What iOS Does Better than Android!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here and it’s been a debate for a long time now Apple versus Google who makes the better phone operating system you have iOS and iPhones and you have Android on multiple manufacturers Samsung LG even Google makes their own just to name a few and I want to take a deeper look and see with iOS 13 what it does better than Android Android 10 being the latest right now and then of course don’t get too mad just yet in this video I’ll be covering iowa’s 13 what they do better but there will be another video coming where I take a deeper look at Android 10 what they do better with than iOS so with that in mind let’s take a look at the iPhone and iOS 13 and see what i OS does better than android in 2020 let’s get started so here are the two latest devices from Google and Apple the pixel for excel and the iPhone 11 Pro Macs I will have the pixel for excel on hand to reference the Android show off some differences but I will mainly be looking at the iPhone here and again I will be doing a video on what makes Android better than iOS that is coming very soon but let’s talk about the benefits of iOS and iPhones in general I’d like to start with a couple obvious ones just because they’ve been around so long and because

Google is doing their best to catch up to Apple in this aspect first of all I go to general settings and go to software update you will see your software is up to date and that is the same across multiple iPhones for a lot of support now the pixel variant does get updates right away from Google so the pixel very gets it however with other manufacturers updates are generally slower and things get a lot more fragmented that’s been a problem on Android for a long time not only do they get updates quicker Apple supports iOS 13 on much older devices you can actually run iOS 13 which is on the latest iPhone all the way back on the iPhone 6s and iPhone se so that continued support that Apple does give throughout their devices will actually increase value to these devices since these devices get supported longer people seem to hold on to them longer and their value stays true that of course is because Apple doesn’t really discount their phones very much whereas where you got a Google pixel which goes on sale within the first few months of coming out our next feature that iOS does better is airdrop so for example let’s snap a quick picture right there go into the photo hit share and go ahead and select airdrop my macbook pro is available right there I can select it and it instantly gets transferred you just heard the ding

instantly transferred over to my macbook and I am done I can go back home very simple that process is much more difficult on an Android phone now this works with other Apple devices whether you have a MacBook and iPad another iPhone so my buddy wants to unlock his iPhone I can go ahead and search for it send him a file real quick and just transfer that right over now on Google they were working about that working on that in an update coming soon however it has not been there for a while so airdrop is far superior than any file transfer system on Android now if you don’t agree with me on some of these just drop a comment let me know I’ll be around to consider them in my next video now the next thing FaceTime Google is starting to integrate Google duo into their operating system however it’s not fully integrated yet so anyone with an Android phone doesn’t necessarily have Google duo signed in and ready to go for a video call whereas with Apple devices Apple pretty much forces you to sign in to FaceTime and have it on your device integrated within the dialer app so once that starts happening on Android it can’t compete in terms of video chatting another big one specifically in the u.s.

not necessarily around the world that would be a message because you can send things such as files you can have read receipts there’s a lot more chat features involved in iMessage and it’s sent over data as opposed to your wireless signal you’ll see I have it off because having iMessage on really locks you in when you transfer over to an Android phone and I switch back and forth so much I generally like to have it off Google is all over the place with messaging they’re not really anywhere near competing with iMessage just yet RCS is starting to roll out however it’s not integrated directly into the Android operating system and until they do that they will not compete with iMessage now this one’s a bit of an opinion but I find animations to be better in iOS they just make the device feel more fluid and more smooth however I will say unless Apple jumps on the high refresh rate bandwagon they will actually fall behind Android because with higher to fresh rate refresh rate displays it makes things seem smoother whereas if you added a higher refresh rate to apples very good animations in general that will actually really add to the operating system fluidity and smoothness something else iOS does better is within display settings I’m gonna go to

