10 Reasons to BUY the Sony Xperia 1 ii

i unpacked the sony xperia 1 mark ii around a month earlier as well as fell instantly crazy with it given that then i have actually been using it as my personal everyday vehicle driver prior to this video clip i published 10 reasons you must not buy the phone this video clip is about 10 factors why you need to this is technology neck as well as without additional trouble let’s go 10 3.5 millimeter headphone jack yes this terrific flagship sony xperia 1 mark ii comes coupled with a 3.5 millimeter jack its precursor the xperia 1 mark 1 didn’t come paired with a jack in the phone so you had to ditch out for the usb type-c to headphone jack adapter this moment around there is no requirement for that and also it offers you definitely magnificent audio sound i recognize this is not a big offer for lots of
individuals available that is why it is 10th area over below however many individuals available still concern the headphone jack as a make it or break it deal when buying a new smart device number nine micro sdxc card port indeed the sony xperia one before it’s as well as the one mark ii which is certainly this

comes coupled with a twin sim port and also you can make use of the sim 2 slots to double up as a mini sd expansion for storage this is something that is lacking in lots of front runner smartphones nowadays so it is good to see in a phone which was developed around the video camera so you’re probably gon na be taking fairly a great deal of breaks and also taping a great deal of video clips so you’re without a doubt going to require that additional storage space yet fear not if you do not like sd cards you obtain a base storage with 256 jobs of ufs 3.0 number eight front runner functions i have actually stood out 2 things in below which i believe are relatively even at the number eight position over below number one is an ip water and dirt 68 resistance which is resistant to water 1.5 meters deep for thirty minutes this existed on the previous model of the phone however it is good to see in a front runner phone nevertheless next is cordless charging indeed it is not the fastest wireless charging around but however we do have cordless billing in the xperia 1 mark ii this was something that was doing not have in its predecessor number seven stereo

audio speakers the sony xperia one mark ii comes coupled with two front-facing stereo audio speakers it is coupled with dolby atmos and vibrant resonance for audio depth let’s have a listen it has an artilleryman seat i’ve likewise recently made a speaker blind test in between 6 smart devices so 5 versus the xperia one mark ii go on and also pay attention to that for a bit of enjoyable after this video number 6 hs power control hs stands for heat suppression as well as this functions wonderfully well what it virtually does is you obtain to plug your phone in to a power outlet making use of the kind c port on the best side of the device when in landscape setting it does not bill the tool whatsoever it really keeps temperatures down and also it likewise takes every one of the raw power of the phone directly to the cpu as well as gpu chip for a much more smooth pc gaming experience currently certainly plug in that 3.5 millimeter earphone jack and also your hs power control using the type c chord you have on your own a video gaming beast number five software application the sony xperia 1 mark ii is practically android stock software clearly operated on android 10 which needs to obtain an intended update to android 11. like i said it is extremely supply so very comparable to what you would see in such as a google pixel operate on android 10 and you get a few additional little nifty features also such as side feeling where you reach quickly break to an application that you have and also you can additionally do divide screen which is really awesome i’ve never ever really utilized split display in previous smartphones that i’ve utilized on my network yet it functions really well with this extraordinary 21 by 9 aspect ratio terrific on you sony we additionally have a pair added attributes such as dark setting which is something that you generally see on an oled panel it looks fairly great over right here however it is a bit gray as opposed to black however it is an awesome function to have within the software program as well as of course we have a display off clock over below always on screen which is constantly clever and we do without a doubt have actually an led notice light something that actually does not have in smartphones in 2020. like i said very stock android over below and also number 4 is electronic cameras it is rather high up the listing for a reason we have four zeiss t video cameras at the back of the phone loaded with incredible specifications over right here but the much more vital thing is not a lot the normal cam app that you get within the phone of course it can take some snazzy images approximately 10 times zoom as well as you obtain some decent depth impact however switch to the pro application you obtain that two face shutter switch at the top of the phone you can make use of the quantity rockers to zoom in and out and we likewise have a 20 fps shutter speed that coupled with a ton of different functions utilizing the video camera pro app makes for some stunning photos however it is not a lot to take out your phone and also take a quick breeze you actually do have to fiddle with the real settings of the app itself i’m not the best at it yet placed this in the hands of a professional

digital photographer currently i’m rather sure he ‘d take a better photo than on any various other phone around we also have i autofocus which is a great little attribute and also we have a 4k 30 frameworks per second making use of the regular video clip application found within the regular camera application though we have 4k 60 using the cinema pro application which we’ll reach in a 2nd we have some decent stabilization when it is made it possible for over right here at 1080p 60 frames per second most phones are dropped to 30 fps below is the video clip pro app the movie theater pro app that is as well as there is a load of features to boot one more time you can only videotape in that insane 21 by nine cinema wide facet ratio so bear that in mind if you choose to buy the gadget and you can indeed fire 4k at 60 frames per 2nd with various kinds of depth impacts which look definitely legendary number three the xperia one mark ii is without a doubt developed for speed this is not simply a motto as some of you may already know i have a tons of speed tests located within my network on all various kinds of smart devices most lately the sony xperia one mark ii has gone up versus 7 various

smartphones and also it has actually left every among them in the dust including the oneplus 8 pro samsung galaxy s20 ultra it defeated the apple iphone 11 professional max that will certainly transform with the apple iphone 12 i make sure the oppo find x2 pro was wrecked the xiaomi mi 10 pro with crazy power was dominated and also versus the beastly red magic 5g at one there and certainly the black shark 3 professional pc gaming phone also number 2 battery life on the sony xperia 1 mark 2 is definitely wonderful i got a quite great beginning time which is display promptly and also with a tiny four thousand million power battery 2 boots it is fairly remarkable it did not win this test against the samsung apple iphone one plus and also oppo but it obtained quite close with practically seven hrs of rested which is seriously remarkable for a tiny four thousand million power battery and 6.5 inch 4k led display contrasted to the remainder of the tools like i claimed it did refrain from doing the most effective however it really had virtually the finest milliamp hrs per min which is definitely superb for a sony xperia phone which is recognized for dreadful battery life such as its predecessor the mach 1 which just came coupled with a 3 30 million power battery and also if sony were to raise their milliamp power battery ability over below and the rest of the phones had the very same at 4 500 milliamp hrs the sony would actually place second just behind that of the apple iphone 11 pro max with any other three android phones

in this examination leading lastly the major factor to acquire this phone it’s remarkable 4k led display it has a 21 by 9 aspect proportion certainly it is 6.5 inches it has one billion colors which is red to see any smartphone these days with hdr bt 2020 it looks absolutely phenomenal it is not the brightest phone around however you are not mosting likely to locate an additional phone around besides its predecessor with a 4k display it looks absolutely fantastic like i mentioned and also however we do not have a high refresh price panel below we’re adhered to 60 as i pointed out in the previous video yet we do have actually something called blur reduction which works incredibly well it lessens ghosting and also gives it a little bit of a faster really feel to the phone something between i would certainly state 60 as well as 90 hertz smartphones we additionally have typical setting and also designer setting when it concerns shade accuracy over here and maker mode could be a bit dimmer yet the information of it is definitely amazing contrasted to the other tools i absolutely like the sony xperia one mark ii for many points these 10 points included obviously there are a few things that i do not like concerning it however truthfully the main selling point for me is that fantastic 4k led display which is actually the major reason i would certainly pick it over any type of various other front runner mobile phone in 2020.

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