POCO M3 vs ROG 3 / OnePlus 8T / Redmi K30 / OPPO F17 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Life DRAIN Test

this is a battery life drain test between the poco m3 rog phone 3 oneplus 8t redmi k30 which is pretty much a poco x2 oppo f17 pro and iphone 12 pro max so the one that we’re gonna be focusing on the most here today is indeed the poco am3 since it comes with a minimal 129 dollar starting the price and it has a whopping 6 000 milliamp hour battery links in the description down below as well as some coupons the poco m3 matches the rog phone 3’s massive battery capacity with six thousand milliamps where 4500 on the redmi and one plus device the oppo is paired with a 4015 milliamp hour battery and the smallest all the way on the right is the iphone 12 pro max with a 3 687 milliamp battery of course it is going down in order from largest on the left to smallest on the right hand side we have updated

them all to their latest available software via android 10 on most android devices so we have android 11 on the oneplus and offo device ios 14 on the iphone of course the rog one plus and oppo devices are paired with amoled panels the iphone with an xdr led panel and the redmi and poco m3 with

ips lcd displays i’ve also dropped down the refresh rates from the phones with a high refresh rate available down to 60 to match the rest all devices are fitted with full hd plus resolutions except for the iphone which sits somewhere between full hd and qhd this cannot be changed unfortunately i’ll be jumping through the same amount of apps for the same amount of time on all devices varying between regular usage apps music streaming apps social media apps games and even benchmarks this is technic this is my real life battery drain test and without further ado let’s go all the phones are currently placed on charge and they are all sitting at a hundred percent battery level i will be using an emissivity level of 0.5 on my infrared heat gun to test out the heat of all devices throughout the intervals of the test which you’ll see in just a moment testing them all at the current moment you can’t really say is very accurate in terms of usage since they’re all plugged into charge though this will change to intervals so as soon as we hit that 30 minute mark interval this will gradually change and we’ll also get some peak attempts as well we have the time at the top right hand corner that is indeed the interval which the percentages above each phone is in relation to since this is not real time of course the phone branding above the

respective percentage we have some specifications at the bottom of each device in case you forgot about those and at the bottom right hand corner we have the current app that we’re busy using after the first interval which is indeed 30 minutes we have 97 on the poco 100 still on the oneplus 8t below that 99 on the rog phone 3 matching the iphone 12 pro max the lowest over here is indeed the oppo with 95 and in between all of them is the redmi k30 with 97 but you must remember that the poco and the redmi devices are both paired with ips lcd screens meaning that they aren’t quite as efficient as the led or amoled panels that you see on the rest of the devices over here after that one hour mark interval we have 92 on the poco 96 on the rog 97 on the one plus 94 on the redmi 90 on the oppo and 95 on the iphone 12 pro max which is indeed beating the poco m3 all around the left even though that has the biggest battery of the lots and the iphone has the smallest battery of the lot the main reason for this is because the iphone is actually using the new and improved five nanometer a14 bionic chip while the poco is using a slightly older snapdragon 662 which is a mid-range chip or even a low grade chip running on 11 nanometer tech i’ll get to that in a sec but as of right now we have one hour and 31 minute mark 86 on the poker which is now three percent behind the iphone 12 pro max 92 on the rg phone three just behind that the oneplus 8t doing a great job with a much smaller battery at 90 88 on the redmi k30 which is now five percent ahead of the second smallest battery of the test here which is indeed the oppo with 83 percent we’re nearing onto that two hour mark interval and getting to that one we have 82 percent on the poco which is not just three

percent behind the iphone 88 on the rog phone three two percent ahead of the oneplus 8t the oneplus 80 is indeed ahead of the redmi k30 and four percent behind that is the oppo with 79 so far the highest peak when it comes to degrees in celsius is indeed the oneplus 8t with the lowest peak and lowest interval being the iphone and the hottest interval of the last interval being the two hour mark was the poco m3 we’re now on the two hour 30 minute mark and we have the poco sitting at 77 85 percent on the rog the iphone 12 is now four percent ahead of the poker at 81 74 trailing the pack over here is the oppo f17 pro just ahead of that the redmi k36 percent ahead of that that is and the oneplus 8t is only two percent ahead of the redmi but they do both have the same sized battery cells but remember the redmi has an lcd panel where the oneplus has an amoled panel three hours down the line 73 on the poco 82 on the rog 79 on the oneplus 76 on the redmi is 70 on the oppo and 78 on the iphone 12 pro max now 5 ahead of the poco the smallest battery as opposed to the largest the rog phone 3 does have the same sized battery soul as the poco m3 but like i was saying earlier when it comes to efficiency the rog phone is using seven nanometer plus process node technology while the poco is using 11 nanometer process node technology the most efficient here being the iphone 12 pro max with five nanometer processor technology but it kind of needs this since it’s a 5g mobile many devices over here are indeed 5g compatible devices so this test isn’t really in relation to how you use your phone when it is on the cellular network such as lte or 5g they’re all hooked

