MAX Refresh Rate Battery Life DRAIN TEST – 10 Snapdragon 865 Powered Smartphones!

this is tech nick as well as welcome to among the largest battery drain examinations ever produced i have 10 snapdragon 865 powered mobile phones right here with me as well as they are all seriously effective however power isn’t every little thing in some cases we need that battery life we have 5 000 milliamps on the black shark 3 pro as well as on the s20 ultra 4700 on the redmi k30 pro zoom edition 4510 on the oneplus 8 professional 4500 on the xiaomi mi 10 professional red magic 5g and also ikuno 3. 4260 on the oppo discover x2 professional 4200 on the actual me x50 pro with simply 4 000 on the oppo ace 2. like i stated efficiency is not whatever specifically when you have these unbelievable display screens that eat up a lots of battery we have amoled panels throughout the board here with the exemption of the iq neo rocking and lcd screen we’re gon na leave every one of them on max refresh rates however we’re gon na go down the quad hd plus panel phones to full hd plus to maintain points even people this is method and without additional trouble allow’s go we’re gon na start right here by inspecting out levels in celsius i know what you individuals are assuming there is a lot on the screen right now well on top we have the present app performing at the leading left current leader in the center over there naturally nothing yet as well as the time interval on the top appropriate hand corner with the timer simply next to that the time period is based upon what you see percentage-wise above the brandings of each phone and below the percentage that you can see near the top of the screen we do have the battery and also cpu percent after each timer over there at the bottom i have the spec sheet so feel cost-free to hit pause anytime throughout the video clip and also have a look at that and also after just 30 mins we have 98 on the black shark 3 pro the finest current leader right now is funny sufficient the

tiniest battery phone right here the oppo ace ii still 100 after 30 minutes honestly can not think that but it is the hottest when it concerns cpu and we additionally have the discover x2 professional the various other opera phone also warm when it involves cpu there and also the apple iphone x2 pro is additionally shaking the most popular battery currently with the samsung being the coolest cpu as well as the k30 professional zoom version being nicolas battery in levels celsius over there we’re shaking some spotify today and also going on to that hr period as you people can see we still have the oppo ace 2 right on top there with 96 rather than the others and the one going down the quickest there up until now is the oppo discover x2 pro with 89 the red magic 5g stone’s throw behind that with 90 currently we’re gon na be shooting through to shazam right here with display recording to make sure that we can eat up some battery over below since most of you individuals actually do make use of screen recording in order to share some points with your buddies or perhaps videotape a video game so we’re mosting likely to tape-record while shazam is automobile on today after striking a hr and also thirty minutes period over here we have the current leaders tied with the k30 professional zoom version and the opera ace 2 at 90 with the most affordable battery right now the red magic 5g with 82 it’s very unusual because that phone has a bigger battery than the phones on the ideal hand side and also i have actually structured the phones in order of battery ability if the largest light beam all the method on the left and the tiniest beam right on the right however do keep in mind that we do have really high

freshen rate panels here we have a 90 hertz refresh rate panel on the black shark 3 pro a 90 hertz panel on the oppo ace 2 on the real me x50 pro as well as we likewise have the very same 90 hertz panel on the me 10 professional and black shark 3 pro we have 120 hertz panel on the samsung galaxy s20 ultra and we have a 120 hertz panel on the oppo locate x2 pro and on the oneplus 8 pro however you must keep in mind that we have 144 hertz on the red magic 5g and the ico neo 3 and the iq3 does have an lcd panel which chew out a fair bit a lot more battery amoled are somewhat much more efficient if you ask me up until now we get on that 2 hour as well as 20 minute mark practically hitting that 2 hr as well as half an hour checkpoints here with that said time interval we have 77 on the black shark 3 pro 72 on the samsung 83 on the k30 which is leading at the current moment with the oppo h2 a little behind that at 80 percent x50 pro at 79 percent 70 for the discover x 2 professional seventy 3 percent for the iq neo 3 sixty nine the most affordable for the red magic 5g and eighty percent for the xiaomi mi 10 pro which is in fact doing really well on par with that said of the oppo h2 though it does have 500 even more milliamp hours we’re now running with instagram over here with the existing leader being the k30 pro zoom version now we are on that three hour checkpoint over right here 72 on the black shark it’s refraining from doing also negative keeping that 5 000 milliamp battery most definitely much better than the samsung with its 67 the greatest being the k30 professional zoom version still with 79 frequently remaining the current leader not far behind though we have the oppo h2 with 75 though the mi 10 pro is actually doing far better than the oppo currently with 76 viewing a couple of video clips here on youtube if you people have

