Review Nubia Red Magic 3 Camera – Is One Camera Enough in 2019?

Pc gaming phones nowadays are normally only concentrated on something as well as that is pc gaming but when it pertains to the Nubia red magic 3 it comes loaded with a 48 megapixel I mix 5 816 so with an aperture of 1.7 I allow a whole lot extra light now this may just be one lens and can one lens suffice individuals well let’s proceed and also figure out however being a gaming phone this is one extraordinary lens to be coupled with us as well as proceeding to that selfie cam we have a 16 megapixel front-facing video camera also with an aperture of f28 over for those wonderful little selfies once again it is only a solitary web cam so I have a restricted functionality guys is this pc gaming phone gon na be doing greater than just pc gaming well allow’s discover out this is Method and let’s go okay so starting with the video camera you are over right here we have a pair of options but entering into the real camera setups menu we can have a look at the actual resolution as well as element proportions of the camera themselves we have 48 megapixel and 12 megapixel which in fact binds on that particular 48 megapixel for a better shot 48 megapixel actually just recommend you to utilize in extremely excellent illumination conditions but they are both limited to four by 3 facet ratios to ensure that’s what we’re gon na be sticking with so with the rest of this video clip so now when we go in advance and also take a look at the various setups that we have for the selfie clips we simply have 16 megapixels and when it pertains to video recording we have a globe breaking 8k what it remains in beta

And it is not the best yet that 1920 slow-motion 1920 FPS slow-motion people I’m truly excited to evaluate that out as well as share this with you individuals too now when it comes to the video clip Division in the front facing electronic camera limited to 1080p at 30 frames per second however it’s not dreadful most phones are just paid with that and there are also a couple functions that I’ll be checking out throughout the video as well now going on to just the regular 48 megapixel stills the us are undoubtedly snapped at 48 megapixels and also not at 12 megapixels you can see that when we do have harsh sunlight in it it does kind of strike the shot a bit but when we have good illumination problems with the Sunlight behind us it comes out truly really clear and also crisp men I can not inform you how much information is Anya sometimes the exact same if not even more than the top pet dogs of like the p30 Pro and also the Samsung Galaxy is tm+ which I have actually been utilizing it as my day-to-day vehicle drivers up till now currently you can see that using our toe scenarios over here specifically with the Sunlight behind you it does select up a little bit bit of information a lot more than other phones at this spending plans but I have actually discovered a little bit of sharpness and if it’s not sharpness it goes the various other means and it becomes a little bit also soft which makes things not look as well clear but in circumstances like this you can see at the park whatever simply looks absolutely incredible as well as relocating on to blossoms like I just we have a lot of parks here in Beijing around our house block and there are kind of flowers and also they’re all various shades as well as they’re really stunning guys and I simply assumed that we could try obtain those various elements of the shades

coming via with the various blossoms currently we do have those different settings however these are just 48 megapixel and several of them 12 megapixel stills yet you can see that often it actually blows the foreground as well as concentrates on the background as well as you have no control over that currently when you’re considering a whole bunch of flowers with each other those colors or are separately standing out by themselves and also obtaining closer up it actually takes some pleasing bokeh dealt with shots with in fact no bokeh or lens effect there whatsoever now these are macro mode on here though there isn’t a macro lens so it does not truly make much of a difference in all and also I in fact assume it does a far better work with it battle to be entirely straightforward with you as well as an additional point that we do have is zoo we don’t have optical zoom however entering into 2 times zoom things still look truly crisp as well as clear which’s because it’s taken with the 48 megapixel lens people taking an appearance of yet to time zoom it still looks pretty wonderful rather terrific but entering into three times zoom and after that 5 times zoom you can see that things begin to become a bit grainy as well as then going into 10 times zoom which is the max below we can really still see the shot so I’m in fact rather impressed as well as you can see with this little clock overlook below 2 times ooh truthfully it looks simply as excellent as optical however as soon as you go past that it simply it truly removes from the high quality guys