to the same wi-fi however and before i started the test i made sure that they were all set to the exact same brightness level using a lux luminous meter as i showed you in introduction of the video and i’ve also made sure to disable x mode on the rog phone 3 but sometimes it decides to sneak back up i’ll show you guys a little bit later but i do make sure i turn it off for the most accurate results over here we’re currently selfie video recording 1080p at 30fps and after that four hour markings for the previous one the poker’s on 64 but the lowest is the op on 63 so one of the biggest batteries is almost lost at the current moment but stick with me it gets extremely interesting later on four hours 30 minutes we have the poco now below 60 percent matching the oppo with 57 the rog phone leading the pack was seventy percent just two percent behind that the much smaller battery capacity four thousand five hundred million per battery one plus eight t the redmi was 58 and the iphone with 63 i’m currently running main video 1080p 30fps i usually do it at 4k but i’ve dropped it to 1080p because the poco’s max resolution when it comes to the ability to record video using the back or the front cams is 1080p 30fps which kind of sucks but i had to keep things even that is one of the few things that has changed compared to my previous drain test this is another thing that has changed i’m going to be running into two for 30 minutes instead of just 10 minutes and then moving on to 3d

mark the strange thing that happened here was that before i started running this test doing the battery drain test the poco wouldn’t run gfx bench and all of them would run a 3d mark so i decided to do antutu for 30 minutes and then 3mark for 30 minutes but now going into 3dmark the oppo was not able to run 3dmark which is really strange it actually deleted all the installation files but the poco started running gfx bench perfectly fine so 30 minutes for n2 to 30 minutes for gfx bench and 1080p for video recording those are the only things that have changed this time around with this drain test so you can still kind of compare it to all other smartphones trained on my channel after six hours we have 38 percent on the poco 11 ahead of that is the rog phone 3 with the same battery capacity but it does have an amoled screen and a more efficient processor 40 on the oneplus 8t which is really dropped down far as opposed to the rog phone and now just two percent between it and the poco 33 on the redmi same as the oppo and same as the iphone all on 33 right now which is absolutely unbelievable but we’re getting to that point now where battery life matters at this stage you’re nearing the end of your day and you need to squeeze as much juice out of screen on time as you can and after six hours and 30 minutes the poco’s on 31 ahead of the redmi and oppo and the iphone and it is just three percent behind the oneplus 80 but leading the pack is still the origin a phone three with 44 percent the highest peak was indeed the oneplus 8t in terms of temperature and the lowest peak now being the poco was

indeed the hottest when it came to the last interval let’s check this interval at seven hours all of them are still going i cannot believe it 25 on the poco now leading the pack between it and its other budget friends over here the redmi and oppo and it’s even beating the ridiculously expensive iphone 12 pro max by percents over there they are a g phone three at 41 percent now really rubbing it in on the oneplus 8t’s front with 29 percent though the oneplus 80 is still doing a better job than the poker and it has a significantly smaller battery we’re currently in helix jump gaming over here this tends to drain phones a lot eighteen percent on the poco which is now eight percent ahead of the redmi and the oppo but now one percent behind the iphone with 19 really crazy here rog phone 34 19 on the 80 just one percent between it and the poco and it is exactly the same as the iphone 12 pro max google chrome scrolling right now and we’re nearing the eight hour mark i’ve never been able to have all of the devices on my test bench or past the eight hour interval mark and this is the first time it has ever happened there we go guys all of these phones can safely get eight hours of screen on time with the hottest phone at the current moment being the

