S10 5G vs Nova 5 Pro vs K20 Pro vs Mi9 vs Z6 Pro vs Axon 10 Pro vs 1+7Pro vs RM3 Charging Speed Test

you what’s up people you’re back with your man strategy you go to God for videos on the latest take now today it has to do with the most recent take once again we have a few of the fastest billing phones around on our initial lift over there we have the Huawei Navarro which comes with a 3500 milliampere battery and an insane supercharged 40 watt block from Huawei which is really awesome then we have the one plus seven Pro next to it with a 4000 ampo battery and it comes coupled with a 30 watt warp fee block in the box which is quite outstanding after that we have the redmi k20 pro which is unfortunately only paid within 18 watt clock in the box but you can get a 27 watt block as it does support it and this is likewise coupled with a four thousand milliamp your battery after that we have the Shamy suggest on with the smallest battery of the number at 3000 milliamp usage it is paid with a 27 what block as well numerous of them are twin 7 watts yeah people chatting about 27 watts the new bar-8 magic 3 likewise adjusts 27 what quickly charging due to the fact that of that gianormous 5000 milliampere battery after that when you carry on to the samsung range over right here we have the s10 5g and also this is actually paid with the most significant of Samsung’s battery today’s with a 4500 milli ampere battery as well as unlike its other s10 range siblings it is paid with a 25 watt billing block as well as can do that also with a ZTE axon 10 Pro a 1000 milli amperes of

juice in it as well as it is paid with a 30 watt billing block that is restricted to simply 18 watts in my last one it was 15 watts however it has actually gotten an upgrade then there’s z6 per the lenovo z 6 per is likewise paid with a 4000 MP a battery as well as has a 15 watt charging block well it can only strike 15 watts yet it does come with a 30 watt block however guys these are all absolute monsters
when it comes to charging speeds i’m really delighted to see how they all favored us this is Technica’s as well as without additional trouble allow’s go fine guys you’re starting the test over here make certain you check that interval time at the top-left is ours and also ideal this min so we have actually struck the 5-minute period and when we do strike that interval all the battery portions above each phone remains in relevance to that period at the top of the screen so make certain you keep your eyes on both of those so after five minutes you can see the Nova five Pro powering via there with the seven Pro not far behind however after ten mins 30 33 percent on the Nova 5 pro men just off the ten minutes over there one plus 7 Pro 23 percent is not too negative 22 percent on the K 20 pro 27 percent on the me 9 which is pretty great however as a result of that small battery 18 percent on the red magic 3 which is actually slightly slower due to that enormous battery as well as then carrying on to the 15 minute interval mark after 15 minutes men that Nova 5 pro is practically struck half in just 15 minutes that is definitely ludicrous yes it is paid with a 3500 milliampere back for you however I’m anticipating it to loss quite well in my battery drain test too because it does indeed come below with a 7 nanometre cure and 980 chipsets now every one of the various other phones that you men see below next to from the Samsung Galaxy S 10 5g are without a doubt paid with a 7

nanometre snapdragon 855 chipset and the samsung is paid with an exodus of 98 20 so when you do do that battery drains hairs keep of that in your mind men due to the fact that there are 7 nanometer chips across the board though they do vary somewhat between the treatment as well as chips the Exynos chips and the Snapdragon chips so after just 30 mins practically 80% on over 5 Pro it’s actually outstanding the oneplus 7 pro is still truly fast with 60% 58% for the situation when you Pro which is respectable 71 percent for the me 9 which is really great near that flick 5 Pro and it does have a slightly smaller sized battery as well as it does have a much smaller power level power supply there so I’m really more satisfied with the Xiaomi than the Nova 93% on the nova 5 probe over there after just 40 minutes which is insane have a look at the legal rights of the phones we have the novice on 56 percent off to 40 bees after 40 minutes Samsung is doing really well with 69% off to 40 mins I’m really pleased with it since its other phones have actually not handled to strike those Heights with the charging rate because they’ve always been maintained at 15 watts yet the a heavy steam 5 G is certainly capped at 25 watts which is really

