Vivo NEX 3 Review & Benchmark Test – More Than Just That Waterfall Display?

yo what’s up people you’re back with your guy Technique and today I’ve got something special for you the vivo following 3-5 g right here I was torn between the 5 G variations and also the normal one but five G in China is going to be awesome very first things first in packages that cover looks truly cool I’ll show you guys it on the phone a bit later on we have a USB type-c to type a port this is a 5 ampere cable television since that billing block is impressive 44 watch butting in the box included thanks for that vivo that’s actually amazing to see especially because we have a monstrous 4,500 milliampere battery and also the awesome thing with vivo is they still constantly consist of earphones men whether it’s gaming phones budget phones or their top range phones such as this they constantly consist of a collection of earphones and with a 3 v 3.5 millimeter headphone jack no darts we’re gon na slip it out the cover and also move away from the unboxing over right here and also we’re gon na focus mainly on the gadget itself with that incredible falls screen so having a look at the rear of the device over right here the color looks respectable this is the black variation aware it really simply looked like twelve o’clock at night black however we have numerous blue shades in there you’re gon na proceed and also boot on the phone over right here men and afterwards I’ll run you guys via the side so there are actually no physical switches we type of have these touch delicate buttons on the side below it would have been awesome for them to have actually consisted of touch delicate pc gaming buttons however that’s okay at the top we have the pop-up camera which we’ll get to in a minute then we likewise have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and left wing of the phone there’s nothing there they’ll be finished with firing audio speaker and also type-c port with ufs 3.0 storage on the gadget which increases to 512 jobs as well as sadly there is no area for an additional sd card we likewise have the back cam arrangement which is done in like a little a circle our major sensing unit is a 64 megapixel Samsung GW one sensor with an aperture of f11 8 this is a real 64 megapixel sensor can be bind as well as

down to 16 megapixels for a clearer shot when you do not have the most effective illumination around our second cam is a telephoto lens this is a 13 megapixel 2 x optical lens with an aperture of f28 v this is not the most effective or the greatest lens for a telephoto lens yet it still does a quite respectable work I would have favored maybe a depth sensor over below due to the fact that 2 times it’s not that huge a bargain anyway then we have an ultra large facility this is additionally 13 megapixels with an aperture of f28 – and we obtain 120 level area of sight not the best however it’s quite trendy and the cam bump isn’t as well big either which is great to see although they have this unique arrangement on the side we in fact do have a display protector on the back over right here simply to allow you men know as well as that leading front facing audio speaker does indeed set as a stereo sound – many thanks for that vive so currently we remain in the phone officially below which screen looks definitely ridiculously stunning individuals there are primarily no Basil’s in speaking about Basil’s vive brag 99.6% screen to body ratio I do not think that holds true consider the leading as well as the bottom chin there there is definitely a little a border there you do have these touch picking up switches for the volume and also you can have them displayed on the display in different ways or you can turn them off altogether that’s what I like on the Front’s of the display screen we clearly have that huge six point 8 nine inch AMOLED waterful display the very first of its kind ever before seen on a phone as well as if you ask me it practically has such beefy visuals comparable to those seen on

the very first variety of phones with curves and that was the Samsung Galaxy s6 edge if you people keep in mind that one so regurgitating the illumination or entering into setups over right here and after that throwing the illumination up you individuals can see how gorgeous that phone is however sadly we are restricted to complete HD plus resolution we are it would have behaved to see 1440p resolution however people I can not see any kind of pixelization whatsoever as well as the display looks absolutely sensational I can not tell you just how much it takes my breath away I’ve returned to my samsung galaxy note 10 + off the unpacking this and people it honestly seems like a phone from a year or two ago this is the phone to go this is your following move if you have the cash money to spin on it and keep in mind it’s not even half the price of the other toppdogg phones around there simply at concerning six $700 it is quite much contending there with the similarity oneplus with their oneplus pro collection phones so it looks apart every little thing on the phone really feels great and snappy the software program looks respectable and with a fingerprint sensor over here we have like the eighth generation as well as the screen finger print sensor from vivo which is actually outstanding it is so rapid guys I can not tell you exactly how quick it is but sadly despite the fact that we have a pop-up video camera and oneplus does supply face unlock vivo does something with this where it states that it will just turn up to unlock your face if you stand out in your finger wrong three times which kind of sucks perhaps they’ll transform it in a software application update now we’re going to move along to the cam division of vo people so the cams we have those triple sensing units and we’re gon na use my friend mr. Grittier the initial one we have have a look at the lower left is a sixty-four megapixel main shot then we have a 16 megapixel great shot on that sixty-four megapixel lens it looks respectable after that we have an additional 16 megapixel negative shot over right here to make sure that I can show you the distinction with picture here prior to we got an all-natural bokeh and this is the forced poker with the software if that ultra large 120 degree area of view which looks pretty good and after that that 2 times optical zoom would have done much better outdoors where they’re further away object but it still looks rather excellent however our selfie pop-up electronic camera in the front over below actually comes paid with a flash believe it or not it’ll be great to see two video cameras I do not know exactly how often you’re gon na be using the flash but I presume it is for the Chinese market at first as well as they do dig their selfies as you guys can see a flash off with the 16 megapixel selfie web cam and flash on with the 16 megapixel selfie cam it truly does brighten the soared a lot indoors I need to say it’s gon na be for interior functions now we do additionally have a Snapdragon 855 plus refining chip and 8 jobs of ram the 12 job of ram version isn’t out yet and we’re gon na run an end to tube bench run as well as take a look at the heat temps after it also I’m actually amazed with all the Snapdragon 855 plus phone up until now and also I truly think that the vivo Nix 3 might do an actually good work and there we go crowned winner take a pause on your screen and have a look whatsoever the Snapdragon a 55 plus processing chips I have inspected on on and also this is by much the highest nearly hitting 500k this goes over no dirt my goodness

I can not think it and what I also can not believe is the temperature level have an additional pause on the display and also you’ll see 29 levels Celsius on the battery as well as all the other phones are well above 6 levels greater and 37 38 levels take an additional time out and take a look near the bottom left for other Snapdragon phones it is extremely cool men I can not think just how nice and coolest phone is and that cover is really great I just wished to pop it on the
phone to reveal you men what it’s everything about it is a bit thick yet it really feels truly exceptional almost like a one-pass rock cover situation combined with like natural leather at the rear of it I such as all the intriguing cutouts that we have around it as well as it actually complements the sides of the screen which pop-up selfie webcam that I would certainly have chosen a tranquil pleat open slots on top and lower it still appears like a really trendy cover for day one use guys Eve Eva Nix three or three 5g is just one of the most enthusiastic designs I have ever before seen in a smartphone market I have actually never seen such a curve and the back still looks actually great with that said round video camera component there I assumed it would have looked a little bit uglier than this however it looks actually good they have actually still maintained the earphone jack which so numerous phones are ditching as well as they put a flash on a selfie webcam there truly are going a lot this year which waterful display looks awesome I truly can not overcome it maybe they aren’t hitting that virtually hundred-percent screen to body ratio mark yet this is the sexiest screen I have actually ever seen on the phone though it is lacking a high refresh price than 60 and also it is doing not have 1440p resolution to find out Oh dad it is a complete sensational people I wish you appreciated this video clip and also till next time this is method

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