OnePlus 8 AND 8 Pro Unboxing!

hey Ron Tim Schofield here I’m really excited for this video it’s time for a dual unboxing with one pluses latest flagships you have the one plus eight and the one plus eight pro shot two one plus four sitting these over early as well so you’re gonna see a lot of content both of these phones coming very soon so be sure to click that subscribe button sir notified when those videos go live not only are we even check out both the phones we also have a new 30 watt wireless charger from oneplus this uses their warp charge 30 so really excited that they have 30 watts of power transmission in a wireless charger excited to check that out and then of course in these boxes not only the 1 + 8 + 8 pro we’re gonna take a look at some of the cases that come with the phones compare the two phones as well let’s go ahead and get started [Music] before we get to the ad pro I want to quickly open up the new oneplus wireless charger because then I can test it throughout the video and give you some feedback towards the end opening it up with 30 watts of charging you can go from 0 to 50 percent in just 30 minutes which is crazy considering it is being charged wirelessly initial impressions there is a bit of size to it which does make sense on the back there is ventilation this wireless charger will be released the same date that these two phones are which is April 29th and it does have a bit of a price tag on it at 69 95 to get

these crazy wireless charging speeds so let’s go ahead and take the plastic off take a closer look at the brick so the brick isn’t as big as I thought it was going to be here’s a look at some of the text on it from oneplus and then a quick close-up of the charger itself it does have a stand to it so you can set the phone down to lay there and then it does have the back pad to charge it on I am curious to see how warm it’s going to get they do say that it will actually dissipate the heat so that should not be an issue whatsoever I will test it and let you know towards the end of the video how the 1+8 pros wireless charging goes alright on to what we all came here to see again these bulk will be available on April 29th you can find them at one-plus calm amazon calm which is a big step for oneplus even into mobile and Verizon stores now when it comes to pricing on oneplus calm in the 8 which I have here on the Left starts at the base model at $6.99 so that is the 1 plus 8 and then with the 8 Pro at 1 plus calm and the base model is going to be $8.99 so $700 $900 both have 8 gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage if you do want to bump that up to the next level on either of the phones it’s an extra $100 for 12 gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage I will also be doing a comparison video of these two phones so be sure to click that subscribe button to be notified when that goes live that will go live very soon actually so let’s begin with unboxing or 1+8

before we get to the pro model right away does say oneplus opening this on up inside looks like we have some booklets let’s go ahead and slide this out usually they do give us some stickers too I kind of hope that they include that oh there’s a lot more goodies hey look at a lot of stickers here so a bunch of different ones depending on which ones you want to use here is an invitation letter and our sim ejection tool so I can go ahead and peel this off if you would like to read it feel free to this will be in both boxes so go ahead and pause it if you want to read it just a few booklets as well moving along let’s get to what comes in the box including the phone we’re gonna set it to the side for just a second and take a look at our accessories you do have your power adapter and your charging cable USB type A two USB type-c with one pluses classic red and white coloring on it and here is that charging brick can take a close look at it and there is the stats on it this is using their warp charge 30 technology now let’s take a look at the phone peeling it out of the plastic we do have our inner stellar glow coloring so

really cool very reflective but of course changing colors depending on how the light hits it really neat looking phone down at the bottom does say oneplus they’re just notice those colors and how different it looks depending on how the light hits it oneplus logo and our triple camera with the triple camera system you have a 48 megapixel main sensor you also have a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and then with the third lens it’s actually a 2 megapixel macro lens so you can get really close and take some pictures down at the bottom SIM card slot microphone USB slot for charging and one of the speakers and then on the right side here is where that power button is and then of course you have your alert slider where you can go ahead and go 3 different options where you have silent ring or vibrate I’m actually a big fan of this I’m super happy that oneplus has really stuck with this alert slider throughout their iterations of their different phones but it’s not just a microphone very small camera bump on the back of this phone and then on the left side is where those volume rockers are on the front six point five five inch 1080p AMOLED display which you can