but that’s unnecessary to state that the high quality is still there and also it truthfully still looks great as well as taking zooms outdoor without having an appropriate prime focus with a whole lot of sound around it that’s when things start to obtain horrible having a look at this little bridge over here you can see that going 5 as well as ten times the shot simply obtains totally surprised with the sunshine over there taking photos with relocating things it in fact holds it actually well there is no blur from vehicles or anything and also the structures simply look so sharp with that said skies behind it once again you can see with the shot over there that the Sun kind of results a bit nevertheless you can see like with these moving autos over below you can totally see the number plates perfectly great taking pictures of still items looks absolutely great my other half is not riding her mobility scooter she’s actually just remaining on it as well as when you’re taking photos of people the picture setting in fact there’s no real portrait setting I guess you could say however it type of blows the background a little and also it maintains points clear and when you do make use of the real portrait mode which they do have an extra results often it can just be blown out entirely like if you take a look at it over here I’m using that impact today as well as it didn’t do a bad task at in this scene over right here look how awful that is it just

does not understand what it’s doing since it does not have that extra paid lanes and also over below you can see that it’s really blurring the foreground instead of the history and also considering a few other shots that you see over below entering into a little bit of a darker scenario it does not get the lighting also and after that I simply wanted to include these autistic shots so this is another function over right here we have Van Gogh Flame we have see you there’s a whole bunch of different artistic shots and I actually really appreciate them so I thought that I’ll bring you men these buildings over here with all 6 various shots as well as they’re they look actually trendy I mean they have a various type of arts like I was constructing my very own art yeah and though there’s no wide-angle panoramic view does a respectable work and afterwards they have this other like changing photo thing which looks respectable proceeding to indoor setting

below guys you can see that it takes rather wonderful pictures as well as when you stand up close and also individual it seems to obscure that history also with like an all-natural hamburger huge taking images of food and also various other shots like that if you like that for Instagram it does a quite excellent work too as well as you can see photos of this POV yeah it considers that good all-natural effect of obscuring the history taking a breeze of me over right here in this dining establishment which is a hotpot restaurant beijing looks respectable and also you can see a little bit of such noise over there but taking a photo versus the wall over right here really does a truly great job at maintaining that light as well as not make them a shot too loud now we’re going a little bit right into the dark over here and also points are obtaining a little bit dark in Beijing it’s around 6 p.m. over below you can really see that the moon is available as well as it is obtaining a little bit darker so I assumed why not zoom into the moon 10 times I understand this is not the insane 60 times factor that you have an offer in a 10x edition yet I suggest it doesn’t look horrible you can still see the moon perhaps it appears like a castle growing whatever when it comes to evening where points are rather pathetic cos there’s definitely well there is type of a night mode on here yet it not does anything I’ll reveal you that in a little yet considering these pictures over here I guess you can type of make out with what’s taking place missus with that light modal’s that they do consist of and also with it on over below it makes no distinction in any way men if anything that doesn’t brighten up the chance at all so I recommend just totally leaving that off like that is my pure tip but when you do obtain a little bit of lights in there it in fact does a quite decent job at taking images during the night if you have a look at these lights here as well as if you touch and also concentrate on the lights it obtains all the detail within the light too which is actually awesome you can see that this lens it’s not just a gimmick currently you also have this little light twist over here which is

