iQOO Neo3 vs Realme X50 Pro Speed Test

what’s up individuals your backward technic and also today I have one more rate test for you yet this moment between the vivo iku near 3 and also the actual me x50 Pro the iku neuro 3 comes paid with 8 jobs of ram the variation that I have anyhow as well as pas comes later on snapdragon 865 processing chip the actual me X 50 Pro also comes with Qualcomm’s newest 865 and also comes paid with 8 jobs of ram which is the variation that i do have here in my hand both of them have severe equipment here really feel cost-free to pause it for even more info we’ve upgraded them so the most recent software application specifically we have 19 Hertz on the X 50 as well as 144 Hertz on the intelligence we’re gon na enable monster mode on the intelligence and high efficiency mode on the actual me X 50 Pro additionally live animation zhonya due to a recent poll on my channel in round 1 we’re going to be concentrating on boot and fingerprints as well as face unlock around 2 will certainly be about originally opening up app speed and also round 3 will be all regarding RAM administration I’m gon na be using my training little fingers yeah so we’re gon na pay GoPro video footage near the bottom left hand edge individuals this is technic and we’re additional trouble let’s go we’re gon na begin with a boot here in round 1 to see which one can boot fastest the X 50 Pro defeats the neo 3 bar 1 second there

accessing its very first factor where the Nero 3 in fact shows the app icons quicker over there getting at its very first factors the finger print sensors we have an optical one under the display of the X 50 and also we have a physical one side installed on in year 3 the x 50 Pro gets the second factors over there given that they have actually got best one out of 3 whether neo-gothic face zero out of three though things are reversed as well as right here are three obtains face unlock every single time they’re getting it its second and also last points in round one if you glimpse around to hear all the applications have actually been enclosed the history as you just saw we’re gon na be concentrating on just how fast each phone can separately open up each app over below if it is also close to call I do not designate a factor whatsoever but if it is as well close to call as well as it is apparent that of them opened the app up quicker than the various other after that I do undoubtedly allocator factors I do reduce a clip quite a great deal of times simply to see which one definitely should have understanding and once more if it is three or four secs yet it is not recognizable I do not allocate a points in any way the lower left we have GoPro video over there as well as underneath that we have a countdown timer the next round we’re presently on a web rate test over right here and the IQ 3 concerning 28 seconds there instead of the X X.

50 pros 30 seconds obtaining it at 2nd factor now as opposed to 6 points for the X 50 Pro X 50 power is currently squashing it but individuals just keep watching it gets truly actually fascinating now the third factor for the neo 3 over there after opening Spotify going into Photoshop over year the neo 3 opens it up quicker though it opens up the picture somewhat slower than that of the X 50 brother providing the X 50 pro at 7 points but the Neo whether it’s UF is 3.1 storage exact same as the X 15 conserve the picture a little quicker making it recently one point behind that of the X 50 because it opened up Adobe rush quicker and also it likewise opened up the job we kept making a day eye over below now we’re going to go in advance and export a 4k 25 frames per second clip rejoin a press it dance at 1080p at the very same framework prices as well as see which one can do it much better we have an accelerated time at the bottom right hand corner as you individuals might see there somewhat quicker on the X 50 over there however just by a hair it gets its 8 points in run also up until now we need a VPN below in China in order to open the rest of the apps that you can see on the gadgets over right here as well as initially app up is Facebook which the IQ Daniel 3 opens up quicker it was too close to call with Instagram over there next application.

on the table is Twitter which the x50 Pro opens quicker obtaining it it’s extra factors ahead of the year 3 soon as we jump into YouTube over right here the close to three are tons the page slightly quicker peering factors over below as well as 9 8 piece going right into my account points were extremely close for the X 50 Pro open it up a little much faster we’re gon na enter into a video as well as they both start playing it at the very same time however the neo 3 really tons up the materials the base the screen a little quicker accessing its 10th boy linking it with the X 50 Pro up until now going into Netflix the X 50 secures its points well and also another factor when going into my account over there chrome is a different tale then you know 3 takes it’s with the this last row of apps it gets really interesting all 4 games of ES train surfers is the very first one getting its 12th factor for the neo 3 over there consolidating the X 50 Pro once more I have never such a close test people this is one of the closest tests I have actually ever before experienced on my channel the last one that I recognized unlike this which was so close was between the chamois meeting as well as the actual me x2 susceptible currently a points head the near 3 over below now 2 points head after opening up the holy place run over there another app left with the last row of applications which is pop G mobile we’re gon na speed up things up right here a little.

and I’ll let you individuals recognize the seconds in a 2nd thirteen point 5 secs for the Nero three three factor 5 seconds quicker than that of the x50 pro finishing up the round with three points a lot more than that of the actual me x50 pro now it’s all regarding RAM monitoring over below the X 50 pros opened one app rather than the near 3 which eliminated it however the neo 3 has actually now opened up also as well as it’s around to go with its 3rd one which you individuals will certainly see with Facebook in a second over there this is everything about RAM administration has absolutely nothing to do with Ram speed over here they both have eight gigs of RAM and they should have not a problem keeping all the applications open over below yet the genuine me x50 Pro is killing a few of them offering the mir3 a minor advantage complete points 21 for the eye Cuneo 3 instead of 15 for the real knee X 50 Pro if we concentrate just on round 2 which is rate we obtain 15 for the NIR as well as we obtain 12 for the X 50 making the Haiku simply 3 points much faster when it pertains to actual roll rate I hope that you men enjoyed enjoying this video as long as I did making it this is Technique and I’ll see you in the following one.

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