DETAILED REVIEW vivo X60 Pro+ – Making a Statement.

the vivo x60 pro plus is finally here and i’ve been extremely excited for it due to it housing a very bright 50 megapixel isoscell gn1 sensor gimbal stabilized sony imx 598 ultrawide sensor periscope and telephoto camera wrapped in zeiss coating and slapped into a nano crystalline camera module on top of a gorgeous high grade leather backing and let’s not forget about the snapdragon 888 chipset under the hood and innovative origin os software skinned over android 11. we get earphones in the box over here which is definitely not what flagship companies are going for let alone the charger we get an actual dongle for your earphones as well as a hard shell case and we get a charger bundled in the box with a type c to type a cable and that charger is indeed flash charge 55 watt charging i’m super excited to get into this phone so let’s go ahead and unwrap it this is the phantom blue variants of the phone it also comes in classic orange not quite sure where they got that phrase phantom from leave that one up in the air for you guys it looks absolutely fantastic with this eco leather back it really does strike me as a gorgeous phone 4 200 milliamp

hour battery 55 watt charging unfortunately no wireless charging no ip certification but we do have 5g and nfc like i said that backing is of course high grade leather also have an aluminum frame and gorilla glass 6 at the front and fingerprint smudges are not apparent whatsoever due to it being a leather back but if you are a little bit skeptical about getting a scuff in that you do have that included hard case in the box and it doesn’t look that bad i guess you could say i’d rather prefer to use it without it we have a textured power button non-split volume rocker it says professional photography at the top of the phone we do have dual sim over here but unfortunately no space for a micro sdxc slots we do have usb 2.0 transfer speeds that is usb type c we have a single downward firing speaker it does not utilize the top earpiece which kind of sucks that camera module isn’t that small compared to other phones around it might be a tad smaller though it’s still quite hefty meaning that when it’s on a flat surface it’s definitely going to have quite a bit of camera wobble pretty much the same as all other phones with a

decent camera setup on the back though the design looks spectacular honestly it’s a little subtle but it’s very classy that leather finish the touch to the fingertip is just outstanding compared to all these gloss backs i really like it there’s so many glass phones out there having something different is certainly unique but what about the front since that back is so darn gorgeous 20 by nine aspect ratio 6.56 inch dot display it is full hd plus it is amoled and we do have hdr 10 plus capabilities 1 300 nits of peak brightness 120 hertz refresh rate and 240 hertz touch sampling rates it looks really good nice close-up and personal any angle that you view it in pretty much and the color accuracy is on par with all other flagships around even its little brother the iq7 curvature compared to other curved phones around the vivo being at the top of there it’s not the deepest such as the huawei but it’s not as subtle as the xiaomi and as the samsung are but it looks pretty good and like i said color reproduction on this panel is pretty accurate compared to the rest of the phones here it does really pop not so much stand out amongst these other phones but it’s in par with all the top line flagship phones aside from the iq7 which is a little bit cheaper all the

way on the left-hand side we have minimal bezels over here though not the tiniest bezels at least we don’t have those little chuffed ears at the corner of each corner over there like you see on the xiaomi unfortunately no qhd resolution here we’re stuck to full hd plus as we’ve seen on the iq7 we do have 120 hertz refresh rate though and we have smart switch and 60 hertz some go for either 60 and 120 or 60 and smart switch 60 and adaptive this has all three which is a big plus and of course if you compare 120 hertz across the board here the quality of all of them looks pretty good i mean you can’t really see it you actually have to feel it in real life to know what i’m talking about it’s a little bit quicker than the huawei on the right hand side but 90 hertz i still feel there’s the sweet spot it’s always good to have the overpowered 120 though if games do support it we’ll get to that a little bit later on we have a couple other options when it comes to the display you can change color ultra hd to make things look more vibrant when you’re in the gallery and you can switch if you want to hide the camera in certain apps we do have dark mode and you can change your wallpaper to be more dim when you are in dark mode and you can make it lighter and darker which is neat but it doesn’t work in all third-party apps it does work in some of course it works in first party apps and it does a pretty great job we have an always-on display as well it’s not as customizable as you would see in color oh 11.

Though we do have a sensory clock which changes over time which is pretty cool have a couple customization options but the original origin os one still is my favorite we do have a fingerprint sensor it is optical not ultrasonic over here we can change the fingerprint icon animation as well as the recognition animation to a bunch of different choices here it looks pretty great i like the one with no animation i think it looks absolutely fantastic since you don’t have to worry about seeing anything and comparing the speed to its brother the iq7 it’s a tad quicker than that a lot quicker than the xiaomi but that is obviously heavily skinned with miui 12 animations the samsung is a tad quicker in many circumstances due to its second generation ultrasonic sensor but we do have a vivo here which was the first to bring under display fingerprint sensors across the board we also have facial recognition which is nice and snappy we can add animations though it’s not around the camera so it looks a bit strange compared to its little brother the iq7 wards bigger brother i guess recently released the tag quicker attack quicker than the xiaomi pretty much on pau actually a bit quicker than the samsung of course they’re not known for fast facial recognition but you got to remember that it’s not as secure as the huawei because the huawei has a 3d system and we do have a 32 megapixel f 2.

