Review Samsung One UI – Their Greatest Achievement

your what’s up guys you’re back with your man Technic your go-to guy for videos on the latest take now today let’s cut the tech out kind of and throw in some software there now Samsung have recently launched their latest Samsung Galaxy S range series but they have also gone ahead and thrown upon the PI update for all the recent Samsung phones which is great and software at the end of the day is what you buy a phone for actually it’s what iOS uses by their phones for and when it comes to Android users most Android users prefer stock something clean features that are useful and not bombarded by a whole bunch of bloatware and now when it comes to Samsung they’ve always kind of been in the same namesake of bloatware do to TouchWiz they just through features on top of features on top of features that added so much Broadway stuff you couldn’t take off your phone and it just felt like it was creamy it was not clean and it was just it was buggy at times and a lot of the features didn’t even work well so now what companies are doing is they’re trying to Dow back that blur way they try to dial back those features they’re trying to make it as simplistic as possible they’re actually giving you the cleaner version of Android closer to stock that you’ve ever experienced and Samsung started that with the Samsung Galaxy experience taking away the name from TouchWiz though it was much the same as TouchWiz there was still some bloatware and still some exists features and even on their latest one UI which we will be

talking about today there is still some features on there but most of them are actually useful another thing with one UI is Samsung seems to have actually found themselves they’ve always been made for the hardware sake of things they always have the latest Snapdragon chip inside then there are an exodus which they spend months working on they have collaborations with companies such as AKG they put the best possible hardware in their phones to make everyone just go my damn that is one good-looking phone that phone is a powerhouse the photos it can take but I think of the day what do you do before and most you flick through it you go between apps you browse through social media you use system apps such as the calculator and the calendar and you actually do things on your phone which require you to not when you just look at hardware but mainly just software and Samsung can try to make it as easy as possible I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 here with me and just as I was about to hang my boxing gloves up and let this one go the one you want update you into me and guys it has changed my outlook on Samsung it has made me feel like this is not just new software it has made all the phones feel like new phones again so without further ado guys let’s get into that and let me show you my favorite features of the new Samsung Galaxy 1 UI software so the first thing I want to start off with you guys is the voice on display since that is initially the first thing that you see on your phone before you enter into it and they have changed it up slightly the first thing that you will notice when I lift my phone up is that there is a raise to wake option like many Chinese cell

phones lift to wake is what they actually call it and it is found under advanced features motions and gestures now pretty much what it does it says turn on the screen when you pick up your phone so pretty much like I showed you earlier you raise the phone that then sees your face using its era sensor and facial recognition and then it unlocks the phone for you which is a great feature it is not something new but I’m glad that Samsung have included it the next thing is with the always-on display you can actually change it the way that it works so the most important thing is that you can change it to show voice which has always been there scheduled which is always being that you can change the way that the times work on it but now there is tap to show so tap the screen to show 2 for 30 seconds so if you don’t want to consuming too much battery life you can pretty much just have it laying down there and then you can tap your phone and it will show the ways on display and after 30 seconds it will then disappear again but I prefer the show voice option so the other options are there should you want them now possibly my favorite feature of the new one you are update

is that there are no captive buttons down here meaning it is fully gesture based and I’ve been waiting for Samsung to do this because I absolutely love the AMOLED panel so shooting over the settings you will actually to display not motions and gestures which is actually a little strange but I guess it has to do with the display and then you go through to the navigation bar now you can use the navigation buttons and they do have some new little icons over there compared to the previous versions in order to see your previous apps and what-have-you but you can use full screen gestures now with full screen gestures you pretty much slide up on a lift to see all recent apps then you slide up from the middle to go home and then you slide to the right to go back so you can actually change the way these looks so if you enable gesture hints it actually shows you where the little bars are but I prefer something more clean so I just take that away completely just to get all that screen and that pretty much defeats the purpose if you ask me so there we have it this is hands-down my favorite feature of the new one ai is nothing new with regards to other phones such as kwame and what-have-you but I do think that it is implemented better it is actually very similar to what you see on the oneplus devices and now another thing that you guys may have noticed is while I’m being flicking around everything is a doc and that is because I have enabled what