bump up to 90 Hertz extremely minimal vessels there is a cutout right here for that front-facing camera also worth noting there’s a pre-installed screen protector as you can kind of see with that glare on the phone I’d recommend keeping that on and used screen protectors with the in display fingerprint scanner that will work and are approved by one plus on to the eight pro from oneplus they’re true flagship devices gonna be a very quick unboxing probably has similar things inside will set the phone to the side for just a second continue on inside here are where the booklets are pretty standard exact same with the stickers and our invitation letter okay next in the box is something different it actually comes with a case inside it is clear it says never settle on it so we’ll check that out in just a second it looks like it does cover the power and volume rockers then exact same as the eight-hour warped charge 30 adapter and our USB a USBC cable so the only difference with the eight pro is that you do get an included case as well onto our eight pro let’s take the plastic off before I do so take a look there’s some circles around here because this has wireless charging so the eight pro does have wireless charging charging compatible with that wireless

charger so we’ll test that out in just a second let’s take this off and this is the ultramarine blue coloring of our one plus eight so again more of a matte color as opposed to the reflective coloring of the one plus eight alright so I’m a big fan of this coloring it doesn’t look nearly as shiny in person as it does on camera but it does say oneplus down at the bottom moving along our oneplus logo and then when it comes to that rear camera system on the oneplus 8 pro you have a forty eight megapixel main lens and then you also have an 8 megapixel telephoto lens zooming up to 3x you have an ultra wide-angle lens at 48 megapixels which takes the main sensor from the oneplus 70 and then uses that as the ultra wide-angle lens so ultra wide shot should be a lot better on this one +8 Pro and then our final lens is a 5 megapixel color filter lens at the bottom SIM card slot microphone USB C slot one of these speakers and then along the right side again very similar power button along with that alert slider again very nice that they include of course on both devices up at the top just a microphone looks like a little indent we’ll compare the two left side is where those volume rockers are again very minimal camera bump and then finally very minimal bezels this is a six point seven eight inch AMOLED display up to 1440p and you can go

all the way up to a hard 20 Hertz refresh rate so a big difference in the display of the eight pro versus the eight and here are the two phones side-by-side more of a shiny look on the eight and the pro model has more of a matte look to it now up at the top I did notice just a little bit of a difference the the pro has a little bit of an indent towards the top for design and it’s just flush on the eighth and here’s a look at them from the front very similar in terms of bezel sizes obviously a little bit larger display on the pro now I’m gonna actually skip through the startup process and only talk about anything that’s noteworthy it is prompting us to set up our in display fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone and of course this works with different apps if you have a banking app etc you can just sign in with your fingerprint scanner so let’s go ahead and lift our finger up set it on down it’s asking for some edge input so we’ll continue through this process it doesn’t really matter to me how long this really takes I’ll do this all day as long as it works consistently and is accurate fingerprint added we can add another if we want to I’m gonna continue along there are a couple different font options right out of the box to Roboto or the oneplus slate so there’s two options there if you want to switch between the two I’m gonna stick to Roboto now also navigation bar and gestures so you can have the gestures or you can have the buttons if you want recent home and back buttons I’d much prefer the gestures overall pretty standard to how the gestures have

always been left or right side to go back swipe up to go home and swipe up and pause to actually go back to recent so there is going back swipe up to go home and then swipe up and pause to get to our recent well done very easy setup is complete let’s go ahead and hit start should take us to our home screen now I did connect to Wi-Fi however I didn’t sign into any of my accounts so real quick out of the box 9 percent used so 24 gigs is used out of that 256 gigs on the home screen I’m already noticing the phone is really smooth so they definitely have a higher refresh rate on both the phones so let’s go ahead and check that out first of all on the pro so we’re gonna go into display go into advanced and it’s a little bit different on ball so I kind of want to go in detail on them so 128 Hertz refresh rate or 60 Hertz so you have an option between the two at the moment you are on 1080p 2376 by 1080 or you can bump it up to 1440 P so let’s go ahead and switch to that so now you are in 1440p so you have to go in and do that if you want to take advantage of that resolution out of the box but look at that still has 120 Hertz so you have 1440p with 120 Hertz you can go back and forth between the two so it’s kind of up to you how you want to do it obviously if you use 1440p 120 Hertz it’ll dream battery a little bit more I will be doing my testing throughout throughout time with this and then just a little bit different on the 8 with advanced settings so you’ll see here you

