DETAILED REVIEW POCO M3 – Massive Battery. Tiny Price.

the pogophone m3 houses one of the largest battery cells ever put into a xiaomi smartphone at a whopping capacity of 6 000 milliamp hours but phones are more than just about battery life so let’s dive into my unboxing and extremely detailed review of the poco m3 in which i’ll be covering the m3’s design display cameras software gaming fps test benchmarks and of course putting it up against the competition we have the price at the top right hand corner the currency is currently exchanged from us dollars and as you can see those specs are shining through for a price point such as that we have a type a type c chord in the box as well as a silicon case and we get a 22.5 watt charging block though the charging capability of the device is actually 18 watts [Music] this is the power black color it looks absolutely fantastic with a plastic finish but it kind of gives a little bit of a leather look and texture feel you also get it in a cool blue or poco yellow which i have been told look fantastic we have that massive 6000mah battery which is up from the 5000 scene in the poco m2 and m2 pro and we have 18 watt of fast wire charging we have corning gorilla glass 3 protection on the display and a plastic frame and back of course everyone is a bit wary of fingerprint smudges and i can assure you you do notice them a little bit even with this plasticky leather looking back where you usually only see them on glossy backs however we do get paired with that little silicon rubber case in the back and it looks okay i guess it takes away a bit from the flair of that nice little look we have an unfortunate little loop at the bottom covering the type c port we do have a power button which is also sporting as a fingerprint sensor we have a non-split volume rocker above that we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which is great and an ir blaster next to that we do have a top speaker and then some audio also comes from the earpiece as well as that bottom firing speaker with the most amount of sound and we have a usb type-c port at the bottom which unfortunately

only sports 2.0 speeds we do have dual sims over here and you can add an additional micro sd card slot up to 512 gigs we don’t have much of a bump from the right hand side but the left hand side where the actual camera is there is a bit of a bump and pretty much on par with other smartphones out there maybe a little bit smaller than some even from xiaomi this makes for very minimal camera wobble when on a flat surface and the design is very strange i can’t say i’ve seen it before wink wink so we do have a couple of other devices over here and it is quite a heavy boy at 198 grams and 9.6 millimeters thick but it looks absolutely fantastic i must say it is unusual but it’s starting to grow on me and of course we have that super triple cam at the back but we have that wonderful 19.5 by 9 aspect ratio 6.53 inch dot drop display in the front it is indeed full hd plus unfortunately no high refresh rate panel here we’re stuck to 60 hertz though we do fortunately have a touch response rate of 120 hertz we do have a peak brightness of 480 nits over here and it is a slightly unfortunate that it’s an ips lcd screen but nevertheless it still looks great even when comparing it to amulet screens and the wonderful iphone led panel over here it’s still a nice bright and vibrant even though it is an lcd screen i’m not sure if that’s going to be a deal breaker for you guys but it’s certainly not much of a deal breaker for me since it’s such a high quality ips display looking at the white color accuracy on all devices here it doesn’t do a bad job maybe slightly more dim than other devices but its chin at the bottom is slightly smaller than that from oppo and slightly bigger than that from its little sister the redmi k30 the k30 also sports a 120 hertz panel where this is lacking in the poco m3 and the redmi also has an ips lcd screen so it’s no

excuse over here it does indeed a feel a little bit jittery when you’re using it because of the 60 hertz but i can’t really say it’s any slower than what you’d see from an iphone since those are also stuck at 60hz so if you’re coming from that you’re not going to notice much of a difference we have a couple other brightness settings as well as color changes that you can make and adjust the text size of course we can also hide the notch and we can display it of course within individual apps we do have dark mode over here even though it is an lcd screen so you’re not going to get that battery saving as you would using dark mode from something like an amoled panel but it does adjust the dark mode settings within the actual phone itself such as the little google bar as well as third-party applications which looks great and of course first party applications too but unfortunately because this is not an amoled panel we are lacking and always on display as you see on many flagships this year we do have a physical side mounted fingerprint sensor yes it is secure it is pretty snappy and comparing it to the redmi k30 which has a pretty identical scanner at that it is a tad slower than that one the oppo f17 pro has an optical reader and the poco m3 is slightly slower than that too but this is a much cheaper phone than those it also has 2d

face unlock this is not secure and comparing it to the redmi k30 it’s not the fastest but the k30s wasn’t the fastest when i first opened the box up on that one and it improved with software updates so i’m sure the same thing will happen with the poco m3 over here but that selfie cam is used for more than just unlocking your device we have an 8 megapixel f 2.05 selfie snapper same that you saw on the poco m2 the photos look alright you be the judge of that let me know in the comments down below what you guys think this is tech neck recording a 1080p 30fps video using the poco m3 it is completely capped at 1080p and 30 frames per second let me know what you guys think of the audio and video quality when using the selfie cam to record video on the poco m3 at the back of the phone we are treated to a 48 megapixel samsung bright gm2 sensor with an aperture of f 1.79 it is indeed a six part lens and we do have auto focus and it can be bent down to 12 megapixels we also have a 2 megapixel depth and 2 megapixel macro lens and we have something called focus peaking which for those camera

