now comparing it to the s21 ultra just with a regular snap these are all regular  snaps over here with the s21 ultra bin down to 12 megapixel using the same resolution as the  xperia 1 mark iii but of course it has been done to form one super pixel you can see quite a lot  it’s a lot brighter on the samsung but sometimes there’s just a tad more detail on the xperia  which is not what i was expecting over here though it is slightly different when we start zooming in  of course we have a larger focal length when it comes to the ultra wide meaning that we’re  getting a higher field of view which is a plus toward the s21 ultra and of course we can zoom  in even more with a periscope optical zoom of 10x on the samsung and a max digital zoom of 100x  which just completely out does the xperia 1 mark 3’s

12.5 x and looks a lot better even at 10x  when it comes to night mode both of them are using automatic ai night modes over here there  is only an automatic feature within the xperia you cannot just adjust it yourself unless you go into  pro mode and you change the exposure rates but taking the pictures compared to the s21 ultra of  course the s21 ultra looks better but it makes it look like daytime whereas the xperia makes it look  as it is in reality using the pro mode once again i am not a professional photographer  over here it was kind of tough for me it took me a hell of a long time to get these shots right  without them blurring out it is going to be hard if you do decide to purchase yourself an xperia 1  mark 3 and you are not a professional photographer already but when you do get the right shot it is  just so darn satisfying and someone asked me for a long exposure shot with a low iso and shutter  speed and there it is let me know what you guys think now when it comes to video recording within  the basic app we can use hdr but only at 30fps modes and there is no 4k 60 fps with a regular 16  by 9 aspect ratio within the main app and when you go into the cinema pro app you can do 4k at 60 fps  but only at an aspect ratio of 21 by nine meaning you’re first of all not getting full 4k but you  also can’t record 4k 60fps with a regular 16×9 aspect ratio and you have to create a complete  project for it meaning if you just want a quick 4k 60fps clip of say your kid running through the  garden you’re not going to be able to do it nice and snappy like you’ve come to do on most phones  now we do have 1080p at 60fps on the regular basic app which looks pretty good so you can  take a video of your kit like that i guess for all fps main over here using the basic  photo app um and you can also shoot 4k 24 fps using hdr 10 which looks phenomenal it’s  it kind of it looks like a movie i mean this

looks pretty great guys you have to admit now comparing  video to the s21 ultra of course the s21 ultra can do 16 by nine at 4k 60 fps but since the xperia is  limited to 30 i’m just comparing it like this so that you can compare detail and not fps i think  they are pretty much on par sometimes the sony camera actually looks more movie-like than that  of the s21 ultra if that is an aesthetic you guys are into gives it a bit of a darker tinge  now we do have a movie-like option that is cinema 4k using the cinema pro application over here and  it looks phenomenal of course you have to adjust the iso and the shutter speed and all that jazz  by yourself once again i’m not a pro videographer or photographer that is so it’s really tough for  me but i can’t say i didn’t have fun because i had oodles of fun 4k 30 fps using ultra wire in  the photo app 4k 30 fps is limited on the ultra wide cam even within the cinema pro app over here  and we do have venus cs which many of you have come to know and love professional photographers  and videographers that is gives it kind of an old-school thriller tinge over here to your video  which is pretty much all rights reserved to dslrs it’s really cool to see it on a phone  over here of course we did see it last year as well and when it comes to stabilization turning  stabilization off within settings you can see it’s very janky and wobbly enabling stabilization it’s  night and day compared to when it was off and stabilization on with the ultra wide cam  kind of gives it like a gopro feel i am running quite fast i was pretty scared of falling over  here nevertheless moving on from that we do have slow motion 720p at 120 fps using the basic app  though we can record cinema 4k with a strange 21×9 resolution at 4k 120 fps which is great but it  would have been

awesome to see slo-mo 4k 120 fps within the regular app for people that aren’t so  nerdy when it comes to professional photography and when it comes to recording night video once  again a lot brighter on the s21 ultra but the s21 ultra blows out all the lights and makes it  tries to make it look like daytime when it’s not actually prefer the footage on the xperia 1 mark 3  as opposed to the s21 ultra when it comes to night videographer since the xperia 1 mark 3 actually  handles all the lights a hell of a lot better even though the scene is not completely brightened up  it does capture what i’m actually seeing and not what my brain truly wants to see which is what the  s21 ultra is trying to give you cameras all well and great and that was a huge chunk of the video  i hope you guys enjoyed it but of course if you want to use your camera phone you have to charge  it up of course we have 30 watt wide charging and they haven’t announced how fast the wireless  charging is last year’s was 11 watt i’m assuming it’s the same over here we can now do reverse  wireless charging which is great but because the wireless charging is probably only 11 watts  reverse is probably only 5 watts which kind of sucks and we do have reverse usb power share  which is great charging another phone using a wired cable also have battery care over here  which allows you to cap your battery capacity to 90 so it doesn’t degrade your battery over time  or just charge up the last 10 percent just before you decide to wake up and of course once your  phone is all charged up you are welcome to android 11.