missed my current thorough unboxing of the deal ace 2 and 1 plus 8 pro make certain to examine that out after the video clip after 3 hours as well as 30 mins we have 75 percent still on the existing leader the k30 pro 71 percent on the oppo h2 have 64 on the oneplus 8 pro not as well bad 58 now on the red magic 5g still being the most affordable however the oppo locate x2 pro is just one percent even more than that of the red magic 5g at 59 coolest battery degrees in celsius below is the oppo h2 and also the coolest cpu is the s20 ultra with the best cpu being designated to the black shark 3 pro as well as best battery being alloted to the s20 ultra 4 hours and we’re still doing quite well yeah 72 percent on the k30 pro still removed at the minute 62 on the black shark 57 on the samsung 59 on the one plus 68 on the xiaomi 53 now on the black only red magic 5g 58 on the iq neo 355 on the oppo phone x2 pro 67 on the real me x50 pro and 67 on the ace 2 trading strikes with the x50 pro over there we’re shaking a cam selfie video over below 1080p 30 frames per second because that is the cap limit of a lot of them 4 hrs thirty minutes period over below we have gone down below 50 for the red magic 5g the s20 ultra as well as the oppo locate x2 pro much of them still above 50 we have a pair still above sixty percent with the highest bnd k30 pro at 66 cpu is the coolest still on the samsung with 38 degrees over there and the best cpu is currently on the oppo ace 2 with the coolest cpu being the the x50 pro matching that of the

s20 ultra we are rocking 4k 30 structures per 2nd video clip right now throughout all phones due to the fact that most of them are capped at 30 frameworks per second five hr interval over below 43 on the black shock still have 58 percent on the k30 pro zoom version yet do remember we have a 60 hertz panel on the k30 it is the only one with such a low refresh price panel every one of them are shaking higher refresh price pedals right here with the high speed 144 hertz i did lately do a poll on my network asking you guys whether you would love to see high resolution over refresh rate you individuals all claimed maintain the resolution at 1080p but leave all the high refresh price panels on because truthfully if you’re gon na get a phone with a high refresh price panel such as most of these phones do have you’re going to wish to use that user experience it is all regarding the feeling as well as all regarding the level of smoothness of those screens so why not keep them on as well as that is why i’m bringing you people a drain test with maxed out refresh prices on all of these phones yet i do feel that several people will enjoy simply with complete hd plus as opposed to qhd plus which is why as i have actually restricted it there after 5 hrs and also half an hour we have 50 on the k30 professional zoom version the only one still above 50 over below every one of them are obtaining very low 22 on the red magic 5g and also 23 on the oppo f5 x2 pro after 6 hours we have 21 on the black shark we have seven percent on the red magic 5g looks like it’s concerning a clock around 24 on the ace 2 with the smallest battery i’m truly truly pleased with that said men 50 on neither of them any longer they are all well listed below 50 18 on the oneplus 8 professional trading

impacts with that of the s20 ultra which simply has one percent more than that of the oneplus 8 professional going on to turn diving over below it’s an one more enjoyable little video game over right here just to see what we end up with and also after six hrs and also 26 mins the red magic 5g knocks senseless over there its predecessor the red magic 3 actually did a far better time with over 8 hours over there yet it did have a slightly bigger battery though i regard 5 hrs of screen promptly certainly excellent battery life so the red magic 5g with an inner follower within it as well as fluid cooling along with touch causes and also 144hz 1080p amoled displayed in an absolutely stunning time of 6 hrs and also 26 minutes not long after though 6 hrs as well as 42 minutes we have the oppo discover x2 pro knocking out with a 4 260 milliamp battery smaller battery than that of the red magic 5g yet it does have a lower refresh price panel of a 120 hertz i have actually matched the display brightness on all of these devices and also so much we have 30 still existing leader on the k30 professional zoom version 12 for the oppo h2 completely on the right-hand man side is not doing also negative for a little 4 thousand milliamp battery just seven percent as well as 6 percent on the black shark 3 professional and s20 ultra specifically that’s a bit unsatisfactory with 5 000 milliamp batteries though they do have the largest screens on this table right below after 7 hours and also nine minutes the intelligence neo 3 knocks out there 7 hrs 9 mins not also bad it in fact has the best score in milliamp hours per minute over there after 7 hrs and 16 minutes the s20 ultra knocks senseless it has the best percentage per min over there but not necessarily the very best milliamp hrs per minute due to the fact that it does have a much larger battery than that of the iku neo 3. After 7 hrs and also 29 mins the oneplus 8 professional clocks out over there excusable considering it has a smaller sized battery than the samsung same refresh rate panel over there but it does have a somewhat smaller screen so it is reasonable that it is 13 mins much longer long-term than the s20 ultra it has the most effective million amps per min over there due to the fact that of its 4 510 milliamp battery and points 22 per minute the black shark 3 professional clocks out at 7 hours as well as 34 mins with the most effective 0.22 per min over there matching that of the oneplus however not the very best 20 amps per min since it does have a much larger battery over there we’re gon na move on to the 8 hr mark over right here the 8 hr check factors we have 21 on the k30 pro zoom version five percent on the xiaomi mi 10 pro 3 percent on the x50 pro and the oppo h2 is just not letting go with one percent left allow’s see exactly how it performs in the next number of minutes to see if it can still trade strikes with the various other four tools still on the table lasting an extra 10 minutes the oppo ace 2 knocks out after 8 hours as well as 10 minutes with the most effective milliamp hrs per min simply 8 milliamp hours per minute of drainpipe and also the x50 professional knocks out simply 5 minutes after it at eight hrs as well as fifteen

