WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive Unboxing: Adding 12TB to my Xbox One!

every one tin Schofield here and I’ve been playing a lot more video games lately and my xbox hard drive is completely full not only file sizes for games are getting extremely large but he’s of access to playing different games is going up with subscription services such as Xbox game Pass so that’s where the WD black d-10 comes in from Western Digital big shout out to Western Digital for sponsoring this video however I needed an external drive anyways for my xbox I am so tired of having to uninstall games to install a different game that I want to play and then just continue that uninstall install a new game uninstall install a new game I’m just tired of wasting my time with that so we have the d-10 with 12 terabytes of storage crazy amount of space not only do you have 12 terabytes of storage in this little box you also get three months of Xbox game pass included which I’m already a subscriber so that’s just going to add on for me so let’s go ahead and take a look at the WD black d-10 drive set it all up install some games and get playing on the d-10 let’s get started let’s begin here is our WD black d-10 game drive this one is for the Xbox one however Western Digital does offer an 8 gigabyte model which is compatible with PC ps4 and xboxone opening the d-10 up let’s take a quick look at what we’re going to get in the Box first up our AC adapter to power our D 10 game drive pretty standard and then we do have another cable here which is USB type-a 2 micro B for our data transfer from our Xbox to the external drive fairly simple but I’m happy they included it a stand for our d-10 and at the bottom there

are some grips so it’s not going to slide around so we’ll set this up in just a second pretty standard instruction manual getting started guide and our three months Xbox game pass ultimate code finally we should have our WD black d-10 game drive and here is our d-10 crazy there’s 12 terabytes of storage in here looks like there’s a status light right here and then looking at the back of it you do have your power outlet your data cable slot and because the state of cable slot is going to take up the USB slot in your Xbox nice Western Digital thought of this to include extra USB slots for charging so you can charge your gaming accessories or controllers whatever you need and just some ventilation on the back down at the bottom there are grips on all four corners so it will not slide if you set it flat and if you wanted to use the included stand there are Clips here and you’ll notice in the d-10 there’s some opening so what should happen when we set this in it should actually just lock in place onto the hard drive so what that means is not only you can have it as a stand but you can actually pick it up and move it wherever you need to and you don’t have to reposition it every time because it is actually clipped into the hard drive and if you want to take it out and just use it differently you can go ahead and do so we are ready to

go let’s set up our WD black d-10 get everything all connected to our Xbox make sure to plug the power adapter in and connect it to your game drive and then grab your data cable and plug that into the back of your drive and then on the USB type a and plug that into your Xbox now that we have everything all plugged in let’s turn on our Xbox and you’ll notice a status light turns on on the d-10 and you don’t have to use the stand for your d-10 you can lay it flat if you would like let’s see what the Xbox is prompting us to do our first step is to format the storage drive if we would like to use it for games and apps which we are going to do the Xbox is asking you to give your device name let’s call it something like Tim Drive and then it asks if you want to install things on it by default which we are going to do so and just go ahead and select format so it took exactly eight seconds to format the drive but external storage is ready going into it of course it is completely empty it says ten point nine terabytes is free my first step is to go into all of my owned games and start queuing up some of them just want to install the ones that I’ve had to uninstall because I ran out of storage the next step is to go to the game path ultimate and just start installing games I can install new ones I haven’t played even some classic ones – I’m excited to play banjo-kazooie again but I can really go through the hundred plus games

there that are in game path ultimate try out some new ones even some higher-end games they have in here which I don’t have to worry about a space because of course all that storage I have externally dumping into my queue now I have a ton of different games downloading and installing but one thing I was wondering is that some failed to install my other hard drive because I didn’t have enough space so if I go into it and hit resume installation it will go ahead and prompt me to install it on our new drive already so it’s just going to take all of those files that were trying to install in the old hard drive and just prompt them to install in the new one which is really convenient because I had a group of games that were already queued on a different hard drive and it just prompts you hey why don’t you just install that on your new tim drive that has a ton of space finally I want to install call of duty warzone which I was unable to install because I am completely out of space and this game takes up a hundred gigs alone and this is just standalone warzone not even the full Call of Duty games so let’s go ahead and install a bunch of these games and get some gameplay going install the good amount of games and you’ll see in the bottom-left 11.7% is used still so I still have over 10 terabytes free even after installing a bunch of games even like Red Dead Redemption to rise halo Master Chief

collection a bunch of different ones on the external hard drive itself let’s get into some gameplay let’s open up warzone parachuting and we got some action right away and believe it or not actually my first game on xbox got a good amount of kills so we could go ahead and check out some gameplay keep in mind warzone is currently installed on the external hard drive and of course let’s say I wanted to capture that kill I just recorded it on my xbox it’s gonna go ahead and be able to save to my external drive so I’ll have more space to record cool shots maybe like this one this longer range shot off of a roof and then we run on up and there’s someone right there that doesn’t know we’re here so we can just go ahead and take care of him – so let’s check out some more kills I got actually ended up with 11 this game Western Digital WD black portfolio is their high-end gaming accessories and the d-10 is no different it has a 7200 rpm Drive with active cooling technology for that gaming you’re gonna be doing it also get

speeds up to 250 megabytes a second so nice and fast loading times unfortunately I didn’t end up winning this warzone game got 18th place but I do now have options to play other games let’s say I get a little tired of war zone I can try out some new ones like dirt 4 or even I might actually create a world in Minecraft so it’s really nice having the options to install a ton of different games that I can just quickly swap between on my xbox another great use case out of this external drive is being able to clip things so if I want to save some clips from a cool goal if I get a cool kill want to share with friends or put it together in a montage I can do so and save the files onto that external drive and not have to worry about running out of space so that’s everything I want to talk about with the WD black d-10 from Western Digital only to it down in the description so be sure to go check it out I am so happy I’m not gonna have to keep uninstalling games to play new ones and reinstall them it’s just gonna save me a bunch of time overall but I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to click that thumbs up as always guys thank you very much

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