OnePlus 9 Pro Vs OnePlus 9 Gaming, Camera, Battery & More

so oneplus has finally officially hammered out the oneplus 9 of the oneplus 9 pro which should be going on sale soon and as usual that pro example volunteers a bit of a enhance in terms of the specs and the features over the standard oneplus 9 but you will have to spunk up more money if you imagination that ultra premium tech now i’ve been having a bit of a fiddle with both so here’s a full in-depth side-by-side comparison of the oneplus 9 and the pro to see how they heap up for their gaming prowess their camera tech their battery life all the good stuff and for more on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell encourages okay so stick the oneplus 9 on the oneplus 9 pro side by side you will notice a couple of subtle little differences between the two notably the pro is a little bit bigger than the oneplus 9 it’s 6.7 inches versus 6.55 it’s not a huge difference in terms of the dimensions though primarily because that big screen on the oneplus 9 pro actually veers at the edges of the invention whereas in the oneplus 9 you do have bezels circumventing the spectacle because it is perfectly flat the good news is that from the figurehead both the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro are tougher than a concrete dolph lundgren they’ve both got a nice bit of gorilla glass plating and it’s the same story if you flip-flop

around to the back as well now you can pick up a cornerstone model of the oneplus 9 and the pro model and the oneplus 9 that comes in either off-color or black oneplus 9 pro that will come in either dark-green or pitch-black and those all come with a health eight gigs of recall and 128 gigs of storage but what i’ve got here is the upgraded edition of both sets of phones you’ve got the winter cloud oneplus 9 and the morning fog oneplus 9 pro and these actually come with 12 gigs of ram which is kind of mental but there you go and 256 gigs of storage double in that space and you’ve also came this very funky design as well where it’s actually various kinds of a matte frosted finish up top and then down below it is very glossy and glistening and unfortunately that bottom end does pick up fingerprint scratches very readily besides that though a very similar design on both oneplus 9 and the paw ended with a bit of of course the oneplus logo swiped there on the rs point like a big aged brand and the hasselblad branded camera chassis which juttings out ever so slightly from the surface the more keen eyed among you nonetheless we’ll notice the facts of the case that you’ve got antenna parties now on the oneplus 9 pro whereas the oneplus 9 does not have those that’s because you’ve actually got a fiberglass infused polymer enclose here on the standard oneplus 9 in oneplus onwards whereas that’s been upgraded to aluminium for the pro framework actual ports and swaps are the same on both sets of blowers

though you’ve got your superpower button you’ve got your alert slider only above that for swiftly flicking it onto silent when necessary perfectly bug roster headphone jack activity unfortunately on both sets of smartphones it’s got your character c usb port down below the only other conspicuous blueprint difference between the oneplus 9 and the pro is that the pro was the only one that came with ip68 water and dust fight in the pre-launch specs i’m assuming the oneplus 9 therefore does not have an official ip rating although hopefully should still prove rather hardy when it comes to water certainly earlier oneplus flagships which didn’t have that ip proportion and could still take a bit of a dunking and emerge unscathed but don’t make my friggin statement for that i unquestionably uh pace carefully all right so let’s move on to the software and certainly from a feature standpoint both these smartphones mostly analogous you’ve got the latest freshest android 11 os with a good bit of oneplus area oxygen os 11.2 slathered on top so that means you get all the standard sort of stock android features like an apps tray you’ve got the same proper customization on both of these browsing the wallpapers

the ambient display fingerprint animation you’ve got that lovely ravishing compas lighting notification endeavor and basically all the features you’ll find parcelled into the oneplus 9 pro in that locations menu you’ll generally find in the oneplus 9 as well and both these smartphones also have an in-display fingerprint sensor housed right down towards the bottom end of the presentation and in both cases nice and nippy and accept and utterly zero problems with either of these phones that can be used to unlock the smartphone and likewise grant your online pays as well and in both sets of phones oneplus 9 and the pro representation you’ve also get face identification as usual as well so time tap the superpower button or collect to work and as you can see straight into your desktop you don’t even see that bloody lock screen more often than not as i mentioned before both oneplus 9 and that pro model render a pick for 128 or 256 gigs of storage it’s ufs 3.1 so pretty nippy on both accounts as well unhappily still no micro sd recollection placard help though for expanding that storage so bam so let’s displacement onto the exposes and as i mentioned before oneplus 9 pro has a slightly larger panel at 6.