geeks out there is a big deal in a smartphone it allows you pretty much to see what is currently in focus and i must say the focusing times on this phone are pretty darn snappy 48 megapixel main over here jumping down to that 12 megapixel bin shot from a four to one doesn’t do a bad job and fortunately we have raw format over here but we unfortunately can’t use it with the 48 megapixel raw sensor we have to drop it down to a bin 12 megapixel shot though it still does a pretty decent job for post processing we have a max zoom of 8x over here and no ultrawide unfortunately two times zoom doesn’t look too bad five times digital zoom starts to rough around the edges over there and the eight times zoom does not really look usable we do have the macro sensor which does an absolutely fantastic job when nice and close up and you can even record in this mode over here we do have that depth sensor paired with the main four to one pixel bin 12 megapixel sensor and it does a great job at blurring the background i must say you can even focus on different points of the picture in order for it to look even better we do have a filter called cyberpunk filter and you know i’m sure i’ve seen this before i can’t really fathom where nevertheless it looks absolutely fantastic we do have only two modes when it comes to

recording video that is 1080p and 720p at 30fps i’m showing you guys 1080p at 30fps here no optical image stabilization or electronic image stabilization over here doesn’t look the best though the quality is still there you have to really be steady with your hand we do have miui 12 skinned over android 10 over here no android 11 out the box but i’m pretty sure we’ll get this update relatively soon it is a very stock android like in terms of google services such as google assistant and what have you and the little google search bar and the google side of your home over there it does a great job incorporating google with miui and all those great miui features that you do get we also have a floating window over here and you can float up to two applications jumping into a third floating application kills the first one that you had opened over there so it’s not an option for having more than that we do have a snapdragon 662 sock in here so i’m not expecting it to hold so many apps open in the background with four gigs of ram especially but we also have split screen which is great and when we set a reminder it gives you this little option for a gesture on the left hand side we also have some nice neat options at the top over there and of course we do have all google apps on this phone it’s even written right there on the box because you know why not so here are all the google apps and of course we have google assistant to boot hey google what’s the weather like today in shanghai today there’ll be showers with a forecasted high of 13 and a low of 11.

of course we have access to the play store over here it comes pre-installed on the device but when you do decide to install something it pops up with a separate screen making sure that the app is secure before it is put onto your device i guess it could be a good thing and we do get a couple ads within the phone itself promoting certain applications we have a bunch of different supported lte and 3g bands over here but no 5g support of course and we do have a really cool option to set your mute on a timer so that it goes back to the loud profile when you’re done with it but let’s have a listen to the speakers there’s certainly some noise coming from that earpiece over there as well as the top speaker but the bottom speaker is certainly the loudest of the three we do have game turbo over here a little nice i guess you could say gimmicky thing you can pop up in your game but you can’t play your game while it is displaying so you’re not going to be able to see your fps or gpu and cpu performance while you’re going at it but we can indeed put on performance mode over here and we can jump into pretty much every game and even set touch resistant areas so why not jump into gaming and test out the audio and the gaming quality as well we’re gonna set pubg mobile to smooth and high frame rate over here since we can only choose high frame rate with smooth graphics option enabled let’s give it a listen unfortunately only getting 30 fps there in pubg mobile but what about call of duty mobile over setting the graphics presets to very high and the frame rates are too high and we’re getting pretty close to 60 i guess between 40 and 60.

of course if we drop the graphics quality down to low and keep the same high frame rate we’re getting pretty darn close to 60 like i said but even better a lot less fluctuating happening this time round next game here is indeed bullet force it doesn’t have a frames per second cap but the phone does since it’s limited to 60 hertz but it does a great job at max graphics and max fps let’s have a listen to this epic game real racing 3 is a very graphic demanding game it doesn’t have a frames per second cap though the phone itself is capped at 60 we’re getting kind of between 45 and 55 not too bad for such a heavy hitting game let’s test out those benchmarks now starting with antutu version 8.4.9 and we’re checking the battery degrees in celsius as well as the percentage which we’ll compare at the end of the test we’re going to hit start over here i usually speed straight through it but i’m going to slow down a bit just to show you the

performance of the snapdragon 662 chipset run on 11 nanometer technology you be the judge let me know what you think of that and let’s get straight into the final results we have a two percent drain when it comes to the battery and a crazy good 15 milliamp hours per minute of drain when it comes to battery degrees in celsius it only added one degrees in celsius and something strange happened with the cpu here when measuring heat so we’re gonna have to get into that one in a future video the poco m3 scored a subpar 178 635 points which puts it ahead of the average snapdragon 662 score as well as the average snapdragon 665 and 660 score next benchmark to test out here is geekbench 5.2.5 we’re going to be running through the cpu as well as the gpu benchmarks at the same time that being open cl and vulcan and we’re going to get straight into the results right now the poco m3 scored a minimal score of 316 when it comes to single core and 1332 when it comes to multi-core definitely better than the average snapdragon 662 score but slightly lower than the poco m2 when it comes to testing opencl gpu api we got a score of 378 which is once again above the average but slightly below the m2 when it comes to a vulcan it got a tad lower than the m2 but certainly a bit more than the average score of the 662.

The poco m3 is a very unusual looking device but i must say i like it i like the feel of this plasticky leather design at the back and i also kind of have a soft spot for that camera module look we do have a decent set of cameras at this price point and we have some great software mixed up with miui 12 and pretty much google stock as well we have that wonderful full hd plus panel though it is ips lcd it is great quality even when you decide to play some games on it does a great job but we are lacking that high refresh rate panel you see in many other phones though it is a lot cheaper than those other phones around are still stuck to 60 hertz bear that in mind and the phones that do have high refresh rate panels are quite a lot more expensive the six thousand milliamp power cell on the poco m3 makes it stand out amongst all of its competitors and the only other device that i have tested on my channel with the same battery capacity cost around six times the price making the pocophone m3 one of my favorite devices ever tested at this low price point we’re gonna have to test out that battery capacity though so stay tuned for a battery drain test coming this friday this is technic and i’ll see you in the next one you

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