Android 11 Update: New Features!

hey everyone tim scofield here and today google released the latest version of android android 11 officially and i have it here on my google pixel 4a however if you have other pixel devices that update will come to your device right away so let’s take a look at this new update and see what new features android 11 brings as a side note my 4a review is coming very soon make sure you’re subscribed so you’re notified but anyways let’s dive into android 11. first things first as usual on the official version of android the easter egg just quickly tap on android version it brings you to this dial and there’s 10 dots but you can actually go ahead and crank it all the way up to 11 and a cat emoji pops up down towards the bottom that’s about all i found out in terms of easter eggs on android 11.

Google is really focused on notifications and specifically messages you have with people so they have a separate conversation section they have notifications and silent now if we go back to these conversations there is something they call bubbles so some of the if the app is compatible such as the messaging app facebook messenger is telegram is at the moment you’ll notice this little icon pop up within the notification so if i go into this facebook message and i press that icon it brings it up in you might be familiar with the chat heads on facebook but this is actually bubbles built in to androids i did test it with whatsapp hangouts and discord and those don’t have compatibility at the moment and twitter even just has their direct messages drop down and notifications so more app compatibility will need to come if i go into this bubble and i hit the plus icon there are recent bubbles and dismissed ones that appear there so if there’s any you’re trying to retrieve or of course it will group different app bubbles up towards the top so it’s not just one separately it will be different apps all in individual bubbles again once more compatibility comes to more apps if i click on

manage i can dismiss the bubble don’t bubble conversation or just go into that specific messaging apps conversation so if i hit don’t bubble it goes away a highly requested feature is now built in so if we go into our quick panels screen record is right there so if you do record your screen you can also choose to record audio whether it be at a device audio microphone or you can have both device audio and microphone you can also have it show touches on the screen so if we do a quick test it is now recording two one boom so now we are screen recording it should be picking up my voice i can scroll down and then let’s say for example i go ahead and swipe this away or swipe this this and then tap to stop it will go ahead and stop it and then save it and if we wanted to view it let’s go ahead and view it in google photos for example i go ahead and swipe this away so you’ll notice that the the there’s an icon where i’m touching one thing i noticed is if you want a specific app to stop sending you notifications press and hold and hit pause app i believe that’s new it will go ahead and pause notifications for the rest of the day also with these uh suggested apps up towards the top in your app drawer you can actually go ahead and press and hold on it and then hit don’t suggest app just drag it on up so if there’s a specific app you don’t

even want to be suggested you can control and customize that going into our recent apps you’ll notice screenshot and select so if we hit screenshot it’s going to take the screen out of whatever that recent app is and then throw it in the bottom left corner so if i hit took another screenshot that nice animation there pops up with share and edit just a cool little screen it seems to be very smooth and then it will go away after a little while however if i wanted to select something you have suggestions on things to select and then go ahead and select text which is nice because of course within settings you can’t really select text so you have multiple options in text selection just through your recent apps settings now if i want to take another screenshot actually let’s go to this and take a screenshot and i want to hit edit it’ll bring it on up to our editor where you can quickly edit right on it draw delete or share into display settings you can customize dark theme and have it turn on and off at specific times or you can just have it from sunrise to sunset a nice little addition if you like to use dark theme now if we go down to system settings gestures and then go into system navigation where you have gesture navigation or three button with gesture navigation you can control that back sensitivity with the specific edges there’s also a revamped power menu and you can customize it with device controls cards and passes and on the lock screen if you can show sensitive

content so let’s test it out pressing and holding the power button you still have your power and restart buttons however google pay is there and even just smart home controls which you can customize if you just select the three dots you can add controls or edit them so you can customize smart displays smart speakers smart lights media controls got revamped so i am currently listening to a song on spotify you pull it down twice and you can get to your uh you can skip through the song pause back you can heart it however you also can customize where the audio is getting played out of so if i click on phone speaker you can choose maybe a bluetooth speaker you have or for example my pixel buds if those were connected i am currently connected to my pixel buds and you’ll notice when i actually turn airplane mode on it will stay connected to those pixel buds it did turn wifi off however a nice addition that you will not lose bluetooth connection with airplane mode on permission’s got a bit of an update for added security within permissions manager let’s see these are the apps that can access my camera all the time only while in use and not at all let’s say i want to go into chrome and say let’s have it ask every time to use the camera or deny it however another new feature is when you go into an app you can see what permissions that are allowed but also you can remove permissions if app

isn’t used so basically we’ll reset those permissions when the app’s not being used for a longer period of time you also have notification history to see your recent and snoozed notifications you can choose to use it if you’d like to then it will start to fill up there’s a sound menu so if you go into settings it will bring up media call ring and alarm volume or see more to go into all of your sound settings if your car supports it you have wireless android auto built into android 11 so you don’t even need to plug your phone in if you have that compatibility and i also want to make note that you can have your media whatever media was playing whether it’s spotify i believe youtube will stay up there it will stay on that second swipe down but if you go into settings you can hide the player when the media session has ended taking a look at the share menu up at the top you have copy or nearby share where you can go ahead and just find nearby devices to share with so those are all the features i’d like to talk about for now drop a comment let me know what your favorite one was if i happen to miss any that you think i should have talked about let me know i’ll also link to all of the changes in the description on android’s official website but anyways i hope you enjoyed the video be sure to click that subscribe button be sure to give it a thumbs up as well as always thanks

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