BenQ EX2780Q 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here suddenly take a look at the gaming monitor that I’ve been using regularly for the past couple months that’s the BenQ 2780 cue monitor it’s a 27-inch 1440p hard 44 Hertz monitor and overall I see it as an extremely versatile monitor because my gaming monitor is used for a lot of gaming don’t get me wrong but I don’t just solely use it for gaming so it’s nice to have kind of an all-around monitor packaged into a gaming monitor thanks to Ben Q for sending this unit over for review now over the past couple years there’s two things that I’ve recommended to people when it comes to monitors first of all get an arm stand and mounted on an arm first of all it clears up your desk you have a lot more space and it just looks nicer overall and then of course the second one get a higher refresh rate monitor if you’re getting 120 frames a second on your desktop and you have a 60 Hertz monitor definitely upgrade that monitor so if you push higher than 60 frames a second I highly recommend upgrading your monitor before you upgrade your desktop anyways let’s get into the full review of the e X 2870 Q monitor from Ben Q let’s get started now I don’t just use my gaming monitor the game I’m also going to watch some

videos I’ll probably do some light editing photo video editing and of course work I’ll read through some articles I’ll look at emails all on my gaming monitor when it comes to design of this BenQ monitor it overall looks very professional it’s not necessarily very flashy it has a professional look to it the bezels are a little bit bigger than I would have liked but I’ll kind of let that one slide the bottom bezel of course is a little bit thick but you do have those built-in speakers the metal stand when connected actually doesn’t raise or lower you can tilt the monitor but that is it I found that when I did use the stand it was fine on my desk level wise but of course I actually would have preferred if you could raise and lower it but I have it on that are Mouse connectors on the back you have two HDMI slots one DisplayPort and one USB C slot which is kind of on the lower end of ports it’s fine for my needs but I know some people might need a little more ports on the

back you also do have a headphone jack nothing unique about this monitor is that it includes a remote which is nice because then you don’t have to fumble around the back of your monitor trying to find that specific menu button anything like that especially because if you’re listening out of the speakers you want to change the volume with the remote you can do so you can go into the menu and change all of those settings there’s even a little scroll wheel down below the monitor as well that you can change the volume on the fly real quickly so you don’t necessarily need to actually grab that remote or remotes nice because of the HDR capabilities this monitor has because you can change it between different modes it has modes such as game or cinema and what it does is it intelligently looks at what’s on the monitor and tries to balance the low lights and the highlights with that being said I find it pretty hit or miss depending on the content that I’m viewing different games I like different modes actually like tarkov I like the game HDR with rocket League I liked the one of the other modes you know a bit I can quickly swap through them and figure out what I like personally viewing or when watching videos sometimes I just like having it off it’s

pretty hit or miss so it’s not the best in terms of HDR but if you do want a good HDR monitor you’re probably gonna end up spending more money this is an IPS monitor and before this one I was actually using a VA panel and addition to IPS I actually do prefer IPS over all the color reproduction is just noticeably better the viewing angles are better but that’s not really a big selling point for me but the color reproduction is just so much better on an IPS panel that I think going forward I’ll probably always want to use an IPS panel you do have ten bit color accuracy at 1440p and also 95% of the DCI p3 color space as well something else packaged into this monitor our speakers and generally when you have monitor speakers they’re not good at all they do the job they emit sound but when it comes to these speakers are to point once we have two speakers and then a five watts sub built-in and these are the best speakers I’ve heard built into any monitor I’ve tried and

I’ve tried a good number of monitors so it’s really nice because I actually don’t use speakers I feel like they clutter up my desk little too much so I don’t have them right now external speakers so it’s nice in the case where I don’t want to have my headset on when I want to just maybe listen to some music or casually watch a video or even do some light gaming coming out of my speakers as opposed to having my headset on and with the speakers I have a hot switch to actually switch between my headset and the speakers on my stream deck so I could just quickly swap between the two within settings I don’t have to actually go into settings every time again I like the monitor to be a little more versatile first of all having it be 27 inches I like the little bit larger screen I don’t know if I want to go much larger than that with a gaming monitor but with 27 inches I want to have 1440p with 1080p on 27 inches it gets a little bit stretch it doesn’t look that great especially if you’re not gaming if you’re looking at Windows and like I said I don’t just game so if I’m looking at emails and stuff 1080p with 27-inch monitors just doesn’t look that great so it’s nice to have that extra quality and I like to

play games in 1440p so overall I sacrificed that for those frames per second to get that higher quality in game play and then of course that ties into the refresh rate so 1440p an 144 Hertz is the sweet spot for me especially because I stream on Twitch which is taxing on the system so I’m gonna sacrifice some frames to actually stream on Twitch when I’m playing on stream but I do find when I can play in that higher quality and still get 144 frames that is exactly what I look for right now in my gaming this is a free sync monitor which worked right out of the box with G sync for me I have ETI graphics card it worked great you just go ahead and check the box make sure you go into settings make sure you switch it to 144 Hertz make sure you go ahead and check freesync or g-sync whatever you need to and once you have everything all set up when it comes to gaming it has been great no matter what game I played rocket League tarkov apex legends you know pub g4 tonight Call of Duty you Navy can you see a trend in the types

of games I like but either way those games are higher-end so of course they use a lot more textures a lot more graphics a lot more low highlights so I was really able to test it and push that monitor and it has really exceeded my expectations I do really like this panel so anyways that is my full review on the e X 27 atque monitor from Ben Q again really a fan of it depending on what you’re looking for you know if you have separate speakers keep those because they’re probably gonna sound better than the monitor speakers but like I said in comparison to other monitors these definitely have better speakers than all of those again hits my sweet spot 27 inches 1440p 144 Hertz and IPS panels so it’s really touching on just about all my knees for my gaming monitor and of course if I want to watch a video if I want to check some emails I can do so and be pleased with the color reproduction and of course that refresh rate anyways that’s everything I want to talk about if you do want to check out my desk set up – or everything that I actually do use to stream it’s a game I’ll link to that down below of course be sure to click that subscribe button a lot more coming soon as always guys thank you very much

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