iPhone 11 Pro Max Review & Benchmark Test – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

hey what’s up guys you back with your guy Method and also today we have the famously new apple iphone 11 Pro max this is the most amount of cash I have actually ever before invested in a phone take an appearance at the prices near the bottom left corner if you had time out there and also the very first point that we see in package when opening it up is the phone pop that sideways and we obtain the earbuds this does consist of a lightning Jackson season a 3.5 jack in package as well as however no adapter either the cable television includes a Kind C 2 Lightning port would certainly have been amazing to see type C on the phone but there is no adapter for that either so I had problem with pairing on my PC if they likewise obtain an 18 watt for billing food in package which is boosted from in 2014’s 15 watts and also you also have one it’s a 800 milliampere bigger battery in the phone also which is truly amazing to see Apple claims that you’ll get a boost in charge speed from 0 to half in just thirty minutes utilizing that 18 watt for charging block which luckily comes included in the box around the phone we have that power button have these remarkable divides volume rockers on the left hand side in addition to the mute switch over there I truly like split buttons I want that androids would include this much more typically because I truly do think it is a solid function that Ethel do you have after that we likewise have the down shooting speakers at the bottom and also we have the Lightning ports of Y and also which is the minimal 2 USB 2.0 rates when connected to your computer which is truly negative in my point of view that not well type of the cam bump is actually kind of a little bit large at the back those cameras are definitely enormous as well as having a look at the specifications take a look near the bottom left-hand edge over there however we have a 12 megapixel major lanes with

optical photo stablizing which is actually great to see this has an aperture of f-18 as well as actually all three cameras right here have 12 megapixels which is the 2nd one as well a telephoto size of megapixels of the aperture of f28 oh we have 2 times optical zoom over below and also we in fact additionally have optical image stabilisation for videotaping with a telephoto lens to ultra large considering that there’s no Elias there’s also a 12 megapixel lens after that aperture of F 2 factor 4 and also 120 degree field of sight which is really awesome to see an initial for iPhone thus far actually huge is excavating the layout of this phone is white color which is actually silver looks more white to me looks absolutely staying which matte coating actually feels outstanding and exceptional on the back it is also apparently the hardest glass in a phone the iPhone are not truly specifying what gloss it is as well as for the very first time ever before on a phone four meters deep for half an hour it is ip68 water resistant thanks for that Apple that is truly good includ yet remember this is an extremely pricey phone so you type of anticipate the improvements in these departments we have this remarkable 6.5 inch xtr LED display screen this is an incredibly Retina present it looks definitely excellent as well as we actually have 12 42 P resolution it is not quite 1440p yet because of the element ratio that is what we’re taking care of and it is the very same exact pixels per inch as last year’s XS max the cool point with iOS 13 here is that we really upped off setting so that’s really remarkable to see and you guys will obtain that in your older variations of Apple iphone 2 so it’ll be really amazing to obtain those upgrades and also I indicate is this much of an upgrade you people let me understand it looks really amazing yet when you contrast it to another thing

like an Android phone since I’m a massive Android enthusiast individuals the display compared to the vivo following 3 over below which just released the very same day or a day behind your new iPhone 11 pro max the 11pro max actually looks like an updated phone check out that vivo next it looks absolutely magnificent for half the cost it has a lower PPI but individuals you can see the difference right here and also their display keeping that terrific display screen is definitely lovely nonetheless the apple likewise has face ID however strangely you have to swipe up undoubtedly when you do get that 3d face ID however it is extremely safe and secure however you have to swipe up from the lower slider so those of you coming from Android there’s no chance to avoid the lock display and you need to swipe up from the bottom shooting right into cameras over below we’re going to take a look at some samples so this is a main camera lens of year 12 megapixel shot looks pretty good we obtain a little an all-natural book there now we utilize actual picture this side discovery is unbelievably negative guys for such an expensive phone yet ultra vast looks fairly excellent practically like any various other ultra wide phone I’ve seen and also telephoto it looks pretty respectable it would be far better to taste these outdoors as well as I will certainly be doing a complete electronic cameras below soon so birth that in mind after that we have a 12 megapixel shoot in the

front selfie cam looks really amazing with the blur it also looks actually excellent over here in 2014 we had a 7 megapixel shooter in the front so this is absolutely been enhanced over here and also there’s the brand-new monochrome lens which everybody is going nuts about it virtually makes the entire history white and afterwards we likewise have 4k at 60fps over below this looks definitely sensational this is simply beyond my window there is a home window right here so if you see some dirt in the window and also stuff this since I’m looking outside of my home building in Beijing as well as mosting likely to focus any kind of optical your stabilization is actually excellent I will include this extra in my complete cam view the trendy point though is that we get 4k 60fps in the front too now naturally if it’s obtained me in the footage over here it’s gon na bokeh me and also blur the background a little bit however as soon as I go off of me as a focal factor we can check out the 4k 60fps video footage using the selfie cam there much like we did making use of the landmass so allow me understand what you men consider that so let me recognize what you people believed of the front-facing 4k 60fps that’s the very first world’s very first on a smart device selfie web cam 4k 60fps I believe it looked really excellent and also I think the mic examination sounded actually good as well currently we have the iPhone 11 Pro max on our left hand side and also we have the vivo following 3 on our legal rights the apple iphone is using the a13 Bionic chip struck a pause over there and also examine the hexakill contrasted to the octa-core seen on the vivo now this is variation 8 criteria event su 2 on the on the vive as well as version 7 on the

iphone so it is naturally going to be better on there on antutu on the vivo because we actually have the option of version 8 on android yet we do not have that option on iphone so currently we are firing with to the exact same variation version 7 on both phones and also the apple iphone does pull in advance there with the a 13 Bionic chip because if they’re actually actually excellent optimization with iphone and also the equipment that they use which is there a 13 Bionic chip so iPhone is leading because situation yet we’ll need to wait and see exactly how it stacks up in variation 8 when that is released that’s why I included both examinations here so take our red wine and also examine those scores out also if you men would certainly like to see guys in general the iPhone 11 pro max which is a severe mouthful to claim I must claim it is one awesome phone it is certainly a little taller a little wider a little bit fatter and a bit heavier than its predecessor it still has that enormous ugly notch at the top which I truly do not such as yet it is actually nice and smooth just flick around the phone with that 120 Hertz touch sensing which we have gotten before in last year’s front runner series those cams are really great it’s truly remarkable that they tossed in an ultra-wide sensing unit there I think they might have done a bit extra with them yet they still take truly good cam footage and also those videos are gon na look remarkable I’m gon na begin using this to my camera for YouTube it simply has 4 jobs of RAM but it’s optimization is what Apple’s everything about and till next time men it’s technique

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