samsung call night mode and this is essentially dock mode that you see on the oneplus devices and what this is actually is it uses a darker theme to keep your eyes comfortable in life but in my opinion it looks better and it saves a ton of battery life and I’m actually surprised Samsung didn’t do this sooner because it is an AMOLED panel and it is so darn bright so with the night mode it is not just for the settings menu it is for the notification panel as well which is great and it is also for system apps so such as the calculator or if you go through to the calendar it is all darkened and it looks fantastic it is not just easy on my eyes but aesthetically it just looks better it is more appealing if you ask me another feature that I absolutely love is the way that your recent apps are actually displayed so instead of going vertically down in a girl horizontally across and it feels smooth and great but the biggest thing here for me is not even just the quick launch icons which AI uses to recommend you certain apps which is awesome and it’s not just the finder search where you can just search for anything on your phone when you bring up recent but what it actually truly is for me is that Samsung have gone in the Chinese realms again and found something that Chinese phone companies have been doing for quite a while now and they have allowed you to now hold down on the top of the app and allow you to lock this app now what this does is when your app is locked you see a little lock button over there and a lot of the time it could be habit maybe you think it’s going to be better for the RAM management but once you close all your apps the app that you have locked has now remained there unless you

unlock it and then close all apps and it goes off so that’s pretty much how it is and once you open all your apps again whatever it is that pleases you whatever it is that you look at it’s not just about locking the app if you hold down the icon you can check app info which takes you straight to the settings menu looking at the app as if you would usually you can open split screen view or open the app up in a pop-up view which is also great so that you can move it around and put other apps in the background I think it works really great and I’m really glad that this is now a feature on the phone I love being able to lock my apps such as Spotify especially locking Spotify is like a must for me because every time I close all my apps it kills my music so being able to close everything it is great and if you do decide to close an app that is locked such as Spotify when you open it up again it is still locked so you can manually close it if you’d really like to and it remembers that you lock the app the previous time which is really great now while playing around with when you are on this video for you guys I’m sure you’ve noticed a couple of things you look a bit different first of all the icons are more rounded and more flat and not so poppy and square and another thing that you you may have seen that looks a bit difference is there when I go to the home screen settings over here to fiddle around with my settings it looks a bit different it’s a lot neater you can actually see all the pages quite big you can see the contents previewing on the next page you can

change it to home pretty much as you’ve always been able to do it but it gives it a nice new little look and you can change your widgets themes and wallpapers all from here which is great another thing that I’d notice with apps on here and though it is not new it is still pretty useful and they’ve changed the way it looks and maybe incorporates at the dark theme into it if you hold down on an app not too hard then you can actually start a new list if you hold down on google keep notes you can change a whole bunch of things with regards to the actual app for you to customize your homescreen the way that you want to and see app info at a glance and just to quickly jump to things that you do in the app just to make it easier for one-handed use and talking about one-handed use one UI is all about one-handed use and starting up with that the notification panel is always a stretch to reach up and know this has been implemented before you can just swipe down anywhere on the screen swipe down again but when you swipe down again all those icons at the top would usually stay there notifications would be pulled down but now that actually throws the time at the top it takes like this bold approach at the top here and throws everything else within the thumbs reach which is great especially on such a huge to bus such as the 9 and it’s not just with the notification panel if you go to the notification panel it’s easy to hit on to settings and even then

