Xiaomi Smart Home Tech 2021!

hi every person tim scofield here and also as a great deal of you know i did relocate a little bit ago and also i have actually been residence rather a bit lately so i figured it’s time to add some smart home tech right into my home and i have several of it around me including this large screen behind me but also some of these boxes and these are all from xiaomi i need to give a huge many thanks to xiaomi for funding this video clip and also sending out over all of these clever house technology devices for us to have a look at so let’s go in advance as well as have a look in all of them as well as see every one of the technology upgrades i’ve made to my residence allow’s obtain begun let’s start with the huge one behind me this is the me bent gaming screen at 34 inches as well as it is an ultra large so a 3440 by 1440 resolution it has a 1 500 r curvature and also like i stated it is a video gaming monitor so it has a 144 hertz refresh rate as well as amd freesync premium as well as i need to state keeping that 1440p resolution and 144hz that is the sweet spot for me in video gaming right currently currently this mii curve monitor overall is truly sleek and very little i like the matte black appearance to it the base is relatively easy however just offers it an extra professional look the back stand has actually wire monitoring integrated in so you can conceal those cords as well as the back plate really has a magnet constructed in it overall just feels really premium and also do not worry you can totally cover every one of the ports in the back this me monitor is easily adjustable you can change the height the tilt revolve it as well as if you want to you can also wall mount this display so obviously seeing ultra vast videos is quite extraordinary you have so much screen realty to collaborate with especially due to that resolution 3440 by 1440. and not just can you take advantage of that massive display property with one input you can in fact utilize two inputs at once with this screen they have a split screen mode where you’re gon na have an input on one on each side nonetheless one more terrific one is in fact the image in image setting as well as here’s an example in the main input resource i have my desktop plugged in and afterwards in the image in picture port that i have chosen i have my me television stick plugged in as well as you can utilize them both all at once you can simply have two things taking place simultaneously really cool you can make the most of multiple inputs on this monitor to make sure that would be the xiaomi me curved gaming screen i will connect to all of these different items down listed below if you want checking them out but it is a clever house so i’m not simply in my office in all time allow’s proceed and also have a look at a few of the other devices allow’s take an appearance at the me smart pot pro and this is really amazed me it is a one and also a fifty percent liter wise kettle and also the base will warm up the fluids inside currently this is in fact a clever kettle so you’ll see outside it does have a temperature level scale to allow you know what temperature level the fluid within is at as soon as you load up the kettle you can set it on the base

and on the handle you can just push the boil button and it will begin to boil the fluid that you have inside and afterwards once it hits a certain temperature level that you desire it at you can serve it whenever and afterwards when you put it back on the base it really can maintain the fluid inside cozy and you can set different temperatures to keep it cozy at there’s five different setups for that currently this can all be done on the kettle itself nonetheless what makes it so clever is that you can regulate it within the me smart residence application within the me house app simply choose the me smart pot pro and also you can enjoy and see what the temperature is in fact at and also observe exactly how fast it really climbs it’s crazy how fast the fluid actually heats up however anyways you can alter the temperature level on the fly within the application you can alter the period of just how long you want it to maintain cozy as well as what temperature level that maintain warm setup is at it’s truly been excellent how quickly it heats up the liquid as well as keeps it warm throughout the day so i can have several favorites throughout the day relocating over to the living room let’s take an appearance at the me television stick which is really small you’ll see it does connect into an hdmi port whether it gets on your television or a monitor and also like i pointed out earlier you can utilize the me tv stick with that mii curve screen we revealed earlier it’s fully suitable this stick does have android television constructed into it which implies that chromecast is constructed in as well as because it runs android tv you also get a remote which is always convenient to have with android tv the remote has different controls however it has a google assistant switch constructed in so you can release the

voice aide ask it particular concerns or launch different apps and a couple streaming solution faster ways thankfully they even include an hdmi extension cable television so if this form element for whatever factor doesn’t fit in the hdmi slot you can simply utilize the expansion cable television it’s excellent that the me television stick has the complete android tv experience it offers you accessibility to all of the most recent apps any one of the streaming solutions that you’re seeking and also of course considering that it’s android tv you can also play some video games on it while utilizing it the me television stick has actually had trustworthy 1080p streaming and also while exchanging between apps and using the interface i have not seen any hiccups the performance has been truly great and directly i use chromecast at all times so it’s terrific that the me tv stick has it developed in whether i’m using a lot of different applications on my phone or even casting from a browser on my computer and also the remote has been wonderful it’s been extremely regular and also stylish together with having that google aide switch up in the direction of the top with the microphone developed in you can simply ask the google aide a lots of various questions as well as get visual feedbacks on whatever display television screen that you’re using your me tv stick to and our final item brings all of us the means back to the office because that’s where i maintain it it is the me smart audio speaker nonetheless you can put it almost throughout your house the me clever audio speaker has the google assistant constructed in and also i need to state considering its size the speakers are actually truly great this is a 12 watt audio speaker as well as it’s been dts

expertly tuned so while i’m shooting b-roll and various points around my workplace i actually like to have music playing yet of training course it has actually the aide developed in so i can manage a bunch of different lights i have ceiling lights i like to change various shades on them with simply my voice i can transform them on and also off i can transform the thermostat to manage the temperature if it obtains a little cool in right here it does have actually bluetooth constructed into it so you can in fact play sound via without having to utilize your wi-fi and also another great touch is the controls up towards the top so you do not just need to use your voice yet you can actually go on and regulate the sound just from the controls on the speaker anyways those are all the clever home technology upgrades i have made i hope you delighted in the video i had a great deal of fun making it it’s constantly fun when i have video clips talking concerning a bunch of various tech products so huge thanks once again to xiaomi for sending out these all over for us to take an appearance at make sure to drop a comment let me understand what you assume as well as let me understand which one of these technology items you like one of the most i need to claim i never believed i ‘d be doing a video clip on a wise kettle yet right here we are anyways that is it in the meantime make certain to provide this video clip a thumbs up and also thanks

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