Review Apple iPad Pro 2020 : Not a Macbook Replacement!

everyone Tim Schofield here it’s time to review the first iPad I’ve ever used this is the twenty twenty twelve point nine inch iPad pro and I bought it trying to replace my macbook pro for video editing and just everyday use after using it there is a lot that I like about this iPad however there are some things that I dislike especially when it comes to trying to replace full on desktop with Mac OS on it as well so let’s go ahead and get into the full review of the iPad pro 2020 to begin when it comes into the design of the iPad I’m actually a big fan it’s very premium as you would expect from Apple it is fairly thin considering again this is the twelve point nine inch iPad the bezels are also a very solid size in terms of being able to hold on to it without accidentally touching on touching the display although I will say the display does collect fingerprints fairly easy so I do find myself having to clean off the display fairly often when I am using the touchscreen the speakers have been very good quality and considering the size it does get fairly loud not as loud as other laptops out there the microphones on the iPad are fantastic though I even get comments from people that I FaceTime with saying wow that microphone sounds really good a small camera bump housing the standard and ultra wide-angle lenses you do have a power

button and two volume rockers up at the top is the support for your Apple pencil which I did go out and buy and then you also have your one USB type-c slot and this is kind of a deal-breaker for me only having one USB slot when you’re trying to replace a laptop having to go out buy extra dongles for extra support if you want to connect something not only are you limited to the one USB C slot it also doesn’t have Thunderbolt support so you’ll see I will connect my SSD which is a samsung portable x5 SSD I’ve been using that for a while now it’s awesome but you cannot use thunderbolt accessory it just isn’t compatible at all even if I go to my files it’ll should not show up on the left side so I can’t even use this external hard drive which I’ve been using for a long period of time on different laptops so since it’s only one slot back to that dog of life I’ve been carrying these around just stand one’s for us ba this is a big one for me because I am editing videos on the iPad as well so this is us BC to our SD card there is Bluetooth so if you have wireless accessories such as a mouse or a keyboard that works just fine so you’ll see here I’m actually using a mouse because it does have trackpad or Mouse support on an iPad OS which is nice using our mouse isn’t as precise as I really want it to be I think a trackpad will be much better so I am hoping to get that magic keyboard

soon I’ve also already pre-ordered the new magic keyboard that Apple’s coming out with so I will be doing video coverage on that so make sure you are subscribed but in the meantime with this iPad and with it being so big but you pretty much have to have a case on it specifically a case that has a stand and I have two solutions for that this brings us to our sponsor and I can wholeheartedly recommend both of these cases they are from ESR both of these cases I’m gonna show off work on the twelve point nine and eleven inch models I will link to everything down below and there’s a coupon code Tim 20 20 20 for 20% off I will link to everything down in the description first one is the ESR yippee trifold smart case so when you do open up the case it will wake up your iPad and it will put it to sleep when you close it there’s also a couple different stand modes you have a 65 degree viewing mode and a 30 degree typing mode it doesn’t magnets to keep everything secure and full Apple pencil support which is nice because you could just have your Apple pencil on your iPad and there’s a clasp to keep it secure the next one is the ESR centuries stand case and this is the one I’ve been using more just because there’s a little bit more functionality to it and it’s a little

more rugged to it will protect the iPad just a little bit more there’s a ton of angles for this case to sit at and it uses magnets so when I do pick up the iPad when it’s already in at an angle it will stay at that angle it doesn’t it’s not loose at all it’s a very strong magnet and speaking of that strong magnet I’ve actually used it to hang it on the refrigerator that’s how strong it is it just holds up the case and the iPad and of course there’s a little notch where you can hang it on something as well it does have Apple pencil support to connect it to your iPad or you can actually store it away in the case itself which is great when you aren’t traveling so again thanks tesr for sponsoring this video use code Tim 20-20-20 for 20% off link in the description when it comes to the display I’m extremely happy the colors look great viewing angles are good it isn’t an oled display that would be the cherry on top with ipads but it does have a 120 Hertz refresh rate when you do couple that with apple’s animations it makes the overall experience so smooth it’s actually pretty amazing so for example if we are watching you