settings is a huge bar at the top everything else is within fingers reach and once you start scrolling it pulls the whole screen but I mean it assumes that you have already pastas and you don’t need to tap on them everything looks Nita and everything everything is easier to use with one hand this is where one UI takes away from stock Android and know it is pretty stock and nothing is too bloated over here they’ve actually added some useful things that stock Android could actually do with and I can actually see why Samsung spent more time I mean it is frustrating that my note 9 only got this update all months after its launch when phones were releasing at the same time they were releasing with Android 9pi and my note and I was still stuck and they’re still people out there with note mines that are stuck on Android 8.1 warrior and that honestly sucks the thing that sucks the most with Samsung’s is their updates but when they do drop them from now going forward and they add things like this it’s with the wait guys another changeup with one UI seems to really emphasize on battery and though this is not a seven anumita chip this is the Exynos 98 conversion even the snapdragon 845 they both have ten nanometer chips and obviously battery will be a lot better with the new seven an ohmmeter Snapdragon 805 chip coming out on the is 1015 + n is 10 E but for now we want to squeeze as much battery juice as possible that we can from our previous Samsung

devices without the need to upgrade to the latest and greatest and this is still a great phone remember this is the latest note 9 and I’m still using it every day and I’m still enjoying it even more with the latest software update so if you head over to device care and you shoot through to battery you’ll notice there’s a few different options here power mode used to only have like three options but now you can do high performance optimized medium power saving and maximum power saving which can save you a ton but it kills everything in the background turns off yours on display and your phone is pretty much useless unless it’s in your hand and you’re in those apps so optimized actually works really well what it actually does is it uses AI but it kind of remembers what apps you use more and what apps you use less and kills those in the background that you don’t use to preserve battery life so that you can get better performance and better battery life when you’re using the apps that you regularly use so a high performance mode isn’t really high performance it pretty much just increases the brightness to whatever you want plus five percent 10 percent and changes a screen resolution between HD Full HD and quad HD and when you can actually do with this is once you’ve set your preferred high performance mode whether it is less performance or more performance you can actually just pull down the notification shade and you can hit on power mode and you can automatically change it straight from you you don’t have to go to settings all the time for that which is great so if you want to go jump into a game that is quad HD then you can adjust your display and quickly turn it off right off

that they try to make everything as simple as possible talking about battery animations actually do drain it a tad and they make your phone feel slightly slower so now what they have included is reduce animations turn down motion effects on the screen such as when apps are opened or closed and while this is great it is always being there as an option in developer settings for any phone out there and I actually feel like developer options does a better job of it so if you scroll down in developer options on pretty much any Android phone out there you can go ahead and have a look at window animation style you can change it you can adjust it to how fast or how slow you want your animations to go or if you want them off there’s just more options here so I suggest that if you do want to reduce your animations you change the window animation scale transition animation scale and the animated duration scale you can change all the different kinds of enemies what animations you want to keep then what do you want to get rid of it would be really cool to see this route to directly into the settings as of where they actually have it in the settings menu on the Samsung phones here but you know what it’s not a deal breaker and it is there for your everyday average Joe who just wants to quicken their phone up a bit and

quickly reduce animations and change it up when he gets bored of it so the option is there should you want it but I do feel like going through developer options is the better choice the next interesting feature here actually has nothing to do with Samsung but more so their partnership with Dolby Atmos now they have worked with Dolby Atmos to get the stereo sound speakers from the top and the bottom here sounding great which Samsung has done with all the devices since the SAS which is really awesome to have and with Dolby Atmos things sound absolutely great when you’re listening to music watching a movie or gaming but gaming needs a little bit of tweaking when it comes to it so when you jump into science and vibration advanced sound settings and then going to sound quality and effects you’ll notice that there is not an option for Dolby Atmos for gaming get realistic Dolby Atmos sound automatically when you play games now that is awesome and you can have Dolby Atmos set on auto and have the gaming mode on at the same time so if there is an app or music app or movies that support Dolby Atmos will automatically tune in to that or if the game supports it it will now be optimized specifically for your gaming needs making it sound a lot more immersive coming from the left or the