oneplus 8t and the coolest being the redmi and the poco’s coolest being on the peak side of things after eight hours and 11 minutes the oppo f17 pro decides to say cheers to us still absolutely incredible time for the second smallest battery of this test with a milliamp hour per minute reading of 8.18 which is absolutely phenomenal you’ll see in a minute when i start comparing with other phones that start to knock off we’re getting to that mark now where it’s about to be joined by the redmi k 38 hours and 27 minutes it has a significantly bigger battery than the oppo and only a slightly better time and that is why the oppo actually has a better rate when it comes to milliamp hours per minute beating the k30 in that respect but not overall time after 8 hours and 30 minutes eight percent left on the poco 6 on the oneplus which one can make it past the finish line first well actually last i should say twenty five percent still of juice on the ig phone three seven percent on the iphone not below the poco at the current moment but it does have a bigger screen and but it does also have a more sufficient more efficient processor one percent left on the poco i just gave a thumbs up because i’m really impressed with it it’s the first time i’m doing a drain test it might even improve going forward 21 on the rog one percent on the 80 as well which one is gonna die first it is indeed the oneplus 8t with nine hours and two minutes which is absolutely phenomenal battery life

considering my last test i did on the oneplus got just over eight hours so it’s improved since the last one and the poco decides to say cheers after nine hours and 6 minutes over 9 hours of screen on time for a phone that cost 129 don’t look at the ips display don’t look at the processing chip look at the battery life that is phenomenal for the price that you’re paying for that phone it does have the worst milliampere permanent reading however because it has the largest battery of the bunch so the oppo having the smallest battery and only an hour less in time has a much better reading and now the iphone said just us after 9 hours and 17 minutes with the absolute best million power per minute reading of 6.62 which is great at the end i’m going to compare them if they were to all have a 6 000 milliamp battery and see which one would place where using milliamp per minute readings how they’ve been trickling through the battery department over here we’re nearing the 10 hour mark on the rog phone 3 and after 9 hours and 30 minutes we had 16 percent of juice after playing a couple games here we’re on eight percent after 10 hours it’s still going on my last test i actually got over 12 hours on the rog phone three using 60hz remember we’re using 60hz over here so it should be pretty similar but before that i’ve also tested it at 60hz and it only got just over 10 hours so it’s kind of beat that score

but it seems like it’s not quite gonna reach that 12 hour mark once more let’s see what’s going to happen here so far the hottest phone in terms of ending off has been the poco with the coolest one having been the iphone and the redmi the rog is still going after 10 hours and 30 minutes 10 hours and 41 minutes and the rog phone powers down doing what it loves and that is playing games with a 37.8 degrees celsius reading at the end making it the coolest end temperature and the poco the hottest and temperature with the oneplus having the hottest peak and the oppo having the coolest peak sixth place is the oppo f17 pro it might have come last but eight hours and 11 minutes for a 4015 milliamp hour battery is phenomenal fifth place we have the redmi k34g not the latest device around but eight hours and 27 minutes for a 4500mah battery cell is great fourth place is the oneplus 80 it might be fourth but oh my goodness over nine hours of screen on time for this device is just stunning third place we getting to the big boys now nine hours six minutes for the 129 dollar poco m3 great battery life just don’t look at the milliamp hours because it didn’t do too well for its minute reading iphone 12 pro max second place here the smallest battery of the lot and second with a whopping 9 hours and 17 minutes and first place still the best battery monster on my channel for 2020 so far the asus rh phone 3 10 hours and 41 minutes though does have the biggest battery cell of the lot

comparing these results to all of the results i’ve tested on my channel the rog phone 3 is still at the top the iphone 12 pro max are now placing a third with an improved time over my last test pogo is placing sixth such a cheap phone what a great way to go out the oneplus 18 not far behind that then the redmi and the oppo pretty much in the middle over there but still incredible screen on time when it comes to milliamp per minute reading the iphone did the best job with 6.62 and the poco did the worst job with 10.99 but not far behind that the rog with 9.36 so it seems like these big battery beasts are not doing the best in terms of milliampere per minute reading obviously they did the best in terms of overall score with the iphone being slap bang in the middle of them but if all these devices had the exact same size battery as those two being six thousand milliamps the iphone would place first getting a crazy 15 hours second the oppo third the oneplus with over 12 hours fourth the redmi 5th would be the rog and 6th the poco with the same time since they already have that size battery but if you consider the price the poco m3 is an incredible battery performer i would have just liked to see how it would do with a more efficient chipset a sub to the channel would be absolutely fantastic this is technique and i’ll see you in the next one you

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