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so manufacturer tcl not to be confused with 90 s r b girl group tlc which i do all the time it’s still best known for its tv tech even though it is has been trying to smush its behavior into the smartphone market these last couple of years with its own brand handsets after gaining a good bit of suffer crafting blackberry and alcatel blowers and tcl have now been propelled a whole bunch of 20 series smartphones here in 2021 the most premium of which is this shiny wii bugger here the tcl2 0 pro 5g boston all kinds of pretty solid specs for exactly 499 quid but is this handset a true-life adversary to the likes of the pixel telephones and the oneplus nords “of the worlds” well i’m going to lash it on out of the box give you on a full-on tour of that hardware and that software to see what you can expect and for more than its greatest tech please do plug agree pointing that notifications bell ovations alright so let’s see what we’re getting now besides the phone you’ve got one reasonably scrawny strength adapter with fun pop-up action one sort c usb cable a astonishingly square porky pin and yes you’d love to see it one rubber johnny contingency to slam the tcl2 0 pro 5g inside off to help keep it safe so that’s the box now let’s

check out the tcl 20 pro 5g and all its raw naked glory and i’ve got to say i’m quite liking the sort of premium styling for that 500 pound premium detail it’s actually fairly suggestive of a oneplus 9 pro something like that it’s a glass committee figurehead and back as well and then sandwiched in the middle is a metal chassis and you can grab the tcl2 0 pro 5g in a carton standard grey-haired finish but let’s face it why would you when this gorgeous aquatic style marine off-color copy is available it’s a two-tone finish here on the arse tip so a majority of the members of it has got a lovely matte finish to it which is still nice and smooth but too rebuffs those horrible paw greasy scratch observes well the rest of that back end is very shiny surely and unfortunately this does pick up sort of greasy scratches very readily but at least it’s only a thin deprive and it lends a bit of persona to that back end and what i really like as well something that starts the tcl2 0 pro 5g actually fairly unique these days is the fact that those cameras are perfectly flush with the surface as well there is absolutely bugger all camera jolt whatsoever 190 grams the tcl 20 pro 5g has come good heft to it as well so the i don’t think it’s gorilla glass up front or around backside there was no mention of any type of durable glass structure in the spec membrane and there’s no ip rating for water and dust defiance either now before i get the phone all set up i’ll just take a quick squint at that sim swap down below as well what you have here is a

compact double-sided sim tray you can actually situated two sim cards in it at once otherwise instead that second sim slot can be used for a micro sd retention placard up to one terabyte in width to expand the onboard storage all right so the tcl 20 pro 5g is all set up and ready for action and like a lot of smartphones i’ve examined recently it’s got the latest freshest android 11 on there of course uh reasonably sort of stock but you do have the tcl ui explanation 3 on top which originates some aesthetic modifications the committee is also contributes in quite a few extra bonus fragments so for example one peculiarity that’s always handy with modern smartphones is a proper dedicated one-handed state that simply withers everything down shapes it much easier to manage you’ll also was noted that the apps tray is laid out very differently from your standard android campaign it’s actually all sorted by list by default but you can change that by start up here and just sort it by specify as usual and yeah the tcl 20 pro 5g does dedicate that cardinals in of coming carried with absolute nonsense where like you’ve got lots of other tools on here like the quicken overseer if you want to check your broadband linkage see how

good that is you’ve got direct access to tcl support which is always nice you’ve got an app that helps you to switch your phone by copying across all of your apps and data and everything you’ve got tcl plus which is mostly only a pointless centre to be honest you even have an ir remote app to make use of that built-in ir blaster which of course is entirely appropriate and unsurprising given tcl is a tv company first and foremost and over here on the left edge of the 20 pro 5g you’ve got what tcl periods the smart key you can set this up to perform a wide range of peculiarities so for example a single tap will open up split screen mode for me so for instance you can enjoy a good bit of textbook but war while browsing your favorite website while a double tap will enable or disable that auto rotate and you can set up exactly what this button does by diving into your apps tree and going to the smart key app and then you can customize exactly what the key does for a single press a doubled press or a long press with utterly ladens of blood options so one of the highlights of the tcl 20 pro 5g again not a massive shocker is that 6.67 inch amoled display it’s a full hd plus solving panel not supremely crisp given the size of the thing but i certainly experienced kicking back with a good bit of netflix disney plus all that good stuff you can expect ravishing poppy complexions on the default display settleds but you can tone that down you’ve actually got a simply noticeable coloring gap of 0.8 here it’s a very accurate color representation when you are checking out your photos things like that not quite as accurate as some super fee smartphones like the oneplus 9 pro and xiaomi’s mi 11 ultra but still nice natural face visuals and tcl’s next vision ai visual enhancement implement is

