OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max AnTuTu Benchmark Test

if you’re in the marketplace for a new smartphone as well as cash is no problem after that you’re most likely gon na wish to acquire one of these three expensive monsters I have with me today the 1 +8 Pro Samsung Galaxy is 20 ultra as well as apple iphone 11 Pro max undertaking an answer to benchmark examination we have actually updated the software across the board on all 3 tools over below we have 12 gigs ram on the 2 phones on the left 4 jobs on the iphone lpddr4 two phones left wing are PDD or 4x on the apple iphone over right here snapdragon 865 processing chips on the two phones on the left and an a 13 Bionic chip with the apple iphone 120 Hertz AMOLED panels 2 phones on the left 60 Hertz on the iPhone 11 Pro Mac’s over there 1080p on both phones on the left there we have actually dropped them from 1440p and also iPhone is indigenous at 12:42 P we have actually made it possible for video game space and fanatic setting on e 1 + 8 pro high efficiency as well as video game launcher mode on the s20 ultra as well as sadly there is no efficiency mode choice on the – 11 from max

Evan – 2 version 8 factor 3 factor 9 on the 2 devices on the left on the Android tools and version 8 point two point one on the apple iphone over here being the current Android version as well as the most up to date iphone version specifically people this is Technic and without further trouble allow’s go we’re gon na take a fast sneak peek at battery percentage as well as degrees in Celsius at the beginning of the test over here as well as CPU degrees in Celsius at the celebrity we’ll compare this at the end of the test we have versions 8 on all three of them obviously the most affordable variation being on the apple iphone yet that is the current most current version on the iPhone let’s see exactly how they do we are presently at a hundred percent we accelerated to 2400 now back to 100% real-time maintain an ad at the end of the display there to learn more on whether I’m showing you men this live with I have actually sped up or decreased the clip later on we are going to be slowing down the club a heck of a lot it’s a 5

percent to see the difference in between the 120 lawns panels on the left and also the fifty percent that harms which is the iPhones 60 Hertz on the right-hand man side this is the very first order of the entrance to version 8 examination over right here excusable on every one of them all of them behave and also buttery smooth very same thing can be stated with the second section of n2 2 variation hm looks respectable on all three tools this indicate the very same on version 7 and 8 so it’s excellent to see that the very first two were there what has actually transformed given that version 7 those that terracotta soldiers one of the most requiring component of the entity variation 8 examination that’s why it is surprising that the scores are a lot higher with variation 8 contrasted to variation 7 yet anyway as well as tutu is shaking these terracotta soldiers they look absolutely remarkable have a look at this we’re gon na slow down all the steeds over below what you have actually just seen now so that we can contrast the jitteriness in between the Snapdragon handling chips left wing and also the a13 Bionic chip on the right hand side you have to remember that the a13 is going to be changed by the a14 Bionic most likely at the end of the year closer to September so 5% reduced have a look at this over here looks actually anxious because I have actually slowed it down but there’s a lot a lot more ghosting

as well as stammering going on on the apple iphone I think the best being the s20 extreme over there stay tuned men we’re gon na obtain to this once more when we do the scrolling section of the test I’ll slow the clip down again we’re gon na end up these terracotta soldiers over right here and after that we’ll reach that next section I assume this part of the test when I did a if PS examination utilizing entrance to ensure you take a look at that video hereafter one it was resting at around 20 to 30 structures per second throughout the terracotta soldier part most of the time on all devices even on newbies red magic 5g with 144 Hertz screen doesn’t matter if you have 144 Hertz if the area of the test is that heavy that’s going to be capping at around 30 which’s exactly what it did going to the scrolling area 100% actual time when again we’re looking at the apple iphone over here it is touches in advance of the other 2 but it’s the antutu variation eight on iOS is slightly various to the ones on Android now we’re hitting the Android ones over here a little delayed 100% live currently we’re gon na place them completely I have actually chopped this and also mesh them all with each other to make sure that you individuals can see them side-by-side 5% slowdown over right here take a look at all the ghosting happening on the apple iphone still a little bit taking place on the oneplus

8 Pro I think the Samsung is in fact the best over below strange however there we go both hundred as well as twenty Hertz panels I assume the Samsung looks the most effective below are the battery results at the end of the examination the oneplus 8 professional drained pipes the most by five percent it additionally drained pipes by twenty two point 5 five milliamp hours per minute have a look at the mini Realm per minute computation that I place on the left of the screen there to learn more these 20 ultra just visited 4% with the center million power per minute train of just 20 as well as the apple iphone 11 professional max also just drained pipes by 4% like that of the s20 ultra however since it has a smaller 3969 the Empire battery which is greater than a thousand milliamp are smaller sized than the Samsung it just had fifteen point 8 7 million papperman a train which is definitely wonderful when it comes to the degrees in Celsius end of the batteries over right here the one plus a pro was the best with forty point 5 levels Celsius as well as added five point nine levels Celsius the Samsung had not been the hottest gadget but it still included the very same in degrees Celsius as the one plus a pro of 5 point 9 degrees Celsius the apple iphone just covered at 32 levels Celsius and also I only included 2 levels Celsius over

there very remarkable Apple looking at CPU temperature at the end of the test below the oneplus 8 professional got the best at 44 degrees in Celsius added just six levels in Celsius not too poor yet the ACE 20 ultra simply added four levels Celsius over below as well as just capping out at 38 levels in Celsius great work Sam site sadly there is no other way in gauging the CPU temperature on the iPhone 11 pro max allow me recognize if you individuals know of any method to actually do this in the remark section down below outcomes right here initially put being one plus 8 pro with 5 hundred as well as sixty-six thousand points this is extremely weird considering I usually obtain closer to 5 hundred and also ninety thousand on the oneplus 8 pro however it is summertime here in China and it is ridiculously warm to ensure that is probably why all these scores are slightly reduced than you ‘d generally see 2nd place remarkably sufficient the 11pro max with 4 gigs of ram and an a 13 Bionic cook defeating the samsung here with 5 hundred and fourteen thousand points samsung without a doubt shed third place right here 5 hundred and also six thousand one hundred and one points extremely frustrating from samsung when it involves the

subcategories over here starting point for CPU gets granted to the one plus eight pro with last place being the samsung when it concerns graphics refining units Sunlight triumphes with the oneplus being second and also the iPhone being lost in the memory department it’s not a surprise to see that the ddr5 Rams on the left-hand side came in initial and also 2nd specifically with ddr4 X on the iPhone can be found in lost use the experience initially on e1 plus second on the iPhone as well as shed on the Samsung over here general the oneplus a pro did the ideal obviously coming in initial with the highest amount of factors and likewise obtaining the most effective subcategory results with the best CPU memory and individual experience the iPhone came in second location over here with a high score than the Samsung it really did not obtain the very best of any group yet it did get the second finest CPU as well as individual experience simply 2nd base to that of the oneplus 8 pro the Samsung Galaxy S 20 altra came in third area of program with the most affordable total rating nevertheless it did get the very best GPU subcategory score by means of surpassing the other two tools right here yet it did certainly get the worst CPU and user experience two very vital categories I hope that you guys appreciated enjoying this video clip as long as I did making it this is Technic and I’ll see you in the following one

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