Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs OnePlus 7 Pro Speed Test

you’re whatsup guys you’re back with your man technic your go to God for videos on the latest take now today it’s about the latest take once again since I have the Samsung Galaxy S 10 5g here alongside the one plus seven Pro now the 5g comes with in Exodus 98 20 chipset this is not the snapdragon variants and 8 gigs of ram so you are going to see a slight bit of difference between the two devices here when it comes to speed and performance hence this test so as opposed to that we have the oneplus 7 pro with 12 gigs of ram and a snapdragon a 55 processing chip and both of these guys are absolute beast when it comes to speed and performance i’m really excited to see how they pan out I have decided to disable all the animations in the developer options of both of the devices to ensure that both things as even as possible the oneplus 7 pro does indeed have a bit of a camera bump so I have slept the covers on both phones now both of these devices do indeed come with qhd+ panels so I’ve decided to keep them at that since they both natively support it and I have gone on the oneplus and made sure it’s stuck to the 90 Hertz resolution well ninety Hertz refresh rates as opposed to the Samsung 60 because that’s probably what you’ll use it up then I do have my trainee little fingers but I will be pairing it with my GoPro Hero 7 black just to ensure that we can see things from a different angle to make it as even as possible guys these are both monsters to say the least and without further ado this is Technic and let’s go okay guys so starting over here we’re gonna start with round zero which is going to include a boot case it’s also going to include an app refresh case when you’re first getting to the phone and it will also include facial recognition and under display fingerprint senses now the Samsung is from Korea so it does have this KT technology band on it well rock band but carrier so I’m expecting it to go but slower but the esteem plus does also boot up quite as slow as well guys so the first point in round 0 there goes to the one class of impressions who started up the phone up first now we’re gonna go ahead and unlock the phones with the pin codes over here so we’re gonna go to 0 6 0 6 which is my pin don’t tell anyone guys and we’re gonna see which phone refreshes the apps first and it is indeed the Samsung Galaxy S 10 5g over there guys the oneplus 7 pro is lagging behind a little bit this time ok so they both have a point in round 0 thus far but let’s get to the important stuff let’s go ahead and test out the fingerprint sensor is now the fingerprint sensor on the STM 5g is an ultrasonic one as opposed to the one pluses optical one so the one plus should be faster and you’ll see there at the bottom that the one plus seven pro has indeed taken it but I haven’t advocated a point that we’re gonna do it based out of three now the ultrasonic one is better if your hands are wet and you can just tap it that’s why I have done so here because that’s how much people will be using it you won’t really hold your finger there and then one plus seven pro gets the second point here since it acted the Samsung Galaxy s3 and 5g with a fingerprint sensor taste now we’re going to go ahead and check out the facial recognition test and the one plus does have to pop up a camera over there but it does do a pretty quick and instantly and it has gotten those first two rounds though so we’re gonna check the third round and then allocate a point if it gets it again and then one plus seven Pro gets that so it now has a third point in round zero closing around zero all that apps have been closed in the background I had pop GoPro footage at the bottom there so keep an eye on that as we go along for what wrong one we’re going to camera two Pub G and run to pub G all the way back up to camera so we’re gonna go ahead and start here focus on round one scores on the left and right of both of the devices and the one plus seven Pro opens up the camera quicker now when it comes to switching that is ten five G takes it and taking a snap the is ten five G takes it again now I have indeed gone ahead and slowed both of these clips down insanely and triple-checked guys to make sure which phone is indeed opening it up and in order to keep my voice not going so damn fast with talking you guys have complained a little bit about that I will not be speaking about every single individual app that opens up here but just keep your eyes on the rounds of year so so far the s10 5g and the one plus seven Pro are tied at four points in round one and the s10 5g opens up Spotify quicker now we’re going to go ahead and open up astral VPN since we need a VPN here in China and the s10 5g opens it up quicker as well and let’s see it turns it on quicker as well so not is three points ahead of the oneplus 7 pro in round one we’re gonna go ahead and open up Facebook these are one of the apps that doesn’t need a VPN here in China and the STM 5g opens up Facebook quicker not doubling the points in round one so going into the next app which is Instagram the oneplus takes it and Twitter the oneplus takes it again now catching up to the S 10 5g now we’re gonna go ahead and open up YouTube over here guys and it’ll be interesting to see which one opens quicker the s10 5g does refresh