know a 4k video here I generally do like to use desktop websites because of course I’m trying to replace my laptop I’m not gonna be into YouTube ever I’m not gonna be in the Twitter app all those feeds that I use when I’m on my laptop come from the desktop the desktop experience so I have been trying to use the browser a lot more unfortunately you’re pretty much forced to use Safari so browser extensions etc just are pretty non-existent it’s not so great and then for example there’s things I want to do while watching a video sometimes I like to leave the video and have it run while I’m on a desktop I’m gonna go back into Safari it just pauses it doesn’t keep going like it would on a desktop OS and the reason you have to use Safari I’m a big chrome user and it doesn’t have a native desktop Chrome browser but it automatically goes to your mobile web sites no matter what site you go to it goes to the mobile version you have to go through and automatically request the desktop website every time which is pretty on access unacceptable to me so for me I’m always having to go to Safari so I’ve just started using Safari which has been okay it’s not the best browser out there but it’s also just missing features that let that are included when you do use a laptop like Mac OS or Windows I also turned to the iPad pro

to replace my macbook pro for video editing now I generally use Final Cut I’ve been using Final Cut for years but I did get the luma fusion app and iPad which thank you guys you recommend it to me and there is a bit of a learning curve you know it took some time to figure out how to do certain things with lumic ears and different things but I actually did get a solid handle on them with a fusion and there’s a good amount of features to it I actually really do like the luma fusion app and this is my Q&A video which did take a bit of time to edit because I was adding in different images and trying to figure out different things but overall it was smooth I am a fan of using it I didn’t really get any stuttering or lag just a couple different things I want to mention file management on iPad OS is just okay it’s kind of all over the place you do the files app here so there’s just different things that you can do with it if I go to my downloads here I have a bunch of different files that I’ve downloaded but they’re all over the place within photos or within your actually your file browser on your iPad it’s just kind of wonky how they have it working especially within looma fusion that you have to really go back and find different file locations and you can’t just and you’d have to really transfer it to get it to all in one place and to transfer

everything just takes time and it’s not as smooth as desktop experiences aside from that one other gripe I do have with using luma fusion / Final Cut Pro like I said I actually think I could get used to it I could generally edit a lot of my video content using this might take a little bit more time but one problem I do have is I’ll show you actually I’ll go into let’s see under my files on my iPad let’s go into downloads here not downloads let’s go back to on my iPad go into videos and here’s an example now the right video is a ten minute video and the middle video is a ten minute video the right one is edited in Final Cut Pro the middle one is edited in luma fusion the file size output after editing is just a pretty large difference it’s crazy how much Final Cut can compress those video files so you’ll see two point two one gigs versus five point five eight similar lengths a little bit different of a video style but still just as an example there’s a big difference in that file size which is kind of a deal-breaker taking up that much more space and of course it’s gonna take a little bit longer to export because you don’t have as much power as you would on a MacBook Pro pending on the app developers sometimes support for the iPad app is very limited for example

let’s go ahead and go to Instagram check this out so it just kind of blows up this mobile version of Instagram and this is what it looks like fairly comical that Instagram hasn’t made an iPad app it’s almost embarrassing specifically because if you go to Instagram com on your desktop you can’t upload images so if I want to upload any images from my iPad I do it through this goofy tiny app it’s kind of embarrassing and it forces you to use portrait mode and what it does come to gaming it’s kind of up to you to decide if you want afterwards to play or if you want to be on a laptop like windows where you hence we play higher end games if you have a GPU that supports them now for example you can’t play fortnight in 120 FPS which is kind of nice out of the App Store and that is the full fortnight game if you’re a touchscreen gamer or you can sync up a Bluetooth controller and play with a controller and yes there are a are games that you can plan and find any AR games that you really pulled me in however there are some cool AR apps including the IKEA one to kind of see what something will look like in your place you can measure different things so there are some uses to

augmented reality on your iPad but it doesn’t really take full advantage of that lidar technology with such a larger tablet I do like to use it horizontally most of the time similar to I would with a laptop display however the design language is definitely geared towards using it like a tablet in portrait mode because the camera is up towards the top when you have it like this and you’re holding it you’re gonna block the camera on the left side I almost wish the larger model would have the camera in the middle in landscape as opposed to you know over here on the left side because when I video chat and such I’m like this most of the time especially lately I’ve been doing so much video chatting on this iPad and I really wish the camera was up here because when I am in these apps I’m not using it portrait I’m using it landscape specifically if I want a multitask and do multi window just to show you with my left thumb right here it does start to block that camera even when i unlock it and i are i lock and unlock it and i have my thumb here I’m holding it sometimes it won’t unlock because obviously you shouldn’t be covering the camera so again I guess depending on your uses I found I was using it horizontally more where the camera just started to be covered now aside from the placement of that camera the front-facing camera quality is fairly good it’s better than my macbook pro so ive have been

