Realme X7 Pro vs Oppo F17 Pro Speed Test

the real me x7 pro is one of my favorite mid-range smartphones of 2020 at around just 350 dollars however the oppo f17 pro is slightly cheaper than that but due to its hardware specifications they’re both very similar on paper in terms of a gig’s lp ddr4x ram ufs 2.1 storage and they both house a mediatek chipset however the real me x7 pro houses a seven nanometer dimension 1000 plus while the oppo is stuck to the p95 chipset also by mediatek the real me also has a 120 hertz refrigerated panel where the opera is limited to 60. we have enabled high performance mode on both and kept all animations enabled as well round one is going to be all about boot fingerprints and face unlock round two will be all about initial opening of app speed and round three will be all about ram management using my fingers over here so to keep things accurate we’re gonna pop gopro for just the bottom left hand corner this is a technique and without further ado let’s go i’m gonna start with a simple butcher in round one to see which one can turn on the device faster and just to let you know 21.5 seconds on the real me as opposed to a crazy 37 seconds on the oppo device over here getting the real me its first point in round one going into the actual devices in order to refresh the app icons the f17 pro looked like it did it faster but it still had a lot of loading to do so the point was allocated to the x7 pro the x7 pro’s fingerprint reader underneath its display is optical as well as the one

underneath the oppo display the real knee was faster the first two times around however the oppo was faster the third time round over here but because of two wins the point got allocated to the real me now testing out facial recognition both 2d face unlocks on both devices over here the real me was faster the first time and faster the second time let’s test out the third time over here and was indeed faster that time too so it got three wins there giving its fourth and final points in round one making sure that we hooked up to the same wi-fi network max brightness and all the apps are removed in the background as well as that high performance mode still being enabled on both devices going into the first app which is in the camera app the real me opens it up quicker and flips to the selfie cam quicker but strange thing here the oppo f17 pro took the snap quicker getting its first point in round two as opposed to two on the real me it was too close to call when opening up the gallery app though the real me opened up the actual photo that we just took slightly quicker there going into the calculator app they both did very similar animations a little bit different but they landed up with the end result being at the same time so no point was allocated there however the real me quickly strikes back once more opening up the phone app slightly quicker there and opening up the settings app quicker than two now with five points as opposed to the one on the f17 pro it was too close to call when opening up speed check and

internet speed test we’re not really checking out download upload speed per se but we’re gonna find out how long it actually takes to run the test strange thing happened on the oppo though we got a ping of a thousand i’m not sure what happened here and the download upload was at zero but nevertheless the timing is what we’re looking at and the oppo was slower than the real me that time around so we only picked up its six points in round two with 24 seconds as opposed to 25.5 on the oppo going into spotify over here the x7 pro opens that one up slightly quicker and the next app that we have is indeed photoshop express jumping into photoshop express over here the oppo f17 pro was slightly quicker getting its second points in round two but going into the actual photo that we just took the real me got its eighth point over there now four times the point of the oppo was too close to call when saving the picture to gallery since they’re both using the same ufs 2.1 storage and going into adobe clip over here the oppo was quicker in opening it up i usually use adobe rush over here but mediatek and adobe with the new rush video editing program doesn’t seem to work well on these devices they just fail to export both clips and the real me saved this 4k file compressed down to 1080p in 24 seconds as opposed

to 26.5 on the oppo getting its 10th point in round two next step that we have to open here is indeed astral vpn since we need a vpn here in china which the realme opens up quicker than the oppo and they both turn them on at a similar time first media social media app that we have to open over here one of the reasons why we need a vpn here in china the opera actually opened up the app faster but the realme loaded the entire page quicker so no point was allocated over there next app that we’re jumping into is indeed instagram and going into that one the oppo f17 pro got its fourth point in round two as opposed to 11 on the real me x7 pro going into twitter though the real me quickly strikes back once more with 12 points now three times the point of the oppo’s four points and going into youtube over here which one can open it up quicker the real me x7 pro opened it up and loaded the entire page quicker getting it as 13th point in round two now we’re gonna jump over to my channel over here and it’s interesting to see that the oppo f17 pro opened it up quicker and loaded the page quicker getting its fifth point in round two going into the video the oppo played the video quicker and loaded the page quicker once more via

getting its sixth point now narrowing the gap between it and the realme x7 pro next step that we have on the cards here is indeed netflix and jumping into this wonderful media app you’ll be happy to know that there is hd support on the oppo f17 pro and the upper was quicker to open it up but the x7 pro went into my profile slightly quicker there so now double points 14 on the real me as opposed to now eight for the oppo f17 pro after opening up google chrome slightly quicker our first game of four here is indeed subway surfers which the real me x7 pro opens up quite a lot quicker than the oppo this time around due to that seven nanometer technology running on the real me’s dominicity 1000 plus chipset as opposed to the 12 nanometer technology running with the helio p95 also made by mediatek on the oppo that is the same case when opening up our second game here which is indeed flip diving the realme opens it up quicker now 16 points once again a double lead over the oppo f17 pro here with eight points i spit it up slowed it back down opening up temple run two and the oppo was that surprised me over there they really did some strange thing with the screen but the opera picked up its ninth point in round two last game here last app of the 20 a pub g mobile which one can open it up quicker i have sped things up bottom right hand corner by 400

17.5 seconds for the real me as opposed to a crazy 26.5 seconds for the oppo though the oppo is capped at 30 fps when playing pubg make sure that you check out my review of the phone after this it is not capped when it comes to call of duty mobile doing it at a solid 60 fps now we’re testing out ram management and both of them have the same capacity here eight gigs of ram but that doesn’t really matter what matters is the actual round performance they both are kitted with lp ddr4 x ram over here and not lp ddr5 ram so the ram is slightly slower than flagships that you are known to see these days but these are really cheap phones you’re talking about 350 on the real me as opposed to 300 on the oppo so they’re very cheap you don’t expect the ram management to be incredible or to have the latest ram modules inside their phones so far zero points a piece in round three over here and that is because i only a app if one of them keeps an app open and the other one kills it or vice versa and none of them have kept one app open where the other has killed it or the other way around at all of you they both kept the same apps open and both killed the same apps and that’s no surprise since they are both owned by the same company bbk electronics and oppo is actually the parent company of realme so it’s really interesting to see that real me is doing so well in this test total score over here 21 points for the real me x7 pro as opposed to a nine points for the oppo f17 pro if we just look at raw speed raw performance that is round two and we got 17 points for the real me as opposed to nine on the offer the oppo is using a much weaker chip so i’m impressed that it picked up quite a few points over here nevertheless the real me is definitely the top dog in the speed test this is technique and i’ll see you in the next one

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