wonderful people now we’re striking that 15 min mark over below as well as the Nova is about to rip off 99% as well as now a hundred percents after simply 54 mins individuals that is just one of the fastest I have actually ever before seen though I must be truthful I have actually seen the Huawei P 30 Pro as well as the mate 20 forbid in simply under a hr too on those have a 4200 milliampere battery where this is simply a 3,500 milliampere battery so it is not the most remarkable I’ve seen nonetheless it is rather excellent and not a lot longer after that simply 4 minutes later the Xiaomi imply nine knocks senseless with a hundred percent too after 58 mins just 4 mins later on and yes it does have a 3,300 milliampere battery which is a little smaller than the one seen on the nova FirePro but simply people keep in mind that it does have a much smaller wattage battery block over there 13 watts smaller sized to be specific as well as I should say I’m well and a lot more amazed with the Xiaomi me9 when it concerns charging speeds as opposed to the nova v pro alright people now after that one hr 10 mark we’re seeing that the oneplus goes to 96% 98% on the instance when he pro 87% on the raid metric 393 on the Samsung and also truly impressed with that said 89 on the X insane Pro which is a bit quicker than last time we did it taste and 87 on az6 Pro which is excusable after an hour and also 13 minutes the K 20 Pro chose to rip off and at 4000 milliampere battery bigger than the Nova 5 and also

larger than the Xiaomi me 9 with a 27 watt block it does not do bad in all at simply an hour and 13 mins men I’m actually truly satisfied with the charging that it has actually done there simply 13 mins well 15 minutes after the me 9 and it has a much bigger battery then we have the 1 + 7 Pro just 6 minutes after the K 20 Pro knocking off 100% they in a hr and also 19 mins that’s actually impressive also guys to maintain it under a hundred and twenty mins with that said 30 watt stroll cost yet I need to say I am satisfied with the K 20 pro since it has the same battery capacity and 27 watts so less of a billing block there after that we have the Samsung Galaxy S 10 5 g hit a hundred percent in a hr and 24 minutes I’m actually truly amazed with that people considering that the normal Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus has a 15 watt charging block at 4000 MPI battery and also technique in an hour as well as 40 so Samsung and also doing actually fantastic I really hope that they welcome this billing rate and this fantastic battery with flagships to find then after a hr and 30 you can see 97% on the magic and the accent in pro like 95% on the z6 Prost like in behind there now we’re entering into an hour as well as 40 minute mark right here men as well as we hit the Rick Nubia red magic three after simply an hour as well as 40 minutes 100% that is still fast charging in my publications for 5,000

milliampere battery specifically taking into consideration the various other phone with 5,000 milliampere battery is the Huawei made 20 eggs as well as Method in an hour and 53 minutes and after an hour and 41 minutes we have the ZTE x + 10 Pro no kiosk and also I’m actually amazed with this since it is 20 mins quicker than the last test I did at ripped off at 2 hours actually after the Lenovo so it has jumped up in a software update from 15 watts to 18 watts and I’m truly happy that CTR taking care of their consumers currently considering the Lenovo over there we on 100% after a hr as well as 53 minutes people that is really bordering false charging it’s excusable because it does have a pretty large so I 4000 cash amperes that I was anticipating somewhat much more nevertheless it did rather fantastic and all of these phones can be found in under in under 2 hrs but I’m truly satisfied with the ones that came in under an hour as well as near that point also in eighth area we have the Lenovo z6 probe over right here with a 4000 milliampere battery and also it did it in a hr and also 53-man it’s not also poor like I claimed men but it is somewhat unsatisfactory in this run of lineups then we have the ZT accents in pro in seventh area of emergency room men and also that was available in at a hr as well as 41 mins I’m pretty amazed

with that said it has boosted considering that the last examination I did after that in sixth place we have the Nubia red magic 3 which likewise did respectable considering its substantial battery and that was available in in an hour and 40 mins which really isn’t as well poor around the very same as the last examination and I did after that I’m truly actually satisfied with the samsung galaxy s T n 5g with that 25 watt charging obstruct any kind of bigger battery it can be found in in a hr and 24 minutes individuals that is really actually near to fourth place which is the 1 + 7 Pro which really did it in an hour and also 19 mins so simply 5 mins later has a smaller wattage block over there people and a 500 million PS are larger than the oneplus finished bitter then we have the K 20 pro which I’m in fact truly pleased with as well guys that came in 3rd area with a hr and also 13 minutes just six mins behind the oneplus then we have the Xiaomi me nine in 2nd area with a hr as well as what not an hour with 58 mins under as well as just how I’m actually impressed keeping that men I in fact am extra satisfied with that than over 5 Pro though the Nova 5 Pro did do a respectable job it has a quite similar sized battery to the Xiaomi and yet it has a much larger battery block then the Xiaomi does and it only was available in kind and it’s faster than that I really hope that you people appreciated watching this video as long as I did this examination until next time guys this is technic

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