HP Spectre X360 15 (2020) Unboxing and Hands On!

hey everyone tim scofield here i’m excited for this one i have the new 2020 hp spectre x360 15t laptop here x360 because it is a convertible flips 360 degrees and in my opinion hp’s been making some of the best looking laptops out right now so i’m excited to check this one out i have to give a big shout out to hp and intel for sponsoring this video and of course sending over the spectre for us to check out so yes it does have an intel processor inside specifically the 10th gen i7 processor i’m expecting it to be very smooth snappy will even be able to get some gaming in it has a dedicated gpu inside the laptop i want to quickly show you what comes inside the box and then of course get hands-on with the laptop and show off some of its features let’s go and get started opening the box of the hp spectre right away we have the laptop this is the 15.6 inch model i’m actually really excited to check it out because it has a 4k amoled display however we’re gonna have to wait we’re gonna continue on with the

unboxing inside the box you’ve got your standard booklets you also have your charger which is a proprietary cable and the charging brick is 135 watts since it is a touch screen hp also includes a pen which is pretty awesome of them i’m really happy that they included it it has an included battery along with some extra pen tips in case you need them and here is a look at it more on the pen coming very soon it does have a couple buttons inside was also a leather case for the laptop and one thing i noticed when i opened it on up was that it had a specific slot for the pen nice when you’re carrying the laptop around onto what you came to see that hp spectre x360 this is a convertible pc so it will flip all the way 360 degrees let’s open up the plastic and take the laptop out revealing that really awesome color that i’m a big fan of with that gold style trim to it gives it a crazy sleek look there’s that power button you also do have a usb slot right there as i like to do with all my laptop videos the one-handed opening test and it did pass it raised up a little bit but that’s just about it it has some keyboard cover and

let’s go ahead and check out the hardware of this laptop before we get into the features of the spectre let’s take a close look at this hardware and as you can tell on the left side the power button you have your charging port and hdmi slot as well nice to see some ventilation and then a headphone jack and with these cornered backs you’ll notice they were able to save some space by putting ports and a power button there it does a spectre right there on the back like i said usb c slot right there in the corner another one right next to it and then a usb type a slot nice that they included that still just in case you need it and a kill switch for your webcam to help with privacy more ventilation along the side here and a micro sd card slot for some expandable storage down at the bottom you have two bars worth of gripping so it’s not going to slide on the surface whatsoever nicely does cover the entire uh bottom and top as opposed to just four corners and finally yes this is a convertible so it will go all the way around here’s just a close look at that hinge initial impressions it’s actually very sturdy you do have to give it a little bit of force to actually bring it all the way around

which is good you don’t want it to actually wiggle when you’re using it in different modes so there it is all the way flush as you can see the screen on the back the keyboard on the other side the hp spectre has windows hello integration so you can use face recognition with that webcam or you can choose to use the fingerprint scanner let’s set up that fingerprint pretty standard setup process just rest your finger you’d like to register lift it up set it back down try it at different angles as well also you can have multiple fingers registered if you’d like to you can do that later in settings the display on the spectre x360 checks just about every single box i want in a display it’s 15.6 inches 4k amoled display it’s a touch screen it is a convertible so it flips all the way around it’s very versatile colors look amazing with it being an amoled display the blacks are true blacks so when you’re watching videos when you’re playing games everything just looks exceptional on this display i have to say probably the best display i’ve seen on a laptop so far and on top of all that you have very minimal bezels around the entire display the spectre is also very powerful with the latest 10th gen intel i7 10750h

processor inside everything just flies everything i can’t throw at it and also coupled with the 16 gigabytes of ram it multitasks really well so i can play games and have chrome tabs open all at the same time i can video edit i can photo edit you name it it has handled everything i’ve thrown at it and i did mention gaming so it has the nvidia geforce gtx 1650 ti gpu inside which not only powers that 4k oled display it also allows you to game now realistically you can’t play a lot of the higher end games in 4k however you can still play games like fortnite fall guys rocket league there’s a bunch of different games out there that you can play especially because this has a dedicated gpu this laptop has a 512 gig solid state drive and 32 gigs of intel optane memory and ssds with intel opt-in memory deliver the best real-world performance as compared to nand ssds so startup times are going to be faster data access is going to be quicker you got some reduced heat production and less power draw on the battery i’ve also gotten a lot of use out of the x360s convertible design depending on where i’m using it and how i want to use it whether i want to use it traditionally as a laptop maybe i’m answering some emails typing on the keyboard or of course i’m watching netflix youtube i’m sitting on the couch i can just go ahead and have it on my lap in a different mode which is much more comfortable

maybe i’m laying down in bed as well there’s just a lot of versatility and a lot of options you have with this design this has a full-size backlit keyboard with a lot of function keys up towards the top and even a number pad on the right side and it’s been very comfortable to type on for long periods of time really glad they included the hp pen because then you can take advantage of the windows ink workspace where you have a whiteboard to write some notes or you can do a full screen snip and actually add annotations to a screenshot send it over to someone very quickly and easily you have quad speakers that are tuned by bang and olufsen and they sound great they get plenty loud and quality has been exceptional even at those high volumes the spectre does have the latest wi-fi 6 technology so it really does future proof that device whether you’re looking to upgrade your own router to wi-fi 6 or of course as more public hotspots use that wi-fi 6 technology you’re all set and also nice to note that it does have bluetooth 5 inside all in all i have to say i’m very happy with this hp spectre it’s extremely versatile with the 360 design that display is amazing it’s extremely powerful with that intel processor and of course with the dedicated gpu you can even get some gaming in so that’s everything i want to talk about for now drop a comment let me know what you think about this laptop again one of the best looking laptops out there in my opinion uh so anyways hope you enjoyed the content a lot more to come be sure to click that subscribe button as always thanks

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