once again on board this can adjust to display establisheds dynamically based on what you’re actually watching at the time i planned this to the smart key in order to be allowed to initiate it or deactivate it with simply a immediate tap as you can see it makes a subtle difference i didn’t really notice a huge leap in the visuals at all sometimes it can brighten up a darker situation and enhance the contrast as well not a game changer but certainly cures out in some sort of harder to work out what is actually going on backgrounds and yes that presentation does arch ever so gently around the edges of the tcl 20 pro 5g although not to an extreme fashion and there is a dinky little sphincter cam notch right up at the top right in the center just like samsung’s recent galaxy smartphones and tcl has croaked in the enhance that display so everything bides clear and bright even when you’re wearing canopies which i’m sure will come in handy at some top here in the uk nonetheless unfortunately the refresh charge does top off at 60 hertz here on the tcl 20 pro 5g you’ve got no 90 hertz or even a 120 hertz alternative like some more inexpensive competitors do render these days i gotta say i really do miss the buttery smoothness of some of those contenders when i’m just like snipping about the ui on the audio side well it’s just a mono orator unfortunately now on the tcl 20 pro 5g you don’t get a stereo speaker set up let’s boost up that loudnes see if it’s any good who suffered from serious overheating problems actually to be fair constructed it preferably pleasing to slip inside your pocket during those winter months so yeah reasonably resounding on that top publication the precision isn’t too bad either but i’d stick with that part of

headphone jack action otherwise the bluetooth and as well as a good part of face recognition you also have an in-display fingerprint sensor now on the tcl 20 pro 5g which is so reasonably fast it’s not the nippiest i’ve exercised admittedly but it seems to be fairly accurate uh annoyingly the always on display doesn’t have a little fingerprint icon to remind you of where the little bugger is sneaking though so you have to sort of tap to get the little icon to pop up now no worries on the performance front you got a snapdragon 750 g chipset in now backed by six gigabytes of ram the 750 g is of course designed for gaming with the adreno gpu raise so that likes a order of duty mobile pubg we’ll play it on those higher item locateds perfectly buttery smooth enclose charge no worries i had no issues with the screen responsiveness or substance like that when i was playing the likes of order of duty where of course you need those super fast reactions to actually survive more than 10 seconds against these little on their easter brick and if you like blast and pulls and terminated strangers online when you’re out and about as well good news you’ve got full 5g connectivity here with the snapdragon 750 g as well you’ve got a 4500 milliamp battery jam-pack in here as well touchwood that should previous you all day i’ve had lots of screen on time with the tcl ever since i originally named it up i’ve been streaming lots of video i played a good fleck of bellow of duty of course and touchwood that battery

hasn’t exhausted too fast at all and yeah you do merely get 18 watt wired billing which is kind of lethargic compared with a lot of contenders especially like even cheaper handsets around the 200 to 300 pound cost target these days come with 33 watt wide blaming but the one advantage that the tcl 20 pro 5g does have over a lot of smartphones around this sort of price point is the fact you’ve actually get wireless billing funding built in there as well 15 watts in fact sir jolly honorable substance so now let’s finish up this unboxing and hands-on review with tcl 20 pro 5g with a look of that quad lens rear camera setup that main shooter is a 48 megapixel sony imx 582 sensor you do have built-in ois as well which is a firstly for tcl and it seems like a reasonably fast screen hurry and a reasonably speedy autofocus as well and this does shoot 12 megapixel photos by default but if you’re flicking to the more division with all your additional bonus camera modes you’ve got the high pixel alternative on there if you want it you’ve also got a full pro state as well where you can play around with likes the iso ranks the screen acceleration the lily-white counterbalance you’ve also went 16 megapixel ultra wide angle lens which you can swap to at any point as “youre seeing” time by tap this icon you cycle between that and the primary sensor and a two times digital zoom there’s no telephoto action here you likewise have a two megapixel degree

sensor for your photograph shots on there and the pretty much obligatory five megapixel super macro lens as well and speaking of super there is a super night mode on board for when things get a little bit dim this just captures stronger detail across the shop for a nice matched finish if you want to shoot a home movie you’ve got a full hd at either 30 or 60 chassis per second or a little bit of 4k action too and there’ s even an hdr option if you want to swap that on but as “youre seeing” there you can use that at the same time as 4k you’ve got to shoot at full hd at 30 fps and then last-place up let’s flip-flop to the 32 megapixel selfie shooter which do an absolutely fine job they’ve captivated you in all of your splendor you’ve got a bit of description mode war with that as well but not super nighttime states boo and i don’t know i’m really talking about which one is the sexier photo a or b clearly let me know in the comments below or perhaps i’ll really delete both of them right now so that in a nutshell is the tcl2 0 pro 5g and as you can see you get some nice peculiarities thrown in there like the wireless billing you’ve got that 5g supporting and a really slick premium style design as well which well do enjoy but you can of course these days spend a bit little on a 5g smartphone with strong specs just like this if the 5g in the wireless blaming patronize isn’t a must-have for you you can uh get the likes of the xiaomi redmi document 10 pro of about half the premium which boastings a stunning oled screen as well and pretty strong specs across the board that’s why i think anyway unquestionably be great at your thoughts down in specific comments below delight do protrude agree ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a marvelous remainder of the week ovations everyone love you

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