There is no heavy skin over this it’s pretty  much stock software with google integrated on the left and in the middle and through the play store  and with a quick search box at the bottom which is great even on the chinese variants of the phone  which i have here once you throw google on this phone it becomes a global google fi device though  when you remove the search bar at the bottom you have to manually rearrange all your icons which  is pretty time consuming for a reviewer such as myself going into the play store works as it would  and using google assistant actually works even with the integrated google assistant ai button  which is fantastic for those of you who know what i’m talking about good on you we also have a bar  on the side called sidesense of course you can disable it but you can use this to quickly jump  into apps or jump into multitasking and thanks to the long and lanky display over here of 21×9  aspect ratio yes it is possible to watch a video at the top and player game at the same time which  is what i’m doing right now with my previous video i hope that you guys did check that one out of  course this is the 2.0 to that baby and yes we can do a pop-out window of a video or any other app  that is within settings you can adjust that too and there’s one-handed operation mode over here  though it doesn’t actually work with full screen navigation gestures so you have to use side sense  if you do want to use it on the go you’re going to have to switch to the three button layouts in  terms of navigation and getting around your phone you just double tap the home button  but i do prefer full screen navigation gestures and you can indeed adjust the sensitivity of  pulling from the left or right to go back but when you have full screen navigation gestures enabled  most games crop in the screen because of the aspect ratio of the phone but the strange thing is  it’s not the game it’s actually the phone software which is something that i complained about last  year they still haven’t fixed it does work when you use the three button navigation instead of  the full screen gestures this really needs to get fixed but fortunately the haptic feedback  is absolutely fantastic and not only using it as day-to-day use we also have something called  dynamic vibration which has also been brought forward from last year and yes it vibrates your  hands with every little bit of noise three

is finally here and being that it has first released  in china i have managed to get my hands on it quite early that being said the prices in the  top right corner of the screen reflect the current chinese price of course talking about audio we do  have dolby atmos which is what we’ve also seen on many flagship phones these days but changing  things up is the 360 spatula sound coming through either the front facing speakers or  optimized through any headset you plug into them using obviously 360 degree audio system software now the speakers are said to be 40 louder compared to the xperia one mark  ii but how do they compare against two of the most impressive sounding smartphones around enemy contact me now of course when it comes to gaming we do have game enhancer which we’ve seen on sony devices  before where you can add games to it and then you can have an on-screen overlay when you’re playing  the game to do things such as screen record this time around you can actually screen record  at 120 fps though you’re limited to 720p when you do decide to do that we do have hs power control  which i’ll show you in a sec and it actually gives you an option for a 240 screen refresh  rate though it actually puts black slides in kind of frame skips so it’s actually 120 fps not 240  fps don’t get confused with that we also have an audio equalizer we can adjust the display’s colors  of course and once we’re in the game we can take screenshots and we can take recordings using that  120 fps mode which is awesome we also have the options that i just showed you at a glance that  you can quickly

jump into which is great and you can put some sensitive optimized touching areas  over there most impressive thing here is the hs power control when you plug in your charging cable  it doesn’t use the battery it just uses the power outlets but when you do pop in your 3.5 millimeter  audio device and you have hs power control plugged in as well it’s kind of a little bit uncomfortable  you can pop out any app of your choice when playing a game which is great you can also block  everything out and you can change your picture mode to gaming which makes it look more realistic  but less vivid and you also have an audio equalizer too which is of course great as well  and keeping the brightness maxed out is not a good thing since it limits the features it just popped  up saying that because the phone overheats it and got to almost 70 degrees in celsius and i didn’t  even play the game it was just five minutes of me showcasing the game enhanced features when inside  of a game talking about gentian impact over here which is the reason the phone overheats it so much  when you’re getting between 48 and 60 fps on max graphics over here the game is capped at 60 fps so  it’s no surprise just most phones with snapdragon 888 chipsets can do a solid 60 most of the time so  it’s kind of a bummer and the ps5 controller is still not supported for the xperia 1 mark  iii it just kind of flies around the place and the stick drift is a real problem even  when