minutes with the best percent per minute but not the most effective milliamp hrs per min that is still awarded to the oppo ace two eight hrs and also 25 mins over right here the xiaomi mi 10 pro clocks out with the most effective portion per minute however as soon as again milliamp hours per min is still granted to the oppo h2 we have 14 of batteries still left after 8 hrs and half an hour on the k30 professional zoom version however with rather a high cpu and battery level celsius right now shaking 8k video over there for a bit jumping down to metro surfers and we’re simply gon na maintain doing an entire number of looped applications that we have actually already done consisting of criteria over below to see for how long this phone can last after 9 hours we still have 5 percent on the k30 pro zoom version the longest lasting phone i’ve ever carried a drain test on my network has actually been the lenovo z6 pro with a little 4000mah battery yet it lasted nine hours as well as 2 minutes the k30 professional zoom edition has surpassed that currently with over 9 hrs as well as 20 mins and also it clocks out at 9 hours and also 29 mins if you’re not impressed keeping that then i do not recognize individuals that is ridiculously excellent has the most effective percent per min over there however the finest milliamp hrs per minute of drain is simply 8 milliamp hrs awarded to the oppo h2 that is seriously amazing in 10th location we have the red magic 5g 144 hertz amoled panel 6 hours and also 26 minutes okay for such a beast video gaming phone with an internal van we have 9th area the oppo find x2 pro right here stone’s throw after the red magic 5g with

6 hours and also 42 minutes also a high 120 hertz fridge panel there 8th location with an ips lcd screen i truthfully anticipated this individual to pass away in the beginning however lasted seven hrs and also nine minutes that is extremely impressive excellent on brand-new iq neo3 with 144 hertz revitalize rate panel 7th location the s20 ultra still unbelievable battery life over below i have the snapdragon 865 variants of the phone seven hours and also 16 minutes i’m truly pleased with that said too the oneplus 8 pro sixth place certainly beating the samsung since it has a smaller battery 7 hours and also 29 minutes here with that said wonderful 120 hertz amoled panel the black shark 3 pro is in fifth area with 7 hours and also 34 mins the previous 3 phones likewise clocked out pretty similar in time to the black shark 3 pro with such an enormous display fourth area the oppo s2 i am very pleased with this i must state one of the most satisfied it honestly should have top place of your 8 hours as well as 10 minutes with just a 4 000 milliamp hour battery third area an additional tiny battery 4 200 milliamp hr battery the actual me x50 pro gets 8 hrs and 15 mins seriously seriously fantastic battery life if you ask me second area the xiaomi mi 10 professional with 8

hrs and 25 minutes of battery life among the longest lasting phones i have actually ever experienced and also i can state that from general day-to-day usage too the redmi k30 pro zoom edition takes the crown below though with nine hours as well as 29 mins of screen on time though we are doing not have that high refresh rate panel as well as if all gadgets had the very same battery capacity of 4 500 milliamp hours the black shark 3 pro would dip down 3 areas to 8th area and also the oppo ace ii would certainly raise 3 locations to starting point with nine hours and also 11 minutes so passing that of the k30 professional zoom version if it had a smaller sized 4 500 milliamp cell it would certainly fall to 2nd place with 9 hours and also 4 minutes do not hesitate to strike time out below for more details on what they would be like with the very same battery ability as well as inspect the outcomes down below for more information on that particular individuals i hope that you appreciated enjoying this video clip as much as i did making it and until following time this is tech you

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