happy with that and like I said the microphones are excellent not sure how many selfies you’re going to be taking but there is portrait mode to the front-facing camera so you can take selfies with portrait mode but if you do actually want to take portrait mode shots with the rear cameras unfortunately you can’t it just Auto switches in the front camera so if that’s a deal-breaker for you but it’s kind of annoying that they didn’t include portrait mode in the rear cameras I’m not a big I pad photo taker however if you do want to take some photos you do have your 1x and they added an ultra wide-angle lens which is pretty nice that they added as a feature of functionality you can zoom in up to 5x – but that is of course just digital zoom from the 1x like I mentioned I did buy the Apple pencil – I’ve been a fan of it overall this fairly premium it’s comfortable the whole overtime I’m not a big artist in general yeah I went through some coloring apps and colored in and it was ok you know like it’s it’s very useful it feels very real but the biggest use I got out of it was writing notes especially when I’m on video calls I will just I actually just prefer writing notes my handwriting is terrible don’t get me wrong but I do prefer writing notes I feel like I retain the information better when I’m writing as opposed to typing so it has been excellent however you know I don’t really need this full functionality

because I’m not that much of an artist on that artist side I also will use it as a stylus overall just you know browsing through my iPad using different things I wish you could go up and home I know it’s to kind of cancel out if you’re drawing and you’re accidentally going home I still kind of wish I could because I use it as more of a stylus sometimes instead of drawing with iPad OS it does have split-screen and multitasking capabilities so when you do actually swipe up and pause there’s multiple apps here as opposed to maybe just a couple that you can choose from so it’s nice that they’ve added more however there’s also another feature so from the dock you can press and hold and drag an app and you can swipe it over for split screen view you can you know customize where you want the app size to be however there’s another option so let’s close out of that go back to Safari and then if we’re in Safari and we want to go ahead and just throw the the Files app up it opens up in a smaller version of that app just a little more slimmed down which is nice to have it is compatible only in some of the apps as you can see the file Zep is compatible and then you can swipe it over to the side here so let’s say you’re going through doing different things doing some shopping and you still know you have that app open on the right side there you can swipe it over you see I just flew it all the way over but of course you can pop it out you can put it back into split screen mode you have multiple options for multitasking not quite as good there’s other

desktop options but it is there as I wait for the magic keyboard I’ve been using a Bluetooth mouse a Bluetooth keyboard to actually type on this so that has been fine overall one thing that I we have a complaint about is when I am connect to do a Bluetooth keyboard and I swipe down you have no option to actually load up a touchscreen keyboard it’s kind of annoying if I want to type something real quick or maybe I brought my iPad away from where that keyboard is because it is a tablet I still want to carry with me places and even if it is still stays connected to that Bluetooth keyboard somewhere so the point I’m trying to get to is no this is not going to be able to replace my MacBook Pro over all it might if I’m not doing things such as video editing but even with the lack of a full desktop web browsing experience it’s just still constrained to a tablet it’s a little annoying but with all of that being said this is an amazing tablet so for me this size is too big I actually wish I would have went with the 11 inch size for the tablet as opposed to the 12 point 9 to try and replace a desktop hands down this is the best tablet on the market right now so if I’m going to use it as a tablet I think twelve point nine inches is a little bit too large but I have really

enjoyed using it as a tablet once I got over the hump of gotta stop trying to replace my keyboard beard my laptop this just is not a replacement for it in my opinion it still is great for video editing that luma fusion app is excellent like I said you still have to get over some file management hurdles but even if you’re doing video editing and you need something to edit it this is still a good option so with that being said I would recommend going with the smaller version of this iPad or potentially look at getting the 2018 model and especially if they are lowering the prices on them just because if you’re not replacing your laptop you might not need that extra power boost and again you might not need that extra size because you’re probably gonna want to carry it around use it as a tablet use it vertically so you could take advantage of that top camera and even just the overall design sense it’s just kind of made for it to be used vertically and with all of that being said I hope you enjoyed my review video more to come like I said that magic keyboards coming in I’m still gonna be using this iPad don’t worry I’m not giving it up I still really like using it as a tablet in general again hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give it a thumbs up and as always guys thank you very much

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