Samsung S21 Ultra vs Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Mi 11 vs Mate 40 Pro Charging Speed Test

we already know that the samsung galaxy s21 ultra has good very good battery life based on my recent battery drain test but in order to use the battery it first needs to be charged up and that is why today we will be comparing its charging speed to its competitors as well as some of the fastest charging flagships around the s21 ultra does come paired with a 5000mah battery but unfortunately no charger in the box so if you want that pd block you’re gonna have to spend extra to get 25 watt charging but you could always use your old one from say your note 20 ultra also with 25 watt charging but a smaller 4 500 milliamp so the smallest battery here the iphone 12 pro max three six eight seven milliamps and the lowest wattage charging at 20 watts also not included in the box the mi 11 comes with a 55 watt charger free but not in the box and a 4 600 milliamp hour battery the made 40 pro 400 milliamp battery and 66 watt charger in the box i’m super excited to see how these phones stack up against each other especially that s21 ultra on the left over there this is a technique and without further ado let’s go we’re going to start here by checking the temps of all phones they’re not currently plugged in charge so you can’t really compare this at the current point in time this is pretty much just room temperature we have the percentage above each phone below the branding of the phone and that percentage is in relation to the time it’s about the top right hand corner since it’s not in real time after six minutes we have 10 on the s21 ultra 9 on the note 20 ultra 9 on the iphone 23 on the xiaomi and 17 on the huawei mate 40 pro checking out those temps at the moment we have the coolest being the iphone 12 pro max and the hottest bmw 11.

I have made sure to disable all forms of charging optimizations on all devices of year xiaomi is the only one that doesn’t actually have it after 10 minutes we have 18 on the s21 ultra 15 on the note 20 ultra with a smaller battery at that 17 beating the note 20 ultra is the iphone 12 pro max but it has an even smaller battery than that one of the largest batteries here the mi 11 but 55 watt charging 39 and 31 on the mate 40 pro after 15 minutes we now have 43 on the 840 pro it is now 11 percent behind the me 11 55 watt charging even though it has a smaller wattage block and a smaller battery it’s not doing quite as well as the m11 27 on the s21 ultra 23 on the note 20 ultra after 20 minutes we have 33 on the iphone a 30 on the note 20 ultra now catching up 36 percent on the s21 ultra beating those two 64 leading the pack here is the ashami and 56 percent on the mate 40 a pro with the hottest still being the xiaomi in terms of interval and peak reaching that 30 minute mark interval we have 55 on the s21 ultra 46 on the note 20 ultra 9

behind its newer brother 51 on the iphone 12 pro max which is pretty impressive to say the least 30 minutes for an iphone but it does have the smallest battery here hottest device is still the xiaomi but it has 85 percent of juice already and 77 on the mate 40 pro slowly catching up here and the coolest so far i’m impressed the note 20 ultra not the iphone after 45 minutes we have 81 on the s21 ultra 68 on the note 20 ultra now really starting to fall behind even five percent behind the iphone 12 pro max 99 on the me living about to clock out and 93 percent when you made 40 pro and after just 47 minutes the me 11 says cool guys i am done with this though my battery doesn’t last quite as long as the rest of the devices here i can certainly charge up quicker 47 minutes is still pretty quick charging its advertise time is 45 minutes i have hit 45 minutes before but unfortunately i left always on display on at the start on the xiaomi circuit would take two minutes over there pretty much 45 47 minutes still the winner of this test of year the mate 40 pro is in second place here 99 there and then 100 57 minutes 10 minutes slower than the xiaomi with a smaller battery and a

larger wattage charging block though it didn’t get quite as hot in terms of peak but its end temp was hotter than the xiaomi’s when you look at the actual milliamp hour per minute at the start compared to the end the first 50 on the xiaomi was a lot higher than the huawei and they were a little bit closer during the whole test 97 for the xiaomi and 77 for the huawei after one hour and nine minutes at the bottom over there on the always on display of the samsung galaxy s21 outro places third here within hour and nine minutes that’s pretty good battery charging time considering it has such a large five thousand milliamp hour battery here 72.5 milliamp per minute compared to the huawei so just five behind that but it’s because it has a much bigger battery than the huawei that’s why it’s milliamp per minute rate is almost on par with it the note 20 ultra with a smaller battery knocks out at an hour and 18 minutes so nine minutes slower than the s21 ultra even though it has a smaller battery and the same charging wattage the samsung is doing some great stuff over here with the s21 ultra i just wish the charging was a little bit faster though we can’t complain considering the iphone 12 pro max is the only one not juiced up at the

current moment and it’s been an hour and 30 minutes and it is still on 97 it really slows down with this last five percent even if charging optimizations is off and i did make sure it’s been off this entire test i always check i get a bit paranoid about it because it just decides to automatically turn on but i made sure it was off the whole test and it did finish off here in an hour and 45 minutes which is okay for iphone standards i guess you could say not compared to the rest of the devices over here it did a pretty decent job the best time i’ve gotten for it is an hour and 39 minutes but its last five percent hit seven point four million power per minute reading which is ridiculous considering it got thirty five point one million power per minute throughout the entire test first place yeah the iphone 12 pro max 20 watt charging three six eight seven milliamp hour battery an hour and 45 minutes very slow charging come on iphone what are you doing here what are you doing apple fourth place no 20 ultra not that much better than an hour and 18 minutes 25 watt charging pretty much bigger battery than the iphone at 4 500 milliamps third place another samsung over here the brand new s21 ultra nine minutes quicker charging then the note 20 ultra and a much bigger battery at 5000 milliamps same charging of 25 watts pretty

impressed with it i guess you could say second place here the huawei mate 40 pro 57 minutes i’ve gotten a result of 49 minutes before so i’m not quite sure what happened this time around 66 watt charging 4 400 milliamp hour battery the king of this test not of all charging speed test the me 11 47 minutes is still great i’ve gotten 45 minutes before that is the advertised time so pretty on power 55 watt charging 4 600 milliamp hour battery the s21 ultra didn’t do too bad considering its predecessor charged at 45 watts will could charge at 45 watts and sat around about an hour but it was said that the 45 watt block in the 25 watt block only had like a two or three minute difference between them so i usually got between an hour and an hour and 15 minutes on the s20 ultra so it’s pretty decent over here with the iphone the milliamp hour permanent reading and its first 50 was 61.5 as opposed to 35 during the whole test where the others were a lot higher than that next up from that is the samsung with 70 milliamp hours per minute in its first 32 minutes where it reached 50 percent 57.7 milliamp hours in its total time samsung not too bad with 72 on the f21 ultra then the huawei with 77 and 97 on the me 11.

my biggest gripe here is the iphone with its last five percent hitting only 7.4 milliamp hour per minute even though its charging optimizations were off and if we take a look at the temperature you can tell why the iphone ended at 23.3 degrees in celsius a lot cooler than the rest of them here the next coolest is the s21 ultra at 28.9 degrees celsius the hottest end temp was the huawei with 36 the hottest peak was the xiaomi with almost 50 degrees in celsius but it still can’t match how hot it gets during a battery drain test wink wink and the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra had the lowest peak which is actually pretty impressive i hope that you guys enjoyed watching this video as much as i did making it it’s up to the channel would be epic this is technic and i’ll see you in the next one you.

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