7 inches versus the 6.55 inch oneplus 9 but they’re both amoled exposes so nice punchy vivid shades full customization alternatives as you would expect

you’ve got a standard full hd plus solving on the oneplus 9 whereas the oneplus 9 pro humps that up to a quadruplet hd plus solution so in supported apps and when streaming reinforced material you’ll unquestionably notice finer detail well that’s in movies and the likes still look nice and crisp on the oneplus 9 so don’t let it put you off too much both oneplus 9 phones at sport hdr 10 plus you’ve got full hdr torrent and patronage in the likes of netflix and business like netflix also support motion smoothing on the oneplus 9 pro as well for that hyper reasonable impact it really does look fantastic although i too noticed that activating this on the pro also seemed to screw up the style responsiveness in netflix which was slightly riling one strange result that i did notice when streaming video side by side on the oneplus 9 and that pro sit is that the pros screen turns noticeably dark and this only happens when you’re streaming video as well naturally it’s actually the brighter of the two bodies topping off at 1300 nits rather than 1100 and i have just been literally no impression what was causing this because i went into the display locateds on both sets of smartphones induced sure they only identically accorded up turn out all of the bonus peculiarities like the colourful

color effect you know the ultra high video resolution all of that material and still the oneplus 9 pro was noticeably darker even when i bumped it up to maximum brightness the oneplus 9 was still brighter and clearer perhaps and hopefully that’ll be something that sorted in a future modernize it was just really disheartening not being able to narrow it down to one particular display attribute that was making this question and one other advantage that the oneplus 9 pro has over the standard oneplus 9 is you’ve got a dynamic freshen frequency as well so you can specified it to either 60 or 120 hertz or you can have it actually turning between the two depending on what app you are using at the time so it simply goes up to that maximum 120 hertz proportion when you’re using a supported app or time flipping about in the ui get everything inspecting delightful and smooth in fact it’s so smooth it’s smooth in the case of the standard oneplus 9 you can only set it to either 60 or 120 you don’t have that dynamic alternative on the audio breast you’ve got a stereo loudspeaker output very similar audio grunt with both sets of handsets you’ve also came full

dolby atmos aria as well which tweaks the audio to suit whatever you’re up to i know there’s no headphone jack on either the oneplus 9 all that pro mannequin boo hiss etc but the good news is the bluetooth 5.2 connectivity is strong and stable on both of them you got full support for ldac high-res audio all of the stuff you would expect now if you’re all about the implementation of its the good news is that the oneplus 9 offerings the same grunt as that oneplus 9 pro simulation you’ve got a snapdragon 88 chipset backed by the 8 or 12 gigs of ddr5 ram i’ve got the 12 giga on both sets of handsets for any benchmarking devotees out there the results spaffed out by geekbench 5 are essentially the same on both the oneplus 9 and the pro no surprise there whatsoever and if you’re into your gaming well great story again gentian impact played on that highest item stages at 60 chassis per second with simply the tiniest little cheddar here and there when the action got a bit intense you’ve got your pro gaming procedure which can block notifications and ensure all your resources is also committed to your game to give you the edge

over the contender and while the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro assuredly heat up rather quickly if you are playing a game and blaming the artilleries at the same time as long as you stay on the battery power then i had no issues with thrustling or overheating you’ve got built-in vapor chamber on both sets of phones it’s bigger than previous generations your usual five blankets of graphite yada yada and because it’s a snapdragon 88 chipset that means you’ve got that built-in qualcomm x6 0 modems you’ve got full 5g support for roaming around the world whenever we’re able to do that again good flake of wi-fi 6 supporter both these as well as a connectivity absolutely top-notch another real difference on the battery breast either you’ve got a 4 500 milliamp ability cadre crammed into the oneplus 9 as well as the oneplus 9 pro as well and that artillery pierce is mostly about the same you’ll find you’ll make it through a reasonably intensive day no worries as long as you’re not you know doing lots of gentian impact or anything like that because the oneplus 9 pro does have that quad hd resolution screen to influence on the full hd committee on the oneplus 9 but on the flip side you’ve also got a dynamic refresh frequency so i can scale down to 60 hertz when the fast

