Realme X50 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test

the genuine me x50 Pro cost virtually 1/3 of the cost of the iPhone 11 pro max below in China the real meat comes combined with an octa-core Snapdragon 865 handling chip in addition to 7 nanometer Plus technology and I have the 8 gig of ram variants while the iPhone 11 Pro max comes combined with 4 jobs of ram as a typical and we obtain a hexa core a 13 Bionic chip right here are the equipment specifications of both devices feel free to hit pause for even more details of year we have updated the software application’s on both gadgets also to maintain things as accurate as feasible we’re going to leave the high refresh rate lines right here its panel on the X 50 Pro the iPhone is maintained at 60 additionally going to allow high efficiency mode on the X 50 Pro as well as we’re gon na leave all animations on on the X 50 individuals there is no chance of entirely disabling it on the iPhone round 1 will certainly be everything about boot finger prints and a face ID around 2 will certainly be all regarding initial opening of application speed and also round 3 will be everything about RAM management’s we’re gon na stand out GoPro video near the bottom left hand edge for accuracy this is strategy and also without further trouble let’s go we gon na start out with a boot to see which one can enter into the phone faster than the various other one I have actually sped it up as you can see near the bottom right hand edge the real me gets his first factor there with 16 seconds boot time as opposed to 26 secs on the 11pro max when initially going right into the phone itself revealing the application icons it was as well close to call over there so neither of them obtained assigned designates we’re gon na compare the optical fingerprint viewers beneath your real me to the 3d face unlock on the iphone you live and Promax and have a look at the unlock icon at the top of the iPhone and also you can see that the X 50 pro misses the lock display as well as unlocks quicker each and every single time their base 3 out of 3 so I got at second points in round 1 when it comes to contrasting face ID to D unlock on the X 50 Pro and encounter ID 3d unlock on the – II live in professional max the iPhone 11 Pro max defeats the X 50 Pro twice so it obtains its very first and final

factors in around 1 shutting about one over there with two factors the X 50 pro as opposed to one point for the 11pro max we have actually made certain that all apps are closed in the history over here and went to will be all regarding app rate tests so initial application right here is camera and the X 50 Pro opens it up slightly quicker it also turns to the selfie web cam slightly quicker getting it at second points over there thanking the snap the iPhone took a quicker yet the actual we conserved the image quicker so no factor was allocated over there going into the photo app the X 50 Pro at tons of the picture application slightly much faster over there and they both open the image really in a similar way going into the calculator app the X 50 Pro took the point as well as next step that we have right here is the phone app which the X 50 Pro does once again entering into the Setups app obtains its 6 point for the X 50 blog post or no on the iPhone over right here and entering into rate check and also net speed examination the apple iphone gets its first factors when opening it up currently we’re gon na run the speed test and we’re not gon na take a look at download as well as upload rate but extra so the length of time it actually requires to survive the examination 22 seconds for the X 50 Pro I have actually sped up things up as you people can see near the bottom right-hand man corner over there and for the apple iphone 23 seconds so the X 50 Pro obtains its 7th points in round 2 thus far simply one factor for the apple iphone so far when we enter into

Spotify it is as well close to Colavecchia when originally opening up the application so no point was alloted over right here as well as the following app that we have choosing us right here is Adobe Photoshop Express you can click them at the same time over below any kind of iPhone e live and Promax gets alloted its 2nd point over below defeating the real me X 50 Pro in the application going into the actual picture the iPhone filled the picture quicker yet the actual me takes 50 Pro filled inside a screen faster so I didn’t allocate a point over there as well as when exporting a photo the Promax that it’s somewhat quicker as you could see it claimed conserve to cam roll at the top of the display quicker than the X 50 Pro at the bottom of the display remember that the apple iphone does have nvme storage space while the real mean X 50 Pro has ufs 3.0 storage yet entering into Adobe rush the X 50 Pro grabs its 8 factors and entering into the project the iPhone you live and also Promax chooses it up we’re gon na go right into high quality setups over here make sure that it is this is a 4k clip falling to 1080p matching the structure rate of 25 frames per 2nd over right here so that we’re pressing the data we’re gon na proceed and export it over right here and also as you individuals can see I’ve sped it up the bottom right-hand edge though the apple iphone does it in 6 seconds with nvme storage as opposed to the 14 seconds with ufs 3.0 storage space on the X 50 Pro giving the iPhone its 50 points in round 2 currently just 3 behind that of the actual me X 50 Pro now just 2 behind off to opening