right depending on where say gunfire is coming from when playing a shooter now when talking about Android software skins skins per says that Android actually send out pure Android stock Android to all of the phone companies with one thing in mind that it does not copy the pixel the previous Nexus phones stock experience like oneplus have done with oxygen OS they have added only a few extra things keeping it as stock as possible and Samsung have always loaded a crapload of stuff onto the phone which is really not necessary they have pop features on top of features on top of features bloatware apps you don’t need and you know what it is actually just being ROS you have to spend so much time tweaking your phone to get it the way that you like it to be pretty much as clean as possible now I think that I’ve done a pretty good job at setting up my phone it looks really clean and really neat and the skin is done really well so comes up there Samsung for what you have done with one UI making it look as stock and clean as possible now there aren’t really many complaints that I have when it comes to the actual look of the skin one of the big things that I don’t really like is that we’ve gone with full screen navigation gestures here and we want to see the whole screen but when you are on your home screen there is a noticeable gap at the bottom here almost a pinky width

between the bottom of the phone and the app icons which means you can actually put less on your home screen which kind of sucks now the good thing here is that Samsung still allow you to change up your launcher so if you go through the apps tap the three dots at the top default apps you can then go ahead and change your homescreen launcher to whatever launching like and bam all my icons have not dropped to the bottom over there there is no space between the app dock over here and the rest of my homescreen things just look a lot cleaner without taking away from this full experience much the last thing I want to talk to you guys about today is the camera app not only has the icon change it looks nicer pretty but you can actually now flick between things using one hand a lot easier it looks pretty similar to what you would see from a pixel for example or an iOS device it just looks at like Tina and for example they’ve putting out two trees whether you should be at the x to zoom to the right just to be easier it’s right there by the photo icon and you can just quickly tap to two times zoom you can also quickly switch between everything that you want everything that you have let happen over here all the little tabs that you have and with regards to these tabs you can actually change them so if you do extend your finger to jump to settings you actually go to camera mode and edit modes and you can take all of these modes out if you want you can make it as clean as possible say I didn’t want any of these I pretty much just went live focus photo and video and maybe super slow mode because it’s cool now it’s

gonna look a whole lot cleaner you just have four to swipe between here no room for error when you’re trying to get a quick snap a quick video and maybe some slo-mo or live focus picture and for me that is really great another thing with the settings is when you’re on photo taking a real picture you can actually they paint up the settings menu in the camera here so you choose the scale that you want the aspect ratio and then underneath each aspect ratio you can then choose the resolution which just it actually I know what I’m doing when I’m thinking between stuff but for the average user this just makes a lot more sense for people it makes their it gives them the ability to see what they want when they are changing the quality of their picture and the difference in sizes and not just about resolution and the highest possible resolution to get the best quality but actually the uses for it and just changing things up even on the video front you you can change it the way that you want as well you can change between UHD they’ve actually made it a lot easier for the average user to read which i think is really great there really are going all art to make this not just for complex bodies not just for the power user but for someone that can jump onto a Samsung and know what they’re doing and use it one-handed D even though these phones are absolutely huge so there you guys have my

thoughts on my favorite features of Samsung when you are and it is really awesome to see a phone company bring such a huge software change it really changes someone’s advic of the phone when I first got the Galaxy Note 9 I was pleased with it I was happy the hardware was great the photos it took whoo awesome the s-pen was great but when they dropped PI on here and when they threw a Samsung Galaxy 1 UI instead of that garbage samsung experience in TouchWiz before it it really changed the way that the phone works it changes the field of the phone but honestly makes you want to pick up your phone more often and just jump through it because it’s just so much easier just things make a lot more sense with one UI and I really like the direction that Samsung they’re going I think over the years they’ve never been shy of innovation when it comes to hardware and now that they’ve got their software down to the tee as well they’re really are starting to build a great identity for themselves and these are the things that keep people brand loyal to the brand that he stamps so many Chinese companies are coming out the first half the price with the same features but Samsung have dropped a great amazing ball on all of the competition over there and that is when you are I’m really pleased with it let me know what your guys thoughts are in the comments down below thank you for watching this video and as always guys this is technique

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