actually cool down that’s always been on Huawei and also Hana phones and they additionally tape like a little video also of you doing and also off the suits you can consider that as well as I’m going on to the video clip division we have teeny 1080p at 60 frames per second and also I’m riding on mobility scooter pretty quick here men I’m going at regarding 30 40 kilometers an hour and it’s doing a pretty great work also at 4k 60fps people points are in fact really steady if you proceed and watch my Lenovo z6 professional video on the scooter points are a lot more bumpy not 8k people indeed things 8a is just 15 frameworks per second that is it so it is truly actually rough you can not utilize it in things like video as well as walking down these stairways over here at 1080p at 60fps you can see that it’s really really stable guys and I in fact am so damn pleased with video high quality on the red magic 3 it is doing a superb task and even whatsoever K at 60fps individuals it’s something to just have 60 FPS 4k on the phone I imply that Huawei p30 Pro which set you back double also three-way of this phone doesn’t also have complete care at 60fps and also this does a wonderful work at looking at that 8k it is groundbreaking that we can get a K as well as it is the scale to 4k for the functions of this video clip but at 15 FPS is it even functional I think it remains in beta mode as well as perhaps in a software upgrade will be able to up there from maybe to 30 fps and also you can see that when we go a little slower right here stagnating excessive it’s actually clear yet you can’t actually see that quality unless you stop so you might too just take an image I guess perhaps if you use a tripod and also look a little bit much better

and when you’re recording in evening time I suggest it’s basically the same as taking images during the night guys it’s no much better I imply you do obtain a bit of lights in from that F 127 element F 1.7 aperture on the cam and 4k 60fps basically looks specifically the like a 1080p cam if anything a little bit a lot more edgy yet going on to that a K during the night people you’ll see below that 15 fps it just looks horrible like consider this can you also tape with this nubia what were you thinking yet nonetheless I imply they could have simply paid an additional electronic camera in yeah as well as made better stabilization or a telephoto however it does not look also negative now 720p at 480 fps slow-motion men it is not great top quality I have to state but it’s not dreadful it’s upscale – okay over present moment 1920 fps what you individuals have been waiting for this is groundbreaking greater than dual of the greatest at 968 peers it is ridiculously slow yet then once again it looks a little bit anxious currently 720p at kid the FPS over right here of me jumping down these little staircases over below you can see the high quality it’s not the worst however it’s not brilliant but the slow-motion is what we’re looking at below in 1920 FPS assistances it’s fairly a long video clip I should say and I in fact cut it down for you men because it mored than a minute of the exact same footage that you just saw with the 480 fps which is because it is 4 times slower than that so it doesn’t make good sense yet you can see exactly how darn sluggish it is as well as I need to say I’m really delighted to provide you people a complete run-through on FPS comparison between this the p30 Pro with 960 fps and also the H 10 plus with 960 fps in a correct slow-motion video taping examination with balloons obtaining wrecked in my face pies obtaining shattered in my face my spouse’s actually delighted for it so I’ll.

most definitely be bringing you men that in the weeks ahead as well as I actually am to do an appropriate slow-motion comparison so if you people like that let me recognize in the remarks down below as well as also let me know what you guys are thinking of this 919 20mph slow activity currently contrasting it to the galaxy s 10 plus over here the galaxy s 10 is rather much fifty percent that slow-moving activity appears you can see it’s a great deal smoother since it is warm yet these are both taping at 720p and also you can see a lot even more information in the Samsung’s currently tossing this coin down in this Cup over right here you can see that the the indoor lights over here the information is really not also negative on the three and the sluggish activity is really good yet as you can see it’s so much smoother on the is 10 plus however it’s since it’s not as sluggish currently taking selfies outside they appear quite great men but when you utilize that charm face it just type of entirely covers your face away take a look at that I simply resemble a model over there it provides you like that all-natural background bokeh also and also taking snaps at night with the selfie can it’s not the most effective but it’s likewise not the worst men this this cam is like a little bit of a variety so this is the mic and also 1080p preference on the Nubia red magic three I’m busy recording as well as this is going at 30 structures per 2nd I wish that the mic examination is pretty good because the video taping test really appears truly fantastic I’m actually enjoying this streaming from a video gaming perspective and also I hope that the video camera does do some wonderful points also I indicate inform me what you guys believe and also taking the selfie video during the night with 1080p at 30fps things are grainy once more but I suggest if you consider the 1080p 30fps video from the Lenovo z6 Pro I actually assume this is a bit far better than that people this board has actually been incredible to take photos with I have to state I’ve appreciated it for pc gaming as well as I’m in fact enjoying it as a camera phone also and also it’s all following time individuals this is technic.

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