Astro VPN though the X 50 Pro turns it on somewhat quicker because there was a little loading symbol in the center of the display on the apple iphone prior to activating totally going into Facebook the apple iphone takes us to not just 2 factors behind that of the X 50 pro we require social media sites applications to be open with a VPN since China obstructs every one of them over right here as well as going into Instagram the X 50 professional picks up its tenth point now going into double figures entering into Twitter it was too close to call over right here and also the next application that we have is in YouTube I’m visiting which one can pack the full web page much faster than the various other one and also the real me X 50 Pro seems to do it a little quicker than that of the 11 Pro max now we’re gon na go on to my account over below and also see which one can open up that up quicker and also it is certainly going to be the genuine me takes 50 Pro again getting its 12th factor now 5 factors in advance of the 11pro max going into the video the iPhone loaded the entire screen quicker however the X 50 per play the video quicker so I really did not allot a factor there I believed that that was quite already we’re gon na enter into

Netflix which is our following app over here and also the genuine mean X 50 professional obtains the profile screen quicker and as quickly as we click on my profile which is Nick the genuine me X 50 Pro opens up that up quicker too not doubling the factors of the apple iphone 11 Pro max with 14 points instead of seven bring into Google Chrome was too close to call over there in our very first video game of the number of year his metro internet users that recently obtained an update so it looks somewhat different as well as real-time packing times Ivan it’s simply a slightly longer too however however the iPhone 11 professional max opens up that up quicker accessing its 8 points it hasn’t obtained a factor for some time now shutting the space currently between its and the X 50 Pro as well as the on the cards his flip Divac entering into flip diving over right here a little much longer loading time as well as the 11pro max opens it up just a bit quicker than that of the x50 pro currently simply 5 factors behind the x50 pro successive below is indeed simple run – it does take a while to load so I sped up points up a little there after that slowed it pull back and also the real me x50 pro gets its 15 factors with holy place go to last game and also shed app out of the 20 applications right here is indeed bar G mobile we gon na speed it up at the

bottom ideal hand edge over there as you men can see to see which one can get it quicker and the 11pro max it does it in simply 12 seconds obtaining it its tenth and final points and run so instead of 18 seconds 6 secs quicker after that the X 50 over right here around 3 we’re gon na enter into today is going to be everything about RAM monitoring we’re gon na do it loophole OVR not a contrary direction thus far also stevens remember we have actually increased a ram on the X 50 Pro which just got its very first points when going right into gallery the iPhone is not selecting up its first points after going into Spotify and also the second point after entering into Photoshop Express which the X 50 Pro eliminated if they both maintain the application open under as well as allocator points as well as if they both kill it I do not allocate appoints one phone has to keep it open as well as other one needs to kill it in order for it to obtain alloted point much like you saw below with Netflix with the X 50 Pro kept that open accessing its second factor now in rounded 3 currently it’s an even tire but after that the X 50 Pro grabs its third factors after going right into subway surfers and also the rest of them are all tied making it 3 factors in round management for the X 50 pro as opposed to two for the 11pro max double the RAM not double ball game overall factors right here 20 for the X 50 Pro in contrast to 13 for the 11pro max yet if we simply take a look at raw speed which is rounded two over there 15 factors for the genuine me X 50 Pro as opposed to 10 points for the 11pro max that is five points a hit wonderful work on you genuine me such an affordable gadget such amazing performance I hope that you enjoyed this video clip as much as I did making it this is Technic and also I’ll see you in the next one

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