can’t actually switch the resolution so it is fully HD plus again so 1080p but here is the refresh rate you can go with 60 Hertz or 90 Hertz so not all the way up to 120 Hertz that’s where the little bit of a difference is between the refresh rate and the resolution of the phone’s clock just changed to 150 we’re at 63% battery let’s go ahead and throw the 1 + 8 Pro on our wireless charge as you could see 63% with warp charge I’m gonna leave it on there let’s talk more about the features on these phones before we get into the features I am noticing a very subtle fan noise coming out of the wireless charger you pretty much have to have a fan in something like that if it’s going to transmit that much power to handle the heat all right let’s hop into the camera on our 1+8 so jumping into it like I said just the standard angle lens we could take some shots it does have that ultra wide-angle lens as well and then one more being the macro lens here’s a bunch of different modes Pro nightscape portrait video slow-mo panorama and time-lapse and then if you do want to use that macro lens up at the top here there’s a super macro button so then you can get really close to something so this is almost touching the camera lens right here and it’s just really close I think

macro shots are a lot of fun to go outside and try so hopefully we can go ahead and do that very soon so as you could tell taking that shot got really close to this fake plan testing out that fingerprint scanner let’s go ahead and set her thumb down that was very quick felt accurate again and then one more if you tap the screen it will bring up the option and then you can set your finger down so it seems very quick very accurate as I expected these phones do run the latest version of Android and oneplus has done a good job in the past and pushing out updates quickly as Android gets updated but they do have their skin on top of it called oxygen OS which I have always been a big fan of so in Settings button in gestures there are quick gestures whether you want to flip to mute three finger screenshot you can turn on double tap to wake or there’s different controls as well so while the screen is off you can have it draw you can draw different letters and have it do different things so let’s say we wanted to open the camera or turn on and off the flashlight one that I always do let’s go ahead and test

that real quick so just type of V boom our flashlight is on type of V and it’s off so some nice useful features built into oxygen OS while our phone is still charging let’s check out some of the oneplus 8 cases we have our science tan sandstone and a nylon black and just a quick side by side look at the two the sandstone does have some texture to it and so does the nylon they’re a little bit different this is more of a sandpapery texture it’s not gonna hurt by any means it just gives you some added grip and a closer look at that nylon and here’s a look at the case on the phone the buttons are all covered up however the alert slider is still open thankfully there’s a lot of texture to the slider so it’s still pretty easy to actually get grabbed onto and switch and then of course just a look at the back with the cutouts for the camera covered up buttons and cutouts look good on the bottom and the top exact same style case with the nylon just of course a different back and a different color look to the phone alright so it’s been 15 minutes just a quick little test obviously it was that 63% let’s grab our phone and go ahead and turn it on there’s a little warmth to the back of the phone I wouldn’t say hot by any means but there is a little heat right here where that coil is which makes total sense of course there’s a lot of power going

through and then up at the top here 88% so pretty crazy 63 to 88% in just 15 minutes wirelessly let’s feel the charger not even like the back of it nap is kind of cold actually where the fan outputs and in the front of it is there’s a tiny bit of warmth the phone itself was a little bit warmer but again no issue whatsoever pretty happy with this wireless charger more testing to come of course in the full review couple of cases for the a pro the same science sandstone that you have already seen and this one’s a little bit different this is just a carbon look to it here’s a look at the phone with the carbon case on again same cutouts power button and volumes are covered but again with the texture on the alert slider not an issue changing it and a little bit of an extra cutout for that extra lens on the back and speaking of that camera let’s jump into the camera app and maybe you just snap picture here snap a picture there again you do have that ultra wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens which will quickly swap to 3x if we want to take a picture of that one plus 8 go up silently hit deny there allow there is there it is in 3 times zoom and overall that is it for now that is my dual unboxing of the 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 Pro really excited to share my experience with this be sure to click that subscribe button comparision coming soon full reviews coming soon so stay tuned for that be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and as always guys thank you very much

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