the whole page quicker so if you get the point over there now we’re going to jump into Netflix here guys I hope that you guys have been watching stranger things because it was really awesome season 3 no spoilers here but that is why I have set the wallpaper here so the 1 plus 7 Pro open up Netflix trigger and it opened up not Adobe Club it opened up Photoshop Express quick as well but there’s 10 5g opened a picture quicker and it saves it to the gallery quicker because of that ufs 3.0 storage but both of the phones do come paid with that indeed opening up Adobe clip over here guys we have the 1 plus 7 Pro opening up quicker and opening up the video quicker as well to go into editing now we’re gonna save both of them to gallery in full HD 1080p resolution and the ef-s 3 storage on both of them should be pretty snappy but the galaxy htm’ 5g takes that point so now it is a point ahead of the 1 + 7 port once again guys we’re gonna go into google chrome and the 1 plus 7 Pro takes that one and open it up quicker there so we’re back on level picking terms over here guys I’m going into our first game over here which is subway surfers that will be pretty interesting to see but as I expected the 1 + 7 Pro took it once again because of that Snapdragon 855 4 assistantship but let’s see if the galaxy is 10 5g can indeed open some other gaming apps up a little bit quicker than the 1 + hitman pro so we’re gonna go ahead and jump straight into flip diving which is our second game of the run here guys and the oneplus is currently one point ahead in round 1 and the Galaxy S 10 matches things here with flip diving / pinging at a quicker both on 13 points in round 1 here guys so we’re gonna go ahead and open up Angry Birds this is the first game guys it’s a little bit more graphic intense than the first two games but there we go the 1 + 7 Pro does indeed open it up slightly quicker grabbing that extra points one ahead of the s10 5g and round 1 so now we’re gonna go ahead and open up Temple Run 2 which is once again a little bit more graphics heavy but nothing too heavy and you can see that the oneplus is indeed jumping a little bit quicker bigger and as soon as you see the logo at the top of the screen here you’ll see the point goes to the Plus save and pro making it two points ahead of the galaxy esteem 5g now our most graphic hungry game of this test and pretty much on any device that you guys can get is pub G mobile so we have gone and open that up over here so that we can see because mostly you guys play this quite often see which one opens it up first and as you guys may know it does take a while to open up on any device even these mainstream devices here but you see that the 1 + 7 Pro is aging a little bit quicker over there and should in essence open it up pasta – and then we go to 1 + 7 Pro has opened up pub G quicker which makes it 16 points as opposed to 13 in round 1 closing the round off really strong so the STM did open it up not too far after so nothing really no really big deal over there guys now we’re gonna go from run – from pub G all the way back up to camera to see their RAM management and honestly to see how fast they open up the apps so we’re gonna allocate a point not really based on round management but half boss each app reopens and 1 + 7 Pro has taken it with the first two games over there we had two points in two fizzles are taken up with Angry Birds so giving a three point zero points on the instant 5g now flip diving once again you guys can see there that the salmon Pro has taken it and the seven Pro to get again with subway surfers making it the king when it comes to reopening games now once again with Google Chrome same case same case with Adobe clip same case with Photoshop over here – guys we’re gonna go ahead and open up Netflix and you can see the seven protects it again so now it is absolutely smashing the s10 5g into the water here guys but once again from oneplus him before it takes it going into double digit on on 11 points here and with Instagram it does the same thing making it 12 now we’re going into Facebook key on the galaxy is 10 5g did loaded up quicker I was surprised with that one so it got its first point over there opening up astral got to the 7 profit turning it off the 5g took it so that means 2 points for the 5g but one plus open Spotify Flickr is well now going into 15 points off the opening up settings and going into flow in the galaxy took it once again thank goodness it got an extra point there this is starting to look a little sad we’re gonna go into gallery and you can see that things are pretty uneven over here the oneplus is just opening everything they stain actually had to reopen that up now the oneplus wasn’t safe to reface the camera when we so got the point because it didn’t need up in that adversity now looking at the total points here guys you can see it’s absolutely massive the 1 plus 7 Pro has 37 points 20 more than the 17 points of the galaxy is 1050 here I wasn’t really expecting that during round 1 it was pretty similar so opening apps is pretty on par with each other but then going ahead and reopening the apps you can see that the 1 plus lift the 810 5g in the dust guys I hope that you enjoyed watching this test as much as I did making it and until next time guys this is technic

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