OnePlus 6T (With Surprise) – My First OnePlus Phone!

yo what’s up guys you’re back with your man Technic you’ll go to God for videos on the latest tick now today it really is all about the latest tech here in China as today was the official release date for the oneplus 60 and I picked up the 88 128 gig variants in midnight black now there is also the 6th gig 128 gig variant and the higher a 256 gig variants there is no more 64 gigabyte ROM version thankfully oneplus have kept the lower in budget version the same price as the 64 gig before it so that’s a bonus this will be my full unboxing video of this phone and I’ve had the phones in the past few years and this is actually my first one plus device now but not with this guy over here I have a little bit of a treat for you guys at the end of the video oneplus have sent me something else just a little token on top for me to share with you guys at the end of the video so stick around if you want that hit subscribe down below if you haven’t already to see my full review which should be posted and go alive next week so without further ado guys let’s go [Music] this is the T variant of one plus and T is more of an iterative upgrade fingerprint sensor that stayed on the back for vi is now moved

under the screen of the sixteenth the screen is gotten bigger it’s gotten to 6.41 inches thanks to the wonderful teardrop notch star adopted from the sister company upper with there are seventeen and it cameras are the same even the colors are the same have a bigger battery so that’s a bonus still no wireless charging her I even though there’s that loss back there is also gonna hit phone jack which is a bummer for most of you guys fortunately for me I never use wide headphones that’s what I just click no wireless guys move on with your lives oneplus are doing it do it let’s open this guy up saying that you will notice is that there is an image right here that indicates that this phone unlocked with an under display fingerprint sensor I think that this is definitely a great implementation of the fingerprint sensor you have this wonderful clean back thanks to that unsparing gray color – the phone is now cooped with a 3700 milliampere battery compared to its older brother with only three thousand three hundred milli amperes we have the signature red and white one plus USB type-c cable is the type c2 3.5 millimeter jack since the one plus sixty does not have a headphone jack oneplus have put some seriously premium features into this so I think the pluses that have gone into the oneplus far outweigh the negativity is coming through it such as this people are moving on guys move on move on with oneplus get yourself some wireless headphones there it is the one plus 60 the only release to color at launch and that is the midnight black which

is this matte finish and the mirror black which is the glossy finish on that black it looks at actually looks at the middle even though this gloss back no while it’s charging oneplus come on what are you doing Xiaomi did it with their mix 2s and they mix three and it costs the same price what are you doing they didn’t do the under display fingerprint sensor they didn’t do that so that’s where the money went into her I wonder if people would have preferred wireless charging or this what do you guys think let me know in the comments below that is shimmer here’s the back of the phone it’s really nice and clean without that fingerprint cut out over here we have a six point four one inch AMOLED display I’ve got a tear drop not sure which I’ll show you guys in a moment we got a slimmer chin here so they’ve reduced that from the six so if you want a more immersive feel without that big chunky cut out and you want a smaller chin then definitely the 60 is the one for you compared to the six if we take a look at the right of the phone here is the power button there thank goodness they’ve actually kept their mutant vibrate button slide over here and then at the top nice and clean just these tiny little antenna lines I got the the volume rockers here and we’ve got the SM tray here no micro SD card supports then at the bottom we have the

speaker girls and the USB type-c port let’s turn this guy on for you guys started now this is super quick let me add this scene for you fingerprint sensors okay so every time you replace the frame protector you’ve got to redo your fingerprint sensor that that’s pretty cool to see it means that they’ve actually adapted their fingerprint sensor to correlate with different screen protectors [Music] fingerprint added greedy bad let’s put a little bit off I put my finger slightly off it’s not happy with that but right on there I guess once you know exactly where the sensor is this is quick this is this is pretty quick this is the quickest one I’ve used if I pull out my Xiaomi mix three over here this fingerprint sensor is blitz fast on the back of course so let’s see one two three I don’t know that seems pretty similar to me guys let’s go again we find them ok show me it’s slightly quicker there one more time slightly quicker so you’re gonna lose the speed of this guy but you’re gonna gain some serious smiles from this guy tick is going this way guys tick is going this way get on the train get on it it’s taste like the face not a real quick oh that is mad quick take a look at this cover too bad look it picks up some fingerprint smudges she’s quite a few of them I’m gonna get fabric one but it’s not too bad guys I mean if you need to pop it in something for a week until you get your you’re better cover looks a lot better than what I’ve seen before so talking about the screen we actually have this teardrop like

notch similar to the upper or 17 but I actually kind of like this float looks pretty neat let me know what you guys think about this this much implementation so there you have it guys the one +60 bigger screen bigger battery slightly bigger bold no headphone jack same colors same price biggest storage what should take what about this guy under display fingerprint sensor that works great for a change my first one plus phone let me know if you guys think this should be my baby driver I’m currently storing the Galaxy Note 9 nothing too swayed me it so far I’ve the chamois mimics three I have the automatic two coming in tomorrow which will take us all for insane price but your pick seriously though that hit fun jack thing you guys got a cut that but if you don’t want to move on and you really must a headphone jack that much I want to share something with you guys like I said I’ve got a bit of an Easter egg here the bullets version 2y USB type-c headphones yes no 3.5 millimeter jack cord never said oh look at that that is epic $20 $20 for great USB type-c headphones these are probably the best cheapest in here why type C earphones you can actually buy right now neatly stuffed in that little box yeah that guys never settle on no headphone jack or settle and get these quality you know like there they are Wow there’s that like some premium middle touch to them I mean now this is actually a flat anti-tangle cord by the way so that’s cool type of see no need for the jack this is a Type C and over here you just put this right into the phone and unlock the speed of what is one plus guys that’s it hope you enjoy the fun subscribe to my channel down below my review should be popping around in the next week or two till next time guys this is technic

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