Sony Xperia 1 II vs Black Shark 3 Pro Speed Test

sony has actually specified that the xperia 1 mark ii is developed for speed and no uncertainty it is in terms of rate examinations versus practically every various other phone on my channel so far yet exactly how does it compare to the gaming centric black shark 3 pro both compared to qualcomm’s layer snapdragon 865 handling chip ufs3 storage and also lp ddr5 ram both of them have 8 gigs of ram and also right here are the equipment specifications do not hesitate to stop briefly for additional information we have actually upgraded the software on both devices we have that fantastic 4k display on the xperia and also 2k screen on your black shark 3 pro we have activity blur reduction on the xperia and also 90 hertz on the 3 pro and we have actually disabled all computer animations here in order to test out raw rate round 1 is going to be all regarding boot and also finger print unlock round 2 will certainly be everything about preliminary opening of app rate and also rounded three will be all regarding ram management we’re gon na be utilizing my fingers here so to keep things accurate we’re gon na stand out gopro video near the bottom left hand edge this is technic and also without further ado allow’s go we’re gon na start below in round one with a boot to see which one can obtain right into the phone quick i have actually spit points up lower right and also corner 15 seconds for the xperia instead of

21 on the black shark 3 pro getting the xperia it’s initial factor in rounded one nonetheless entering into the phone itself revitalizing the real app symbols the black shark 3 pro obtains its first factor of there a great deal faster than the sony that time around we have a physical fingerprint sensing unit on the sony side placed and also an under display finger print sensing unit optical on the black shark 3 professional black rock 3 pro is pretty much faster each and every single time out of the three so it obtains its 2nd factor and also last factor in round one in contrast to the one final factor of the xperia in rounded one going right into rounded 2 we have actually made sure that all apps are removed behind-the-scenes very same wi-fi network setting over here in addition to max brightness entering into the very first application right here which is the electronic camera app the black shock 3 pro opens it up quicker and turns to the selfie quicker and also takes the snap quicker it’s the very first phone to take a breeze quicker than that of the sony contrasted to all other gadgets it has actually broken entering into the pictures app we’re making use of supply android on the sony so we have google images it opened the images application quicker and also entered into the picture faster currently the rest of the system applications will be our first being calculator means too close to call going right into that too close to call going into the phone application also so no point was alloted over there going right into our last system app settings once more too close to call no point was allocated until now it’s 2 on the sony and also three on the black shark currently the sony has three factors after opening up speed inspect a web speed examination

slightly faster we’re going to be checking out how lengthy it requires to run this web rate examination virtual reality not so much concentrating on download and upload rate 21 secs on both gadgets so no point was designated yeah up until now it is an attract round 2 3 for 3 now 4 on the sony after opening spotify slightly quicker a non-system application over here following application that we have is photoshop express over right here by adobe and the xperia one mark ii opens up that up quicker and also goes right into the picture faster too currently double the factors of that of the black shark 3 professional gon na go in advance as well as export this photo to gallery that we simply took and also it claimed secure to gallery a little faster on the sony than it did on the black shark at the bottom of the devices over right here so 7 factors for the sony as well as going right into the next application below which is adobe thrill a video editing and enhancing app we entered into the app quicker on the sony but the project opened up quicker on the black shark currently we’re going to export this 4k 25 frames per 2nd clip compress it down to 1080p as well as hit export i’m mosting likely to speed up points up lower best edge as soon as more and also see which one can do it faster sony a little quicker with 15 seconds ufs 3.0 storage space rather than 26 seconds on the black shark 3 pro black shark 3

pro has done it quicker but i did test it out three times during this speed test simply to see to it and also that’s what it was standing out around 24 25 26 secs currently we have 11 factors on the sony xperia 1 mark 2 after opening up celestial vpn much faster than that of the black shark 3 pro and also turning it on quicker as well the black shark 3 professional packed the whole page off facebook somewhat quicker over there yet the sony opened it up quicker so no factor was designated instagram the sony took that factor though entering into twitter very same thing can be stated sony open it up quicker 13 factors on the sony in contrast to four on the black shark 3 pro now greater than triple the points on the sony over right here entering into youtube makes it 14 factors currently a 10 point lead due to the fact that it opened that up quicker and loaded the whole page faster too yet entering into my account the black shark 3 pro opened it up quicker and also loaded the page quicker currently getting at its 5th point in round 2 going into an actual video the black shark 3 professional began playing the video quicker in addition to loaded the web page quicker so it obtained its 6 factors over there no longer a 3rd of the points of the sony over here yet allow’s see what occurs with netflix also close to call going right into it as well as going right into my profile again too close to call last row of applications right here we’re gon na start with google

chrome and afterwards obtain to some games xperia one mark ii gets its 15th factor opening chrome faster initial game over right here first of four is without a doubt train internet users which one can do it much faster the video gaming centric phone or the monster sony monster over here and also the sony xperia one mark ii takes 16 factors opening up a game faster than a pc gaming driven phone however it’s not the initial time that has actually occurred that has also occurred versus the red magic 5g for the whole 2nd game right here flip diving a little enjoyable game to play going into it the xperia one mark ii grabs its 17th point over there currently we’re gon na go into our 2nd last video game right here being holy place run two it takes a bit longer to pack so i sped things up bottom appropriate corner slowed them pull back and once more the sony xperia one mark ii gets its following factor they’re 18 points currently once more three-way the points of that of the black shark 3 pro last video game here lengthiest loading game pub g mobile i make sure you guys dig the game i personally enjoy it going right into it lengthiest packing times like i stated so i have actually sped up points up bottom right-hand man edge and as we get into it the sony xperia 1 mark ii opens it up somewhat faster than the black shark with 22 seconds rather than 25 seconds getting it its 19th and also final points in round two in contrast to 6 on the black shark three pro greater than triple over there round three is everything about ram monitoring now and also we’re gon na enter into all the applications the electronic camera app was killed by both gallery was kept open by both as well as afterwards the sony is keeping up all the system apps open behind-the-scenes while the blackjack is killing it bear in mind both of them

have eight jobs of ram yet they should not make much of a distinction in between 8 12 as well as claim 16 jobs of ram because 8 gigs ought to be more than enough to hold 20 apps in storage space behind-the-scenes so 5 points thus far on the sony remember we are both shaking lp ddr5 ram on both phones and the black shark killed facebook there once again so exactly how i allot factors with ram administration if a phone such as the sony maintains it open and a phone such as the black shock kills it after that the sony will get alloted to factors if both of them eliminate it neither get allocated a point and both of them keep it open neither get alloted a factor once much more so sony has actually kept 10 apps open more than that of the black shark 3 pro 911 after opening up metro web surfers going right into flip diving 12 factors and also the very same thing with holy place run 2 the black shark eliminated it as well as the black shark killed pubg mobile also currently 14 points total ram monitoring for the sony as opposed to zero on the black shark 3 pro but miui or happiness you get on the black shark is absolutely dreadful when it concerns ram administration overall rating 34 for the sony xperia one mark ii in contrast to eight the black shark three professional yet if you focus just on speed 19 points in round 2 for the sony rather than 6 on the black shark 3 pro people i wish that you appreciated watching this video clip as long as i did making it this is tech nick and i’ll see you in the following one you

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