jumping onto the phone using the new dual sense controller from the ps5 but you can still  use an xbox controller which is ironic but doable call of duty mobile over here very high graphics  the max fps here is 6d unfortunately it can go to 90 but only on medium graphics we don’t have that  option yet i’m pretty sure it will get included in the future and moving on to pubg mobile hdr  graphics with extreme fps here which is 60 once again the game can go up to 90 fps but there is  no support for the xperia one mark iii as of yet i’m pretty sure it will get support relatively  soon but a solid 60 fps is definitely welcome and now we actually can make use of the ultra hd mode  within pubg mobile because we have an ultra hd display over here though it is capped at 40 fps of  course we’re not utilizing 120 fps it still looks absolutely stunning now moving on to dead trigger  2 which usually doesn’t have an fps cap at all we’re capping at 60 over here which kind of sucks  once again an issue with the game not necessarily an issue with the phone i’m pretty sure this will  get fixed in the future we are of course getting a solid 60 fps max graphics in bullet force max  fps over here we’re sitting at pretty much a solid 120 fps fluctuating between 110 and 121  it feels good it looks fantastic i just can’t get over this display and of course you’re not going  to have any distractions in terms of touching the edges of your device thanks to the added little  borders over there which are some will like some not really enjoy the aesthetic of the display and  of course real racing three going all the way up to 120 fps as well pretty solid over there  but what about benchmarks well of course

we have 12 gigs of lpddr5 ram we have ufs a 3.1 storage  and we have that wonderfully powered snapdragon 888 chipset which is powering the whole device  and a huge 4500 milliamp hour battery which has increased from the 4000 milliamp hour battery  of last year which is good to see we’re using game enhance here and performance mode to jump  through and tutu geekbench and 3dmark wildlife and after doing all of those testing out the battery  percentage strain it drained by seven percent at a rate of 21 milliamp hours per minute and the  temperature jumped up by 15.7 degrees in celsius so it was better than the average snapdragon 888  chipset powered smartphones on my channel in terms of milliampere permanent drain as well as  temperature gained but the phone did certainly throttle and that is why the screen is dim  even though i have the brightness max start nevertheless talking about antutu over here  we got a score of 818 000 which puts it second on the list of snapdragon 888 chipsets devices  filmed in this video and moving on to geekbench version five we’ve got a score of one one two  four for single core and three two nine one for multi-core which puts it pretty similar to all  other snapdragon 888 chipset smartphones around as well as 3dmark wildlife which got an fps of 33.2  which is slightly above the s21 ultra and slightly below the other snapdragon 88 powered devices  the sony xperia 1 mark 3 is arguably the cleanest looking designed smartphone of the year but aside  from its matte back finish it looks identical to its predecessor which means it’s just as

narrow  and just as tall but in all honesty it kind of grows on you and makes you realize just how fat  other phones have become the only thing getting in the way of the xperia’s neat rear glass back  finish is the camera module which once again looks identical to the mark ii but does have some worthy  improvements mainly within the zoom department which has increased in terms of optical and  digital depth and quality thanks to that variable telephoto lens but unfortunately falls short of  its competitors not only in zooming functionality but also the ability to generate consistent shots  from a simple point and shoot perspective that’s not to say the camera system isn’t capable because  it very much is it’s just a lot more capable in the hands of a professional photographer with its  basic camera ui taking a major back seat however the display is very much in the driving seats  thanks to its improved brightness same grades 4k 10 bit early d display and long overdue high 120  hertz refresh rate which translates to quality looking fluidity across the board and while some  games also take advantage of the display powered by the x1 display chip and flagship snapdragon 888  processing chip other games just can’t handle the heat gaming software within sony’s latest flagship  is no gimmick either thanks to hs power control 120 fps screen recording and of course audio and  video tuning speaking of software sony’s take on android 11 is very much stock-like with great  optimizations and welcome extra features the pro camera and video software is also littered with  features though take some getting used to if you aren’t already familiar with dslrs the sony xperia  1 mark iii houses all the same flagship features found within other top-end flagship smartphones  and then some i mean are there any other phones in the world that have a 4k 120hz display  variable telephoto lens or 360 degree spatula audio if your answer is no  then that’s exactly why the xperia 1 mark iii is so darn expensive it truly is one of a kind

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