5 selfie snapper this is the same camera that we’ve seen in very recent vivo flagships of the x series looks pretty great though there’s some edge detection as this is technic recording a 1080p yep 1080pm 30 frames per second yep 30fps on the new flagship phone from vivo the x60 pro plus pro and plus yet we’re kept at 1080p and 30fps when recording using the selfie video so it turns out that noise reduction was actually enabled never seen that before on a smartphone selfie video recorder i just disabled it now let me know what you guys think of the difference in the audio quality from when the background noise is reduced compared to just what you would regularly see on any other smartphone like this when it comes to night

mode it looks okay it’s pretty dark here when you use night mode and you put it on beauty is off but it makes my face look like a bit of a brushed doll flash on looks a hell of a lot better if you ask me now the main camera is the main reason that you are here right now we have a 50 megapixel iso cell gn1 sensor we have optical image stabilization and laser autofocus for this guy for the first time in your smartphone an ultra wide sensor is getting a gimbal here and it has a 114 degrees field of view and the gimbal can adjust that by give or take three degrees of movement also have a periscope and a tailor photo and of course we have a zeiss tea coating around both sides of each lens at the back of the phone the ultra wide looks fantastic as you would expect from the imax 598 you actually get a 100 megapixel main mode which is actually upscaled 50 megapixel main over here 12.5 41 pixel binning looks fantastic due to ai we have two times zoom which is optical using the 32 megapixel sensor eight megapixel periscope five times optical 10 times digital still looks pretty good 30 times digital doesn’t look good 60 times just it’s a no-go guys the samsung s21 ultra can definitely do a better job when it comes to portraits i did stand

back to get the two times it doesn’t look that great due to edge detection we need a lidar here i guess and the macro mode is actually surprisingly good now talking about the main sensors compared to the s21 ultra on the right the x60 pro on the left actually takes better pictures in my opinion it’s a lot brighter you can sense that the aperture is wider here in all scenes across the board though i do think there’s more dynamic range within the s21 ultra we do have 8k video at 30fps when it’s at 30fps it usually means it’s upscaled from 6k instead of raw 8k footage 24 frames per second we do have 4k at 60fps which is good with ois it’s nice and stable when i’m walking super slow yeah you’ll see when we get to the gimbal action later 1080p 60fps looks just as good not as much detail as 4k but it’s nice and smooth nonetheless here is the ultra wide mode with the gimbal enabled 4k 60fps and gimbal i mean it’s doing a great job you’ll see what i mean in a second it doesn’t show the gimbal camera the ultra white camera really moving there but when we switch to the ultrawide mode then it kicks in and when you see this oh my goodness the smile on anyone’s face when they

see this camera move within their smartphone module is absolutely phenomenal gimbal offer on the left gimbal on the right you can see a huge difference over there gimbal off all the way on the left on the middle and on and ultra stable on the right i think the middle one with just the gimbal on is the perfect balance between quality and stabilization now the s21 ultra on the right hand side doesn’t have a gimbal i’m gonna leave this one open-ended let me know what you guys think in terms of stability compared to the s21 ultra on the right hand side just regular 4k 60fps footage here you can definitely see a bit of shakiness coming from the main sensor on the x60 pro plus now moving on to night mode this is night mode off but guys this was really dark all i could really see here were those lights turning night mode on doesn’t make much of a difference since the sensor is so wide it collects all the light data already we do have night mode for the first time for vivo video recording it does a great job but you lose a lot of detail you do get a lot of light and you gain a lot of color but yeah it’s much of a muchness i think it’s still a gimmick we still have quite a bit to do we do have origin os 1.0 it is amazing guys skinned over android 11 here there is

so much to talk about in my vivo iq 7 review that i posted recently i did cover most of the stuff i’m going to go through it very similarly over here i do have some timestamps in the description if you want to skip over this though we can travel into a parallel world which is regular android and go back to this ios mixed android looking one we can split and remove splits combined icons we can adjust the sizes of pretty much any icon out there it’s really awesome we have these things called core components of course it’s only released in china for now but i’m sure we’ll see more cool components in relation to westernized societies going forward we can customize colors of the notification pad we can change the background to go to a monochrome theme a blurred theme a sky where it shows the weather at the top as well as a time theme which shows you shadows which reflect the actual time of the day we have a dynamic wallpaper only one we have static and we have this thing over here which is actually really cool it this wallpaper works in a sense that how long you walk in a day so if you have four thousand six thousand eight thousand ten thousand steps it slightly opens that’s why mine wasn’t very open i’m a youtuber i’m sitting most of the time we have some gestures which you can flick between cards which you can pull in from the right hand side you have shortcuts to jump in

