I Went Into A Shop…And Bought A Graphics Card 😱

The weirdest point occurred the other day. Anna walked into a computer system store as well as got a graphics card. She really did not even have to queue for beets for three months or anything! As well as that isn’t even the craziest part concerning it, since this graphics card price essentially MSRP! I paid 449 Canadian rubles for this RX 6600.
Which converts right into about US$ 350. Which is only US$ 20 even more than the launch MSRP of this graphics card. And also I would certainly go regarding to say, that type of matters as MSRP taking into consideration that even prior to the scalpocalypse, US MSRP was extremely rare in Canada. What we’re gon na do to celebrate this momentous celebration, is we’re gon na unbox the graphics card, and we’re gon na
. you know … massage it on our face a little. Simply to make sure it’s actual! And also after that we’re gon na play some games on it. Oh yes, a Gigabyte Eagle card. This resembles the 8th one I have actually took a look at lately as well as it’s starting to really feel like they’re tracking me. Although this one did seem to have the finest colder for the cash, so I ordered it. Oh the box has been a bit savaged however that’s fine. That is really a great deal of thick foam as well as under that we have a graphics card. That we just bought in a store! I really did not even have to do anything dodgy in an alley for it and also since we have it out of the box, the very first thing we need to do is
. Oh it’s real … It’s most definitely it’s certainly genuine.
Wow, that is a lengthy skinny boy of a graphics card. You can see that it’s really only two slots. Now taking into consideration that it’s a Gigabyte Eagle card, it does utilize the same crappy-ish plastic develop, that the various other eagle cards use. This one does have a much larger cooler, and that incorporated with the brief PCB, is why we can have such a massive cooler pass-through on the back of the backplate which has actually come to be so prominent since the launch of the 3080. In regards to power we just have a single 8 pin which is nice. It suggests it’s not mosting likely to create 400 watts which is excellent and afterwards on the back we have 2 display ports and also two HDMI. Now as is tradition, it’s time to possibly damage the graphics card while attempting to tear it down. So let’s jump to after the screening as well as see how it goes. All best let’s crack into this essentially MSRP 6600. Ah it all tore
. Now on the 3 fans. This is quite a standard colder. We do have three heat pipes touching the GPU and afterwards we have thermal call with the video memory and also the VRM so hopefully it finishes the job. And after that, when conforming to the back plate you can see that that is some some primo top quality plastic we have actually gone going. it does make feeling. There’s a big hole eliminated in it. Having an appearance at the PCB, that looks like a mid-range-ish graphics card PCB, with its eight gigs of gddr6 and after that the small little rDNA ii GPU. We likewise have six power phases on this PCB.
Which ought to be fine taking into consideration the reduced power draw of the RX 6600. But in fact, allow’s obtain this extremely well built high quality plastic back-plate off as well as take a look at the back. Wait, what? Why are there thermal pads on the rear of a plastic back-plate? I really feel like that
. I do not seem like that’s gon na be doing much is it? Am I missing something here? Is this some sort of new thermally conductive plastic? As well as when we have a take a look at the rear of the PCB it feels like that cod piece plastic back-plate makes call with the rear of the GPU and also the back of the memory … That’s intriguing and also on that relatively pointless note, let’s enter the video gaming! Okay, this is tradition we’re starting with ‘cash money grab’, the game. Uh, I am curious to see if we’re gon na get stutters with this arrangement. Though uh we are performing at really high settings at 1080P. Okay, so let’s attempt … Uh oh … No, it’s pretty stuttery. Battlefield 5 does tend to fairly such as AMD GPUs and it reveals because that is a very strong 1080P Combat zone 5 gaming experience. With this 6600, we are running it at Ultra settings which you shouldn’t do. The high setups are are a lot more sensible. Yes, would certainly you look at that! that’s running beautifully. Whoa, that’s great. Uh 1080P high and also we’re just well above 60 frames per 2nd, which for a video game such as this, which is a lot more aesthetic safari than it is competitive fps I believe that is a completely great variety to remain in. Um yes, this is great. It feels good. It looks terrific actually. In regards to effectiveness, this thing is actually outstanding since it’s making use of concerning 30 percent less power than that RTX 3050 did and also we’re getting more efficiency. That’s quite awesome. AMD is absolutely going in the right direction in terms of performance. Rather than Nvidia significantly going in the wrong instructions. But with that said, prior to we compare this graphics card to something, allow’s simply have a quick look at some benchmarks as a baseline. As you can see, the initial basically MSPR graphics card I have actually been able to buy is a genuine 1080P little beastie, and in fact Hardware Unboxed recently did an excellent GPU market evaluation video clip where they were showing that the RX 6600 is one of the most effective structure per buck graphics cards you can purchase the moment. I’ll have that video linked in the description listed below. It is some primo consumer suggestions. With that I thought it would be intriguing to contrast the RX 6600 to one of its older brothers the RX 5700. Okay, so with the 5700, we appear to be getting a slightly greater typical than we obtained with the 6600 however in all justness the RX 5700 – the older graphics card – is attracting more power to get this performance at 130 watts. In fact, on that particular note, with the RX 6600, you do have the option to increase the max power restriction from 100 watts to 120 watts – so allow’s see if giving it that additional little juice will really assist it close the void in between it and the 5700.
Oh wow, all right that didn’t make as well much of a difference. With that let’s see just how the 5700 deals with an extra demanding game. Okay, damn! So cyberpunk additionally appears to be running simply a hair far better than the 6600. Functionally both GPUs use about the very same video gaming performance. This feels excellent and also I believe in a blind examination you probably wouldn’t have the ability to inform. But let’s be allow’s be a lot more details below. Allow’s take a look at the standards as well as and see exactly how they contrast. According to my tests it appears like the RX 6600 is simply a hair slower than its older brother, the RX 5700. Fortunately, due to progression the RX 6600 was released at a much reduced beginning MSRP. That occurred right? The RX 6600 it’s more affordable now right?.

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