both and you will see right away up at the top you can switch to dark mode on the fly and what they offer you is a way to customize it so you can actually have it sunrise to sunset or a custom schedule whereas with Android you want to turn the dark theme on all right you got to check the box and that’s pretty much it you toggle it on and off within the settings the toggles up here but that’s it and it’s a little strange because on Android they have nightlight to actually make the display more warm get rid of blue light and you can completely customize this so I don’t know why they couldn’t just take this schedule and put it into night mode so that’s definitely something iOS does better is takes their dark mode and makes it system-wide and it’s just better system-wide overall at the moment it has rolled out throughout multiple apps and it’s completely system-wide whereas Android is still missing a couple apps that don’t have that dark mode it’s more Hardware related but something Apple is dominated is the haptic feedback so the vibration motors within iPhones have been significantly better than those in Android phones now I will say Android has caught up a little bit however there is just no comparison to the vibration motors on Apple devices just throughout the system when I press and hold on an app when I get a call or a text message it just feels really good in the hand and the feedback just makes it feel more real like you’re really

interacting with that OS something iOS does better than I think Google really dropped the ball in the latest version of Android is screen recording no I just swipe from the bottom top right press the recording app three two want to get ready to go and it is now recording you’ll see in the upper left hand corner we’re good to go so whatever it is that I open or close it will just go ahead and record that if I want to stop just press up there hit stop screen recording video save the photos this is great especially when I want to show someone how to do something or if there’s something going on specifically if they have questions about their phone just anything like that so having a screen recorder is really handy and it’s not built in natively into Android 10 specifically in iOS 13 and the later model iPhones battery life has been incredible iOS 13 does a very good job at standby battery life so when I actually don’t plug my phone in it only lose a few percent whereas on Android 10 I’m gonna lose upwards of 10% if I leave it off the charger overnight you can also tie it into processors I don’t want to go in detail and processors because iPhone chips are only in iPhones whereas Android can have multiple processors but the latest processors when you compare the two I would say Apple does dominate in the hire and chips however I’ve never really had a problem running any apps on an iPhone versus the latest processor of an Android phone so it just has the potential and longevity having a better processor in the flagship model and speaking of apps when it comes to the App Store and Play Store they both have similar apps but

while using both phones I find that similar apps are developed just a little bit better on iOS I think developers just have a preference of developing on iOS and just after using you know perhaps like Instagram Twitter or other things like that they just seem to work a little bit better on iOS when you compare them to Android phones kind of random but if you are a SmartWatch person the best SmartWatch is only available while using an iPhone so the Apple watch is definitely the best SmartWatch out right now I actually just got it not too long ago and have been using it whereas Android doesn’t really have a great alternative they have a couple decent smartwatches but nothing as good as the Apple watch I want to go too much into the cameras because of course that’s a lot more Hardware based and there’s a lot of different phones that do run Android at different hardware all that good stuff but when it comes to image processing I have to say they’re very similar I don’t think I can give a better score to one or the other I honestly just liked the iPhone 11 pros camera better this year because I had the extra ultra wide-angle lens that’s just about the only reason in terms of point-and-shoot however of course there’s things that Android does better we’ll get to that in a future video I will say though when it comes to pictures on the iPhone the lighting is better where you can have different stage Lighting’s contour lighting studio Lighting’s of course if you like to use those things it is clearly better on Apple devices now also hardware related but when it comes to face unlock apples is

better I will say simply because from a software standpoint all of the apps have face unlock face ID integrated into their security if you want to sign in such as a banking app it integrates it whereas the pixel took a long time to get that developer support because they decided to drop a fingerprint scanner however of course Android still does support fingerprint scanners which makes it better if you are looking for a phone with a fingerprint scanner and maybe not one with a bigger notch and with all of that being said I still think the standouts are the ones that have been around for so long that Android has not been able to duplicate such as airdrop iMessage FaceTime they’ve tried they’re working towards it but they still haven’t gotten to that level right now so it is interesting to see how Android will try and catch up but those reasons are big ones why os 13 is better and things they do better than Android and after going through my list of things that Android does better than iOS I have to say there are more things in my opinion that Android does better than iOS however after looking at it I think that the fewer things that iOS does better have a little bit more impact on consumers so going forward we will see like I said I’m working on another video talking about what Android does better overall than iOS so that’s coming very soon make sure you click that subscribe button but overall those are all the things that I wanted to talk about that make iOS better than Android again another video coming soon stay tuned drop a comment I will be reading through them so let me know what you think if there’s other things that I missed about iOS that are better or of course if there’s things you think Android does better that I mentioned just let me know be sure to give this video a thumbs up and as always guys thank you very much

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