oppo have finally sent me a global review unit of the f17 pro and this is my unboxing an extremely detailed review of the device in which i will showcase design comparisons display cameras software gaming and finally benchmarks opening up the box the first thing that we see here is indeed the silicon case that you get included you actually get included with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack earphones over there which is great meaning that there is a jack on the phone itself we also get a type beta type c cord with a nice green accent and we get a 30 watt block though it is just as massive as the 120 watt block from xiaomi should charge it up in under an hour though with a 4015 milliamp hour battery here’s the phone itself let’s give it an unwrap shall we the phone looks absolutely stunning in this matte black finish you also get it in magic blue or metallic white i like how you get like a bit of a baby blue tint going into black it’s not exactly dark black it looks great but unfortunately it is made of plastic at the back with a plastic frame but we do have gorilla glass 3 on the front it looks absolutely stunning like i said and we have a power button on the right

hand side nice and big easy to reach at the top it is nice and clean and on the left we have a split volume rocker like i always say most phone companies should start implementing this we also have a dual sim tray alongside an sd card slot this is very rare in smartphones and it is a huge pro for the f17 pro no pun intended there we have a type c port at the bottom but it only supports usb 2.0 speeds we do have a headphone jack which is great but unfortunately no dual stereo speakers over here it doesn’t utilize the earpiece at the top of the phone it’s just downward firing it looks great on the back but it is also a bit of a fingerprint magnet luckily though we have that included tp uk slapping it on kind of takes away the flare from the phone even though it is quite subtle anyway comparing the designs to other phones it is definitely a little bit more sleek a little less unnoticeable you can’t really flex as much with it but the real me x7 pro actually has a gloss back and the redmi k30 ultra also has a gloss back however the real me x7 pro has the same plastic frame as the f17 pro where the redmi has a metal frame aluminum that is but the oppo is definitely the

thinnest phone i’ve tested on my channel at just 7.5 millimeters thick but that means there is quite a big camera bump over here there’s a bump and the cameras protrude as well much like you’d see on the iphone 11 so there’s a tiny bit of screen wobble so the back looks absolutely stunning but what about the display will we get treated to a 20 by 9 aspect ratio 6.43 inch super amoled 16 million colors display full hd plus with 408 pixels per inch with a peak brightness of 800 nits the biggest drawback here is that we’re limited to a 60 hertz refresh rate where most budget friendly phones even are going all the way up to 120 that being the redmi and the real me though at least we get a touch sampling rate of 180 hertz the colors are very accurate and no not quite as bright on paper compared to these two over here it looks just as bright in person though it does have quite a big chin at the bottom of the display compared to the others and that dual hole punch notch at the top is not very appealing i do prefer the pop-up

mechanism on the k30 ultra in this respect like i said earlier the biggest drawback is that we are limited to 60hz and comparing it to 120hz panels with the redmi on the left and the real me on the right hand side you can definitely notice the difference when you are slowing down the clip over here it is a lot slower a lot laggier but when you’re using it you kind of get used to it but like they say once you go a high refresh rate it’s really hard to go back and comparing them all at 60 hertz over here it looks just as good maybe not quite as smooth as the real me x7 pro but pretty much on par with the redmi k30 ultra which is pretty strange since real me is actually a sister company well oppo is the parent company of real me over here we also have some other brightness tweaks that we can do as well as display tweaks changing the color temperature over here we also have osie display over here and we can also cover that notch if you don’t really like it at the top of your screen you can just make that area black talking about going black we can go into dark mode and we can set custom times over here this is color os 11.

I’ll dig deeper into the software in a second but we do have three different styles of dark mode something lacking in pretty much every other phone out there except for oppo and real me devices and it works with third-party apps too which looks great and of course first party apps as well also have an always on display over here we don’t have the custom always on display option that we saw on the oppo find x2 pro running color os 11 i’m sure that they will bring it to the f17 pro as well stay tuned for a software review on this phone in the coming weeks the always on display looks great pull back a bit and jump into that third generation will actually call it the 3.0 optical sensor underneath the display of the oppo f17 pro it’s pretty much neck and neck against the realme x7 pro and it is slightly faster than the redmi k30 ultra in terms of animation not necessarily fingerprints we do have 2d face unlock in that pull notch at the top over there and it works pretty much as you would expect a lot quicker than the redmi of course because the redmi has a pop-up mechanism so you always have to gain some when you lose some and that is what oppo is doing over here they lost a bit of real estate when it comes to screen but they made up for it with nice and snappy facial recognition but those cameras in the front are more than just for facial recognition we have a main selfie camera which is 16 megapixel and a depth sensor which is 2 megapixels the main one looks pretty decent and the main selfie with the 2 megapixel depth selfie shot

looks great though there is a bit of edge detection recording a 1080p 30fps video on the oppo f17 pro using the selfie cam let me know what you guys think of the audio and video quality when recording using the selfie cam on the oppo f17 pro there is also a bokeh video option when using the selfie cam i see quite a bit of edge detection let me know what you guys think we have a main sensor being the 48 megapixel samsung gm1 sensor with an aperture of f 1.8 and a 12 megapixel shot can be taken from that using four to one pixel binning with seven eight megapixel ultra wide and two 2 megapixel depth sensors very strange the ultra wide looks pretty great with ai enabled the 48 megapixel raw looks great and the bend down shot looks pretty awesome too two times digital zoom over here since we don’t have a telephoto doesn’t look too bad but going into five times and the maximum is ten times they both look absolutely terrible i wouldn’t recommend it with those two dual sensors at the back the depth sensors it gives you dual depth over there and i couldn’t really notice it we lack a macro camera and a macro mode so things don’t look that good close up we have 4k at 30 frames per second over here unfortunately no 60fps option since we’re using a mediatek helio p95 chipset run on 12 nanometer technology 1080p is unfortunately also capped at 30fps i never really see this anymore these days you at least get 1080p at 60.