refresh isn’t really needed merely to help preserve battery life a little bit there when it comes to cabled charging again there’s no difference both of these phones buoy one pluses warp accuse 65 t 65 watt charger which will basically power both of these blowers in well under an hour however when it comes to the wireless charge the oneplus 9 pro is undoubtedly the superior invention here it plays 50 watt wireless billing if you’ve got the oneplus wireless blaming pad thing then that will get you powered up again in well under an hour which is absolutely barmy the dispute the oneplus 9 however regrettably this only patronizes 15.15 watts wireless blaming so it is much slower and both blowers offer up a nice savory part of reversal wireless accusing as well which imparts us on to the last part of this side-by-side oneplus 9 streaks analogy and that is the camera tech and because oneplus has made an sickening spate about its new hasselblad collaboration those swedish optics professionals coming in to just fine tune the camera tech for this series in fact this is actually a three-year partnership with hasselblad and so far precisely a little of fine-tuning on the application surface of things no real divergence to the hardware or anything in there yet there are some big differences when it comes to the camera tech in the oneplus 9 successions

though the standard oneplus 9 rock-and-rolls the sony imax 689 primary sensor whereas in the case of oneplus 9 pro that is bumped up to the sony imx 789 and in the case of the pro simulate you’ve also went visual idol stabilization built into that primary lens the case of the standard oneplus 9 not so much better now on the side-by-side test shots used in the auto mode i found that the oneplus 9 pro spaffed out the more natural inspecting likeness while the standard oneplus 9 tends to boost the pigments of tad still get very attractive causes it’s just not as realistic you likewise get honorable shots in hdr situations and in fact here the standard oneplus 9 actually developed more counterbalance shots than the pro more often than not with less saturation of those complexions the pro clearly displays less grainy shots in very low light but the focus can be a little bit soft twitching enormou you’re best off on both telephones swapping to the night skate mode which produces similar pickings on both telephones but sometimes you will get some brighter images on the pro now both the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro rock the same 50 megapixel ultra wide angle lens exercising sony’s imac 766 sensor and this uses anti-distortion tech like the oppo telephone x3 pro to produce more natural looking photos with huge outcomes the pro has one clear advantage over the oneplus 9 for its camera tech and that is its 8 megapixel telephoto lens serving up at three

times visual zoom and ois smart so if you want to zoom in on your topic it is no contest those oneplus 9 picks once look proper mac at the 10 seasons digital restraint but the pro can go all the way up to a 30 hours digital zoom and both telephones likewise dish out a 2 megapixel on monochrome lens as well exciting times leash me down both oneplus 9 successions smartphones mostly serve up the same selection of bonus modes as well including that fresh brand-new hasselblad fine-tuned pro state which allows you to shoot 12 -bit raw likeness of course you’ve got the usual sketch procedure smart-alecky as well and again both oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro can shoot a mighty punishment ogling sketch for your video needs you can actually shoot 8k resolution footage on both the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro coinciding the likes of the s21 the me 11.

Otherwise if you bump it down to 4k resolve you’ve got an option of 30 or 60 fps here on the standard oneplus 9 you can bump that all the way up to 120 fps now on the oneplus 9 pro for hyper reasonable makes you’ve got honorable portrait stabilization on both of them and of course in the pro you’ve got the bonus of that telephoto lens to get closer to the action when needed and then for you instagram followers you get the same 16 megapixel front facing crap-shooter on both the oneplus 9 and the pro employing sony’s imax four seven one sensor and yeah it manufactures me examine but hopefully you’ll it’ll do a fine hassle of your dazzling cup instead so there you have it in a nutshell how the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro stack up against one another so which one are you more persuasion by if you are indeed allured by either of the new oneplus 9 lines huntings that would be great to hear your thoughts down in specific comments below is the pro worth it for that extra bit of money or we just stick with the standard oneplus 9. and check out my full unboxing videos with both of these blogs if you want to see each of them individually in greater depth and i should be hopefully reviewing both of them very shortly as well so to make sure you don’t miss out on all that thrilling content please do thrusting subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely awesome residual of the week glees everyone love you

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