Xiaomi Mi 9 – The True Flagship Killer

you’re whatsup guys you’re back with your man technic you’re going to God for videos on the latest tick now today really is all about the latest tick I have the xiaomi me9 here with me today and I’m so amped to see what this device looks like anticipation has been killing me they’re throwing in pretty much every base spec that you can think of in a phone with an incredible camera an incredible camera meaning the camera that you see in the honor of you xx which I recently reviewed for you guys I’ll pop a link up here for you guys you guys can go check that review out but that has a forty eight megapixel I’m five eight six so nice answer in it and I still stated in my review that it was on par with the mate 20 pro and the pixel three XL camera performance or this is gonna have that on there plus an ultra-wide lens and forget about all that 3d top lens stuff that the V 20 have because this has a damn telephoto lens on it as well and other than all of this it is cheaper than the view 20 and it has an industry fingerprint sensor it comes in obviously 60 X of ram 128 gig version or 8 gigs of ram hundred-twenty a kicker which is the one that i have here in ocean blues now when you

convert this to dollars it’s about 450 to 500 USD for the 6128 variants and 80 gram hundred twenty eight gig variants directly converted from the chinese price tag here of three thousand one and three thousand three hundred you wanna lock this is technic and without further ado let’s go yeah you did and before we get to that i want to have a look at the rest of what is just a little piece over this and put that guys side and look at what else we have yet so in this little box that we have here oh we have the top seats a 3.5 millimeter jack now unfortunately there is no headphone jack here and then we have a transparent silicon case over here I’m actually kind of digging it up with this on here you can actually see that massive cut out for the three lenses at the back of the mean on over there so we’ll get to that in a minute as well of course the charging cable so we have USB a two USB type-c with regards to the type C cable that we have over here this is actually running USB 2.0 speeds so it’s not gonna be the fastest speeds on your Windows machine or your Mac machine so have a charging blocked yes that is true twenty seven watts from Xiaomi thank you for that Xiaomi and other than having twenty seven what’s coming through why charging

we actually have twenty watts one is charging on this guy non Samsung phones it is limited to 15 while charging and that’s pretty much the fastest said it’s when it comes to wireless charging but with this guy 20 watts it is definitely groundbreaking for sure it is doing something that no other phone company has done either I’ll definitely bring you guys a speed test on a wireless charging for that take a look at the back mainly over here first before we peel away what’s on the front you can clearly see the triple lens setup over here and we kind of have like a halo going on here on one of the cameras we have a 48 megapixel snapper which is your main wired sensor here then we have a 16 megapixel ultra wide sensor which is there for your ultra wide zooming capabilities and then we have a telephoto lens which is 12 megapixels or your two time zooms are going forward which is really great to see so this is the first trio camera setup in any Xiaomi device to date and this is the ocean blue version that I have over here it’s really got

like a burly kind of look to it it’s it’s got Gorilla Glass 5 at the back which is awesome and got really lost six in the front so taking a look around the phone we have the power button on the right-hand side over here and we have the volume rocker then we actually have an infrared blaster over here which is cool to see and on the Left we have the shower a I button which can be remapped to the Google assistant button at the bottom we have our speaker spectrum over here as well as our type C port over there and taking a look at the front of the phone we have a six point three nine inch AMOLED display with a teardrop knotch design now teardrop notch it is awesome before I jump onto MIUI 10 look hard damn thin this phone is I think it’s seven point six millimeters thin it is ridiculously thin and instead of the back kind of just being rounded on edge to edge it’s more rounded across the whole back of the phone so it just sits in your hand really nice and like we’re gonna set up the fingerprint sensor over here for you guys now this is only charmeuse second cake on in display fingerprint sensors over here that’s test it up make sure but if your finger on the screen I’ll clean what do you guys think I think thing is pretty clean right it is guys you Xiaomi me 9 I’m gonna taste this guy up as much as I can but before I do that let’s go

ahead and check out this fingerprint sensor so there it is actually very similar to vivos approach in the animation style so let’s go ahead oh there we go we’re in we’re actually in it’s actually really quick guys this is super quick I’m actually really impressed with this Shami it doing good things with this it would have been cool to see an optical one like on the s10 but used to say this is better you know just say that is better okay let’s go ahead and add some face daughter over here mmm oh okay well that’s done so that was super quick let’s go and we in okay there are animations in this phone but guys I must say remember I said the view 20 is the fastest I think they’re all doing something I’m gonna pull my hand oh and I mean okay so it’s actually got me slightly III mapped I guess you could say but I’m really really amped with this xiaomi are doing some things with face unlock and even though it has a 3300 milliamp emfe which is a hundred milliamps bigger than the mix 3 but 100 milliamps smaller than the me 8 Xiaomi I’m not sure why doing this but it is nice and thin here is the 7 enemy to chip in it so the battery size actually should do quite good I I’m expecting definitely over 6 hours of screen on time for that small battery with this chip running in it just one complaint I’ve seen out the box and that this camera

bump I’m not sure if you guys can see it it is absolutely huge of the size of the sides of this 4 maybe even more maybe two-thirds of the width of the phone itself do you think it would have been better if they made the phone a bit fatter and then made that thumb smaller it’s like a rocking boat yeah but maybe in a case here’s the case let’s see what it’s like once it’s in there so got it in our case and the bump it actually has a normal dam bump now so there you guys have it the Xiaomi me9 now this may not be the phone to beat this year this may not be the best phone of the year but it’s one damn good looking point it has so much going for it was a crazy impressive spec sheet I’m so excited to give this guy a proper run for its money I really am digging this color and I’m sure you guys can see it a lot better now it has a teardrop knotch style in the front there which is not too bad but it is no hole punch notch and it is no business displayed but nevertheless I guess you could say it looks similar to the 1 plus 60 if anything else especially with this little fingerprint sensor embedded into the display here which is quite nice it works quite well and the facial recognition is quite good too the battery is not the biggest at 3300 milli amperes there’s only 10 months newer than the last iteration of it which is the Xiaomi me8 but it has improved quite a lot we’re looking at about 30% bit of performance juice with a sieve and

nanometre Snapdragon a 55 chips if that is in yeah which will give you quite a huge boost and most importantly a better battery life have a crazy 27 watt Bosch charger in the box I don’t think there’s gonna be much that is gonna take this when in terms of price especially with a Sarnia I am x58 6 cents on the back here which is the same as the new 20 which I said was on par with the May 20 Pro and the pixel 3 examples of it other than just this bump here it’s not IP certified whatsoever sort of take this guy around any pool anything though I’m sure if it dropped in a little puddle whatever you’ve got some rain on it it would be fine it’s pretty sealed it’s nice light or anything yeah so it should be a bit splash proof there is no external storage so you have capped at 128 gigs if you guys anything like myself 128 gigs is plenty fine especially with all this cloud storage and everything happening going on yeah I mean no one told Samsung that so it’s one terabyte cell phone anyway I’m gonna be getting my hands and they stand in a couple days and I’ll definitely be looking at doing a test between this phone and that foot I’m gonna be giving this guy a full run for its money in a full review coming out in the next week or two so stay tuned for that puppet like down below subscribe if you have yet to do so and until next time guys this is teh

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