Nevertheless they both have gyro eis there is no 4k ultrawide option and 1080p ultrawide is also once again capped at 30fps so no 60 fps options over here we do also have an ultra steady mode it is currently off and when it is off it looks absolutely horrendous though the quality is still there the quality dips a lot when you turn ultra steady mode on but the stabilization is great though we get a bit of that wobble effect that’s not really my cup of tea like i said earlier we do have color os 11 skinned over android 11 over here oppo is getting some of the fastest updates these days and with google rooted straight into the phone hey google what’s the weather like tomorrow in shanghai tomorrow it’ll be partly cloudy with a high of 25 and a low of 19. so like i said google is rooted into the settings this is pretty much the most stock i’ve ever seen an oppo phone other than my color os 11 review i did on the oppo find x2 pro it’s color s11 guys it is really great it’s really clean it looks neat and there’s loads of features such as a floating window or a mini window where you can do multitasking things though we do have split screen over here most of the actual system apps are not

supported with this which kind of sucks we do have a personalizations menu which i saw on the oppo find x2 pro and there are a lot of different features that you can customize over here we also have dynamic wallpapers though not quite as flashy as xiaomi’s they still look nice and fluid even on a 60hz panel we can also adjust the icons within the home screen over here and there is a lot of customization options to do here and it looks really great i really like the way that this kind of fades into it with the circles and the corners over there and we can do the same thing to the notification drawer pulling it up from the top which is awesome we also have edge lighting in terms of messaging and calling when people try get through to you and we can also create our own ringtones when you’re done with your ringtone creating it’s a simple click away to set it as your personal ringtone which is great and honestly the haptics are actually pretty decent at this price range of just over 300 we don’t have dual

sounding speakers over here and we don’t have dolby atmos but we do have something called real sound technology which works pretty great are just going to leave it on smart mode so that it can pick up whatever i’m doing we also have a game space mode we can turn things into competitor mode and you also have an assistant where you can check out the fps though the fps doesn’t always show there’s some other nifty features that you can use such as a floating window for your chats such as whatsapp vr which is great we’re going to be playing pubg mobile call of duty mobile and bullet force over here using high performance mode and the game space enabled we’re also going to be testing out the speakers over here of course we’re using the octa-core helio p95 chipsets i am using a screen overlay from gamebench pro make sure you check the description for details on that unfortunately we don’t have the extreme fps option on any graphics presets when it comes to pubg mobile which really sucks i usually see this in budget friendly smartphones and we’re getting a constant 30 fps which i guess is pretty decent moving on to call of duty mobile over once again we are limited to graphics and frame rate presets over here we can max out at high and that’s about it with a couple features unavailable on this device though we’re getting a solid 60 so that’s one up from pubg mobile bullet force has no frames per second cap and we can up the graphics quality and frame rate all the way to the max over here but there is an fps cap on the phone of 60.

in terms of gaming it really sucks that we don’t have a high refresh rate on this phone for its price many phones at this price point do have high refresh rate panels but at least we’re getting a stable 60 on most games i really hope that this changes with pub g mobile 2. we’re gonna be rocking antutu version 8.4.7 over here to test out the performance of the chipset that being the octa-core helio p95 you have the battery degrees in celsius as well as the battery percentage and cpu in degree celsius at the start of the test making sure that our high performance modes and game modes are indeed enabled over here and we’re going to speed through and tutorial i’ll bring a more detailed one in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that one and getting to the battery drain results we dropped by five percent over here in degrees celsius we added 7.5 degrees celsius and the cpu was ridiculously hot when we started the test at 61 degrees in celsius went all the way up to 68 and added seven when it comes to the final score the oppo f17 pro got just shy of 200 000 points which is not necessarily terrible but when you’re looking at other chipsets which are in phones at the same price points or even cheaper the snapdragon 730 g or 765 g we’re getting scores of closer to the 300 000 mark now to move on to our second benchmark of here which is indeed geekbench 5.2 we’re going to start with a cpu benchmark test so we are making sure that all our high performance modes are once again enabled i’m going to speed through this this test took a lot longer than it usually does on most phones but we did get an end result here of single core 419 and multi-core 1542 and the gap is actually a lot smaller compared to the snapdragon 730 and 765g over here to the helio p95 that we see in the f17 pro now to move on to gpu testing starting with opencl api and unfortunately something strange happened here i remember on the redmi k30 ultra review that i showed you guys about a month ago or so i couldn’t get the benchmark to work at all

not even cpu gpu opencl or vulcan the same thing is happening here it didn’t happen with testing out cpu but it is happening with opencl and vulcan gpu apis over here we just cannot get through the actual test it keeps bombing us out back to the game space section the oppo f17 pro is nice and sleek looking at the back with very minimal flex it is extremely thin we do unfortunately have a plastic back but that is made up for with that dual sim tray alongside a micro sd expansion slot as well as a 3.5 millimeter jack and the cameras aren’t the worst that i’ve tested out the software is nice fluid and very stock android like if you’re into that we do have a load of different personalization and customizations that are definitely up your alley the screen is absolutely stunning that super amoled display and it is really nice even up close with great pixel density but unfortunately its biggest fallback here is that it is lacking a 120hz panel with phones at this price range or incorporates within a build and this makes for gaming a little less enjoyable there are some steep competitors out there but the oppo f17 pro is still a fantastic device it may not be for all of you but i can definitely recommend it you

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