with the camera we have split screen over here and adding in split screen you can then add this combination to your home screen to open up in a ready prepared split screen for later there it is tap on that it reopens both apps together the way that you left them off that is absolutely fantastic and we have this multitasking view like you would see on windows xiaomi’s trying to get this right i think vivo have nailed it we have a bunch of different animation styles which you can flick between from fingerprint sensors of course like i showed you earlier to crazy things like plugging in your charger and you can translate everything on the screen and save it as a picture for later which is a big plus for people studying or working abroad the haptics feel as they should for a flagship of this sort but what about the speakers let’s test out the single super audio speaker from vivo compared to the dual stereo speakers using dolby atmos from samsung now let’s go ahead and use that super audio tech and let’s give some gaming a listen who’s there

what do we have here talking about gaming we do have three gigs of extra ram on top of 12 so it says but it’s actually using the rom and not the ram i usually use game bench pro to test out fps but unfortunately it hasn’t been working on snapdragon 888 power devices so i usually shoot over to developer options like the samsung actually showed an fps counter over there that’s lacking on the vivo but we can show the fps at the top left though it’s just showing what that screen can do not actual real time counting so that’s what we’re going to use for now hopefully that changes going forward gentian impact most of you guys have been asking for this let’s focus on the in-game overlay that you get from ultra game mode within the vivo the best thing about it is this eagle eye view which pops the brightness higher than its max as well it gives this incredible color and lighting everything just comes to life we’re going to jump up all these settings in terms of graphics and fps for ganshin impact it says 120 though the game is capped at 60.

This is not a real world fps counter so i guess that is probably why it’s saying 120 hopefully in the future i can do a gaming review on this phone and we’ll be able to use a more real-time fps console for that but it looks like it’s hitting 60fps with a snapdragon 888 you would kind of expect it with full hd we said pubg mobile here of course we do have 90 fps mode on other devices it still hasn’t come to snapdragon 888 powered smartphones yet so we’re only hitting 60 though it should be hitting a solid 60 since the snapdragon 865 plus was hitting a solid 60 most the time with these same settings no problem over there dead trigger 2 unfortunately no ultra high graphic option no 120 hertz fps refresh rate option over here so once again stuck to 60 hopefully this changes going forward hopefully the developers hear me out there real racing three have already jumped on board with the new snapdragon chipset 120 fps over here on screen once again not real

time now let’s move on to some benchmarks so we’re gonna test out i’m gonna do things a little bit differently very similar to my recent benchmark test we’re gonna test out the battery at the start as well as the temp at the start using a heat gun then we’re gonna run through three benchmarks that being and two two version eight geekbench version five and 3dmark wildlife and at the end of all three of those tests we’re going to check the battery drain as well as the temp gain and then we’ll get to the scores of all three and that’s right now so the battery drain of the x60 pro plus got a rate of 22.4 milliamp hours per minute and in terms of temperature it added 16.

5 degrees in celsius and 2-2 benchmark score results here 732 388 points making it the highest ranked ever seen on my channel here geekbencher iphone on top taking the crown there though i don’t think the vivo x60 pro plus is that far behind considering it is a much cheaper phone when it comes to 3dmark wildlife the iphone right at the top there with a score of over 8049 frames per second the vivo pretty much slap bang in the middle with 5741 points and 34.4 fps the vivo x60 pro plus might not have the

biggest battery wireless charging wqhd resolution dual speakers or an ip certification and honestly at this price point it should have at least two of those five things but it does have an elegant leather design flagship worthy camera setup super bright curved amoled display that boasts a 120 hertz refresh rates snapdragon 888 chipset paired with 12 gigs of rp ddr5 ram and ufs 3.1 storage that crushes any game you throw at it and adds some memorable features to its new android 11 skinned origin os software but it’s not alone in the race for being one of the best android smartphones around its recently released sibling the vivo iq7 and probably its biggest rival the xiaomi mi 11 both cost a lot less money the iq7 may sport 120 watt flash charging and the mi 11 might have a wqhd display and wireless charging as well but neither of them come close to the camera capabilities of the x60 pro plus on the other hand we have the samsung galaxy s21 ultra and huawei mate 40 pro they both have flagship features that the vivo lacks but they both cost a hell of a lot more money not to mention the huawei is missing google services that leaves us with the vivo x60 pro plus a brilliantly crafted piece of kit that i could definitely recommend for some but in this case i’d rather cough up the extra cash for a phone with all the balls and whistles after all it will still put a pretty big dent in your wallet

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